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					CF-18 Software Process AND
       IEEE 1219-1998
 Presentation for CFICSE - October 2000

           By Captain Bryan Wright

                                      CFICSE Brief - Page 1
   Introduction
   Definitions
   CF-18 OFPs Supported
   Organizations Involved in Software
   OFP Development Brief History
   Process Elements
   IEEE 1219 - 1998
   CF-18 CFTO Procedure
   References

                                         CFICSE Brief - Page 2
 Software Maintenance is essentially the means of
  molding software to better fit user’s needs as
  those needs evolve overtime. Accordingly,
  software maintenance is being recognized as
  crucial to the long-run success of software efforts
 Change is inevitable when computer-based
  systems are built; therefore, we must develop
  mechanisms for evaluating, controlling and
  making modifications [Pressman]

                                                CFICSE Brief - Page 3
                      Some Definitions
 STR: System Trouble Report            RCS:   Requirement Change
 SCR: Software Change Request             Specification
 PIA: Preliminary   Impact Analysis    WPGM: Wartime Precision
                                           Guided Munitions
 OAG:Operational Advisory
 Group                                    SESC: Systems Engineering
                                           Support Contract
     Technical Investigation
 TIR:
 Report                                 PMV: Prime   Mission Vehicle
 FACT:   Functional Area Case

                                                               CFICSE Brief - Page 4
                    CF-18 SW Products
   Prime Mission Vehicle (PMV) Operational Flight
    Programs (OFPs)
       Aircraft embedded S/W
   Simulators
       S/W in the aircraft simulators used for pilot training
   PMV OFP Testing Facilities
       S/W in avionics lab stations used for testing new versions of
        OFPs (e.g. RSTS, CSCTS, SMSTS, ITF)
   Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment (AMSE)
           S/W in Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) used for 2nd line
                    troubleshooting of avionics “black-boxes”

                                                                   CFICSE Brief - Page 5
                                               PMV OFPs Supported
                                                          Maintained OFPs
                                                                                                          Flight Control           Sensors         Electronic Flight
                                                                                                           Computers                               Controls
                 HUD                                                    Airframe Engine
                                                                                                          Air Data              Air Data
                                                                                                         Computer               Sensors
                                    Right                      Status Monitoring Equipment
Left DDI          UFC
                                     DDI                        Maintenance           Maint Data
                                                                Monitor Panel         Recording            INS                     MAD             Nagigation and
                                                                                                                                                   Flight Aids

                      HI                                                Mission Computers
                                                                 Mission                Mission                                           Radar
                                                                                                         UFC          Tacan              Beacon          ADF
       Controls and Displays                                    Computer 1             Computer 2

                                                  (Avionics Multiplex Bus)                               System
   Radar                               Harm CLC                 Interference           Flare/Chaff                                     Radar Alt
   (RDP)                                 (N/A)                     Blanker             Dispenser

  FLIR/LST                                                                                                                 Comm 1
                                                                 Counter             Radar Warning
  Tactical                 Armament                             Measure Set            Receiver                                                    ILS
  Sensors                   Control                                                                       Secure
                           Processor                           Electronic Warfare Equipment                Voice             ACI
              Electric                       Gun
                                            Decoder                                                                        Comm 2
              Fuzing                                        Stores Management System
                                             (Armament Multiplex Bus)
   Wing Tip                                                                                   Wing Tip                     Data Link
              Pylon         Pylon              Left        Right             Pylon    Pylon                                              Communication Radio
                                             Fuselage    Fuselage                                                                        Navigation Identification

                                                                                                                                               CFICSE Brief - Page 6
       OFP Development History

87X        C012          C013          C014

                                C020           C030

C030         C031               C032

            L040 (Lab)          C040           C98A     C99A       C00A

        WPGM(1)                               WPGM(2)

                                                               CFICSE Brief - Page 7
   Technical
       Safety Critical System
       Embedded System
       Complexity
       Legacy System
   Organizational Issues
       Geographic
       Contractual

