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As Summer draws to a close,

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As Summer draws to a close, Powered By Docstoc
					                                                                                                                                                     Let The
                                                                                                                                                     Show Begin
                                                                                                                                                             s Summer draws to a close,
                                                                                                                                                             and with only a few Sydney
                                                                                                                                                             Summer Series (SSS) events
                              Issue No. 222                                                March 2010           left to be enjoyed, for many orienteers
                                                                                                                                                     March sees the beginning of the
                                                                                                                                                     traditional "Bush Season".
                                                                                                                                                        But before we put our running
                                                                                                                                                     shorts away for another 6 months,
                                                                                                                                                     there are still a few SSS events to be
                                                                                                                                                     run and won, and by the time this
                                                                                                                                                     newsletter is published the new

T   he National Rankings for 2009 are calculated
    based on the following results:
                                                                            W17-20) are calculated on a different system on
                                                                            a continuous basis and can be found on the
                                                                            Orienteering Australia website -
                                                                                                                                                     Sydney Sprint Series will have been
                                                                                                                                                     concluded. The Association is
                                                                                                                                                     grateful to Garingal's Ross Barr for
1. Each day of theEaster3 Days (E1, E2, E3)                                                                                                          once again coordinating this season's
2. The Australian Long (AL), Middle (AM), Sprint                                                                                                     SSS and to Bennelong's Terry Bluett
                                                                              The Ranking List showing the top ten ranked                            for organising the Sprint Series with
   championships (AS)
                                                                            orienteers nationally in each age class will be                          the support of the Sydney clubs. It is
3. The VIC State Championships (SA).
                                                                            printed in the Australian Orienteer magazine.                            hoped that those who competed in
4. The average of the best 3 events are taken.                                                                                                       the Sprint Series enjoyed the
                                                                              NSW Orienteers who earned a ranking in 2009
  The elite rankings (M21, M17-20, W21,                                     are listed below. . .                                                    challenge as much as competing in
                                                                                                                                                     the SSS and also enjoyed the use of
M-12                                               8 Geoff Todkill       NC.N   78.60     ASALE3   W-14                                              SportIdent (SI) for timing. What
1 Daniel Hill          GO.N     98.82    ASSAAL    9 Melvyn Cox          BN.N   74.56     E2E3E1   1 Nicola Blatchford   NC.N     100.00   E1E2E3    would competitors think of using SI
5 Scott Charlton       NC.N     79.36    ALASAM    12 James Lithgow      GO.N   70.76    ASE1E3    10 Rhiana Roberts     NC.N     54.04    ASALSA    for the SSS?
7 Nathan Berkholz      NC.N     70.85    E2SAE3    17 Geoffrey Peel      NC.N   61.28    E2ASSA    W-16                                                 March also sees the Association
M-14                                               19 Mark Darvodelsky   UR.N   59.18    AME1AS    2 Michele Dawson      GO.N     96.93    AMASAL    hold its AGM - an opportunity for
7 Aidan Dawson         GO.N     59.03    ASAMSA    M55                                             12 Alinta Merrotsy    NT.N     65.58    SAAMAS
M-16                                               4 Nick Wilmott        UR.N   90.02    E1E2AL    W35                                               members to consider becoming a
10 Matthew Hill        GO.N     80.54    ASSAAL    10 Gordon Wilson      BN.N   82.05    ASE2SA    3 Martina Craig       BF.N     93.64    E1E3E2    member of the Board and assist in
16 Glen Charlton       NC.N     61.03    SAALAM    13 Robert Preston     NC.N   76.58    E2E1E3    W40                                               the running of Orienteering in NSW.
M40                                                17 Nick Dent          CC.N   72.10    E1ASE3    1 Jenny Enderby       NC.N     100.00    E1E2E3   While the AGM is an opportunity for
1 Stephen Craig        BF.N     100.00    E1E2E3   19 Bob Hawkins        NT.N   70.22    E2E1SA    2 Barbara Hill        GO.N     95.09    ASSAAM    the Association to review the
8 Paul Marsh           BF.N     81.04    ASALE2    21 Colin Price        CC.N   68.98    ASE2E1    3 Linda Sesta         UR.N     90.89     E3E1E2   previous year, more importantly it
9 Tony Hill            GO.N     80.70    AMASAL    24 Donald Barker      NT.N   66.50    ALASSA    4 Karen Blatchford    NC.N     80.24    AME2AL    gives the Association an opportunity
12 John Havranek       GO.N     66.02     E2E1E3   28 Peter Shepherd     IK.N   59.03    E1E2E3    5 Nic Plunkett-Cole   BF.N     72.61     E3E1E2   to consider the year ahead as to what
14 Ian Jones           UR.N     65.02     E1E3E2   29 Russell Rigby      NC.N   56.16    ASE2E1    W45
M45                                                30 Alec Watt          NT.N   54.47    E2E1E3    10 Lisa Lampe         UR.N     65.69    ASE3AL
