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									                                                                                                          October 2009
                                                                                                           Serial No 8
                                              Bio-Balance Newsletter                                         Editor:
                                                                                                          John Skelton
                                                     Bio-Balance Health Association Inc
                            A non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting effective techniques of biochemical
                                           treatment for mental, behavioural and autistic disorders.

                              WALSH RESEARCH INSTITUTE
                               SYDNEY OUTREACH CLINIC
                       Patient Assessment & Treatment Program
                                2nd May – 11th May 2010
                Dr William Walsh PhD     Dr Mary N Megson MD
               Dr. James A Neubrander MD    Dr Albert Mensah MD
                    For full details see Brochure attached to Newsletter
                         Bookings presently available for patients with
                                           Behavioural disorders
                                       Learning & attention disorders
                                         Autism spectrum disorders
                                           Post-natal depression
                                              Bipolar disorder
                                            Alzheimer’s Disease
                         Bookings should be made as soon as possible
           so prior testing, medical examination and lab results can be completed
               Information and Bookings:                     Marnie Lo – Outreach Co-ordinator
                  Phone: 02 80143295                              E-mail:
               Payments: Bio-Balance office                        Phone:        07 55157 142

                          SYDNEY OUTREACH CONFERENCE
                             Saturday 8th May 2010
                  Dr Mary Megson                Dr William Walsh
                  Dr James Neubrander           Dr Albert Mensah
                                        RYDGES WORLD SQUARE HOTEL

                From the President:
       Another successful Outreach Clinic and Confer-             Dr. Woody McGinnis that took an idea originally
       ence have taken place this year and I would like           used in schizophrenia and applied it to autism
       to thank all those involved: Dr Bill Walsh and his         with very positive results.         Similarly, Dr
       US instructional team; the Australian doctors and          Neubrander’s work with Methyl B 12 and
       the doctors from the Philippines who attended the          hyperbaric oxygen in autism may be applicable in
       training; the many behind the scenes helpers;              schizophrenia: Dr Neubrander is going back to
       and our Bio-Balance team: Bruce Jeanes, Marnie             America to see if he can set up a trial to look into
       Lo, Margaret Harms, John Skelton and Mike                  that possibility.
       Redstone.                                                  It has been very rewarding for all of us to see
       Bio-Balance Health Association is a unique                 many children and adults making steps to
       organization in that it covers both adult and child        recovery – sometimes small and sometimes large
       mental health and autism. It enables us to see             -- and to know that we have sown seeds of hope
       synergies from one area that may benefit                   in many families.
       another, such as the “mauve factor” research by                                                 Judy Nicol

October 2009                                                  1                                     Serial No 8
          REPORT ON                                       with a dedication to Marion Redstone, who had
 2009 WALSH RESEARCH INSTITUTE                            been the Outreach Organizer since 2005 and, in
                                                          conjunction with Dr. Walsh, devised the format of
       SYDNEY OUTREACH                                    the training program.        Bio-Balance Health
                                                          Association has set up the Marion Redstone
At 6.30pm on Tuesday 5 May, the last of 169               Memorial Fund to accept tax-deductible
patients and the last of 27 Australian doctors left       donations to assist families who could not
and Dr. Walsh, Dr. Megson and Dr. Neubrander              otherwise afford to participate in the Outreach
departed for the USA.                                     patient assessment process. This, we hope, will
The 2009 Outreach Physician Training and                  perpetuate the memory of Marion, who worked so
Patient Assessment and the Conference were a              tirelessly to progress the cause of biomedical
great success due to the hard work of the Bio-            assessment and treatment in this country.