                                       CFICSE Brief - Page 8
       Organizations Involved in
           PMV Software
Ops Direction
                         CF “PMA” Office       Cat II Flight Test

 1 CAD HQ                   NDHQ                    AETE
 Winnipeg                 DAEPM(FT)3              Cold Lake

Support Contractor
                                               Cat III Flight Test
                         CF-18 WSDM
  CF-18 SESC
   Mirabel                                         FOTEF
                                                  Cold Lake
                     CF Software and Systems

                                                             CFICSE Brief - Page 9
           CF-18 Systems Engineering Support
                   Contract (SESC)

   Performs Requirements analysis, design, implementation
    and qualification activities for the OFPs contained in the
    following WRAs:
       Mission Computer (MC)
       Stores Management Processor (SMP)
       Communication Systems Controller (CSC)
       APG-65 Radar Data Processor (RDP)
       Performs systems integration of OFPs and formal qualification
        activities prior to flight testing
       Performs software development activities for the CF-18 Simulators
        and the PMV Software Engineering Environment (Development
        and Test facilities and tools)
                                                                 CFICSE Brief - Page 10
                   The“FACT”ory - Key
                     Process Elements
   Use of Functional Area Case Teams (FACTs)
       Made up of key members:
           Technical Lead (TL), Technical issues/direction
           Systems Engineer Rep, Hardware/Systems integration
           Software Engineer OPI (SE), Software Contractor POC
           User Representative, client in the loop (i.e. Pilots)
       Accountable to the Integration Case Team (ICT) for the
        quality and technical adequacy of the SCR implementation

                                                                    CFICSE Brief - Page 11
   Due to system complexity the S/W maintenance tasks
    were broken down into 7 Functional Areas
       Facilities and Engineering Support
       Sensors (FLIR and Radar)
       Air-to-Air
       Air-to-Ground
       Multimode, Navigation, Maintenance and Electronic
       Simulators
       Integration

                                                            CFICSE Brief - Page 12
               Process Elements (Cont’d)

   Two phase approach to PMV SW development
       SCRs are analyzed and developed in relative isolation
        (within the FACTs)
           SCRs are bundled (one or more) within FACTs to create
            manageable units of work
           Technical Review Meetings (TRMs) performed at the right time
            with the appropriate technical staff
       Developed bundles are passed on to the Integration CT for
        Integration and fleet release

                                                                CFICSE Brief - Page 13
             PMV OFP Process Flow
 User Community                 WSDM                             FACTs

   Block 100                    Block 200                      Block 300
     STRs                          STR                         SCR Initial
    Raised                      Validation                    Assessment       Block 400
                                                                Block 500
                     DAEPM(FT) 3                               Strategy &
                                                              Investigation    Block 600
                   Block 1000                 LOE                               Bundle
                    Resource                                                  approval for
                   Management                                                 development
                                                              Block 700
                                                                               Block 800

         LOE: Level of Effort
                                                                              approved for
New OFP                           Integration Team and Flight Test Org         integration
version in
Operation                                        Block 900
                                         Load Integration and Flight

                                                                                 CFICSE Brief - Page 14
                          PMV OFP Process
                         The “Time Line” view
                               Y1                                                            Y3
                    Q1   Q2         Q3       Q4         Q1   Q2        Q3   Q4         Q1   Q2    Q3        Q4


                                                  ...                            ...
Bundle Acceptance


Lab Testing (FQT)
                              Load Content
Flight Test

New OFP Released
                                                              = Bundle

                                                                                                   CFICSE Brief - Page 15
             1219-1998 IEEE Standard
             for Software Maintenance
   Standard describes the process for managing and
    executing software maintenance activities
   Comprised of 7 phases
       Problem/modification identification, classification and
       Analysis
       Design
       Implementation
       Regression/system Test
       Acceptance Testing
       Delivery

                                                             CFICSE Brief - Page 16
                        1219 (cont)
   Problem Identification
                     Uniquely Identify Change Request
                       Enter Request into Repository

