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Associate Director Nominees


Associate Director Nominees

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									Associate Director Nominees
AGM 2009

Associate Director Nominees – Summary of Experience & Personal
Statements of “Case for Election”
Following are short “CVs” – a history of experience – and a statement of their
“case for election” provided by each candidate.

Graham Childs
Graham is a Management Consultant with extensive experience in human
resource management, industrial relations and general management. Graham
is the founding Managing Director of Mastertek Pty Ltd, a leading human
resource management consulting firm which has as its brand ‘making strategy
work’. Clients include Sensis, Optus, ANZ, National Hire, Dymocks and
Graham has been a Director on the CanTeen Board since 2003 and is
currently Chair of the People and Performance Sub-Committee. Graham has
also been a Director and President of New Brighton Golf Club since 2002.
Key Skills
  • Ability to translate strategy to business results
  • Strong interpersonal and communicative skills
  • People management, consultative and facilitation skills
  • Change management and project management
  • Strong business acumen
  • Strong corporate & legal governance
Key Experience
Senior management roles in following areas:
  • Human resource management                 • Workplace diagnostics
  • Rewards & Recognition                     • Strategic planning
  • Industrial and workplace relations        • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Career & succession planning              • Board roles including chairmanship
  • Superannuation                            • International experience - USA, UK, Asia
  • Organisational design                     • Marketing & sales

Associate Director Nominees
AGM 2009

Career Outline
•   Current                     Director & Principal
                                MasterTEK Pty Ltd
                                MasterTEK Benefits Consultants
•   Oct 1991 – Nov 1999         Director & Practice Leader
                                Watson Wyatt Worldwide
•   Nov 1983 – Oct 1991         General Manager, Human Resources
                                Wormald International
Tertiary Qualifications
• Bachelor of Business Degree              University of Western Sydney
• Harvard Leadership Program (1998)

Professional Associations
• Institute of Company Directors

Case for Election – Graham Childs
Dear Members,
Once again, it is an honour to be nominated for election as an Associate
Director of this fantastic organisation.
As background, I first became involved with CanTeen in March 2003, when
the Board asked me to conduct a search for a new Associate Director. The
search resulted in the appointment of Geoff Thompson, who remains on the
Board today. Later that year I was invited to join the Board at a time when
CanTeen was in dire financial stress. Since then I have seen CanTeen go
from strength to strength.
CanTeen has grown the number of Members and broadened its Member
programs. The development of our research capability has provided the
foundation for CanTeen to influence the highest forms of Government. More
recently, the progress of the AYA initiative resulting in a $15 million grant will
certainly have a lasting positive impact on young people living with cancer.
On any measure the last six years has been highly successful. This success
is a combination of a passionate membership, a strong MAC, committed staff
and a CEO that ranks as one of the best in the non-profit sector, along with a
considered and balanced Board.
Who is Graham Childs? I am a young 57, married to my wife Anne for 32
years and the very proud father of Rachelle and Kristy. I have a Bachelor of
Business Degree and over 30 years local and international management
I am the CEO of my own consulting firm, Mastertek. I started Mastertek in
1999 and have some great clients – Optus, ANZ, Sensis, Network Ten and

Associate Director Nominees
AGM 2009

Dymocks to name but a few. I advise a number of corporate boards including
Dymocks, UCMS, Copyright Australia and Simavita. If you want to know more
go to I have also been the President and Chairman
of the Board of New Brighton Golf Club for the past eight years.
What is my affinity with CanTeen? I can’t say I know what it is like to be a
young person living with cancer. Nobody can unless they experience it. I do
however have empathy. My wife Anne had a cancer experience when my
daughters were quite young. I saw the impact on Rachelle & Kristy as Anne
went through chemotherapy and other treatments.
My girls went through this without any peer support.
In 2001 I experienced grief with the murder of my daughter Rachelle, who was
only 23. I felt the impact that loss had on my family, particularly Kristy who
was 19 at the time. In some way, these experiences help me to understand
some of what CanTeen Members go through.
In summary, I bring to CanTeen a broad range of knowledge, skills and
experience, along with a passion for an organisation that fully empowers
young people. Fundamentally I believe CanTeen can create a better world
for all young people living with cancer.

