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									In it to Win it
Author: Peter Roebuck

Australia's leading cricket writer describes and analyses Australia's cricket supremacy over the last three
decades - the players, the tactics, the controversies.What is it about the Australian cricket team that has
propelled them to the top of world cricket?Australia's win in the 1987 World Cup in India surprised the
cricketing world. There were so few expectations placed on the event that the ABC didn't even send a
commentary team. But what was the factor that made this team special? Was it the Waugh factor? Why
have the Australians been able to dominate the world game?From his long-term vantage point as writer
and commentator Roebuck is able not only to paint vivid match-by-match pictures of numerous
successes and occasional failures but also to analyse the mental and tactical strength which inspired the
long-term success of the Australian team. He puts the last three decades under the microscope, as he
looks at the contribution Boon and Border, Waugh and Warnie, McGrath and Gilchrist and many others,
have made to the Australian supremacy.From the era of the Chappells and the early days of World Series
Cricket to the best Ashes series ever, Roebuck casts his eye over both the hubris and the hurly burly of
Australian cricket.
Author Bio
Peter Roebuck
Peter Roebuck graduated in Law from Cambridge University, and played for Somerset as an opening
batsman for some fifteen years, the last few as captain. In the late seventies he started spending the 'off
season' in Australia, first of all as a teacher at Cranbrook and then as a fulltime journalist and
commentator. He is the author of numerous books and has edited the Australian edition of Wisden: The
Cricketer's Bible.

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