                                  Assign ID number
                             Classify type of maintenance      Validated
Change Request                  Preliminary Estimate
                                                            Change Request
                                    Prioritize Mod
                         Assign to block of modifications


                                                                    CFICSE Brief - Page 17
                              1219 (cont)
       Analysis                 Conduct Tech Review
                             Verify Documentation Update
                                  Verify Test Strategy
                           Identify Safety and Security Issues

                                                                   Feasibility Report

Validated Change Request                                         Detailed Analysis Rpt

 System Documentation               Feasibility Analysis         Updated Requirements
                                     Detailed Analysis            Preliminary Mod List
 Repository Information
                                                                     Test Strategy
                                                                  Implementation Plan


                                                                             CFICSE Brief - Page 18
                             1219 (cont)
     Design
                               Conduct S/W Inspection
                             Verify Design is Documented
                        Complete Traceability of Req to Design

                                                                      Revised Mod List
                                 Identify affected modules
Analysis Phase Output                                             Updated Design Baseline
                               Modify module documentation
System Documentation                Create Test Cases                Updated Test Plan
Source Code, Database         Identify documentation update       Revised Detailed Analysis
                                                                    Verified Requirements
                                                              Documented Constraints and Risks


                                                                                 CFICSE Brief - Page 19
                                  1219 (cont)
      Implementation
                                   Conduct S/W Inspection
                     Ensure that unit and integration testing are preformed

Results of Design Phase
                                     Coding and unit testing
System Documentation                                                 Updated s/w and docs
Project Documentation                     Risk analysis
                                                                       Statement of Risk
Source Code, Database                Test-readiness review      Test-Readiness Review Report


                                                                                  CFICSE Brief - Page 20
                               1219 (cont)
     System Test
                        Place under CM: Code, Test Documentation

        Updated s/w
                                   System functional test   Tested Fully Integrated System
       Documentation                  Interface testing
                                    Regression Testing
                                                                    Test Reports
Test-Readiness Review Report
                                   Test-readiness review    Test-Readiness Review Report
      Updated System


                                                                            CFICSE Brief - Page 21
                                  1219 (cont)
       Acceptance Test            Execute Acceptance Tests
                                      Report Test Results
                                   Conduct Functional Audit
                                    Establish New Baseline
                         Place Acceptance Test Documentation Under CM

   Fully Integrated System
Test-Readiness Review Report        Functional acceptance tests
                                                                        New System Baseline
                                      Interoperability testing
   Acceptance Test Plans                Regression testing        Functional Configuration Audit Rpt
   Acceptance Test Cases                                               Acceptance Test Report
 Acceptance Test Procedures


                                                                                     CFICSE Brief - Page 22
                              1219 (cont)
    Delivery
                          Arrange Physical Configuration Audit
                         Complete Version Description Document
                    Complete Updates to Status Accounting Database

                                        Conduct PCA
Tested/Accepted System             Notify user community            Physical Configuration Audit
                                       Sys for backup              Version Description Document
                               Installation and trg for customer


                                                                                    CFICSE Brief - Page 23
                       CF-18 SW CFTO
   Based on DOD and International Standards
       MIL-STD-498 “Software Development and Documentation”
           set of 19 requirements for a SW project
           identifies various implementation strategies (Waterfall,
            Evolutionary, Iterative...)
       ISO 12207 “Information Technology - Software Life Cycle
           establishes, processes activities and tasks applied during
            acquisition, supply, development, operations and maintenance
       Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity
        Model (CMM)
           Process model describing essential attributes characterizing a
            SW organization at various maturity levels

                                                                       CFICSE Brief - Page 24
                          The CFTO “Model”
Identified Software
  Related Trouble

                                               Information on the
                                     SCR #1     Software Related
             STR/SCR Handling         Info

                                      SCR #3
                                     SCR #2
                                    SCR #1
                                                        SCR Selection
                                                                              List of SCRs to be
                                                                               included in next
                                                                                Software Load

                                                                    LOAD X
                                                                    SCR #1
                                                                    SCR #3
                                                                    SCR #10

