FASTING by P-RamSumedha


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Author: Dr. Kush Bhargava
Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Fasting

3. Symptoms

4. Hazards of Fasting

5. Contradiction for Fasting

6. Breaking a Fast

7. How to Fast

8. Fruit Juices

9. Vegetable Juice

It purifies and does overhauling of our body. Fasting is the simplest and quickest method of relieving the
body from overloaded food and preventing it from poisoning the system. Fasting once a month or if
possible once a week is necessary to keep the body healthy. Fasting should not be confused with
starvation. Fasting and starvation are two different types of condition. Fasting is constructive where as
starvation is destructive. Fasting is one of the most important and cheapest of all-natural remedies. A fast
means total abstention from taking any kind of food. There are different types of fast such as fruit fast,
juice fast, water fast or half day fast by abstaining from food at one mealtime.
This book explains how to do scientific fasting for remaining healthy and curing all diseases.

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