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					                                                                                Bonegilla Migrant Reception and
The National Heritage List recognises and protects our most valued
natural, Indigenous and historic heritage sites. It reflects the story of our     Training Centre – Block 19
development, from our original inhabitants to the present day, Australia’s
spirit and our ingenuity, and our unique, living landscapes.
Each place in the List has been assessed by the Australian Heritage Council
as having outstanding heritage value to the nation, and is protected under
the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. This
means that approval must be obtained before taking any action that may
have a significant impact on the national heritage values of the place.
In this way, we can retain our heritage for future generations.
To ensure ongoing protection, each listed place should have a
management plan outlining how the heritage values of the site will be
conserved and interpreted.
The National Heritage List enables all Australians to celebrate, value and
protect our unique heritage.
          For further information visit
        Bonegilla Migrant Reception and Training Centre – Block 19

           Bonegilla Rd, Bonegilla VIC | Phone: 02 6023 2327

                                                                                    speaking Europeans displaced by war to emigrate.
                                                                                    This major demographic change transformed
                                                                                    Australia’s economy, society and culture.

                                                                                 A rare remnant of post-war migration
                                                                                 •	 A rare surviving example of a post-war
                                                                                    migration centre, Block 19 evokes a strong 

The place where thousands of post-war migrants began their Australian               sense of migrant life.

journey, Bonegilla represents the shift in immigration policy which led to       •	 The 23 buildings and open setting reflect the
Australia’s multicultural society. This rare surviving example of a basic army      basic conditions of former war-time army camps
hut camp provides a strong sense of what migrant life was like. Bonegilla           used as migrant centres. The symmetrical grid of
received Australia’s highest heritage honour on 7 December 2007 when it             timber framed, corrugated iron army huts provided staff and migrant
was included in the National Heritage List.                                         housing, offices, recreation and dining halls, kitchens and toilet blocks.
                                                                                 •	 The style of accommodation offered was basic. There were communal
A site of important events
                                                                                    dining and washing facilities and purpose-built recreation halls. Native
•	 Block 19 was part of Australia’s largest and longest operating                   and exotic plants helped to ‘civilise’ the place in later years.
   migrant reception centre. From 1947 to 1971 more than 300 000
   people, mainly from Europe, spent time there awaiting allocation to           A place of social value and strong connections
   employment, learning English, undergoing health checks and receiving          •	 Bonegilla is the place where many ‘New Australians’ experienced the
   instruction on the Australian way of life.                                       hope, joys and sorrows of their first home in Australia. Today there are
•	 Bonegilla transformed the size and composition of the Australian                 more than 1.5 million descendants of Bonegilla migrants.
   population.                                                                   •	 An important part of Australia’s recent collective memory, Bonegilla
•	 After the Second World War, population growth was considered                     offers valued insights into post-war migration and refugee
   essential, so the government enabled thousands of non-English                    experiences, including Australia’s role as the host nation.

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