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                                                                                                                                                 SAS 5 12.03.08

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            Application for Summer Session Enrolment
                                                     (continuing ANU Students)
   •   Before completing this form, read the instructions on the back. Completed forms to be submitted to the appropriate
       Faculty Office.
   •   All students should check their enrolment on ISIS and complete a new Request for Commonwealth Support and
       HECS-HELP form.
   •   Law students must check for session closing dates in

1. Student Details
   Name & Initials:                                                                              University-ID:     U
   Mailing                                                                                                   Phone:
   Address:                                                                                                     day      (         )
   (Have you
   updated                                                                                                  evening      (         )
   on ISIS?)        State                                            Postcode
                    Country if Outside Australia                                                              mobile

   Email:                                                                                                         Fax: (           )
2. Are you: (    Tick one)
       •    an international student?                                                                                                  Yes            No
       •    an Australian citizen/permanent resident undertaking a voluntary course?                                                   Yes            No
       •    liable for HECS-HELP                                                                                                       Yes            No

3. Program Details
   Program                                                                              Program
   Name:                                                                                   Code
4. Courses

   Course Code                               Course             Course Name
                                             Class No.
                                             (if known)

5. Student Declaration
   I certify that the information supplied by me on all parts of this enrolment form is complete and correct. I am
   aware that tuition fees may be charged for some courses. I agree to abide by the Rules and Statutes of the
   University. I understand that the information about me held by the University will be used by the University in
   accordance with the Statement to Students on Confidentiality of Personal Information.
                                                                                                                               D         D   M    M    Y     Y

   Student's Signature:                                                                                             Date:

                                                       ACTION COMPLETED – OFFICE USE ONLY

   COLLEGE 1                                                                    COLLEGE 2

        (     Tick one)   Approved                 Not Approved                     (       Tick one)   Approved                       Not Approved
   Name (print) :                                                               Name (print):
   Signature:                                                                   Signature:
                      Delegated Faculty/School/Centre Officer                                       Delegated Faculty/School/Centre Officer

   Date:                                                                        Date:

                                                                 D     D    M   M       Y    Y

   Date Entered and Verified:                                                                                                                    See over
Page 2 of 2   (SAS 5)                                     Application for Summer Session Enrolment (continuing ANU Students)

                                      IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ
   This form should be completed by all continuing ANU students seeking enrolment in Summer Session courses. The form
   should be submitted to your Faculty Office by 8 December prior to the commencement of the Summer Session
   (January/February/March). For some courses a supplementary application form must also be completed and submitted,
   eg courses in the ANIP Program and BIOL3063. Check with the relevant Course Authority or your Faculty Office for
   further information.

                            Some Summer Session courses have an earlier closing date —
                                    Law students must check the website

                                     for session closing dates in December.

                        Check with the Course Authority or the relevant Faculty Office.

                                               COMPLETING THE FORM
   Program Codes
   List your current program of study. If you are unsure of your program codes, check with your Faculty Office or the
   Undergraduate Handbook.

   Course Details
   Course Code:                8 character alpha/numeric code eg BIOL3063
   Course Class Number:        Class number (if known) of the course in which you wish to enrol.
   Course Name:                Print full name of unit eg Biology C63 (Reproduction and Development: Molecular Biology)

   Withdrawal Dates
   Students enrolled in Summer Session courses will be permitted to withdraw without failure up to, and including, the last
   official day of teaching/formal classes for the course. Thereafter, a fail grade (N or NCN) will apply. A withdrawal from a
   Summer Session course prior to Census Date will be deemed to have been a non-effective enrolment and the course will
   not appear on academic transcripts.

   To withdraw from a course an Enrolment Variation form must be completed and lodged with the appropriate Program
   Authority (Faculty Office) for consideration/approval. Providing this is not the only course in which you are enrolled for
   Summer Session, you may drop the course via the ISIS website

   HECS Census Dates for Summer Session Courses
   Please refer to the website (Select your course, click on the Fees and
   Dates link in the top left corner of the screen. Scroll down for course census date).

   Students will have a fee liability for courses in which they are enrolled after the Census Date relevant to their
   commencement date.

   Payment Methods
   BPAY is the University's preferred option for payment of all tuition fees. Should you be unable to pay your fees using the
   BPAY service, or you do not wish to use this preferred payment method, the University will continue to accept posted
   payments and faxed credit card authorisations.

   Cash payments for tuition fees will not be accepted at the cashier. Students required to pay their Summer
   Session tuition fees by the commencement date of their first Summer Session course should consult the website at for the appropriate BPAY reference code to use.

   Commonwealth Supported Students
   All Commonwealth Supported Students will be recorded as upfront payers. If payment is not received by the course
   census date your debt will automatically be deferred.

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