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									                                                                                           OCTOBER 2009 / VOLUME 61 / ISSUE 10
         literature review

CUSTOM PRECISION BALLS.                      CUTTING TOOLS. THINBIT’s catalog of           INSERT HOLDER. Click Change offers a
Literature from Bal-tec provides technical   lathe tooling is arranged by application.     brochure describing its Tooling Systems
data and manufacturing information           Sections include grooving, face grooving,     tool body for holding carbide inserts.
about its custom precision balls for         boring and turning, threading and             Specifications are listed, such as clamping
various applications, including checking     parting. Each section is organized from       pressure and insert replacement
dovetails, internal tapers and curved        smallest ID tool to largest OD tool.          repeatability. Available holders are listed
tubing. The literature notes that the        Pictures and illustrations are included for   by part number, shank size and insert
company produces balls from a few            visual matching of applications. Custom       type. A chart is provided showing return
thousandths of an inch to 17" in diameter    specification sheets are available. The       on investment in days. Telephone: (800)
and from standard and nonstandard            catalog is also offered on CD or DVD.         466-3131.
materials. Information is included about     Telephone: (888) THINBIT.                     Click Change
metallurgy, sphericity, surface finish and   THINBIT                             
Bal-tec &

CUTTING TOOLS. Melin Tool Co.’s 144-         BORING BARS. The “Standard Boring             GRINDING MACHINE. Machine Control
page catalog features expanded sections      Bars” catalog from Rigibore Inc. includes     Technology’s product sheet provides
about high-performance, special use          ANSI CAT, ISO 7388, BT, DIN 2080, NMTB,       information on its MCT5000 5-axis CNC
and general-purpose carbide and cobalt       straight-shank, Weldon and parallel boring    tool and cutter grinder. The brochure
endmills, carbide drills, thread mills,      bars. The bars are for rough, semifinish      describes the types of tool features that
countersinks and burs. The catalog can       and finish boring. Most tools are in stock    can be ground, and it lists the machine’s
be viewed at the company’s Web site.         and available for shipping worldwide.         features, such as a workhead with 5C air
Telephone: (800) 521-1078.                   Telephone: (262) 363-3922.                    collet closer and built-in coolant system.
Melin Tool Co.                               Rigibore Inc.                                 Specifications of the machine—which sells                                                  for $108,000—are included. Telephone:
                                                                                           (714) 952-4622.
                                                                                           Machine Control Technology

TITANIUM MACHINING. Sandvik                                   PCD & PCBN CUTTING TOOLS.                          DEBURRING TOOLS. E-Z Burr Tool
Coromant Co. offers an aerospace frame                        EHWA/General Tool offers a detailed                Co. offers a brochure highlighting its
brochure that provides information about                      catalog highlighting its PCD and PCBN              deburring and chamfering tools. The
machining titanium. Featuring the latest                      cutting tools. The catalog contains part           catalog’s purpose is to locate tools
techniques, according to the company,                         numbers, capabilities, specifications and          without having to use the main catalog.
the brochure focuses on machine                               application information for turning                The tools’ 3-D design shows how they
requirements, coolant pump pressure and                       inserts and tools, milling inserts, boring         actually look, according to the company.
volume, programming techniques and                            tools, grooving tools, rotation tools, bevel       Telephone: (800) 783-2877.
tools and toolholders. Telephone: (800)                       cutters, PCD saws and PCD V-cutters.               E-Z Burr Tool Co.
SANDVIK.                                                      Telephone: (877) 266-2322.               
Sandvik Coromant Co.                                          EHWA/General Tool                         

                                                 TheThread and
                                                    Thread and
                                                                                                  HEAD STRONG
                                                 Form Milling
                                                 Form Milling
                                                                                                             Strength and performance are at the
                                                                                                                  center of Pibomulti angle head design.
                                                 Specialists                                                           Precise Swiss engineering makes a
                                                 Specialists                                                              powerful difference in machining
                                                                                                                            capability, on-the-job performance
  Ever try to do a job with half of the tools necessary to complete the task at hand?
  It’s like doing the same job twice, isn’t it?                                                                              and productivity. For all machining
  This is exactly what our competition would have you do with their indexable tools                                          applications, Pibomulti offers a
  in NPT/BSPT forms…                                                                                                         complete range of standards and
  It’s very important to generate the whole thread form in one pass. With our                                               specials in fixed and adjustable angle
  exclusive design, one whole pipe form in one pass has always been our solution.                                         heads. When size matters, our inventory
  So why work on a job with half a tool when you can try a whole one?                                                   is the most complete in the industry.
  • Right Hand/Left Hand, ID or OD threads
  • Exclusive Wedge-Locking Design increases tool rigidity, making for faster feeds                                       It all adds up — Swiss precision, range
      & shorter cycle times                                                                                                 of sizes and powerful performance,
  • Full lot traceability, ensuring the perfect form, every time.                                                             Pibomulti has the heads to deliver
                             1.000″                                                                                              the right tool for the job.

