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 THURSDAY, 1 MAY 2008 | WEEK 2, TERM 2

  ANZAC Day 2008 - Lest we forget what’s inside . . .
                                                                                                  From the Head of College             2
                                                                                                  From the Principal                   3
                                                                                                  From the Chaplains                   3
                                                                                                  Curriculum Matters                   4
                                                                                                  Junior School News                   4
                                                                                                  Café 45 Roster                       4
                                                                                                  Middle School News                   6
                                                                                                  Junior High News                     7
                                                                                                  The Dawn Feature                     8
                                                                                                  Senior School News                   9
                                                                                                  Sport, Arts & Culture               10
                                                                                                  Sports Bulletins                    13

                                                                                                 what’s on . . .
                                                                                                 Friday 2 May
                                                                                                 All Day | Author Visit Scott Gardner
                                                                                                 Yrs 8-9 | Snr Library
                                                                                                 8:00am - 3:00pm | Amnesty Schools
                                                                                                 Conference Yrs10-12 | Aspley State High
  Students and staff participated in an ANZAC Day service at St Peters Indooroopilly campus on   8:00am - 3:00pm | Boating #3 Excursion
  Thursday 24 April.                                                                             Ms Windows Yr12 Marine Studies Class
                                                                                                 Yr12 | Wellington Point Jetty

  SPORTING TOUR TO MELBOURNE                                                                     9:00am - 2:00pm | Economics Golden
                                                                                                 Circle Excursion Yr11 | Golden Circle
                                                 Roar. The students have also been               1:30pm - 3:00pm | Interhouse Cross
                                                 involved in skills and tactical training as     Country Carnival Yrs 4-7 | TBA
                                                 part of a squad since the end of Term 3         4:00pm - 7:00pm | QGSSSA Autumn
                                                 last year. They have also been involved in      Fixtures Basketball Soccer & Touch vs St
                                                 additional trial matches this year to again     Hildas | St Hildas
                                                 assist with preparation.                        5.00pm | Rowing Breakup | 25m Pool
                                                 One of the major components of                  7:30pm | Stage Band Saints and Singers
                                                 the involvement in the Development              Cantique Concert & Yr 9 choirs | Chapel
                                                 Squad was a tour to Melbourne in the            AIC Chess Round 1 St Peters v PAD
                                                 Easter Holidays. This tour provided an          Boarder Visiting W’end (commences)
  As part of the major focus on improving
                                                 opportunity for the boys to play some           Saturday 3 May
  our Term 2 sports, Rugby and Soccer,
                                                 very strong schools in another State, for       Boarder Visiting W’end (continues)
  Senior Development Squads were
                                                 the boys to develop as a group, to be           8:00am | Chorale Camp Departs | Camp
  introduced this year. These students
                                                 involved in many of Melbourne’s sporting        Edmund-Laidley
  have been working on individual
                                                 opportunities and to add professionalism        8:15am | Yr 8 Production camp departs |
  training programs (fitness and weights),
                                                 to the team through effective preparation       Brookfield QCCC
  involvement in skill and fitness testing
                                                 for the upcoming season.                        AIC Rugby/Soccer Round 1 PAD v St
  from professional groups such as the UQ
  Rugby Academy and the Queensland               Continued page 10 . . .
                                                                                                 Jnr TAS Round 2 Rugby/Netball