                                                                                                                                                     needs to be done to allow the sport
5 Peter Charlton       NC.N     84.76    ASALAM    M60                                             W50                                               to continue to develop and prosper in
8 Andy Simpson         BF.N     82.49     E1E2E3   6 Ross Barr           GO.N   83.37    ASAME1    3 Debbie Davey        WR.N     94.33    AMALSA    NSW. The challenge ahead of
12 Graeme Dawson       GO.N     72.57    ASAMSA    8 Jim Merchant        GO.N   82.21    SAASAM    6 Hilary Wood         CC.N     72.13    E1E2AS    increasing        membership       and
M50                                                11 Jim Lee            NC.N   79.47    AMASSA    8 Julia Prudhoe       CC.N     67.88     E3E2E1   participation is one previously
3 Russell Blatchford   NC.N     82.51    ASAMAL    12 Dave Lotty         UR.N   79.01     ASALE3   11 Sarah Garnett      UR.N     51.18     E1E3E2   considered and discussed at the
6 Alex Davey           WR.N     79.43    E2ASE3    20 Terry Bluett       BN.N   54.28     E1E2E3   W55                                               November's Association meeting, and
                                                   M65                                             3 Lynn Dabbs          WH.N     78.08    E3ALSA    the AGM will see the next stage of the
                                                   5 Ron Junghans        GO.N   87.21     E2E1E3   W60                                               plan being released for the
                                                   8 Dick Ogilvie        UR.N   82.01    E1ALSA    1 Jenny Hawkins       NT.N     98.58     E3SAE1
                                                   9 Ted Mulherin        WH.N   77.77     E1E2E3   3 Judith Hay          BN.N     96.33     ASALE3   Association's consideration.
                                                   14 Barry Pearce       IK.N   65.11    E1E2AM    4 Carol Jacobson      GO.N     94.04    E1ASAM       The bush season ahead looks to be
                                                   19 Ken Jacobson       GO.N   56.10    E1E2AS    8 Val Hodsdon         SH.N     89.89     ALE1E3   an interesting one with the first two
                                                   M70                                             9 Jitka Kopriva       UR.N     89.77     E3SAE1   State League events taking place at
                                                   2 John Hodsdon        SH.N   98.70    SAE3E2    13 Angela Murray      UR.N     80.74     E3ASE2   Clandulla, the area used for last
                                                   6 Barry Hanlon        WH.N   78.79    SAALAM    17 Pauline Moore      WR.N     78.16    E1ASSA    year's     World     Masters     event.
                                                   M75                                             W65                                               Hopefully this will give everyone who
                                                   1 Ian Hassall         IK.N   100.00   E1E2E3    6 Christa Schafer     GO.N     74.09    E3E2E1    was unable to compete at the World
                                                   5 Don Bajenoff        SH.N   79.62    SAALE2    9 Carolyn Chalmers    NC.N     65.49    ASSAE2
                                                   M80                                             W70
                                                                                                                                                     Masters events the opportunity to
                                                   1 Neil Schafer        GO.N   100.00   E1E2E3    3 Janet Morris        WH.N     93.08    ASALSA    compete in this magnificent terrain.
   Editor:                                         W-10                                            W75                                               Not long after sees a round of the
   Alex Davey                                      4 Joanna Hill         GO.N   73.61    SAAMAL    1 Maureen Ogilvie     UR.N     100.00   E2AMAL    National Orienteering League being
   5 Namoi Street, WAGGA WAGGA 2650                W-12                                                                                              held in NSW in May, while in June
   Secretary:                                      4 Georgia Jones       UR.N   77.79    E3E1E2                                                      there is the opportunity to return to
   Dave Lotty                                                                                                                                        Dubbo for QBIII and to enjoy the
   PO Box 3295, North Strathfield 2137                                                                                                               challenges of Sappa Bulga as used
   Phone: (02) 8116 9848                                                                                                                             for JWOC in 2007. While later in the
   Typesetting and Layout:                                                                                                                           year we can look forward to the NSW
   Barry Hanlon                                                                                                                                      champs on a new area west of the
   Printed by:                                                                                                                                       Blue Mountains on a map being
   Pro-graphica, Petersham                                                                                                                           prepared for Garingal Orienteers by
   OANSW Board Members:                                                                                                                              Alex Tarr.
   President - Paul Prudhoe CC                                                                                                                          So, let the show begin, and I look
   Secretary - Dave Lotty UR                                                                                                                         forward to seeing you all somewhere
   Finance Director - Robert Spry BN               The renewal form for your 2010 Membership was                                                     in the bush over the coming months.
   Planning Director - Nick Dent CC
   Special Projects Director - vacant              included in the January Newsletter. This is your last                                                                            Regards
   Technical Director - Glenn Meyer SH             Newsletter unless you have renewed (except for a few                                                                       Paul Prudhoe
   Communications Director- Alex Davey WR          new members who joined in late 2009 and whose
   Coaching Director - Mark Darvodelsky UR
   Promotion Director - Felicity Brown BN          membership continues for 2010).                                                            The Orienteering Association of NSW
                                                     If you have lost the form contact Dave Lotty at the                                          acknowledges the support of
   Association Website:                     Office for a replacement or go to:
   This newsletter is published in January,
   March, June , September and December.             OANSWMembershipFormDirectory2010.pdf.
   Copy deadlines are 22 December,                   You WILL need a form to advise on what form of
   15 February, 15 May, 15 August and
   15 November respectively.                       newsletter you wish to receive - electronic or hard copy.