                                                                  ATM-38A Class
                                                                                                                                  When Size
           0.500″                             ¹⁄₂″ -14NPT Requirement,                                                            Does Matter
                                           .7815″ Depth of Thread (Typ.)

                                                                                                                              Pibomulti North America, Inc.
                               Typical 14,0mm
                                    Insert                                                                                     1000 N. Opdyke Road, Suite F
                                                                                                                                  Auburn Hills, MI 48326
                                                                                                                              P: 248.377.8170 • F: 248.377.3177
 Advent Tool. You’ll like our form…              1-800-THREAD 4 (1-800-847-3234)                                              E-mail:
 35 Baker Road • Lake Bluff, IL 60044           
 847-549-9737 • FAX 847-549-9714              
         literature review

DRILLS. A catalog from Allied Machine          CUTTING TOOLS. 2L inc. offers the              TOOLHOLDING. Briney Tooling Systems’
& Engineering Corp. describes the              “Engraving & Workholding Product               104-page catalog highlights its Eccentric
Revolution drill and Opening drill. The        Catalog,” which provides information           Bore toolholders. The endmill holder
Revolution drill allows for adjustability      about solid-carbide engraving tools,           reduces TIR using a setscrew or Weldon
of 0.200" (5.1mm) on diameter,                 endmills and other cutting tools, and          flat setscrew. The literature states the
eliminating the need for specials and          spring-loaded engraving tools for CNC          holder improves the out-of-concentric
subsequent boring operations, according        milling machines. Other products covered       condition of the toolholder bore from
to the company. It features removable          include new engraving software, modular        0.0008" to 0.0002". The holder features
cartridges. To enlarge existing holes, the     and large vacuum chucks, electric              an eccentric bore, imparting 0.0003"
Opening drill is available in five shank       vacuum pumps and air venturi vacuums.          eccentricity in the direction of the
styles. This tool also utilizes replaceable    Telephone: (978) 567-8867.                     setscrew. All V40, V50, BT40 and BT50
cartridges. Telephone: (800) 321-5537.         2L inc.                                        holders are ground with this feature.
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.                                     Telephone: (800) 752-8035.                                                                         Briney Tooling Systems

CUTTING TOOLS. New Tech Cutting                TOOL GRINDING. A DVD from Rush                RING GROOVE CUTTER. Greenleaf
Tools’ catalog includes information on its     Machinery Inc. features products for the      Corp.’s brochure highlights the Ring Max
Swift-Carb high-performance endmills           cutting tool industry, such as grinding       tool for producing BX, R, RX and other
for machining steel, stainless steel and       oil filtration systems, diamond and CBN       API-style ring grooves in Inconel 625 clad
aluminum; the new AF5 5-flute endmill for      wheel truing and dressing machines, and       overlay. The literature includes machining
finishing aluminum; Superbee indexable         CNC carbide rod cutoff machines. Other        information and recommended ceramic
carbide radius, angle and special form         products include polycrystalline tool         and carbide insert grades for Inconel 625
cutters; New-Lube modular microspray           grinders for manufacturing and regrinding     and alloy and stainless steels. It features a
applicators and fluids; and a variety of new   PCD tools, and drill and tool grinding        case study detailing a productivity increase
tools. Telephone: (800) 227-9876.              machines and fixtures for regrinding tools.   of more than 400 percent. Telephone:
New Tech Cutting Tools                         Telephone: (800) 929-3070.                    (800) 458-1850.                    Rush Machinery Inc.                           Greenleaf Corp.

CUTTING TOOLS. Superior Tool Service         DRILLS. YG-1 Co. Ltd.’s brochure               DEBURRING TOOL. J.W. Done Corp.’s
Inc. offers a brochure that highlights       describes the HSS (M2) Morse taper             technical bulletin highlights its Orbitool
tools for drilling composite materials and   shank twist drill, HSS (M2) 118° split-        deburring tool for in-process deburring
Patriot Cutter and Rebel Cutter solid-       point 3-flat Black&Gold Silver&Deming          of cross-drilled holes. The literature lists
carbide endmills for milling titanium        drill, HSS (M2) 60° point center drill in      the tool’s benefits, including no setup
and hard steel. Information is included      regular and long lengths, and carbide          for secondary deburring operations,
regarding specials, such as reamers, lathe   jobbers-length twist drill. The literature     increased throughput and shorter cycle
tools and broaches, and resharpening         provides specifications for drill diameter,    times. The bulletin shows how the tool
and recoating services. Telephone: (800)     shank diameter, flute length and overall       operates using before-and-after photos.
428-8665.                                    length. Telephone: (800) 765-8665.             Telephone: (888) 535-3663.
Superior Tool Service Inc.                   YG-1 Co. Ltd.                                  J.W. Done Corp.                               


