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									                                                                                                        COUNCIL NEWSLETTER          JUNE 2006

 Garden of
                               Coffee in
                             the Library
                                                      Queen’s Baton
                                                    in Berri Barmera
                                                                            50th Anniversary
                                                                                 1956 Flood
                                                                                                         • Great Competitions and
   PAGE 2                      PAGE 4                       P AGE 5                PAGE 7                  Prizes Inside!

Boss’s Boot Camp
What is boss’s boot camp? Boss’s boot                work together in teams and above all reduce      Council receives a 60% rebate on its Workers
camp is a fitness program offered to Council         workplace injury.                                Compensation Premiums.          Therefore, the
employees with the assistance of the YMCA                                                             return of this rebate to programs to assist with
                                                     The original Boss’s Boot camp was run over
and Barmera Recreation Centre. The fitness                                                            employees well being and general fitness to
                                                     a 10 week period with up to 40 staff and
program initiated by the Chief Executive                                                              reduce workplace injury is a sound investment.
                                                     partners participating. Due to the success and
Officer Stephen Rufus, encourages all staff to                                                        After all it is the employees who contribute the
                                                     the excellent way in which the program was
participate in physical activity on a Monday                                                          most to OH&S and reduce compensation
                                                     organised by the YMCA Staff, the program is
night with the main aims to increase the level                                                        claims.
                                                     now continuing every Monday night.
of fitness of employees, increase general
awareness of well being, encourage staff to          So how is the program funded?          The       With the success of the program, the Council is
                                                           program is funded by the bonus             working with the YMCA Staff and the Regional
                                                           received by Council via the Local          Recreation and Sport Officer Mr Andrew Haigh,
                                                           Government Workers Compensation            to promote a similar program in the region to
                                                           Scheme. Under the Scheme, which            other employees and corporate entities.
                                                           only insures Local Government,
                                                           Councils are rewarded on their             In closing, there were amazing results
                                                           Occupational Health Safety and             achieved in fitness levels over the original 10
                                                           Welfare performance, with low levels       week program, which was a testament to those
                                                           of workers compensation claims             who participated. Also a big thankyou goes
                                                           being the major factor. As the Berri       to Darren Wasley and his staff at the Barmera
                                                           Barmera Council has an excellent           Recreation Centre for putting the program
                                                           Claims rating and continues to             together and keeping us all organised and
                                                           perform well in OH&S audits, the           honest.
A group of happy and fit ‘Boss’s Boot Camp’ participants

Lake Bonney Redevelopment
Lake Bonney is considered to be an important         opportunity to consider the recommendations      Some of the other works that are important
asset of Council from a tourism and                  of the previous reports. Priorities were set     and will be considered in future budgets are:
environmental point of view. It not only attracts    for works to be undertaken in the current
                                                                                                      • plantation of appropriate tree species to
locals but tourists from throughout the state        financial year together with medium and long
                                                                                                        combat salinity levels
as well as interstate. In the past a number of       term goals.
studies have been undertaken by consultants                                                           • provision of extra gazebos in a
                                                     The Committee felt that some of the funds
and university students in consultation with the                                                        planned manner with BBQs and seating
                                                     allocated in 2005/06 should be utilized to
local residents with an aim of identifying ways
                                                     construct a gazebo by replacing the shed next    • gradual replacement of street furniture
to improve the appearance and environmental
                                                     to the caravan park together with provision of
aspects surrounding the lake. Council has                                                             • upgrade of environmental school facilities
                                                     a BBQ facility and necessary furniture within
formed a committee named “Lake Bonney                                                                   in conjunction with local schools who are
                                                     the gazebo. The Committee also supported
Redevelopment Advisory Committee” to focus                                                              working towards protecting the
                                                     the use of remaining funds for further design
on ongoing redevelopment.                                                                               environment from vehicular traffic.
                                                     development incorporating a new boat
One of the first tasks of the Committee has          ramp and foreshore protection structures.
been to decide how the funds of $40,000              The design development will take place in
allocated by the Council in the current financial    consultation with stakeholders and funding
year should be utilized. In the most recent          opportunities will be explored for financial
meeting, the committee members had an                assistance.
                                      Pay your Berri Barmera            Councillor Favourites
                                      Council rates notice In           Josie’s Favourite Vanilla Slice
                                      Person at Bill EXPRESS
The Berri Barmera Council and Bill EXPRESS have recently partnered
to provide you with a reliable and convenient method of paying your
rate notices in person.
The Bill EXPRESS service is available at over 3000 newsagents
nationally. One of the major benefits of using this payment method
is the flexible trading hours offered by participating retailers.
Most newsagents are open 7 days a week and trade past 6pm on
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paying your Berri Barmera Council rates and other bills when it suits
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Just look for the red Bill EXPRESS logo at your local newsagent and
present your Berri Barmera Council rates notice. You can then pay
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with cash, cheque, debit card, Bankcard, Mastercard or Visa and will
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Your nearest Bill EXPRESS newsagents are:                               300ml thickened cream                  1½ cups (185g) icing sugar
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                   28 Barwell Avenue BARMERA
           BERRI & RIVERLAND NEWSAGENCIES                               Preheat the oven to 180°C.
                                                                        Put the pastry sheets onto two lightly greased baking trays and prick all
                   Vaughan Court BERRI
                                                                        over with a fork. Bake for 20 minutes, until they are puffed and golden
             Shop 7 Riverland Central Plaza BERRI                       brown. Remove from oven and set aside to cool.
                                                                        Using electric beater, whip the cream until soft peaks form. Put the
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                Shop 3 11 Mortimer Road BERRI                           the milk.
                                                                        Quickly fold the whipped cream into the pudding mix, then spread over
                   COBBY TRADING POST                                   the top side of one of the pastry dishes. Put the other sheet on top, flat
                 27 Shueard Road COBDOGLA                               side up.
                                                                        Sift the icing sugar into a bowl and stir in the butter and water. Spread
For more information please call the Bill EXPRESS Customer Hotline      over the top of the slice. Leave for about 10 minutes, for the icing to set.
                                                                        Cut with a serrated knife into 12 pieces, and keep stored in the fridge.
on 1300 739 250 or visit

