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The financial needs of an individual can be categorized as personal and family. The personal
needs of a person may be monthly tour expenses, food expenses, clothing expenses etc. The
family needs of a person may be monthly tution fees of the kids, grocery bills, telephone bills,
domestic electricity bills etc. However, during emergency situation, a person cannot meet his all
personal and family expenses because of shortage of funds. His present salary is not sufficient
enough to cover up his overall needs. Therefore he urgently needs finance from any source.

Many lenders in UK are nowadays offering cash advances of short tenure to the individuals
facing fiscal problems. These cash programmes are also called online instant payday loans. They
are based on online process and also called small cash loans. The advance money is transferred
into the checking account of an applicant in not more than 24 hours. A person under any small
cash advance may get cash between 50-1500 pounds for short tenure ie, 01-31 days. The short
term cash borrowings do not require credit score and collateral placements to the lenders.
Therefore, any individual without caring of his bad debt history ie, IVAs, Loan defaults, CCJs
etc. can obtain easy cash for his urgent needs. However, lenders have set certain terms for these
loans ie.,

1. Individual is an adult and a permanent resident of UK,
2. Individual is getting minimum monthly salary of 1000 pounds from a stable job in UK &
3. Individual has opened a bank account in UK 3 months ago.

Finance companies do not set any terms for utilization of small cash advances. Therefore, fund
borrowers can spend the money in free manner. However, APR (Annual Percentage rates) levied
on instant payday loans are generally very high. Therefore, individual should make a detailed
study of a payday loan terms before applying for this.

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