Balance team - Marnie Lo, Margaret Harms,                 There were four speakers at the Conference: Dr
Bruce Jeanes, John Skelton, Mike Redstone and             Jim Neubrander, Dr. Mary Megson, Dr Richard
Judy Nicol - over the months leading up to and            Stuckey and Dr Bill Walsh. Plenty of time was
during the events.                                        allowed for questions. Dr. Stuckey gave a very
Physician Training & Patient Assessment                   interesting account and breakdown of outcomes
                                                          of this biomedical approach in his general
Every patient arrived on time, 99% came away
                                                          practice since 2004 that should excite
from their consultation with a plan to take them
on the next step towards recovery and 99% came            Governments trying to contain their health costs.
out from the consultation with a smile at the
thought of finding something constructive they              A DVD of the Conference is available from
can do.                                                                Michael Redstone
                                                                   Music & Electron Services
It was Dr Neubrander’s first trip to Australia. He                    Phone: 0411 190 158.
was greatly impressed by the dedication of our
autistic parents and the skill of our doctors and
was delighted that so many benefited by his               Pharmacy
special Methyl B 12 injections. The poems of one          The presence of the Tugun Compounding
of his older patients are going to be put on              Pharmacy at the Outreach Clinic and the
display in his office in New Jersey. These poems          Conference was a new feature this year. HRI
will be featured on our website under                     Pharmacy informed Bio-Balance Health that, due
Testimonials because they give such a wonderful           to USA legal requirements, they would no longer
insight into those children with autism.                  be able to supply their Australian clients, so Bio-
                                                          Balance set out to find a compounding pharmacy
Dr Megson was her usual charming self and all             we could recommend to our doctors’ patients so
parents came away from their assessment                   that there would be continuity of supply.      It is
session with her armed with further insights to           extremely important in this biomedical approach
help their loved ones.                                    to treatment that vitamins and minerals to be
                                                          compounded are of the highest quality so, before
Dr Walsh, as always, was able to put patients at
ease and provided valuable clinical training for          we recommended anyone, we had 16 samples of
                                                          the Tugun Pharmacy’s product tested and all
our Australasian doctors. Also this year, two other
                                                          reached a high standard.
visiting United States doctors skilled in
biochemical assessment and complementary                  Tugun Pharmacy will donate a percentage of
nutritional treatment techniques - Dr Mensah and          their proceeds from all scripts dispensed to the
Dr Bowman - were able to contribute their                 Marion Redstone Memorial Fund.
insights to the assessment process. In addition to
very long days seeing patients, all the doctors           We greatly appreciate the help we received from
attended lectures on Monday, Wednesday and                a variety of people, including: those who provided
Thursday nights given by Dr Megson, Dr.                   Conference lunches and those who recorded the
Neubrander and Dr. Walsh. This year, doctors              Conference speakers; the staff at Rydges Hotel;
participating in the training were able to claim          and those who passed the word on to friends and
points under the RACGP Quality Assurance &                neighbours about the Outreach.
Continuing Professional Development Program               We now have 50 Australian doctors trained and
and all doctors who chose to do so participated in        offering assessment and treatment based on the
the formal elements of that Program.                      training they have received.
Conference                                                This innovative project is expanding rapidly and
The Conference took place on Saturday 2 May               we shall be presenting another Outreach Clinic
with approximately 200 people attending. Stall-           and Conference in May 2010.
holders included a demonstration of a ‘soft’                                                   Judy Nicol
hyperbaric chamber.    The Conference opened

                                                           He has found that some treatments work most of
   Dr James Neubrander                                     the time (with between 50% and 90% of patients)
  Autism: the treatable untreatable disorder               if used strictly in accordance with protocols, e.g.:
Dr Neubrander is an innovator in the area of                     Methyl B12 (subcutaneously in buttocks)
biomedical treatments for autism and neuro-                      Hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT)
developmental disorders and the originator of the                Chelation
Methyl B12 treatment that has been copied                        Diets
around the world. He has also been in the                        Supplements
forefront in the application of hyperbaric oxygen                IV therapies
treatment (HBOT) to these disorders.