Orienteering      NSW     | March 2010                                                                                                                                                    1
                                                                     25 January 2010
                                                                     CALLAN PARK
                                                                     SPRINT SERIES #4
                                                                     Organiser Linda Sesta
                                                                     Controller Lisa Lampe
                                                                     for Uringa Orienteers
                                                                     Results are at

    Results of all events from 4 January 2010 to 22 February 2010    20 January 2010
    are included in this listing.                                    MANLY DAM
                                                                     SYDNEY SUMMER SERIES #17
    2010 Orienteer of the Year scores and 2010 State League Events   Organiser Terry Bluett
    results and split times are at                                   For Bennelong Northside Orienteers                          Results are at
    2010 MTBO Super Series results, split times and scores are at
                                                                     1 February 2010
    2009-10 Summer Series results and scores are at                  UTS KURING-GAI                                    SPRINT SERIES #7
                                                                     Organiser Tracy Bluett
    4 January 2010                                                   for Big Foot Orienteers
    GEORGES HEIGHTS                                                  Results are at
    SPRINT SERIES #1                                       
    Organiser Terry Bluett
    for Bennelong Northside Orienteers
    Results are at                                                   3 February 2010                 BRICKMAKERS CREEK
                                                                     SYDNEY SUMMER SERIES #18
    6 January 2010                                                   Organiser Larry Weiss
    FOLLY POINT                                                      For Garingal Orienteers
    SYDNEY SUMMER SERIES #14                                         Results are at
    Organiser Michele Dawson                               
    For Garingal Orienteers
    Results are at                                                   8 February 2010                                    GLADESVILLE HOSPITAL
                                                                     SPRINT SERIES #6
    11 January 2010                                                  Organiser Ross Barr
    UWS PARRAMATTA                                                   for Garingal Orienteers
    SPRINT SERIES #2                                                 Results are at
    Organiser Lyn Malmgron                                 
    for Southern Highlands Occasional Orienteers
    Results are at                 10 February 2010
                                                                     VINEYARD CREEK
                                                                     SYDNEY SUMMER SERIES #19
    13 January 2010                                                  Organiser Ted Mulherin
    DEVLINS CREEK                                                    For Western and Hills Orienteers
    SYDNEY SUMMER SERIES #15                                         Results are at
    Organiser Michael Burton                               
    For Big Foot Orienteers
    Results are at                                                   15 February 2010                                    WATSONS BAY
                                                                     SPRINT SERIES #7
    18 January 2010                                                  Organiser Janet Morris
    UPJOHN PARK                                                      for Western and Hills Orienteers
    SPRINT SERIES #1                                                 Results are at
    Organiser Chris Crane                                  
    for Western and Hills Orienteers
    Results are at                 17 February 2010
                                                                     ROZELLE BAY
                                                                     SYDNEY SUMMER SERIES #20
    20 January 2010                                                  Organiser Ross Barr
    THE PUNT                                                         For Garingal Orienteers
    SYDNEY SUMMER SERIES #16                                         Results are at
    Organiser Matt Peters                                  
    For Uringa Orienteers
    Results are at                                                   22 February 2010                                    MACQUARIE SPORTS
                                                                     SPRINT SERIES #8
                                                                     Organiser James Lithgow
                                                                     for Garingal Orienteers
                                                                     Results are at

2                                                                                                Orienteering   NSW   | March 2010

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