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					Vincent Soberano
China and Asia Pacific Software Technology and Management Development, Consulting & Outsourcing, Multimedia Development

* Software engineering management expert for start-up to large companies. Proven record in designing and implementing engineering processes, quality assurance and project management systems for half a dozen successful U.S. and international companies. * Technology and management consultant for international high-tech and multimedia companies doing business in China and Asia Pacific. Lots of experience and proven track record in building and deploying international teams in China and Southeast Asia. Strong leadership and management capabilities with cross-cultural workforces.

Mobile phone software, media and content, Digital Rights Management (DRM), OMA DM (Device Management), telecommunications, mobile technology, software development, testing and QA, engineering processes, device and content management platforms.

Professor at Tianjin University (Computer Science Dept.) October 2006 - Present (1 year 6 months) Provides lectures and curriculum on specialty areas in software development, telecommunications, project management, processes, management, quality assurance, technical communications and career development. President at KLUO Universal Systems June 2006 - Present (1 year 10 months) Services include: 1) Software development and testing oursourcing in China and Philippines 2) Web and Multimedia development and design in China 3) High-tech call center in the Philippines Director of Engineering, Infrastructure at Visto Corp. October 2006 - January 2008 (1 year 4 months) Lead the Engineering Infrastructure, based in Tianjin, PRC, with R&D centers in Redwood Shores and London. Manage all support functions in the Tianjin (China) office (Recruitment, Training, Administration, Finance). Oversee all non-Engineering functions such as IT and Professional Services.
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Design, architect and develop the Engineering centralized knowledge management system and information database. President at Soberano Multimedia February 2005 - October 2006 (1 year 9 months) Founder and managing executive of a new media and high-tech company that provides off-shore software development, testing services and mobile media content development based in Beijing, China, with offices in the Philippines and Thailand. Global Director, Engineering Operations at Bitfone Corp. March 2001 - December 2005 (4 years 10 months) Responsible for building, staffing, training, directing and deploying the new Global Engineering Operations Group based in Beijing, China, and including Project Management, IT, Software Engineering Processes, QA, SCM, and Technical Publications for Bitfone Corp., a wireless developer of the world's first and leading over-the-air firmware update and intelligent device management technology for mobile phones. Three (3) patents pending. 2 recommendations available upon request Vice President, Product Development at Bitfone Corp. (USA) March 2001 - March 2003 (2 years 1 month) Responsible for building, staffing, training, directing and deploying Bitfone's Engineering department, consisting of Research & Development, QA, SCM, Patents and IPR, Technical Support and Technical Publications. Established engineering processes and schedules. Acquired hardware and software for state-of-the-art development and testing lab. Championed the CMM-based internal process improvement at Bitfone and coordinated assessments for Level 2 and 3. Implemented the Agile development method called Scrum as a standard but highly flexible software development methodology for the Engineering department. Also responsible for organization planning, change management and resource management. Acts as the right-hand man for the Senior VP of Engineering. Designed FRD, DSD, FTP and PM templates and procedures, as well as providing support for the SQA Manager on testing strategies and schedules. Also instrumental in defining product, standards and technology roadmaps for the company. 1 recommendation available upon request Senior Engineering Manager at RSA Security January 2001 - September 2001 (9 months) Worked on a short-term project entailing the porting of RSA Security's Crypto-C Micro cryptographic library to VxWorks OS on ARM-7 evaluation board. Managed a team of three (3) engineers. Successfully completed the project two months earlier than estimated and designed an automated test suite for the port. Senior Engineering Manager at iSharp, Inc. January 2000 - January 2001 (1 year 1 month)