                                                           Treatments that work much of the time (25 – 50%
In his lecture, illustrated with Power-Point slides,       of patients) include, e.g.:
he indicated that -- whilst it cannot be known in                 Antivirals
advance how far each individual child can be                      Modified genomics
taken -- his experience is that, with appropriate                 IVIG
treatment, some improvement can be achieved                       Glutathione (non-IV)
over time in more than 90% of cases and that in                   Allergy treatment
many cases the improvement can be significant,                    Melatonin
including up to full recovery – not only in early
                                                                  Epsom Salts baths
childhood but also up to late adolescence and
early adulthood. He emphasized, however, that              A wide range of treatments have been found to
the earlier biomedical treatments are started, the         work some of the time (5-25% of patients), e.g.:
more likely is the possibility of full recovery.                 Secretin
                                                                 GABA
He stated that there is as yet no roadmap for
autism and that there is still more we don’t know                L-theanine
about this disorder than we do know. More and                    DMAE
more clues are being gathered, however, with                     DMG
parents, scientists and clinicians working together              Creatine
to find effective treatments.                                    Zeolite
                                                            and many others (see DVD)
Although there are no specific tests for autism,
there are six major biological mechanisms with             Some treatments are relatively inexpensive, e.g.,
evolving bio-markers that provide strong clues, so         Epsom Salts baths, Methyl B12; and some are
that autism can be treated effectively as a                relatively expensive, e.g., HBOT, colonoscopy,
biomedical, not a psychiatric, disorder. These             IVIG. Treatment of each patient therefore needs
are:                                                       to be tailored to the likely global benefits of each
      Oxidative stress                                    treatment for the individual child and to the
                                                           family’s financial resources.
      Methylation & transsulfuration
      Toxins & heavy metals                               He pointed out that, just because a treatment
      Immune system dysregulation                         works less frequently, this is no reason to
      Gastrointestinal inflammation                       disregard it because in some cases it may prove
      Mitochondrial dysfunction                           to have significant effect. The intensity of
                                                           response to any treatment, when it occurs, can
Biomedical treatments break the gridlock. They             also vary widely from patient to patient. “We must
work with but do not replace other treatments eg           look at each child as an individual and find that
educational. They work to:                                 child’s individuality.” Also, the intensity of initial
      Remove or reduce dietary stress                     responses doesn’t necessarily bear any
      Remove or reduce environmental stress               relationship to the response to continued
      Remove or reduce inflammation                       treatment so it is important to persist until the
      Improve nutritional support                         treatment(s) that best suit the individual child are
      Improve damaged biochemistry                        identified and exploited. It is the clinician’s
      Improve immune function                             responsibility to teach parents what to expect so
      Improve detoxification                              they will stay the course with important therapies
If you do those things, you are treating a medical         even though responses may be less than they
disorder.                                                  had hoped.

His talk provided a comprehensive survey of the            His take-home message:
wide range of biomedical treatments currently in                Follow treatment protocols strictly
clinical use for autism that have been found to                 Know what you’re doing
help some patients and an estimate of the                       If you find something that works, keep it
relative cost-effectiveness of each technique.                     going -- “stay in school”.           *

                                                                ADHD in autism spectrum disorders:
          Dr Mary Megson                                           Primary hyperactive or primary inattentive
                                                                   Visual hyperfocus
     Developmental issues in Autism                                Auditory filter problem
Dr Megson’s talk addressed the long-term                           Internal distractibility
medical and educational needs of children                          Need to look away to listen
                                                                   Natural treatments: L-theanine, GABA, B12 &
growing up with autism. What are the roadblocks
                                                                    oxytocin nasal sprays, Zn, HBOT
ahead and what can parents do to avoid or
                                                                   Medications for ASD ADHD
overcome them?                                                  Sensory issues:
“Children with autism are vulnerable, fragile and                  Diagnosis: yeast, clostridia proteins block sensory
like a cog railway train – three steps forward, one                 modulation – treat cause
step back on the road to recovery.” Her talk was                   Treatment: Sensory Integration Therapy – quiet
                                                                    place to decompress and eat lunch – daily recess,
designed to provide parents with an under-
                                                                    responds to sunlight - auditory trainer
standing of some of the main problems at each                   Aggressive behaviour:
major stage of development so they can work                        Is behaviour aggressive or defensive?
with their doctors in addressing them.                             Teaching moment: “Use your words”
The issues that arise at each developmental                        Rule out bullies
stage – preschool, kindergarten, elementary                        From social anxiety?