                                                                           Now with Diamond, TiB2, HSN2, & more coatings online.

           literature review

CUTTING TOOLS. Vardex USA’s                                          TOOL STORAGE CABINETS. Stor-Loc            CUTTING TOOLS. The 3P product
literature announces a change in brand                               offers a brochure detailing its Standard   catalog from Iscar Metals Inc. contains
names to Vargus USA. The company                                     Wide Plus (SW+) line of storage cabinets   application solutions for milling,
provides indexable carbide threading and                             for small and medium tools. The cabinets   holemaking, turning, parting and
thread milling tools, solid-carbide thread                           provide 700 sq. in. of space per drawer    grooving. The 126-page catalog also
milling tools, grooving and groove milling                           and are available in any cabinet height.   includes expanded Sumo product
tools, turning tools and hand deburring                              The products are available at the same     families and highlights their features
products. Telephone: (800) 828-8765.                                 price as the company’s Standard Wide       throughout the literature. Each section
Vargus USA                                                           (SW) line of cabinets. Telephone: (800)    contains product details and test reports.                                                    786-7562.                                  Telephone: (888) ISCAR88.
                                                                     Stor-Loc                                   Iscar Metals Inc.


    Making the QUALITY CHOICE results in: Superior TIR, best
    possible balance, best available gripping strength and
    increased tool & spindle life. By far Shrink-Fit is the quality
    choice and the most economical system in the world today
    available in ANSI and DIN styles.

 Made in the
                                     Tooling Systems
                                                                                  CMT At
                      Phone today: 800-752-8035                                      t
                                                                                #260 h
                   Visit us at:
          *Shrinker is a registered trademark of Tooling Innovations, Dana Point, CA

WIRE EDM SERVICES. Xact Wire EDM                      CUTTING TOOLS. Kyocera Industrial               THREAD MILLS. Advent Tool &
Corp.’s brochure describes the company,               Ceramics Corp., Cutting Tools Div. offers       Manufacturing Inc. introduces its
its partnerships and quality policy. It also          its 2010 cutting tools catalog. The             “Proform” solid-carbide thread milling
highlights the company’s wire EDMing of               literature provides information about the       tools catalog. The catalog highlights the
production parts using detailed photos.               company’s cutting tools and inserts for         more common straight- and helical-flute
The company’s facilities, capabilities and            drilling, milling, turning, boring, grooving,   thread mill sizes and forms. It describes
equipment, and industries served are                  threading and Swiss-style machining.            how the company can provide more
detailed. The literature includes customer            Telephone: (800) 823-7284.                      tool options than typically available at
testimonials. Telephone: (800) 798-                   Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp.,              reduced prices. The catalog provides inch
9228.                                                 Cutting Tools Div.                              and metric specifications. Telephone:
Xact Wire EDM Corp.                                   (800) THREAD4.                                                                                       Advent Tool & Manufacturing Inc.

 When the chips are down...


            ... ask us if Unimax is right for you
                                         US Union Tool, Inc
                                         6955 Aragon Circle, Buena Park, CA 90620
        U.S. UNION TOOL, INC.
                                         Te l: +1 714 521 6242 Fax: +1 714 521 8642
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CUTTING TOOLS. Mastercut Tool Corp.          DEFENSE MANUFACTURING.                    REAMERS. Monster Tool Co.’s “Ream
offers a “Rotary Cutting Tools” catalog      The National Center for Defense           Monster” catalog includes information
highlighting its solid-carbide cutting       Manufacturing and Machining’s annual      about its submicron-grain, solid-carbide,
tools. Products include endmills, drills,    report highlights services supporting     straight-flute chucking reamers. It
routers, burs, countersinks, ground rod      the Department of Defense and its         contains available fractional, metric, wire
and engraving blanks. High-performance       industrial base. The report features      and letter sizes, including decimal sizes in
endmills such as the AxMill, F45 and V4      application engineering and services,     increments of 0.0005" for sizes 0.0280"
are also featured. Information is provided   technology training, awareness programs   to 0.2575" and 0.001" increments for
about PowerZ zirconium-based and             and manufacturing consortium efforts.     sizes 0.2580" to 0.5050". Telephone:
PowerA AlTiN-formulated tool coatings.       Telephone: (724) 539-8811.                (888) CARBIDE.
Telephone: (727) 726-5336.                   The National Center for Defense           Monster Tool Co.
Mastercut Tool Corp.                         Manufacturing and Machining                   