Berri Barmera Cemeteries & Upper Murray Garden of Memory
                                                                                                               The Berri Barmera Council
                                                                                                               is dedicated to the upkeep
                                                                                                               of their cemeteries and
                                                                                                               works closely with the Upper
                                                                                                               Murray Garden of Memory
                                                                                                               Committee. We continually
                                                                                                               receive letters and remarks
                                                                                                               of appreciation regarding the
                                                                                                               Council’s efforts in keeping
                                                                                                               the cemeteries clean and tidy.

                                                                                                               The Berri Barmera Cemetery
                                                                                                               Advisory Committee is seeking
                                                                                                               ideas for the naming of our
                                                                                                               Children’s section at the
                                                                                                               Barmera Cemetery (pictured).
                                                                                                               If you have any suggestions
                                                                                                               please ring either Karina
                                                                                                               Davis or Ranjani Jha at the
                                                                                                               Berri Barmera Council during
                                                                                                               office hours on 8582 1922.
Children’s section at the Barmera Cemetery

Page 2                                                                                            Berri Barmera Council Newsletter
Then and Now…                                                                  Skate Park Update
                                                                               The Barmera Skate Park is under construction!! The site has
                                                                               been cleared and is now in the care of Big River Developments.
                                                                               Construction should be completed later this year if there are
                                                                               no complications or set backs.
                                                                               The Skate Park Accountability Group are meeting again to work
                                                                               on fundraising for the landscaping and lighting of the park.
                                                                               Members are also planning the opening of the Skate Park, and
                                                                               any suggestions from youth in our community would be more
                                                                               than welcome. You can do this through a current Skate Park
Grant Park (old Monash Playground), 1992 – photograph taken from the           Accountability Group or YACU member, alternatively contact
big slippery dip                                                               the Berri Barmera Council directly.
                                                                               If you are between the age of 12-25 and would like to become
                                                                               actively involved in the Skate Park please contact Michelle at
                                                                               the Berri Barmera Council and come along to the next Skate
                                                                               Park Accountability Group meeting. The more people involved
                                                                               the bigger and better it will be! Michelle can be contacted on
                                                                               8582 1922.
                                                                               For community members and businesses that are interested in
                                                                               supporting the Skate Park, we also encourage you to contact
                                                                               Michelle. Youth will be seeking support over the coming months
                                                                               and it would be great to see the same enthusiasm from the rest
                                                                               of the community as has been demonstrated by our youth.
Monash Playground, February 2006 – photograph taken from the flying fox        After all, youth are our future and we should encourage all
tower                                                                          positive initiatives under taken by them.