                                                                   Treatment: Positive behavioural support – rule out
school, middle school, high school, college,
                                                                    high testosterone, illness, etc. – target symptom
career and later years - are complex and are                        (anxiety, OCD, etc) prior to medication use – use
covered in such detail in Dr Megson’s talk that it                  medication as ‘bridge’ to achieve success,
is not possible to do justice to them in the space                  constantly reassess need.
available here. This article is confined to                     Elementary school
providing a brief survey of the some of the issues              Language learning disabilities:
addressed by Dr Megson. [It is strongly                            Hyperlexia: reads above comprehension
recommended that anyone interested in develop-                     Dyslexia: auditory processing delays, syllables
mental issues in autism spectrum disorders                          overlap – rod problems
purchase the DVD – see Box]                                        ADHD reading: mind elsewhere, content loss,
                                                                    especially in noisy room
Following are notes on some of the main issues                     Language re-emergence issues
affecting development of autism patients in earlier                Semantic pragmatic language disorder
years addressed by Dr Megson:                                   Social skills training:
Pre-school years                                                   Lunch bunch; social stories
   Controlling oxidative stress                                   Single-person sports – karate, golf, tennis
   Preventing oxidative stress                                    Music (band) Scouts
   Avoiding antibiotic exposure                                   RDI (Relationship Development Intervention)
   Organisms of the intestinal tract – yeast, clostridia       Maths learning disabilities:
   Diagnosis and treatment of chronic virus - e.g.,               Basic arithmetic skills – use flash cards before
    Epstein-Barr, herpes                                            bedtime
   Monitoring and treating spikes in inflammation –               Use visual examples, e.g., abacus, touchpoint
    food allergies and sensitivities, measles, bacteria,        Behaviours:
    parasites, etc.                                                Cognitive inattention - ? biomedical, need to treat
   Vaccines                                                       Auditory processing delays – auditory trainer – sit
   Repairing barriers – gut wall, blood-brain barrier              in front of class
Kindergarten                                                       OCD, high anxiety – PANDAS? – sensory? – need
   Non-verbal children should have 1 on 1 teaching                 sensory breaks?
    in a low sensory environment                                Medication:
   Once verbal, mainstream as possible with pullout             Less is better – start low, go slow – effects > side-
    for therapies                                                   effects
   Positive behavioural support program                           Doesn’t correct wrong placement or inadequate
   Appropriate placement prior to medications                      IEP
   Support immune system
   Teach conversation with peers - ‘lunch bunch’               For full details of Dr Megson’s presentation on
   Provide safe place for sensory breaks                       the above issues and on developmental issues in
                                                                middle school, high school, adult and later years,
Emerging behavioural profiles:                                  see DVD.                                         *
   Hyperactivity, inattention
   OCD – PANDAS syndrome                                             Conference DVD obtainable from
   Aggression – may reflect not having words to                                 Michael Redstone
    interact with peers                                                   Music & Electron Services
   The shy child – work on pragmatic deficits
Aim is to understand what is causing behaviour.
                                                                               0411 190 158

        Dr William Walsh                                     
                                                                 Behaviour disorders
                                                                Autism
  The Biochemistry Revolution:                                  Depression
  Nutrient Therapy for the Brain                                Bipolar disorder
In his wide-ranging address, Dr Walsh outlined                  Schizophrenia
his findings from more than a quarter-century of                Alzheimer’s Disorder
research into the biochemistry and treatment of          Behaviour Disorders: Dr Walsh outlined the
mental, behavioural and autistic disorders with a        biochemical imbalances found to characterize the
cumulative database of more than 10,000 cases            major behaviour disorder phenotypes and
of behavior disorders and ADHD, over 6,600               described a published outcome study of
autism spectrum disorders, over 3,500 schizo-            treatment of 207 behaviour-disordered children
phrenia and bipolar disorder and over 3,200              and adults which found that 91% of treatment-
depression.                                              compliant subjects were either symptom-free or
Biochemical imbalances                                   showed     significant improvement     following
His research has identified a number of high-            treatment.