MICRO ENDMILLS. Arch Micro Tool’s            CAD/CAM SOFTWARE. CNC Software            RECYCLING CENTRIFUGE. Sanborn
catalog features micro square and            Inc. offers a brochure that describes     Technologies’ brochure highlights
ballnose tools. The 28-page catalog          the Mastercam X4 suite of CAD/            the Turbo-Separator Model T5/T6
details specifications and pricing for       CAM products. It lists the benefits       centrifuge for removing grinding swarf
more than 500 standard products. The         of the software, such as 2- through       and eliminating solids from coolants,
tools are available in a diameter range      5-axis toolpath generation and            oils and other fluids without the use of
of 0.003" to 0.250" in 2-, 3- and 4-flute    multiple-core processing support. The     filter media. Applications are described
designs. Information is included on the      literature provides details on features   for coolant and oil purification, carbide
submicron-grain carbide substrates and       for milling, modeling, turning and        recovery, ceramic grinding swarf removal
optional TiCN, AlTiN or CVD diamond          router programming. Custom utilities      and recycling vibratory compound.
coatings. Telephone: (877) 335-7519.         for specialized applications are also     Telephone: (800) 343-3381.
Arch Micro Tool                              highlighted. Telephone: (800) 228-2877.   Sanborn Technologies                        CNC Software Inc.               

TOOL PRESETTER. Zoller Inc.                    TURNING INSERTS. Sumitomo Electric             CUTTING TOOLS. Kennametal
introduces the venturion tool presetter        Carbide Inc.’s brochure highlights its steel   Inc.’s “Wind Energy” booklet provides
and measuring machine brochure. The            turning grades AC820P and AC830P               information on tools for manufacturing
12-page brochure lists the benefits of the     for general-purpose turning, interrupted       wind energy components. Featured
presetter, highlighting its modular design.    cutting and roughing. The Super FF             tools include KSEM modular drills,
System specifications and software             (Fine and Flat) coating structure and its      Beyond turning inserts, and Dodeka and
features are provided. The functionality       features are described. The brochure uses      FixPerfect milling cutters. The literature
of the basic version is described in detail.   application examples, photos and graphs        also contains information on the
Telephone: (734) 332-4851.                     to illustrate the grades’ capabilities.        toolmaker’s project engineering services.
Zoller Inc.                                    Telephone: (800) 950-5202.                     Telephone: (800) 446-7738.                             Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.                 Kennametal Inc.

        MADE IN THE
         U.S.A.                                                   SHORTER IS BETTER !
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ENDMILLS. Onsrud Cutter LP offers             MILLING TOOLS. Mil-Tec’s product               DRILLS. ATI Stellram has a 52-page
a product sheet detailing its 5-flute         catalog highlights its indexable carbide       catalog detailing its Hardcore dual-
endmills for slotting, profiling and          milling systems. Featured are the              carbide drilling system. Specifications,
semifinishing. The literature lists the       Freedom Cutter Plus+, which has a high-        including drilling tolerances, and
benefits of the tools: they incorporate       density pocket design, and High-Velocity       technical data, including recommended
variable-flute indexing to reduce chatter;    indexable endmills, which range from 5⁄8"      cutting conditions, are given. The catalog
use nanoscale grain, high-transverse          to 2" in diameter. Telephone: (800) 564-       contains information on tool setup,
rupture strength carbide for long life; and   5832.                                          coolant conditions, operating guidelines
are available with a range of corner radii    Mil-Tec                                        and power consumption for a variety of
and neck and flute lengths. Telephone:                              materials. Troubleshooting instructions
(847) 362-1560.                                                                              are provided. Telephone: (615) 641-4200.
Onsrud Cutter LP                                                                             ATI Stellram                                                                     

                                                                       ROTARY CUTTING TOOLS

                                                                       CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY

                                                                        Meeting all of your Solid Carbide
                                                                           Cutting Tool needs with a
                                                                               large inventory of:
                                                                           Endmills - Burs - Drills -
                                                                             Reamers - Routers &
                                                                           High-performance tools.
                                                                                             Items featured here:
                                                                                            AxMill aluminum cutters -
                                                                                           • highest possible feed rates
                                                                                            • highest possible finish in
                                                                                                 aluminum milling.
                                                                                           Available in 2 flute, 3 flute &
                                                                                               chipbreaker options,
                                                                                                coated or uncoated.
                                                                                          Call or email for more details.

