Better Behaviour-Better Learning by sdfwerte




                   What is being done?

What is BB-BL?

How do we know it How is the learning
  is working?          shared?

 How do we check
   What is BB-BL?

                          Leadership and vision
                    A school community for all children
                             A positive ethos

                    Flexibility         Capable staff


                                                           Policies/ procedures
    Rules and
                                  Happy, Safe and Achieving their Potential
     Ambitious Excellent Schools
                                          Safe and Well
Additional Support for Learning
                                             Curriculum for Excellence
                                                 What is being done?
Whole school approaches
• Restorative Practices         Fife/Highland/
                                North Lan
•   Motivated School            Glasgow
•   Solution-Oriented Schools   Moray

Supporting teachers
• Staged Intervention (FFI)     East Ayrshire
• Resources for Inclusion       East Renfrewshire / Barnardos

Relationships between teachers and pupil (and parents)
• Developing Empathy            Edinburgh

Pupils’ skills and competence
• Cool in School                 Fife
• Social and Emotional
  Learning Framework      (SELF) Glasgow
Fife, Highland and North Lanarkshire
Restorative approaches

      Provides safe          Involves participants in
    environments and           thinking and feeling
  opportunities to discuss

 Encourages appropriate          Leads to shared
   behavioural change             understanding
Alan Maclean

The Motivated School

How do motivators, motivate?
A set of tools that helps you think about motivation,
identifies the key engagement responses and optimal
learning climates that get the best out of learners.
      Solution Oriented Schools
             Moray Council and Sycol
• Agree a core professional purpose
• Guided by solution oriented principles
  – If it works we’ll do more of it, if it doesn’t we’ll do
    something different
  – The problem is the problem, not the purpose
  – People have the resources to make change possible
  – Endless possibilities
  – Knowing our strengths, skills and resources
• Creating optimal conditions
• Building strength-based support
   East Ayrshire Council
   Staged Intervention (FFI)

• Peer support model for managing low level
• Children’s behaviour is central to the teaching &
  learning process
• Behaviour problems are a product of a complex
  interaction of factors
• Importance of moving beyond a ‘within-child’
  approach – wider view effective, efficient and
Being Cool in School

        • Facial expressions
        • Body language
        • Repeating skill
        • Last chance warning
        • Word shield
        • Expressing yourself
        • Compromising,
          negotiating and
        • Saying sorry
        • Forgiving yourself and
A coherent approach
                 For pupils          For teachers
                 Progressive        Emotional literacy   Restorative
                 curriculum                               Practices
                                      Integrate into
                Integrate into         classroom
              pupil participation     management         Developing
               and pupil roles /        practices         Empathy
 Cool in
 School        responsibilities
                                      Integrate into        Staged
                Integrate into            school         Intervention
Motivated           school             environment           (FFI)
 School         psychological
                                      Structures for
                   contract                               Solution
                                    staff involvement
Restorative                                               Oriented
                Structures for           in school
 Practices                                                Schools
                practice and          development
Common threads

• Building a positive school ethos
• Confident school staff
• Support for staff when it is needed
• Social, emotional, behavioural skill
  development/ emotional literacy
• Relationships and communication
• A focus on solutions
                                                   How do we know it
                                                     is working?
Monitoring implementation
• Connect Report – shows authorities progress in
  meeting recommendations                           How do we check
• HMIE’s A Climate for Learning                        direction?

An informed view
• Independent research on school discipline
• Regular discipline survey

Consistent but dynamic – highlight and promote specific recommendations
• Recommendation 12 – ‘out of class’ areas
• Recommendation 15 – involving parents
• Recommendations 13&14 – pupil involvement and citizenship
New areas for investigation

• Mental health and behaviour in school –
  who makes the link? Who responds?

• Perceptions of behaviour issues and responses
  in the early years
                                    How is the
                                 learning shared?

• Regional communications
• National conferences
• Teacher magazine
• Round tables
• Personal contact!

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