incidence biochemical imbalances in these                Depression: Biochemical studies have identified
disorders – in particular:                               five depression phenotypes:
       Zinc deficiency                                         Undermethylation
       Copper overload
                                                                Low folate
       Undermethylation
       Folate deficiency                                       Pyrrole disorder
       Pyrrole disorder                                        Copper overload
       Toxic metal overload                                    Toxic metal overload
       Oxidative stress                                   The nutrient treatment protocols appropriate for
It is significant that each of these imbalances is         each phenotype were outlined.
involved in synthesis of neurotransmitters (NTs).         Schizophrenia: The biochemical subtypes of
The brain is, in fact, a chemical factory where           schizophrenia as identified in research by Dr
serotonin, dopamine and other NTs are                     Carl Pfeiffer and refined in Dr Walsh’s
synthesized. The only raw materials for NT                subsequent research are:
synthesis are nutrients: vitamins, minerals and                 Overmethylated schizophrenia (45%)
amino acids, and a genetic imbalance in a NT                    Undermethylated schizophrenia (18%)
precursor can result in serious brain chemistry                 Pyroluric schizophrenia (27%)
problems. Dr Walsh provided a number of                         Wheat gluten intolerance (4%)
specific examples of the effects of such                        Other (6%)
imbalances in producing mental and behavioural            The biochemistry and typical symptom and trait
disorders – e.g., elevated Cu/Zn ratios are               patterns of each of these subtypes were
associated with violent behaviour, anxiety                outlined and the important role of oxidative
attacks, autism, post-partum depression and               stress in schizophrenia was discussed. Dr
schizophrenia; and about 70% of mentally-ill              Walsh reported that clear improvement has
persons exhibit a methylation disorder. He                been found in some 85% of patients who follow
pointed out that humans are genetically diverse           the prescribed nutrient therapy, progress is
and, because of genetics, most people are                 usually gradual over a 6–12 month period and
deficient in some nutrients and overloaded in             there have been hundreds of cases of complete
others. A genetic nutrient deficiency may require         recovery.
many times the RDA to achieve normalization,
while genetic overloads may require specific               Autism:      Dr Walsh reported that a high
biochemical therapy to eliminate the nutrient              incidence of biochemical abnormalities has
excess.                                                    been found in the Autism population his group
                                                           has treated. Most common amongst these are:
Individualized Nutrient Therapy                                  Elevated serum copper
The assessment and treatment process involves:                   Elevated toxic metals
     Detailed medical history and review of                     Depressed zinc
        symptoms                                                 Undermethylation
     Extensive biochemical testing                              Pyrrole disorder
     Diagnosis of biochemical imbalances                Each of these imbalances is associated with
     Nutrient therapy aimed at normalizing              oxidative stress. The distinctive features of
        blood and brain levels of key nutrients          autism were outlined and an update was given on
Populations with positive outcomes following             recent autism research and the primary treatment
biochemical therapy include:                             challenges and barriers to progress in autism

spectrum disorders. He pointed out that brain              metabolites   that   in turn   causes high zinc
inflammation is a distinctive feature of autism and        excretion.
that many current therapies merely reduce
inflammation but provide little improvement in             Specific blood and urine tests indicative of these
brain maturation. He outlined a strategy for               biochemical processes enable three distinct
enhanced cognition, speech and socialization               groups of biochemical imbalance to be identified -
and pointed to the critical need for a new therapy         called under-methylation, over-methylation
that can result in development of new brain cell           and pyrroluria.       Each of these biochemical
dendrites, receptors and synapses.                         groups typically exhibits a distinct pattern of
                                                           symptoms and behavioural traits that can be
Alzheimer’s Disease: Dr Walsh outlined the                 identified by taking a thorough medical and life
main features of AD, which he characterized as a           history. This can assist in identifying the nature of
metal metabolism disorder with elevated toxic              the biochemical imbalance, which can then be
metal free radicals in the brain and low levels of         treated via high dose, targeted nutritional
metallothionein (MT) proteins which protect the            supplementation. The supplementary protocol is
brain from metal free radicals. He described the           very different for the three clinical groups.