Natural Resources Management Levy
The implementation of the Natural Resources        with the 2006-07 rates notices soon to be       in the development of water management
Management (NRM) Act has proven to be              distributed.                                    plans to address water quality and water
one of South Australia’s most important                                                            sustainability, wetland and environmental
                                                     The Levy funds vital NRM projects and
steps in integrating the management of the                                                         flow management projects and land
                                                   is the new name for contributions South
State’s natural resources and securing their                                                       management issues by giving advice on
                                                   Australian ratepayers have been making for
long term future.                                                                                  fox, rabbit and deer control and relevant
                                                   many years through their Catchment Water
The Berri Barmera Council plays a crucial          Management Levies and/or Animal and
role in this process by collecting a regional      Plant Control rate revenue contributions        For more information, contact the SA
Natural Resources Management (NRM)                 from local government.                          MDB NRM Board on 8532 1432 or visit
Levy on all rateable properties on behalf                                                
                                                   Locally the NRM Levy will be used to assist
of SA MDB NRM Board, commencing

Barmera Tourist Centre                      Future Direction Community Workshops
Landscaping Project                         Workshops were well attended with 114 people from Berri, Barmera, Cobdogla, Glossop and
                                            Monash offering suggestions and feedback. A number of very good issues and projects were
Berri Barmera Council would like
                                            raised for consideration. A summary from each of these sessions will be circulated when complete
to acknowledge the wonderful
                                            and a Strategic Management Plan / Community Workshop Newsletter produced to provide
work coordinated by the Barmera
                                            information to the wider community.
District War Memorial Centre Inc.
The landscaping project near
the Barmera Tourist Centre will             Berri Barmera Council and TAFE SA Regional –
enhance the area when complete              Forging links with the Community
and provide gardens and seating             Over 300 people recently attended a night of celebration for graduating TAFE SA Regional
for all to enjoy. Mosaic tiles              students. 76 people received certificates and diplomas across a wide range of career programs
produced by the students and staff          including Community Services, Business and Office Management, Aboriginal Studies, Hospitality,
of Barmera Primary School add to            Cookery, Automotive Mechanics, Women’s Education and Natural Resources Management.
the project. The school received a
commendation from KESAB in the              Berri Barmera Council has contributed to the success of these students through the management
‘Environmental Art ‘competition             of the Joint Use Berri Library where staff assist with video-conferencing, research and study skills,
for their achievement. Council are          teaching resources and audio-visual materials. Mayor Margaret Evans was a special guest on the
pleased that local organisations are        night. Local community businesses and organisations showed their support by sponsoring awards
keen to be involved and that they           to students who had excelled in their chosen fields.
can work towards improvements               Congratulations to all students – we look forward to your transition into employment within our
for the town together.                      local community sector.

Building a better community                                                                                                             Page 3
Coffee in the library!                                                                       Great new displays at
Ever wanted to sit in the library, read the paper and enjoy a cappuccino at the
same time? Now you can…
                                                                                             Barmera Library!
                                                                                             Barmera Public Library has recently invested in several new
The Berri Library & Information Centre have just introduced an automatic coffee              display systems that have given the library a terrific new look.
machine into the library along with a snack and drink vending machine. Merridy
Rady, TAFE Services Librarian, said “It’s all about breaking down the common                 In keeping with Public Library
stereotyped idea of who a librarian is and what a library does. We want people               trends the library has purchased
to know that libraries are dynamic places always introducing new services.                   two new book displays. Previously
Studies have shown that food and drink in a library is rarely a problem and we               all new items were displayed in
are keen to see how customers respond to this new service.”                                  several areas within the library but
                                                                                             now patrons can easily browse
Hot drinks available from the machine cost $2.00 per cup and include hot                     the latest additions in one spot.
chocolate, white coffee, cappuccino and caffe latte.                                         One display is located within the
                                                                                             adult section and the other in the Adult New Books
                                                                                                                        area. Coloured stickers easily identify
                                                                                                                        new items, so just look for the bright
                                                                                                                        green stickers for 2006 additions!