                                                                                                 continued page 11 . . .
From the Head of College
                  NatiONaL                    Queensland curriculum as has been the            •	 Currently holds the position of
                  tEStiNG                     case in previous years. Our school is                Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care at
                  This year, for the first    obliged under the Accreditation Act to               St James Catholic College Brisbane
                  time, students in Years     use the Queensland curriculum however                City
                  3, 5, 7 and 9 throughout    those documents do not yet precisely             •	 Mrs Kath has held Middle and
                  Australia, will sit the     reflect the National Statements. This                Senior Leadership positions in
                  same national literacy      will be a challenge in the short term;               Catholic schools since 1992, from
and numeracy tests. These tests replace       your student is certainly learning the               Head of Department to Acting
the existing state based tests.               content and concepts contained within                Principal at St Edmonds, St
On Tuesday, 13 May two tests will be          the Statements but because of where they             Lawrences, and St James
administered. These include: Language         are placed in the current syllabi, they may
                                                                                               •	 Her career highlights include a
Conventions (testing spelling, grammar        not have been fully covered by the time
                                                                                                   Science Award for the highest
and punctuation) and writing. Reading         of the test in May. We have been carefully
                                                                                                   GPA in Science subjects in her
skills will be tested on Wednesday, 14        monitoring the development of these
                                                                                                   Diploma of Teaching Studies and
May with Numeracy tested on Thursday,         Statements of Learning and doing our
                                                                                                   a Scholarship to study at Boston
15 May. There will be a ‘make up’ day         best to embed them appropriately into the
                                                                                                   College Summer School in 2002
on Friday 16 May for any student who is       school’s programmes.
                                                                                             It is hoped that Mrs Kath will begin her
unable to do their tests on the designated    Parents and carers may wish to talk with       duties towards the end of Term 2.
day.                                          their children about the test, encourage
                                              them to do their best and have a healthy       We look forward to Mrs Kath’s
Previously, tests were held in August. This
                                              and balanced approach to the testing.          contributions to the Senior Management
obviously makes it more challenging for
                                              Please also talk to your teachers about        Team and to school life.
our youngest students because they have
only had two years and four months at         the tests if you have any concerns. Rest       yEar 12 FOrMaL
school; students in other states have had     assured that we will do all we can to          Last week, I wrote about St Peters’
an extra year of school prior to sitting      ensure our students are well prepared and      current view of non-discrimination on
the Year 3 tests. This inequity will only     ready to do their best.                        the grounds of gender, race, religion and
be addressed when the prep year, which        aNZaC day SErViCES                             sexual discrimination. Thank you for the
began last year, reaches Year 3. Obviously    I wish to most positively commend all          parental feedback received. This week,
a 12 month age difference makes a             of our three campuses, Indooroopilly,          I wish to provide some detail to parents
significant difference to these youngest      Ironbark and Springfield, on the               on how the St Peters Year 12 Formal
children, not only in the fact that they      respectful manner in which St Peters           operates, as this is an important issue and
have had 12 months less learning but they     honoured ANZAC Day and those who               event in our annual calendar.
are also young children to be sitting such    have and who currently serve Australia.        For the St Peters Formal, the following is
long and formal tests.                                                                       expected:
                                              The Springfield Service included strong
These literacy and numeracy tests form        student participation and also numerous          •	 Formal dress for all students
a key part of the national Assessment         RSL members from Goodna. The                     •	 Only St Peters Year 12 students are
Program endorsed by all Australian            Indooroopilly Service held over 2000                to attend
Ministers for Education. The aim of           students, staff and parents in respectful
the tests is to provide a measure of                                                           •	 Students are presented outside the
                                              silence and positive participation. At
how Australian schools and students                                                               Chapel in a pre-determined order (to
                                              Ironbark, our students (again) marched in
are performing in the areas of reading,                                                           the large crowd)
                                              the Crows Nest ANZAC Day March and
writing, spelling and numeracy. We            participated in the community Service.           •	 Students may attend in singles,
support the intent of these tests and                                                             couples, or large groups (single sex
                                              Well done all at St Peters, for your respect        or mixed)
welcome the opportunity they give us to
                                              on this significant occasion.
benchmark our school. These tests are                                                        The manner in which students are
only one measure and must be considered       HEad OF SENiOr SCHOOL                          transported to the Chapel Forecourt is
along with school based assessments           aPPOiNtMENt                                    a great highlight, as is the formal attire
which are designed to identify students’      It is pleasing to announce that Mrs            worn by our young men and women. The
wide ranging strengths and diverse areas      Michelle Kath has been appointed as            Year 12 Coordinator and Head of Senior
of need. As these are point in time tests,    Head of Senior School at Indooroopilly.        School communicate with all students
some children and especially the younger      Some details about Mrs Kath’s                  and parents well before this special event
ones may under-perform on the day for         professional qualifications and experience     in the lives of our young adults.
any number of reasons.                        include:                                       Stephen Rudolph
Parents should also know that the tests        •	 Master of Educational Leadership,          MEd(EdAdmin), BA, BEd, DipT,
are for the first time set against National       Bachelor of Education, Diploma of          GradDipTheo(Ed), MACE, MACEA
Statements of Learning and not the                Teaching and a Graduate Diploma            Head of College
                                                  of Arts (in religious education).

the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 2
                                                                                   From the Principal
Welcome to Term 2. Unfortunately,                 The holidays were very busy for a small        while the Chaplaincy vacancies left by
printing issues beyond our control mean           number of students and staff working           Pastor Smith and Chaplain Heidi will
that this is the first Rock of the term.          toward co-curricular excellence, mostly in     take much longer to fill. Consequently,
With May virtually upon us, I take this           sport. I thank and encourage all who were      worship/chapel devotions will be a team
opportunity to promote the very first             involved in the various tours and training     effort between Chaplain Kirsten, Dr
Parent Symposium to be held on the                regimes. Parents, please encourage your        David Stolz (Senior Chaplain) and other
evening of Wednesday 14 May. Noel                 student’s participation in co-curricular       staff, e.g. Administrators, Teachers, and
Pearson, the guest speaker for the evening,       activities throughout the term, whether        visiting Clergy until such time as the
is always stimulating to listen to and as         they be participant or spectator. I look       ministry vacancies can be filled.
a former St Peters College peer of mine           forward to this term’s activities with great   I wish all students and families the very
from the 1970s it will be interesting for         anticipation.                                  best for the term.
Old Scholars to see how much, if any,             Over the past week, a number of students       David Radke
reflection on those days makes its way            and parents have questioned me in regard       M.Ed.St; B.A.; Grad. Dip. T.; MACE
into his presentation. Whether speaking           to various senior staff vacancies. At the      Principal – Indooroopilly Campus
as social and political commentator               time of writing the Head of Senior School
or as an Old Scholar, I have no doubt             vacancy has been filled and announced,
that Noel’s visit will enrich our College