MT-Promotion Therapy aimed at overcoming                   Prescription medication is maintained unless
brain oxidative stress and inflammation and at             there is clear improvement following the addition
repair of the blood/brain barrier and reported the         of the nutritional supplements.
early clinical results of this therapy, which
appears very promising.                                    Dr Stuckey’s presentation outlined in plain
                                                           language terms for each of the three biochemical
  Dr Walsh’s presentation is available in the              imbalance groups (under methylation, over-
                Conference DVD                             methylation     and  pyrroluria)    the   clinical
    [For ordering details see box on Page 4]               characteristics, biochemistry patterns        and
                                                           responses to medications typical of each of these
                                                           imbalance patterns; the supplements used in
                                                           treatment and the time in weeks/months that
      Dr Richard Stuckey                                   experience has shown improvement is likely to
     Targeted Nutritional Treatment                        emerge for each imbalance group.
            of Mental Illness                              He then presented a number of summaries of
                                                           cases of mental, behavioural and autistic
Dr Stuckey is a general practitioner at                    disorders representative of the patients he has
Coolangatta on the Queensland Gold Coast. He               treated at his clinic and an analysis of the twelve-
was selected by Bio-Balance Health Association             month outcomes of the 567 patients he has
as the first Australian medical practitioner to be         treated to date.
trained in the techniques of biochemical clinical          The analysis of outcomes for those patients who
assessment and complementary nutritional                   complied with prescribed treatment over the 12-
treatment initiated by the late Dr Carl Pfeiffer and       month period indicated that 58% showed major
further developed by Dr William Walsh. Dr Walsh            improvement, 24% showed partial improvement
initially came to Australia in March 2004 to train         and 18% showed no improvement.
Dr Stuckey, and Dr Stuckey has attended the
Sydney Outreach Training every year since then.            PowerPoint slides from Dr Stuckey’s present-
                                                           ation, including case summaries and statistical
His presentation detailed the impact that the              analysis of outcomes, are available at:
introduction of a targeted nutritional treatment 
program for the management of mental,                      nutritional-treatment-of-mental-illness.pdf
behavioural and autistic disorders has had on a
standard medical practice.                                  Dr Stuckey’s presentation is included in the
                                                                         Conference DVD
He began by outlining some key biochemical                              [See box on Page 4]
processes, which Dr Pfeiffer and Dr Walsh’s
research have identified as crucial to the                    MARION REDSTONE MEMORIAL FUND
understanding and treatment of a range of mental
and behavioural disorders. They found that most              If you would like to provide financial
people presenting with such disorders are zinc               assistance to enable a child or adult
deplete and that most have abnormal functioning              patient who would not otherwise be
of the methylation pathway - an important                    able to afford to attend a Walsh
                                                             Research Institute Sydney Outreach
biochemical process where methionine is
                                                             Clinic consultation, please send your
converted to homocystine. The methyl groups
                                                             tax-deductible donation to Bio-Balance
thus generated are crucial to many neuro-
                                                             Health Association marked
transmitter pathways. Another metabolic anomaly                 “Marion Redstone Memorial Fund”
in some is high urinary excretion of pyrrole

Dr Abram Hoffer MD PhD
               1917 – 2009
   In memory of Dr Abram Hoffer –
 the first orthomolecular psychiatrist
        [From Food for the Brain Newsletter]
Dr Abram Hoffer, the last of the great pioneers of
nutritional medicine, died last May after a brief
He was born in 1917 on a farm in Saskatchewan,
Canada, and attended a one-room schoolhouse,
arriving on horseback, eventually graduating from
the University of Saskatchewan (BSA, MSA), the
University of Minnesota (PhD) and the University
of Toronto (MD). He specialized in psychiatry and
was, for many years, director of psychiatric
research for the Saskatchewan Department of              I met him in Vancouver in the early 1980's. He
Public Health and associate professor of                 told me he had an 85% success rate, by which he
medicine at the University of Saskatchewan,              meant "free of symptoms, able to socialise with
Saskatoon.                                               family and friends, and paying income tax."