Graham Childs, Associate Director

Associate Director Nominees
AGM 2009

Anne Senner

Career Overview
Anne Senner is an Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Clinical Nurse
Consultant in the Sydney Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Service, which
is a Area Health Wide Service based at the Sydney Children's and Prince of
Wales Hospitals. She has extensive clinical and research experience both in
Australia and overseas predominantly related to oncology in children and
young people.
Anne has served on the CanTeen Board since 1999 and is currently Chair of
the Ethics and Young People Sub-Committee.

Key Skills and Experience

1. Twenty three years experience in treating and supporting children and
   young people with complex chronic illness, including cancer

2. Extensive knowledge of research processes and outcomes including
   eleven published papers and articles to date

3. Currently a member of the COSA AYA National Steering Committee

4. Represented the issue of AYAs with cancer to the Senate Inquiry in 2005

Career Outline
•   1986 – 1995 Registered Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Clinical
                Nurse Consultant caring for children and adolescents with
                cancer and immunological problems. University of
                California, San Francisco
•   1996 – 1997 Clinical Nurse Specialist, Sydney Children’s Hospital
•   1997 – 2000 Clinical Nurse Consultant for Oncology/Stem Cell
                Transplant (SCT), Sydney Children’s Hospital
•   2001 – 2002 A/Clinical Nurse Consultant for Practice Development,
                Sydney Children’s Hospital
•   2002 – 2007 Clinical Nurse Consultant for Practice Development and
                Research, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick Sydney
                Children’s Hospital
•   2007 – now    Clinical Nurse Consultant for the Sydney Adolescent and
                  Young Adult Cancer Service in SESIAHS

Associate Director Nominees
AGM 2009

Tertiary Qualifications
•   2002-07    PhD program at University of Technology, Sydney – ceased
•   1993       Masters of Science, University of California, San Francisco
               (UCSF), San Francisco, California
•   1986       Bachelors of Science, Boston University, Boston

Case for Election – Anne Senner
As a member of the Board who is running for re-election, I find myself
overwhelming fortunate to be part of an organisation like CanTeen. The
entire time I have been an Associate Member I have enjoyed working along
side young people through the many changes which have evolved.
As a nurse of over 20 years experience working with young people living with
cancer I feel I bring several things to the Board. The breadth of knowledge
and understanding about a young person’s cancer experience – that is years
of assisting young people on their cancer journey and hearing their many
voices. I have the clinical knowledge of what the research tells us about a
young person’s experience and lastly of a learned experience of advocating
for the young person to have their voice.
I was recently asked what philosophy I most admired about CanTeen – we
often speak of empowerment as central to CanTeen, which it is, but I believe
before empowerment comes inclusion – young people have often said to me
that the cancer diagnosis leads to their exclusion from things like school,
friends, career and family choices – CanTeen allows them to feel included –
part of something that will support them in their growth. From that base
comes the space and support to lead then to empowerment.
If I am voted onto the Board for another term, I will work hard with all the
members on the Board (Member Directors and Associate Directors), to listen
to the Membership, and to lead the organisation into the future to continually
improve and develop an organisation supporting all young people living with
Thank you.

Anne Senner, Associate Director

Associate Director Nominees
AGM 2009

Steve Walz

Career Overview
Long term CanTeen volunteer – in Sydney & Central Division – since 2001 –
including the S&C Committee and Board of Directors plus attending dozens of
camps and Rec. Days over the years.
An organisational leader with experience in corporate and not-for-profit
environments including CEO and Board Director roles. 20 years’ experience
+ a track record in improving companies through leading Human Resources
teams. Significant management experience in Retail, Manufacturing,
Warehousing, Transport and Not-for-Profits.
38 years young.

