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									                                We have a nationally co-ordinated, but
                                locally driven, programme in place
Mental Health PbR Development

                                                         Original Care Pathways
                                                         and Package Trusts
                                                         PbR Payment Development
                                                         • Mental Health
                                                         • Liaison MH Services
                                                         • Learning Disability
                                                         London Project
                                                         Other interested Trusts

                                An increasing SHA focus…..
Mental Health PbR Development

                                  Broadly two approaches – SHA-wide or not
                                        SHA-Wide                    Organisation-led

                                 Care Pathways and Packages       East Midlands
                                  Project - North East and
                                  Yorkshire and Humber             East of England

                                 West Midlands Productivity       South West
                                  Improvement Programme and        South Central
                                  Care Pathways Project
                                                                   South East Coast
                                 London Mental Health Currency
                                  Development Programme
                                 North West PbR Mental Health
                                  Development Group

                                Involved and Interested
Mental Health PbR Development

                                SHA Area           Involved                      Interested
                                East Midlands      Lincolnshire Partnership      Derbyshire Partnership
                                                                                 Leicester Partnership
                                East of England    Norfolk and Waveney Mental    Suffolk MH Partnership Trust
                                                   Health FT Trust

                                South West         Devon Partnership NHS Trust   2gether Foundation Trust
                                                   Plymouth PCT                  (Gloucester)
                                                   Somerset Partnership FT
                                South Central      Oxfordshire and               Hampshire Partnership NHS
                                                   Buckinghamshire FT            Trust
                                                   Berkshire Partnership FT
                                South East Coast                                 Kent and Medway NHS and
                                                                                 Social Care Partnership Trust
                                                                                 Sussex Partnership FT


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