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Pioneered the applications/load-generation team at iSharp, Inc.; developed process and infrastructure for the department as well as coding standards for developing solid, reusable and portable Java PTS (Performance Testing System) applications. Implemented the application development system using custom Java API libraries. Hired, trained and deployed team members to various e-commerce PTS projects. Developed, implemented and directed product pilot programs. Worked closely and directly with e-commerce clients on developing and generating load tests for specific performance issues. Customized test applications and workloads according to the client's needs. Maintained rapport between the client's engineering team and iSharp's load-generation team. Provided presentations to customers, analysts and the Sales Department regarding the iSharp application development process and PTS technology. 2 recommendations available upon request Sr. Software Engineer, Team Lead at Brio Technology December 1998 - January 2000 (1 year 2 months) Team lead and senior tools developer of performance and test tools for Brio's business intelligence software products. Led a team of three tools engineers in creating specialized software for performance monitoring, testing and reporting, as well as server-based test automation tools integrated with the automated build system. Tools were written in C++ and Java. Test Automation Engineer at Pyxis Corp. March 1997 - December 1998 (1 year 10 months) Developed test automation scripts and harnesses for the PyxisStation, a pharmaceutical drug dispensing machine for hospitals and alternate care facilities. Also developed test automation systems for the PyxisROBOT, a sophisticated, artificial intelligence robot used for patient care at nursing homes and alternate care facilities. Senior Test Engineer, Lead at Cyberdreams Software January 1994 - November 1997 (3 years 11 months) Led a team of eight (8) QA test engineers. Tested in multiple platforms, as well as various OS flavors. Wrote the company's Beta Test Plan for "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream," voted Adventure Game of the Year 1996 by Computer Gaming World. Also developed localization packages for foreign versions and distribution of all products. Systems Test Engineer at Argo Scientific December 1992 - December 1993 (1 year 1 month) Tested software and hardware components of Argo's computerized Water Desalination Analyzer machine. Created test cases in based on laboratory testing specifications. Managed the Failure Level Report Database. Systems Programmer/Administrator at Holiday Inn Hotels June 1991 - December 1992 (1 year 7 months)

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Worked as an intern/technician with a small team of programmers to modernize the front desk and reservations systems (and database) for Holiday Inn Corporation. Installed front desk systems in different corporate-owned and franchised Holiday Inn locations.

University of California, Irvine Professional, Leadership and Management for Technology Professionals, 2002 - 2003 Activities and Societies: LAMP (Leadership and Management for Technology Professionals and Scientists), Dale Carnegie Society Video Symphony Professional, Post-Production Editing, AVID, FCP, Adobe Premier, 2002 - 2003 University of California, Berkeley Technical, Java Programming and Software Development, 1998 - 2000 San Diego State University-California State University Bachelor of Arts, Film and Telecommunications, 1989 - 1991 Activities and Societies: Filmmakers Club, SDSU Repertory Theatre Group, Asian American Repertory Theatre Philippine Military Academy Bachelor of Science, Military Science, 1981 - 1985 Activities and Societies: Boxing Team, Karate Team, Judo Team, Soccer Team, The Sword (assistant editor)

Honors and Awards
United States Patent - "Carrier network capable of conducting remote diagnostics in a mobile handset" U.S. Patent Application #: 20050114504 Class: 709224000 (USPTO) Patent Details URL:

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Vincent Soberano
China and Asia Pacific Software Technology and Management Development, Consulting & Outsourcing, Multimedia Development

5 people have recommended Vincent
"Vince was a great supervisor. His management style built trust with his team and thus he received 100% effort for all projects." — Ben Alarcon, Project Manager, Bitfone Corporation, reported to Vincent at Bitfone Corp. (USA) "Vince has a complete mastery of the software development and delivery process. This, exceptional leadership skills and an unusual degree of adaptability, qualified him as a highly valuable asset." — Yves Le Goff, VP Professional Services, Bitfone, managed Vincent at Bitfone Corp. "I would highly recommend Vince based on our working experience at iSharp. He is intelligent, hard working and committed to delivering quality results. He was highly regarded by everyone within the company and our customers loved him. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Vince again." — Steve Crepeau, VP of Sales, iSharp, managed Vincent indirectly at iSharp, Inc. "Vince was an ideal engineering manager: organized, driven and disciplined. We could always rely on him to deliver results." — Jon Gettinger, VP Marketing - Founder, iSharp, managed Vincent indirectly at iSharp, Inc. "Vince was able to get strong support from his team. They respected him and his guidance. He provided great structure and methodology to the software development process. I can strongly recommend Vince." — Bill Kaminsky, VP R&D, Bitfone, managed Vincent at Bitfone Corp.

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