                                                                                                                         Another exciting addition to the
                                                                                                                         Barmera library is the DVD display unit.
                                                                                                                         The rotating unit can hold up to 500
                                                                                                                         DVD’s and can be added to so capacity
                                                                                                                         can be increased. Holding DVD’s in
                                                                                             DVD Display                 order allows
                                                                                                                         patrons    to
                                                                                             locate items far easier by checking the
                                                                                             list located near the unit for all DVD
                                                                                             titles held by the library.

                                                                                             Barmera Public Library will continue
                                                                                             to provide the best possible access to
                                                                                             material for our patrons and welcome
                                                                                             suggestions. By keeping up-to-date
                                                                                             with current trends we will strive always
                                                                                             to improve our service to our valued
Berri Library staff, Merridy Rady and Peter Ison taste test the new coffee vending machine   customers.                                  Children’s New Books

Loveday School Visit Barmera Library
On Tuesday 8th March, fifteen Loveday Junior Primary School students with three teachers
visited the Barmera Library and Barmera Council Services Offices to learn about Library and
Council services.
The Council’s Dog Control Officer, Mr Len Bawden, who is also the General Parking
Inspector and Fire Prevention Officer, spoke with the students about his duties in carrying
out these important community jobs. Students loved the session and were given a book “You
& Your Dog - owners manual” by Library Officer Peg Germein.
Barmera Librarian, Warren Winship, asked the students about their knowledge of libraries.
Then he explained about books, games and activities available at the library and how staff
can help to access items of interest. He also informed the group of the Barmera Library
Officers involvement with the twice weekly story-telling at the Barmera Kindergarten and the
Kindergarten’s weekly visits to the library.
 Council Services Officer, Josie Koch, distributed copies of information to all the students
present about some of the many services that Local Councils provide to their communities.
 Teachers and students thanked the staff for an enjoyable time and would like to make the             Very happy Loveday Primary School students during
visit a regular exercise.                                                                             their visit to the Barmera Public Library

Page 4                                                                                                           Berri Barmera Council Newsletter
Council on the Couch

                                                               Mayor Margaret Evans presents the recipient of the ‘Citizen of the Year’
                                                               Margaret Lambert with her award.

                                                               Need a Council Permit?
The new ‘Council on the Couch’ initiative has been a great     With reference to the Local Govt Act, 1999 Council is able to issue a number of
success with very positive feedback received. Lounging         permits enabling public access to and use, of various Council buildings, reserves and
around at the Riverland Plaza was the CEO Stephen Rufus,       roadways.
Manager Environmental and Inspectorial Services Steve
                                                               To ensure Council’s level of risk is minimised, application by the community should be
Kubasiewicz and interested community members.                  made seeking approval by Council for events such as:
                                                               • A sausage sizzle, fete, etc.
                                                               • Use of an oval or reserve for a car display, sporting activity, circus, etc.
Dawn Neindorf Retires                                          • Use of a hall for a meeting, concert, election, etc.
                                                               • Busking on footpaths.
                                                               • Extending a business onto a footpath or roadside.
                                                               • Street pageant, fireworks display.
                                                               • Use of river or lake foreshore frontage in the care and control of Council
                                                               General information required from the applicant includes:
                                                               • Applicants name, address and contact details
                                                               • Date, time and location of event
                                                               • Type of event planned including special requirements such as power, additional
                                                                 bins, water, bunting, road closure, etc
                                                               • Public and product liability insurance details (minimum $10m)
                                                               • Information related to the Food Act, if applicable
                                                               • Details relating to amusement rides, if applicable
                                                               In the majority of cases, a site inspection is undertaken while a Risk Assessment Checklist
                                                               is provided to the applicant, ensuring all elements of sound Risk Management practice
                                                               are in place throughout the event.
Dawn Neindorf accepted a gift of appreciation from
Chris Howell, Manager Corporate and Community Services         The community is encouraged to apply to Council a minimum of six weeks prior to the
                                                               proposed event to ensure all conditions of the permit are undertaken with approval from
“Without doubt much of the high regard that the Riverland      Council being granted BEFORE the permit period.
community has toward the Bonney Theatre has been
largely due to the ongoing commitment Dawn gave toward         Enquiries concerning the issue of Council permits for an event on Council land and/or
                                                               buildings should be directed to:
helping to preserve such a wonderful facility, in particular
the auditorium floor”.                                         The Berri Barmera Council
                                                               19 Wilson Street, Berri SA 5343
We all wish Dawn the very best in her well deserved            Phone: 85 821 922
retirement.                                                    Email:

The world’s longest, most inclusive relay
commenced on 14 March 2005 when Her Majesty
The Queen placed Her ‘message to the athletes’
in the Melbourne 2006 Queen’s Baton. The relay
visited the Berri Barmera district on Wednesday
February 15 and was proudly carried by a number
of local residents.