Key Areas of Expertise
• Developing and implementing          •   Strategic thinking and planning
   strategies for effective            •   Industrial relations
   organisational change – including
                                       •   HR operations management
                                       •   Establishing and managing
• Coaching and mentoring for
                                           businesses through transitions
   managers and young people
                                           and crises to achieve results and
• Leadership development and               create a future

Career Summary:
• Business owner – set up my own company in March 2005 ... it’s now an
  international business with a major brand in the OH&S industry and a great
  blue-chip customer list. Check us out at
• CEO of CanTeen when there was a major financial crisis that threatened
  whether CanTeen could survive – it did!
• Senior Human Resources jobs at Woolworths (in Warehousing and
  Transport); Solectron (manufacturing telecommunications and computers
  products); Thomas Cook (in travel and foreign exchange); Watson Wyatt
  (in superannuation and benefits consulting) and AMP (insurance).
• Various organisational consulting assignments with Panasonic, Barbeques
  Galore, Woolworths and Miracle Babies (not-for-profit).

Associate Director Nominees
AGM 2009

Contribution to CanTeen:
• Member of the S&C Division Committee – currently.
• Volunteer on Camps and Rec. Days in S&C Division – dozens of them over
  the years.
• Associate Director on the Board of Directors – 2002/03.
• Chief Executive Officer – 2003 … at the request of the Board I stepped in
  for 6 months when the CEO left CanTeen amidst a major financial crisis.
  We solved that crisis and set up for the future. The Board considered
  offering me the job permanently but I decided that the best thing for me and
  for CanTeen was for an external person to come in – that’s when the
  current CEO, Andrew Young, started. I helped Andrew get established and
  then went travelling overseas for a year.
• Rejoined the S&C Committee in 2005.
• Volunteer HR Manager for 3 months in 2007 … at the request of the CEO
  to help out while the HR Manager was overseas.
• Developed the National Committee Training and the MAC/Presidents
  Leadership training in 2007.
• Implemented the national Mentoring Program for the MAC and Presidents
  who wanted to participate in it.
• Bandana Day selling/office admin volunteering etc. etc.

Case for Election – Steve Walz
Hi everyone
I feel honoured that the S&C and Victorian Division Members have nominated
me for the Board.
I really love CanTeen and what it stands for.
I have seen CanTeen’s young people face real adversity in their lives and
overcome big challenges.
I know that CanTeen has played a huge part in helping you through those
challenges. I have loved every minute of being part of CanTeen and
contributing in my own way.
Hopefully you will vote for me to rejoin the Board if:
• you want someone who has been committed to CanTeen for a long time –
  8 years – as a Volunteer, Division Committee Member, Board Director and
  the CEO before Andrew. I have met hundreds of you on dozens of Sydney
  and national Programs over the years.
• you want to keep CanTeen’s vibe and ethos alive amongst all this talk of

Associate Director Nominees
AGM 2009

• you want someone well qualified for the Board. My whole career has been
  about helping organisations succeed, including after a merger.
• you are not sure or don’t support the current proposal to merge CanTeen
  with Camp Quality – I am far from convinced too ... especially with the loss
  of the Member majority on the Board.
• you do support the Merger – if Members vote for the merger I will make
  sure Member empowerment is maintained in the new organisation.
• you think the MAC Members are great but need better help in working
  through all these challenges – after 5 years with the same Associate
  Directors it’s time for a change.
All of the current Associate Directors have made it very clear that they are
100% for the merger and were OK with not having a Member majority on the
new Board.
I think that Member empowerment is at the heart of what makes CanTeen
great – if it’s important to you, please make sure you know what all the
candidates think about the Member majority on the Board – in simple
language – before you vote.
CanTeen was started by young people for young people and it has achieved
everything that way. It is CanTeen’s heart and soul.
I know how important CanTeen is to you and I will work really hard to make
sure CanTeen is there to continue supporting you and your CanTeen mates
for as long as you need it.

Steve Walz, Associate Member, S&C Division Committee


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