                                                                       965 F. Harbor Lake Drive - Safety Harbor - FL 34695
                                                                          Phone: 727-726-5336 - Fax: 727-725-2532

TOOLING. Seco Tools’ eight-page                          CUTTING TOOLS. Micro 100 Tool Corp.’s      LIVE CENTERS & HEADS. Sowa Tool
brochure features photographs and                        catalog No. 128 provides information       & Machine Co. Ltd.’s accessories catalog
charts illustrating semistandard,                        about the company’s carbide tools in       showcases Skoda live centers and Narex
made-to-order, modular cartridges and                    standard inch as well as metric sizes,     boring and facing heads. The live centers
toolholders for its Jetstream tooling.                   including prices. The catalog describes    include heavy-duty, CNC, extended point
This toolholder line complements the                     new products, such as Shredder roughing    and bull-nose styles. The boring and
company’s Jetstream tools, which the                     endmills and V-Hemoth variable-helix       facing heads are for boring cylindrical
brochure says deliver coolant directly                   endmills. It also includes a large range   holes and machining external cylindrical
at an insert’s cutting edge for better                   of boring and grooving tools. Telephone:   surfaces. Telephone: (800) 265-8221.
chip control and higher machining                        (800) 421-8065.                            Sowa Tool & Machine Co. Ltd.
parameters. Telephone: (248) 832-8326.                   Micro 100 Tool Corp.             
Seco Tools                                     

        Jawnuts and Keys
      • Made from 4140 steel               • Always in stock
      • Competitively Priced               • Made in the USA

                                             ISO 9000 Certified QMS

  2115 Progress Drive | Springfield, Ohio 45505 |
  Phone: 1-800-428-1133 | Fax: 1-800-634-6480 | Email:
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CUTTING TOOLS. M.A. Ford                        CUTTING TOOLS. Widia’s “Advances                    TURNING INSERTS. Arno Rouse USA
Manufacturing Co. Inc. offers a 360-page,       2009” catalog details its milling,                  LLC introduces a catalog featuring NM2,
full-color catalog that includes all the        turning, holemaking, threading, grooving            NMR and PM1 insert geometries for
products the company manufactures.              and cutoff tools. It includes product               turning. The inserts are available with
These include carbide drills and endmills,      specifications and applications. The                new coatings, which the catalog states
carbide reamers, carbide and HSS                catalog also describes the company’s                offer excellent thermal wear resistance
countersinks, carbide burs, boring tools,       training services, custom tooling                   and high toughness. The company
microtools and specials. The catalog is         products, supply chain services and                 offers an assortment of high-positive,
available as an interactive PDF and can         carbide recycling and reconditioning                replaceable inserts for machining
be downloaded from the company’s Web            programs. The catalog is available in               aluminum, brass, copper, plastic and
site. Telephone: (800) 553-8024.                print or as a downloadable PDF on the               titanium. The aluminum program inserts
M.A. Ford Manufacturing Co. Inc.                company’s Web site. Telephone: (800)                are ISO standard. Telephone: (800) 943-                                  446-7738.                                           4426.
                                                Widia                                               Arno Rouse USA LLC

CUSTOM TOOLING. A brochure from                  CUTTING TOOLS. Ultra-Tool’s catalog                 MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION. If
HORN USA Inc. describes its Solutions            describes its high-performance solid-               you want to subscribe to Cutting
Plus program for providing custom                carbide round tools. Products include               Tool Engineering, sign up for a free
tooling within 2 weeks with overnight            boring tools, burs, countersinks, cylinders,        subscription by completing the
shipping at no additional charge. The            drills, endmills, keyseat cutters, radius           subscription form on page 3 and following
literature states that the company will          cutters, reamers, rotary files, routers             the instructions. Another option is to go
indicate when a tool is available for the        and saws. Information is also provided              to, click the “Subscribe/
program on the quotation it provides. The        for SmoothCoat, SmoothContricity,                   Register” button and provide the required
program includes grooving, parting off,          SmoothGrind and SmoothEdge                          information. Telephone: (847) 498-9100.
groove milling, broaching, profile milling       technologies. Technical data and                    Cutting Tool Engineering
and boring tools. Telephone: (888) 818-          application tips and data are provided.   
4676.                                            Telephone: (800) 854-2431.
HORN USA Inc.                                    Ultra-Tool                        

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