              Kevin Deakin carrying the Queen’s Baton
                            down Wilson Street in Berri

Building a better community                                                                                                                     Page 5
Children’s Puzzle Page                                              Council Staff Farewells
Competition Winner

                                                                    Geoff Wilkinson                                Nerida Roscoe
                                                                    Geoff retired from Council in April. He        Nerida worked for the Council for 5
                                                                    worked for Council for 25 years and            years as the Manager of the Visitor
                                                                    ended his career at Council as Workshop        Information Centre and Tourism Officer.
                                                                    Supervisor. A farewell party was held for      She was heavily involved with the
                                                                    him on 19th April. Geoff has made a            planning and development phase of
Brayden Dowling displays his winning Sunny the fisherman
colouring in competition entry (from the September edition of the   fantastic contribution to Council over the     the then new Berri Visitor Information
‘Link’ newsletter) and his prize, a voucher from Berri Toyworld.    years and will be missed by all.               Centre. Nerida left Council in March
Congratulations Brayden – a fantastic job!                                                                         2006 and is now working in Canberra.
Berri Barmera Council “Link” Newsletter Competition
Read your edition of the “Link” newsletter carefully, fill               1. The Boss’s                                 Camp is a fitness program
in the spaces below and you could win one of these
great prizes…                                                                 offered to Council employees with the assistance of the
 First Prize: Voucher for $30 at Berri Mitre 10                                                                  and Barmera Recreation Centre.
 Second Prize: Voucher for $20 at Don la Maison, Berri

                                                                         2. Interested people between the ages of                            and
Please complete your details below:                                           are invited to attend the next Barmera Skate Park
                                                                              Accountability group meeting.

                                                                         3. The new DVD display unit at the                                       library
                                              Postcode:                       can hold up to                      DVD’s.

Daytime Phone Number:
                                                                         4. Berri will host the 1956 Flood commemorative display
                                                                              from                  to                 September and Barmera/
Send your entry to...                                                         Cobdogla                      to               September.
Berri Barmera Council “Link” Competition
PO Box 229
Berri SA 5343                                                            5. A Council permit could be required for community activities
Or drop your entry into the entry box at...                                   like a                      sizzle.
Berri Office - 19 Wilson Street, Berri
Barmera Library Customer Service Centre                                  6. Two packets of
Barwell Avenue, Barmera
                                                                                                                 mix are required to make Josie’s
One entry per Berri Barmera Council resident.
                                                                              favourite vanilla slice recipe.

Page 6                                                                                                      Berri Barmera Council Newsletter
Commemorative Activities for the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 flood
This year, 2006 is the 50th Anniversary of the        or barge. The display will travel the length of       which will be printed in the next Council
1956 flood. The people of our district with the       the river from Renmark to Goolwa over a 12-           newsletter and is available on the website.
assistance of many from out of the area were          week period stopping in each Council district         Some events planned are:
instrumental in saving our towns and many             for approximately two weeks. The display will
                                                                                                            • School children’s art competition
properties from the inundating flood waters.          be launched in Renmark on 26th August. Berri
                                                                                                            • Billycart and decorated bike competition
To commemorate the anniversary, South                 will host the display from 8th-14th September
                                                                                                            • The flood theme decoration of shop windows
Australian Councils along the Murray River and        and Barmera/Cobdogla from 22nd-28th
                                                                                                              throughout the district
the Department of Water, Land & Biodiversity          September. The travelling display will wind up
                                                                                                            • An activities day for families on the Berri riverfront
Conservation (DWLBC) have joined together to          on 16th November in Goolwa.
                                                                                                            • Open day/commemorative activities at
plan events for remembering this important part
                                                      As the display travels through the individual           Cobdogla Steam Museum
of our history.
                                                      Council district they will hold events in             • Reminiscing afternoon teas in Berri and Barmera
Plans are underway for images and audiovisual         conjunction with the display. Once the travelling     • Ballroom dance at Cobdogla Hall
material to be collected and made into a              display has toured it will be made available to       • Organised visits to the travelling displays by
display that will move through the towns. Part        people in Adelaide for approximately 6 months           local schools
of this display travelling downriver by boat          before coming back the Riverland for permanent        • A 50’s night at the Riverland Drive In including
                                                                              display.                        50’s picture showing
                                                                                                            • Display of equipment used in flood building
                                                                               A commemorative book
                                                                                                            • Rally and viewing of vehicles by the Riverland
                                                                               is being published,
                                                                                                              Vintage & Classic Car Club including vehicles
                                                                               containing the stories
                                                                                                              in use during the 1950’s
                                                                               of people’s involvement
                                                                                                            • 50’s Family Fun night at the Bonney Theatre.
                                                                               during the flood, from
                                                                               Renmark to Goolwa. The       Committee meetings are ongoing and we
                                                                               book will be available       may yet include additional events. Anyone
                                                                               to purcahse during the       with information or suggestions is welcome to
                                                                               display period.              speak to Jacque Zagotsis at the Berri Library
                                                                                                            & Information Centre or by email jacque.
                                                                               A committee has been
                                                                               established to organise
                                                                               commemorative events         A website has been setup to promote
                                                                               for the Berri Barmera        commemorations and should be able to be
                                                                               District. The committee      viewed from March 06. The website is available
                                                                               has put together a           at the following address http://www.dwlbc.
Riverview Drive, Berri during the flood (pumping station in background)        programme of events

