Autumn Study Camp 2

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					      Autumn Study Camp 2
  April 11-17 2010

Dear campers,

The day is drawing ever closer when those dreaded exams will start.
But never fear, study camp is here!!

On camp you will have plenty of time to study with at least 6 hours of
study a day. There will be lots of opportunities to get help from fellow
students and the leaders, who will also be running seminars. Don’t
worry though, it’s not all work! We have heaps of fun stuff planned
too, including a mid-week mystery activity, and we’ll also be learning
about our great God and all that He has done for us. All the details of
what you’ll need and where to come are provided in this letter, so
read on...

The team of leaders and I hope you will have a great week with us on
camp and we can’t wait to meet you.

                                    See you soon!
                                    Camp Director

              You will need to make your own way to camp (a map is attached).
                 The address of the campsite is: 8 Crusader Road, Galston.

                                       Start of Camp:
                     Camp starts at 2.30pm on Sunday 11th April 2010.

                                       End of Camp:
                   Camp finishes at 2.00pm on Saturday 17th April 2010.
                Please make sure someone is there to collect you at this time.

We don’t mind you driving yourself to camp but you will not be able to use your car during
                                                What to Bring
      Sleeping bag/doona
      Sheets and pillow slip (you will need a sheet to cover the mattress even if you use a sleeping bag)
      Clothes for the week (make sure they are warm)
      Clothes you can do activities in
      Shoes (runners & good walking shoes as well as your ugg boots!)
      Bath towel
      Bath mat
      Toiletries - shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush & toothpaste
      Swimmers & towel
      Hat & sun cream
      Torch
      Bible, notebook & pen
      Water bottle
      Tissues
      Small amount of money for the bookstall

Theme Night: ‘Seven Seas’...dress up in something from the sea for our final night, eg, a pirate, mermaid, starfish,
octopus...the list goes on!

Study Material
     We suggest that you bring all of your study materials, books, notes etc in a separate bag that can be left in the gym
      where you will be studying
     Practice exam papers to use for exam simulation
     Plenty of notebooks, A4 paper and exercise books—you will go through lots more than you think!

                              Please make sure everything is clearly marked with your name
                                         Please Be Aware
The Crusader Union of Australia accepts no responsibility for personal property taken on camps

Please do not bring any expensive items, i.e. CD players, mobile phones, iPods etc.
If you choose to bring your laptop, you take full responsibility for its security. Whilst Crusaders does eve-
rything we can to ensure that security of your belongings is a priority, there have been some problems
with security breaches on two of the camps last year. While security has been significantly upgraded, we
still need you to take steps to limit risk. In particular, if you are bringing a laptop:
       Crusaders requires you to bring your own Kensington lock (or equivalent) and your own power
        board and extension cord.
       We strongly encourage you to insure your laptop as a portable item, especially if you plan to take it
        to Uni with you next year. (A few extra dollars could save you a lot if something was to happen to
       Do not bring any laptop bags with broken zippers or attachments.
       We also request that you make a copy of your hard drive before you come to camp and keep the
        copy at home.
Mobile Phones
It is strongly recommended by Crusaders that campers do not bring mobile phones to camp. Mobiles are
expensive and we cannot take responsibility for such items. We have also noticed that mobiles can be
intrusive and can damage the sense of community that we seek to establish on all of our camps. If a
camper needs to contact their parents this can always be done by asking a leader.
Drugs and Alcohol
Crusaders do not permit the use of alcohol, non-prescribed drugs or smoking on its camps. Anyone
found in breech of this can expect to be sent home immediately.
If your car will remain at the site during the course of the week, please be aware that Crusaders takes no
responsibility for any damage or loss that may incur.
Illness and Infection Control
If a child has symptoms of influenza, gastroenteritis or other infectious diseases before camp we require
that parents prevent them from joining the camp until they are fully recovered. Parents must contact the
Director of Holiday Camps on 9874 8933 (option 1) to advise and discuss this. Additionally, we recom-
mend you consult your doctor in regards to receiving the H1N1 (Human Swine Flu) Influenza Vaccine
before coming on camp.
Please note, in the event of adverse weather conditions or other circumstances Crusaders re-
serves the right to vary the program accordingly. This may include transporting campers to activi-
ties off-site using appropriate transport such as buses and coaches.

                           Emergency Contact Details:
                                      The address of the campsite is:
                               Galston Gorge Conference & Recreation Centre
                                             8 Crusader Road
                                            Galston NSW 2159

                                         The Director: Mel Halliday
                                               0413 850 624

                         In the case of an emergency only you can contact the site on:
                                                 9653 1676

       Please Note: If you are required to be offsite at any point during camp, you must bring a signed
      permission note from your parent/guardian and hand it to the camp director upon arrival at camp.
                                  ‘POST CAMP’ ONLINE FORUMS

CRU Camps is encouraging the use of online social networking forums post-camp so that campers
and leaders can stay in touch with each other in a controlled environment. Campers will be sent a
web link at the end of camp to enable them to join their specific camp group forum.
Forum Security
Your child’s safety is of great importance to us. To maximise the safety of each camp forum group
we have put the following procedures in place:
· The only people in the group will be campers and leaders from the camp your child attends – no
one else will be allowed to join the group.*
· All content will be screened by the administrators of the group (camp leaders) in order to screen
inappropriate content.
·The administrator can remove published/public postings at any time and has the power to remove
campers from membership of the group if necessary.
·All postings by campers and leaders will be viewable only by group members (not the public).

If you do not wish your child to participate in their camp forum group please make it known to
them that you do not want them to join. Crusaders leaves it up to parents to instruct their children
and will not be held responsible if a child joins against their parents’ wishes.

To read Crusaders full ‘Online Forum Policy’, please visit To
educate your children regarding appropriate behaviour online you may like to look at this helpful

*Crusader full-time staff will also be able to view and administrate the group, to ensure appropriate

                           Suite 1, 38 Rowe St Eastwood
                               Mail to: PO Box 590
                             EASTWOOD NSW 2122

                           Phone:       (02) 9874 8933
                           Fax:         (02) 9874 0218

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