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									                     Barbarians Notice Board
This notice board provides junior clubs with the opportunity to register their
interest in forming a barbarian’s team with another club in the same situation.

This situation is where each club has a number of players registered to a
particular age group; however it is not quite enough to field a team or they have
an extraordinary amount of players and wish to form a barbarian’s team with the
“extra” players.

Please note that many clubs are still receiving registrations as training sessions
commence; in light of this some of these teams below may not need to form a
barbarians team, however have chosen to register their interest until such time
that they will know for sure.

RugbyWA will update this page as often as possible; however it is up to individual
clubs to notify us if they no longer require any information on this board or would
like information to be put up.

Registered Interest as at 11th March 2010:

Under 10-

Under 11-

Under 12- North Coast Denise Tuck 0400595932

Under 13- North Coast Denise Tuck 0400595932

Under 14-

Under 15-

Under 16-

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