Relay for Life November 2005
Looking back, as Relay for Life novices, we didn’t    Our team consisted of 15 team members who             Butcher, Plaza Quality Meats, Riverland Paper
do too badly….                                        were each responsible for walking for 1hr and         Supplies and The Berri Office Shop.
                                                      20 minutes as well as supporting other team
As Andrew Haigh, the Relay for Life coordinator       members during their walk.                            Without this support we wouldn’t have achieved
works from our offices on a weekly basis, we were                                                           the money we did for the SA Cancer Council.
encouraged to (or risk of broken legs) participate    The candlelight service was held on dusk and was
in the Relay for Life which was held on the 5th &     a highlight. It gave participants and visitors the    In 2006, the Berri Barmera Council is into it again
6th of November. We decided to give it a go and       opportunity to light a candle and place it around     and aim to raise even more money!
thought this would be a perfect opportunity to        the edge of the track, for those living with cancer
                                                                                                            Anyone interested in putting a team in this year’s
increase team morale in the workplace and mixed       or in memory of those who may have lost their
                                                                                                            Relay for Life which is to held in Berri on the 28th
with staff from various Council work places. Staff    battle with cancer.
                                                                                                            & 29th of October or interested in joining the
from the Libraries, Visitor Information Centre,
                                                      A huge thank you must go to the following             organizing committee can call Mr Andrew Haigh
Depot and Main office took part.
                                                      business’s that supported our team by                 0401 100 202.
At the beginning of September, we launched our        donating goods to aid in our fundraising;
fundraising campaign which involved:-                 Houseboat Adventures, Berri Air Tours,
• Major Raffle • Chocolate Sales                      Bob’s Barn, Renmark River Cruises,
• Trash ‘n’ Treasure stall • Casual Days              Riverland Carpet Cleaning, Berri
• Sticky Date Pudding Drive • Lamington Drive         Pharmacy, the Berri Newsagency, Dimples
• Money Squares • Orange Picking                      Boutique, Toyworld Berri, Berri Mitre 10,
• Barbeque brekkie for staff members                  Cobdogla & District Club, Berri Retravision,
And we ended up raising just over $4,000.00 in        Wishart Landscape Supplies, Premier
8 weeks, an achievement we were very proud of!        Sports, Highway Fern Haven, Redgum
                                                      Café, Creative Lighting, Earthworks, Berri
The weather was superb on the weekend of the          Photographic and Framing, Angas Park,
relay! Tents and swags were sprawled across           Woolworths Berri, Coles Berri, Barmera
the Berri No 1 Oval and the atmosphere was                                                         Rufus Ruff Cuts Relay for Life campsite
                                                      Bakery, Sunbake, Berri Ltd, Berri North

