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									Dear Sir,
Thanks for checking our Portable lasers at FreakLasers.com. These laser pointers or portable
lasers are never the ordinary laser pens. They're more solid and powerful, and surely
dangerous. So we strongly recommend you wear the safety goggles when using it and please
follow the instructions as follows. We also provide free goggles to guarantee the laser safety.
PIONEER series Portable lasers are made strictly according to the FDA five-point regulations.

                    Waterproof Green Laser User Manual



NOTES: The Waterproof green lasers models are recommended to be turned it off for around 5-
10 secondly when any user leave it on continuously for 35 seconds, because the the heating
discharging capability of the waterproof green laser models, being sealed and airproofed tightly in
every gap of laser body, is lessened, while the green laser power could cause much higher current
than red or violet blue laser models.

                     Waterproof Red Laser User Manual

I: End Product

II: Exploded View




1. First, take a good look at every part of the portable laser. It's all clear.

2. Unscrew the tail cap and Load the battery. Insert Negative End first.
Unscrew the tail cap as we do to most similar electronics. Load the 18650 battery we send you and

you Fully charge. If you purchase the battery yourself, please make sure to purchase batteries

without tabs. The capacity of the battery should be between 2200 ~ 2800 mAh. The flat metallic

side of the 18650 battery is the negative (-) end. The positive (+) end is slightly covered by the

plastic casing as pictured below. 4 or 5 hours's charging with the charger we provide is ok.

3. Turn the key switch on with the keys.

Match the notch on the power switch key with the groove on the key switch and insert the power
switch key. Turn the key clockwise 90 degrees or until you feel or hear a faint click. It's unlocked.

4. Screw the on/off Shutter to on

Twist the lens cover counter clockwise to expose the aperture.

5. Press the On/Off Power Button.

Press the red button and the laser beam emits out. The laser is finally turned on now. You'll find the

LED Indicator turns light blue. Be careful not to point the aperture at reflective surfaces. If you are

operating the laser pointer in cold situations, please allow some time for the laser pointer to “warm

up” before reaching its full brightness and power. Don't point at any airplane in the sky if you use it

for star-gazing, otherwise the FDA certification will not protect you.

6. Adjust the focus.
   Don't forget its focus adjusting function. To adjust the focus of your laser unit, simply twist the
aperture focusing mechanism counter clockwise. To lock the focusing mechanism in place, twist

the aperture locking mechanism until it reaches the aperture focusing.mechanism and
tighten.Observe the change of the beam size.

8. Turn the Laser Off

Press the key switch to "Off", and turn down the key to lock. Unload the battery if you don't use it.

Notes: PIONEER series Handheld Lasers are recommend to turn it off for 5 to 10 seconds after
keeping it on continuously for 4 or 5 mins per time. 3 Mins is a perfect time limit to maintain the
diode life unless we have to turn it on continous for other purposes. For >5 mins use, it may not
burn the diode within a short period of time, but if used often and frequently for >5 mins , it will
put the diode in a high temperature environment, and thus will shorten the diode life.


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