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					                                                                            September 2009

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        Health-e News
Hi everyone,
                                                  Light the Night for
Lets discuss when one wants to lose               The Leukaemia Foundation
weight… although we commonly talk about           was a great success.
‘losing weight’, strictly speaking it is
actually fat loss that concerns us more.          Our goforlife group (Cedric,
Fad/crash diets may result in a quick             Samantha, Ineke and myself)
loss of weight but this is usually due
                                                  raised over $3000.
simply to loss of fluid, not stored body
fat. The effect is temporary and body
                                                  Thank you to all who donated.
shape, which is more important and more
noticeable, is not affected. In addition,
weight lost quickly thanks to an                         BOOT CAMP
unhealthy diet is unlikely to remain
lost. Successful weight loss requires a                        Evening
permanent change to eating habits and                    14 October 2009
activity levels.                                              6 weeks
                                                       5:15pm Wed and Fri
Dieting alone does not make you fit or                     East Terrace
give you toned muscles. It simply means                 Victoria Park, City
you end up carrying less body fat. To                           $190
                                                         All Fitness Levels
A FUN WAY TO DOWNSIZE AT WORK                                Welcome
 Recruiting your office mates might be the key        email or call to book your place
to fitness success, according to a study from
the University of Georgia. Researchers there         Drink More Water
gave a group of Home Depot employees pamphlets
on meeting the U.S governments exercise            It can help you lose
recommendations, then left them to their own
                                                   weight by suppressing
devices; another group was asked to set
personal and team fitness goals to meet the        your appetite.
guidelines and was told they would win prizes
                                                   It also helps you
if they succeeded. After three months, half the
goal setters were active for at least 150          avoid dehydration.
minutes a week compared with only 25 percent of
                                                   It helps keep you
the info-only workers. “Individuals were more
inspired to reach their objectives because         alert, agile and
doing do helped their group reach theirs,” says
Rod Dishman, Ph.D., co-director of the Exercise
Psychology Laboratory at the University of         Drink at least two
   Eat A Healthy Breakfast                       why exercise?                                      y

 Skipping breakfast can reduce                   Exercise is not only important for burning fat, it
 your mental performance;
 reduce energy levels and effect                 also keeps the body healthy by strengthening
 concentration at work.
                                                 the heart, muscles, lungs and other internal
 Breakfast is an important meal
 because it replenishes your
                                                 systems. In addition, it improves posture, boosts
 supply of glucose after the                     metabolism, increases energy levels, improves
 overnight fasting period and
 supplies many essential                         mental performance and helps combat stress.
 nutrients that help keep energy
 levels up throughout the day.

 Breakfast is the most important
                                                 What is ‘Metabolism’?
 meal of the day. It gets the
 body’s metabolism going so it                   Metabolism is the continual
 can burn fat more efficiently.
                                                 process in the body of breaking
 Not eating breakfast can
 actually slow down your                         down food, burning calories and
 metabolism and encourage fat
 storage.                                        creating fuel for the energy
                                                 our bodies need to function.
 Low-fat Protein
                                                 Metabolic rate refers to the
 Eating low-fat protein for breakfast or
 luch avoids hungers pangs between meals         speed at which this happens,
 as it fills you up for longer. Low-fat
 yogurt, tofu, eggs (mainly egg-white)           and is dependent on factors
 lean meat, chicken, turkey, fish, low-fat
 cheese, cottage cheese and skimmed              such as heredity, age, gender,
 milk are all good options.
                                                 amount of exercise regularly
                                                 do’s and don’t for healthy skin
                                          •      Drink plenty of water
                                          •      Eat seafood at least twice a week for nourishing
 Mobile Health & Fitness                         fish oils
  Training & Consulting                      •   Use healthier fats like olive oil in preference
                                                 to saturated fats
  Registered and Experienced                 •   Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables for a healthy
     Fitness Professionals                       dose of antioxidants
                                             •   Always wear a hat and sunscreen when in the sun
  Call to make your next
appointment or enquiry on don’t…
                                             •   Eat too much fried, smoked or barbequed food –
       0403 974 133                              these cooking methods destroy antioxidants
                                             •   Drink too much alcohol, tea or coffee, all of
       Avril Holmes                              which dry out skin tissue               •   Eat too much salt for the same reason
              au                             •   Smoke, which robs the body of oxygen, vitamin C                   and other nutrients and prematurely ages skin
                                             •   Consume too much sugar, which hinders the body’s
         …feel your best                         natural detoxing process and can cause skin

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