Building a better community                                                                                                                              Page 7
Council Calendar                                                                                                                                     Your Elected Representatives
Date               Name of Event              Venue                                     Time                  Contact Person
Every Tuesday      Children’s Activities      Barmera Library, Barwell Avenue,          11am-12noon           Barmera Library 08 8588 2872
during term time                              Barmera
Every Thursday     Children’s Activities      Berri Library & Information Centre,       10.30am-11.30am       Berri Library & Information Centre
                                                                                                                                                       Margaret EVANS, OAM
during term time                              Kay Avenue, Berri                                               08 8595 2666
Saturday           Riverland Farmers          Bruce Oval, Barmera                       7am-12noon            Sam 08 8582 2155
Mornings           Market
3rd Tuesday of     Free Immunisation Clinic   Len Mahoney Room, Berri Town Hall,        10am-11.30am          Berri Barmera Council                    Bruce CASEY
Each Month                                    Wilson Street, Berri                                            08 8582 1922
3rd Tuesday of     Free Immunisation Clinic   Barmera Day Care Centre, Scott Avenue,    12.30pm-2pm           Berri Barmera Council
                                                                                                                                                       Rhonda CENTOFANTI
Each Month                                    Barmera                                                         08 8582 1922
                                                                                                                                                       Baldev Singh DHALIWAL
22nd-27th May      Library Week               Berri & Barmera Libraries                 TBA                   Berri Barmera Council
                                                                                                              08 8582 1922                             Kevin DUNSTONE
26th May           Australia’s Biggest        Berri Town Hall, Wilson Street, Berri     10am-12noon           Berri Barmera Council
                   Morning Tea                                                                                08 8582 1922                             Barry FLETCHER
3rd-13th June      Country Music Festival     Barmera and Surrounds                                           Barmera Travel & Visitor Centre          Leslie HILL   (Deputy Mayor)
                                                                                                              08 8588 2289
13th August        Open Civic Reception for   Berri Town Hall, Wilson Street, Berri     Afternoon Tea         Berri Barmera Council                    Peter HUNT
                   Retirement of Mayor                                                  (Time to be Advised   08 8582 1922
                   Margaret Evans                                                       in local media)                                                Bill KANAKARIS
19th-25th          Children’s Book Week       Berri & Barmera Libraries                 TBA                   Berri Library 08 8595 2666               Josephine NELSSON
August                                                                                                        Barmera Library 08 8582 2872
13th-14th          Riverland Field Days       Field Days Site, Sturt Highway, Barmera                         Tim 0409 099 122                         Sondra NOONAN
1st October        5RM Barmera Markets        Barwell Ave, Barmera                                            Julie 08 8588 1234
16th-22nd          Riverland Wine & Food      Berri Riverfront                                                Sam 0438 838 290
October            Festival                                                                                      Council meets on the 4th Tuesday of
26th-29th          Barmera Sheep Dog          Bruce Oval, Barmera                                             Bob 0417 829 441                         each month in the Council Chambers,
October            Trials                                                                                                                              Wilson Street, Berri, commencing at 6pm.

Congratulations to these Council depot staff on
20 years + service!

                                                                                                                                                     Berri Barmera Council
                                                                                                                                                     Contact Details
Front Row (left to right): Kevin (Ted) Faehrmann, Phil Turpin, Albert (Gus) White
Back Row (left to right): Peter Mason, John Farrent, Rodney (Roly) Maple, Ken Geve                                                                     Head Office
Absent: Peter Weston, Brian Danvers                                                                                                                    19 Wilson Street, Berri SA 5343
                                                                                                                                                       PO Box 229, Berri, SA 5343
                                                                                                                                                       Telephone: (08) 8582 1922
Local Events Calendar                                                                                                                                  Facsimile: (08) 8582 3029
Are you holding an event in the Berri Barmera area? Let us help you promote it. The Berri and Barmera Visitor Information Centres                      Email:
are always interested in finding out about local events whether they be festivals, markets, or sport — as long as the public can
attend we’re interested.
Information on local events goes into publications such as the ‘Berri Barmera Tourist News’. This publication is produced monthly
and is distributed to Riverland Visitor Information Centres, the Berri and Barmera libraries, Berri Barmera accommodation operators                    Website
and the council offices in Berri and Barmera. If you wish to have your event included in the Berri Barmera Tourist News, information
needs to be provided to either the Berri or Barmera Visitor Information Centres by the second Friday of the month for inclusion in           
the following month’s guide. For more information contact the Berri Visitor Information Centre in Riverview Drive, Berri on 08 8582
5511 or by email on

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