He carried out groundbreaking research in                I became his student and came to respect his
several areas, ultimately authoring more than 500        dedication to helping people, his sharp mind, and
peer-reviewed and popular articles and more              kind nature. He would often ask his new patients
than 30 academic monographs and popular                  with schizophrenia "What are you going to do
books. He challenged the then-dominant view of           when you get better?" and do everything he could
schizophrenia as a psychological disorder caused         to help them get well. I met many whose lives
by poor mothering, and contributed importantly to        had been literally saved.
the formation of the field of neuropsycho-               I invited him to the UK for an Institute for Optimal
pharmacology. He co-authored research on the             Nutrition conference in the 90's. In 2006 we made
genetics of schizophrenia with the renowned              a filmed lecture, and a live link up for questions
geneticist, Ernst Mayer. He co-discovered the            and answers with him at the first Food for the
first effective cholesterol-lowering agent, the B        Brain conference. This lecture is still available on
vitamin niacin. He developed a controversial             DVD. He was an active member of Food for the
treatment for acute schizophrenia based on the           Brain's Scientific Advisory Board and maintained
principles of respect, shelter, sound nutrition,         his enthusiasm and intellectual acuity right up to
appropriate medication and the administration of         the end.
large doses of certain vitamins, in the process
carrying out among the first ever double-blind           Together with Dr Roger Williams (who developed
controlled clinical trials in the history of             the genetotrophic theory of disease that nutrients
psychiatry. He advanced a plausible biochemical          influence genes, discovered pantothenic acid
hypothesis to explain the cause of schizophrenia         (B5) and folic acid) and Dr Linus Pauling (who
and how niacin and vitamin C could eliminate its         helped shape the concept of orthomolecular
symptoms and prevent relapses. He founded the            medicine and the need for larger intakes of
International Schizophrenia Foundation.                  nutrients such as vitamin C to restore health), Dr
                                                         Abram Hoffer will be remembered for his pivotal
His colleague and friend, the American chemist           role in starting a revolution in medical and
and twice Nobel prize winner Dr Linus Pauling,           nutritional thinking. We stand on the shoulders of
championed the biochemical model for treating            these giants, all of whom lived into their nineties
schizophrenia that was developed by Abram                and never retired.                Patrick Holford
Hoffer in Saskatchewan and provided a
conceptual underpinning for the notion that large
                                                                     Orthomolecular Medicine
doses of certain naturally occurring substances
                                                           For    information     about   orthomolecular
can     favourably   alter   disordered     brain
                                                           medicine,      including    excellent   basic
biochemistry, coining the term "orthomolecular
                                                           information about a wide range of nutrients
                                                           and free access to all articles published in
Abram moved to Victoria, British Columbia in               Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (founded
1976 where he practiced psychiatry for many                by Dr Hoffer) from 1967 to 2006, see:
years, helping thousands of people with                  
schizophrenia and other mental health problems.

      PATIENT TESTIMONIALS                                       PRACTITIONER TESTIMONIALS
“My son was first diagnosed with Schizophrenia in                “I have been practicing Nutritional & Environmental
2001. For several years he took the regular                      Medicine since 1985. This pathway has brought much
medication prescribed for Schizophrenia with varying             excitement and passion to my practice of medicine.
degrees of success but never being "quite" right.                The opportunity to attend both the 2007 and 2008
                                                                 Walsh-Pfeiffer Outreach in Sydney due to the
“One day in early 2006, I was speaking to a friend               enthusiasm of Marion Redstone has given me an even
about my concerns about my son and she told me                   greater passion: i.e. to work with the children affected
about the wonderful work that the Bio-Balance Health             by Autism, ASD, ADHD etc.
Associatin is involved in.
                                                                 “The enormous privilege to work alongside the
“She gave me a contact number and I contacted
                                                                 amazing, courageous and intelligent parents carers of
Margaret who was most helpful. Margaret then gave
                                                                 these precious and severely hurting children often
me contact numbers for Marion Redstone in Sydney.
