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									                Audience Appreciation
                The ABC uses a variety of methods to assess                         ABC Television
                audience support for programming, such as
                                                                                    Almost eight in ten Australians (78%) believe
                ratings and direct feedback through phone
                                                                                    the quality of programming on ABC Television
                calls, letters and emails. In recent years the
                                                                                    is good, up on 1998 and 1999 (75%). Only
                ABC has also employed Newspoll to conduct
                                                                                    half as many (43%) express this view about
                audience appreciation surveys to provide an
                                                                                    commercial television.
                overview of community attitudes about the
                ABC and the commercial media. In June 2002                          92% of heavy ABC Television users rate the
                telephone interviews were conducted                                 quality of programming on ABC Television as
                nationally among 1900 people aged 14 and                            good. 62% of this group regard the quality of
                over. Newspoll conducted similar surveys in                         programming on commercial television as poor.
                1999 and 1998.
                                                                                    A large majority (71%) also believes ABC
                Overall Survey Results 2002                                         Television does a ‘good job’ in terms of the
                                                                                    number of shows it provides that they
                The vast majority (91%) of Australians believes
                                                                                    personally like to watch. Only 51% feel this
                the ABC provides a valuable service to the
                                                                                    way about commercial television.
                community, with one in two (49%) believing the
                ABC provides a very valuable service. Similar                       ABC Radio
                high levels of support have been achieved in
                                                                                    Six in ten (59%) of Australians believe ABC
                each year of the Appreciation Survey, although
                                                                                    Radio provides good quality programming,
                the levels in 2002 were slightly higher than
                                                                                    while 53% believe commercial radio offers the
                those recorded in 1998 and 1999.
                                                                                    same. ABC Radio achieved very similar
                100                                                                 results in 1998 (58%) and 1999 (60%).
                      88%              86%
                 80                                                                 93% of heavy ABC Radio listeners regard the
                                                                                    quality of programming as good. Heavier
                                                              49%                   users were also more likely to be critical of
                      44%              42%
                 40                                                                 commercial radio, with 46% rating the quality
                                                                                    of commercial programming as poor. In
                 20                                                                 country and regional areas 65% believe that
                                                                                    ABC Radio provides good quality
                           1998               1999                    2002          programming, whereas only 52% say the
                              Very Valuable          Total Valuable
                                                                                    same of commercial radio. In the five major

                Overall Value of the ABC

                                                                             ABC broadcasts the 1956 Melbourne          1956
                                              1956                           Olympic Games.                             Outside Broadcast
                1953                          ABC’s Television                                                          Van built for the
                The Television Act            started in Sydney              ABC offices opened in London, New York     Olympic Games
                1953 was passed.              and Melbourne                  and Port Moresby.                          first operates.

ANNUAL REPORT    PAGE 18                                                                                              [ AUDIENCE APPRECIATION]
 mainland capitals 56% believe ABC Radio              use the ABC website regularly or from time to
 provides good quality programming compared           time for news and current affairs information.
 with 52% for commercial radio.
                                                      Coverage of Country and
 The results for Radio cannot be compared             Regional News and Information
 directly with the results achieved by ABC
                                                      In relation to coverage of regional/country
 Television, as radio is a highly fragmented
                                                      issues, the ABC rates highly in both
 medium with distinctly different consumption
                                                      metropolitan and country areas, with about
 and usage patterns.
                                                      75% of people irrespective of location believing
 ABC Online                                           the ABC does a good job of covering the
                                                      country. This compares very favourably with
 A total of 18% of Australians have used the
                                                      perceptions of commercial media’s coverage of
 ABC website, up from 12% in 1999 and 8% in
                                                      country/regional issues, with only 35% of people
 1998. 90% of the site’s users believe it provides
                                                      in metropolitan areas and 48% in country areas
 good quality information – up from 83% in
                                                      (down sharply from 60% in 1999) believing the
 1999. Nationally among Internet users, 19%
                                                      commercial media does a good job.

     Balanced and Even-handed                        Balanced and Even-handedness of
                                                     Specific Programs
     The issue of being ‘balanced and
                                                                             Good Poor Don’t
     even-handed’ when reporting News                                         Job Job Know/
     and Current Affairs was explored at                                       %    % Neither
     an overview level where 79% of the                                                    %
     community believed the ABC was doing            Television
     a ‘good job’.
                                                     7pm News                     95       3          2
     Between 86% and 95% thought key                 7.30 Report                  89       7          4
     programs did a good job at being
     balanced and even-handed. The
     table across illustrates these results.         AM/PM                        89       3          8
                                                     The World Today              86       2         12

                                                      The start of the Education
                                                      program University of the Air.
1959                        1960                                                       1961
On ABC Television,          ABC Television            Direct television relays         The weekly current
Mr Squiggle and             began in all other        between Melbourne and            affairs program Four
6 O’clock Rock airs.        states.                   Sydney.                          Corners began.

[ AUDIENCE APPRECIATION]                                                                         ANNUAL REPORT   PAGE 19

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