     STR: System Trouble Report                                                 Software Update       New
     SCR: Software Change Request                                                    Project       operational

                                                                                                        CFICSE Brief - Page 25
                           The CFTO “Model”
                                        SCR Handling
                Validate   SCR
 STR            System

                                  Analyze      CONOPS
Baseline Ops Spec                 Impact

                                                  Analyze      Sys Spec Changes
  Baseline System
      Specs                                     Requirements

Production Baseline                                                    Investigation
 (Code and Docs)

                                                                                       CFICSE Brief - Page 26
                                The CFTO “Model”
                   Ops Priorities

                                    Prioritized SCR
                                                      SCR Selection
                   Prioritize       List
     SCRs           SCRs

                      OAG                                             Version
        CONOPS                                        Define         Description
Sys Spec Changes                                       Load           Proposal

                                                                                                    WS Impact Estimates
                                             Load Definition Board                                  (Cost, Time, Risk)
                                                                                     Assess                              DSP
                                                                                    Weapon Sys                         Priorities

                                                                                    Publications                                        Plan
                                                                                 Operational Trainers                  Commit
                                                                                                                      Resources     Guide to
                                                                                                                                  Update Project
                                                                                                              WSM, Product Managers
                                                                                                              Sys & S/W Eng, Users

                                                                                                                                Sys Spec Changes

                                                                                                                                       CFICSE Brief - Page 27
                                         The CFTO “Model”
                                                          SW Update Project
                Project Plan, IV&V                              Project Plan, IV&V                                                       Project Plan, IV&V
 Sys Spec
 Changes                                                                                                                                                     Verified
                       Update        Revised Sys Spec               Analyze and
                                                                                      System Test Cases                                          Test        System
  VDP                  System                                      Design System                                                                System
Baseline             Specification                                     Tests
Sys Spec

                                       Project Plan, IV&V                            Project Plan, IV&V             Project Plan, IV&V
                                                                       S/W Eng
                      Sys Eng                                                                                                                Sys Eng
                                                                      S/W Tools
                                                                                                                                           Test Facilities
                                                                                                          Software                          Test Tools
                                                          Revised Software
                                             Analyze                                                      Test Cases        Test
                                                          Requirements                   Analyze and
    Baseline Software                                                                                                                    Verified Software
                                             Software                                   Design Software                    Software
    Requirements Spec                      Requirements
                                                                                                                                         (Revised Sys)

                                                             Project Plan, IV&V                                                           Project Plan
                                           S/W Eng &                                    SW Eng & Tools                S/W Eng & Tools
                                             Tools                                                                 Integration Specialists             Airworthy &
                                            Sys Eng                               Revised Software                                                       Operational System
                                                                   Design         Design Specs
            Baseline Software                                                                                                                System
            Design Spec

                                                                                       Project Plan                            AETE, OT&E Sqn, Target System
                                                               S/W Eng &
                                                                 Tools                                                             Sys Eng, Test Facilities

                                                                                           Code and
                                                                                           Integrate                                                          Mod
            Production Baseline                                                            Software       Revised Source                                      Instruction
            (Source Code &                                                                                Code
            Documentation)                                                                                                                   System           Audited System

                                                                                       S/W Eng & Tools

                                                                                                                                      Audit Team,Qual Ops
                                                                                                                                       WSM, Supply, Pubs
                                                                                                                                                       CFICSE Brief - Page 28

            CFICSE Brief - Page 29
   C-05-005-041/AG-000 “CF-18 Weapon System Software Support
    Policy and Procedures”
   IEEE 1219-1998 “IEEE Standard for Software Maintenance”
   M. Kellner, “Message from General Chair” Conference on Software
    Maintenance 1993
   R. Pressman “Software Engineering A Practitioner’s Approach”
   MIL-STD-498 “Software Development and Documentation”
   ISO 12207 “Information Technology - Software Life Cycle Process”
   Maj Codere, Capt Main WSDM and Capt Laframboise AETE

                                                               CFICSE Brief - Page 30