                                                                 overwhelms me with emotion. These children are so
Marion was fantastic with her support and knowledge
                                                                 intelligent and yet so afflicted by distress and pain.
and as a result I organised to take my son down to
                                                                 Suggesting therapies and dietary changes in these
Sydney to see Dr. William Walsh.
                                                                 young patients is very demanding, often even scary,
“Dr. Walsh started my son on the Nutrient Therapy                but so rewarding in the majority of occasions. My
pioneered by the late Dr. Carl Pfeiffer in conjunction           desire to see these special children blossom and reach
with the research he himself has done. My son was                close to their full potential, grows every time I witness
very compliant with his nutritional therapy, at the same         quantum leaps in their progress.
time taking his regular medication for schizophrenia.
                                                                 “The credit for these therapies rests with Dr Carl
We started to see small gradual improvements in his
                                                                 Pfeiffer, Dr Bill Walsh, Dr Lewis, Dr Woody McGinnis
thinking and reasoning and under his doctor's
                                                                 and Dr Mary Megson. The excellent and detailed
supervision, he gradually decreased his medication.
                                                                 teaching of these doctors along with their vast
“Today, two and half years after starting the nutritional        experiential wisdom is invaluable. The training program
therapy, he is so well that he is working regular hours          is enjoyable yet intensive. The great thrill for me is
at a job which involves quite a lot of responsibility. He        seeing first-hand the incredible changes in these
is more outgoing and socially involved, thinks very              patients from year to year.
clearly and logically, and I can see a friendlier, happier
                                                                 I wholeheartedly encourage any doctors interested in
son again. He is now down to minimal doses of his
                                                                 learning and applying fundamental biochemical
schizophrenia medication and is hoping he will
                                                                 principles and therapies to help in a more constructive
eventually be able to stop it altogether. He realizes he
                                                                 way those afflicted with mental health problems, to
will need to stay on his nutritional therapy.
                                                                 register for the next Walsh Research Institute Sydney
“He now sees Dr. Stuckey once a year with tests in               Outreach. Likewise, any parents of children with ASD
between as Dr. Stuckey deems necessary to check his              etc should seriously consider booking in for an hour
nutritional status.                                              consultation during the Sydney Outreach. You will not
                                                                 regret the investment in your child’s future wellbeing.
“I cannot recommend Dr. Walsh, Dr. Stuckey and their                                                       Dr Frank Golik
teams and the Bio-Balance organisation highly
enough. I thank God that I was introduced to this
special organisation that has given me back the son I                    ********************
love so much.”
             Mrs. G. - Pharmacist and Caring Mother              Some Comments on Outreach Training
                                                                 from Class of 2009 Doctors:
        ********************                                        “I really learnt everything. I wish Bill Walsh taught
                                                                     people at the beginning of our training – absolute
“I am a 49 yo female and a patient of Dr Yuwen Lee.                  style and meticulous method.”
Nine months ago she diagnosed me with pyrrole
disorder and undermethylation.                                      “Biomedical treatment – amazed how effective it
“For 15 yrs my life was miserable Stress and
exhaustion were my main complaints but this                         “That autism can be treated successfully by
programme has remedied all my other health issues                    biochemical rebalancing with no side effect that
that I did not have the energy to worry about; high                  potentially gives life back to many troubled
blood sugars, RSI, numerous allergies, low body                      children.”
temperature, low blood pressure chronic sinusitus,
                                                                    “More confidence in treating mental disorders.”
digestive problems and inability to concentrate. I had
lost the will to live.                                              “Methodical, informative and repeated direct
“This testimonial is to express my deepest gratitude to              patient interaction -- brilliant for learning key
Dr Lee, Dr Bill Walsh and everyone at Bio-                           approaches.”
Balance.Thank you for giving me a life again. I would               “Improved confidence in assessing and treating
recommend Pfeiffer testing to anyone looking to truly                children’s behavioural and learning problems.”
cure any of the conditions I mentioned.”
.                                           Christine                                                                   *

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