Transformer Protection Relay by hsd30709


									                                                              Transformer Protection Relay
                                                                        (FOR OIL COOLED TRANSFORMERS)
                                                                   (RS-485 WITH MODBUS RTU SLAVE PROTOCOL)

                                  Standard Features:
                                  Q   Single unit for Oil and Winding temperature monitoring.
                                  Q   Five output contacts for Oil Alarm, Winding Alarm, Oil / Winding Trip, Fan 1 & Fan 2 control.
                                  Q   Anticipated Fan Control & Auto Fan Exerciser.
                                  Q   Isolated RS-485 communication with MODBUS RTU Protocol.
                                  Q   Bright digital display offers accurate and unambiguous reading.
                                  Q   Better vibration withstanding capability.
                                  Q   All solid state design and no moving parts offer extremely high reliability.
                                  Q   No filled system, hence no problem of puncture, leakage or
                                      breakage of capillary, either during installation or during operation.
                                  Q   IP-55 Enclosure
                                  Q   Memorizes max. temperature.
                                  Q   Low power requirement.
                                  Q   Extremely high noise immunity.

                            TR-7558-C is designed for safe operation of oil cooled power transformers. It is suitable for control room
                            as well as marshalling box installation and is built for long and trouble-free operation under extreme
Doc. No.: 0 7 0 5 2 5 0 2

                            conditions of service associated with transformer.
                            Five numbers of user settable set-points can be used to control the cooling fan, to warn the user of high
                            temperature of oil and winding and to shut down the transformer in case of excessive heating (trip).
                            RTD sensor allows the user to monitor the oil temperature, while the C.T. signal is used to calculate and
                            display the winding temperature. TR-7558-C is programmed to note and store maximum temperature of oil
                            and winding. Facility extends to recall this information and to clear it for fresh recording. The maximum
                            temperature reading is stored and saved even after the power to the controller fails.
                            Auto Fan Exerciser feature helps in preventing jamming of fans after no operation for long periods of time.
                            Anticipated Fan control feature turns on the Fan much before the actual winding temperature reaches the
                            fan set point resulting in better thermal management for the transformer.
    Technical Specifications
        • For oil temperature:                RTD Pt-100 (IEC 751) three wire
        • For winding temp simulation: C.T.
           (C.T. rating – Any C.T. with secondary current of 1 to 5 Amps. and V.A. capacity 5VA or more.)
    Settable parameters / Programming
        • C.T. parameterization.
        • dt (top oil to winding hot spot temp. gradient) : 1 to 50 C settable
        • Time Constant:            1 to 60 minutes settable
        • No. of settable switch contacts: 5
                 a) Oil Alarm       b) Winding Alarm        c) Oil Trip       d) Winding Trip
                 e) Cooling Fan operation
    Temperature indication range
        • Oil:                      -40 to 150 C
        • Winding:                  -40 to 200 C
    Resolution:                     1 C.
        • Oil temperature:          ± 2 C (Excluding RTD sensor accuracy)
        • Winding temperature: ± 3 C (Excluding C.T. accuracy)
                                                       o                            o
        • Maximum recording:        in steps of 2 C (only temperatures above 60 C are saved)
    Communication:                  Isolated RS-485 with MODBUS RTU slave protocol (Isolation 1 KVDC)
    Mechanical Specifications
    Overall Dimensions:             215(H) x 265(W) x 130(D)mm
    Mounting:                       Wall mounting by 3 nos. of M6 screws
    Weight:                         3.0 Kg. approx. unpacked.
    Enclosure:                      M.S. Sheet enclosure, with hinged door and acrylic viewing window.
    Electrical Specifications
    Outputs:                        Five (1 C/O) relays,    for res. load 5A/250VAC, 250W at 125VDC
.                                                           for L/R = 7 msecs, 5A/250VAC, 125W at 125VDC.
    Supply Voltage:                 90-270VAC/DC / 20-50VAC/DC
    Power consumption:              Max. 6VA
    Terminals:                      Screwed Caged suitable for one 2.5 sq. mm. wire.
    Insulation:                     100 Mohm or more at 500 VDC between Earth and terminals.
                                     2 KV rms at 50 / 60 Hz for one minute (port to port).
    Operating conditions
    Ambient Temp.:                  -40 to 70 C.
    R.H.:                           95% max non -condensing.
    Storage Temp.:                  -40 to 85 C.
    Test Conditions:                60% ±20% R.H., Amb. Temp. 27 ±5 C.

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