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									            Lunch/Dinner                        Mixed Greens Salad
                                                Organic spinach, greens, carrots, red onions,
                                                cucumbers,      tomatoes      +       sprouts
        11am - 7pm Mon-Fri                      w/   tofu   or    cheese    upon     request.                  10am - 3pm Sat/Sun
                                                Served    with    a   side    of     dressing
BBQ Tofu                                             $5.50               cheese        tofu            Vegan Pancakes
Simple Soyman's tofu baked in the                                                                      Two huge, fluffy cakes with your choice of
Cafe's own BBQ sauce. Topped w/ organic
carrots, red onions, spinach + Vegenaise mayo
                                                Veggie Burger                                          organic blueberries, coconut, organic
                                                                                                       bananas, vegan chocolate chips or noth-
                                                Top a Nature's Bakery Veggie Burger w/
    $5.00                                       whichever organic veggies you like, plus a             ing at all. w/ a side of fruit + locally made
                                                                                                       maple syrup
             Black Bean Burrito                 choice of organic or vegan cheese and
                                                condiments                                               $4.00 plain             $4.25 flavored
Delicious black beans + spicy rice w/ organic                             cheese
avocados, spinach + your choice of organic          $5.50                                vegan              plain                 coconut
cheese or vegan cheese. Served w/ a side                                                                    chocolate chip        banana
of salsa                                        Veggie + Cheese                                             blueberry
   $5.00         dairy      vegan      plain    Build a sandwich w/ organic or vegan
                                                cheese and top w/ whichever organic
Chix Fried Tofu                                 veggies you like, plus a choice of organ-
                                                ic cheese, vegan cheese and condiments                 Vegan Vanilla Cinnamon French Toast
Simple Soyman's Herb Tofu seasoned,                                       cheese               vegan
breaded + pan fried to perfection. Topped
                                                    $4.50                                              Three pieces of french toast w/ a side
                                                                                                       of fruit + locally made maple syrup
w/ organic tomatoes, onions, spinach +           Choose Bread:
Vegenaise mayo                                                                                                                            $4.50
    $5.50                                          Whole Wheat         White         Sesame Roll
                  Tempeh Reuben                                                                           Veggie Scramble
Simple Soyman's tempeh topped w/                 Choose veggies:         Tomato          Carrots
                                                                                                       Organic veggies, usually carrots, onions,
organic sauerkraut. Your choice of organic
                                                   Fried Green Peppers + Onions       Raw Onion        mushrooms, spinach + broccoli
cheese, vegan cheese + 1000 Island dressing
                                                                                                       - but not always!
    $5.75        dairy      vegan     plain        Avocado        Cucumber         Greens              Mixed with your choice of Simple
                                                                                                       Soyman tofu or locally produced eggs,
Seitan Philly                                      Sprouts                                             w/ a side of toast + organic potatoes
The Cafe’s perfectly seasoned seitan with
organic fried onions + green peppers, your       Choose:         Vegenaise Mayo       Mustard
                                                                                                          $5.00                   eggs         tofu
choice of organic or vegan cheese +
Vegenaise mayo                                      Ketchup       Peanut Butter        Jelly

    $6.00         dairy      vegan     plain                                                           Cafe’s Breakfast Muffin
                          Spring Roll           Just Peanut Butter + Jelly                             An english muffin topped with organic
                                                                                                       spinach, onion + tomato with Gimme Lean
Fresh organic carrots, spinach + cucumbers           $3.00                                             sausage and your choice of tofu or egg
w/ tempeh rice noodles rolled up in a gluten-
free spring roll. Served w/ peanut sauce
                                                Homemade Soup of the Day                                  $3.50                    eggs            tofu
     $2.50                                           $2.50 Cup                 $3.50 Bowl
         Biscuits•n•Gravy                                smoothies!
Gimme Lean sausage and vegan biscuits
smoothered in a delicious mushroom gravy!
w/ a side of organic fruit + vegan sour cream
                                                PB Cup $4.00
    $5.50                                       Choice of dairy or soy milk w/ organic free
                    Eggs•n•Toast                trade bananas, vegan chocolate syrup +
                                                peanut butter
Big breakfast of organic potatoes, toast,
Gimme Lean sausage and local free range         Daily C $3.75
eggs or tofu “eggs“       eggs         tofu     Choice of milk, soy milk or orange juice w/
    $5.50                                       organic kiwi, organic strawberries,
                                                raspberries + organic free trade bananas

Oatmeal                                         Very Berry $4.50
Organic oats with raisins, maple syrup +        Cranberry-raspberry juice w/ organic
cinnamon with your choice of dairy milk or      blueberries, organic strawberries + choice
soy milk                                        of yogurt
                         dairy       soy
     $3.00                                      Energizer $ 3.75
                                                Organic orange juice w/ organic blueberries
      Granola•Fruit•Yogurt                      + organic free trade bananas
Organic vegan granola with your choice of       Green Banana $3.25
yogurt and seasonal organic fruit               Choice of dairy or soy milk with organic free       733 E. Clarke Street
    $5.50                   dairy        soy    trade bananas + Source of Life                     Milwaukee WI 53212
                                                Peach Dream $3.75                       
 etc...                                         Peach juice w/ organic peaches + organic
                                                                                                  Grocery Hours: 10am - 8pm
    toast $.75                                         Extras:                                         [ 7 days a week ]
   ‘Gimme Lean’ soy sausage $1.50                              Source of Life $.40              Cafe Hours: Mon - Fri 11am - 8pm
   muffin $.75                                                 Almond or Rice Milk $.50              Sat + Sun 10am - 8pm
   potatoes $1.50                                                                                 [ brunch from 10am - 3pm ]

   cheese $.75
   coffee $1.00        $1.50                       “all cafe items are vegetarian
                  refill $.50                         - and can be made vegan!”
   tea $1.00 $1.50                                                                    ofit!”
                                                          “Food for People, Not for Pr
   juice $2.00 [8oz] $3.00 [16oz]
   dairy or soy milk $1.50 [8oz]

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