                   Bus Behaviour Notice                                                              Word-aholic
   It has come to the attention of the College that there may be some behaviour problems          Thomas Aquinas did not live to see
   with students travelling on buses.                                                             his 50th birthday, but he produced
   We ask that you advise your children of their responsibility and direct their attention to     an enormous body of writing: more
   the Code of Conduct for School Students Travelling on Buses. This document may be              than 10,000,000 words in some 60
   obtained from Queensland Transport or downloading from the following address;                  works. Thomas lacked the time to pen            so many words, and had notoriously
   jan_2006.pdf                                                                                   bad handwriting so he dictated to
                                                                                                  secretaries—sometimes several at once.
   It should be noted that the above document is part of the legislation relating to the          A thirteenth-century source avers that
   Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Regulation 2005.                                    Thomas “used to dictate in his cell to
   Please be aware that students who fail to meet their obligation under this document may        three secretaries, and even occasionally
   be refused travel on a bus.                                                                    to four, on different subjects at the same
   We would ask for your co-operation in ensuring bus travel is safe for all our students.

                                                                                From the Chaplains
Two are better than one,                          to gather a group of key followers to help     ourselves that God is indeed that third,
because they have a good return for their         him carry out his earthly ministry, to keep    sometimes unseen strand - a member of
labour:                                           him company along the way but also so          our school, weaving his Spirit through our
If they fall down,                                they could learn from him and continue         words and our actions.
they can help each other up.                      his work.                                      We pray:
But pity those who fall                           In everything we do at St Peters, we are
and have no one to help them up!                                                                 Lord God, Heavenly Father, we thank
                                                  reminded that none of our work is done         you that you have richly blessed our lives,
Though one may be overpowered,                    in isolation. Through teamwork and
two can defend themselves.                                                                       or homes and our school. As you have
                                                  common direction we are strengthened           gathered us together in the community of
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.    and encouraged in all that we do – we can
(Ecclesiastes 4: 8-10,12)                                                                        St Peters, remind us now of your guiding
                                                  bounce ideas of each other, get feedback       presence. Open our imaginations to the
In the business world, great achievements         and constructive criticism, advice and         possibilities in our school in the coming
are generally the result of effective teams.      reassurance. But we are reminded that the      months & years, and help forge us into
The person who tries to stand alone will          work that we do is even stronger when          a strong community under your loving
quickly lose strength and enthusiasm.             God is woven through all that we do. In        care. We ask this through Jesus Christ our
Even Jesus, though he was God and could           all the classes that happen here, in the       Lord, Amen.
have done everything by himself, chose            meetings, in the sports teams, we remind
                                                                                                 Chaplain Kirstin

                                                                                                  the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 3
Curriculum Matters
QSa– Senior Program
1. QLd COrE SKiLLS tESt                        entrance, but other options are available
At the end of last term, Year 12 students      to those wishing to pursue further studies.
were required to sit a full suite of past
                                                •	 OP pathway – to be eligible for an
QCS papers. This allowed them to
                                                   OP, students must study 20 semester
experience the conditions under which                                                         ROSTER
                                                   units of Authority subjects, includ-
they will be required to sit the actual test
                                                   ing at least three subjects for four
later in the year. The short response paper                                                    Monday 5 May Public Holiday
                                                   semesters each and sit the QCS test.
and the writing task have been sent to
QCS test markers and students will be           •	 Selection Rank pathway – stu-               tuesday 6 May
provided with feedback in the coming               dents who aren’t eligible for an OP,        Laura Lynch; Jill Hayward; Lorna
months.                                            but wish to gain entry can apply            Grimes; Bev Neate; Lee Murray
                                                   to QTAC (Queensland Tertiary
If a student missed sitting any of the four        Entrance Centre) for a selection            Wednesday 7 May
papers they are encouraged to obtain a             rank. To calculate a selection rank,        Margrit Neill; Kym Jannusch; Janet
copy of the paper from my office (beside                                                       Jukes; Fiona Coulthard; Julie Nielsen;
                                                   achievement levels for 20 semester
the senior study centre) and to sit it in                                                      Denise Bird
                                                   units of Authority, Authority Reg-
their own time. It is important that all           istered and approved VET subjects           thursday 8 May
students sitting the QCS test are well             are used. Results in the QCS test           Von Barnes; Nikky Wilson; Joanne
prepared as an individual’s test result            are also used, if the test was sat.         Lovejoy; Sybil Curtis; Amanda Lennon;
contributes to the group results for each          Additional qualifications such as           Robyn Harris; Susie Johnston
of their subjects and the whole cohort of          music, drama, Certificate III or IV
OP eligible students at the school.                are allocated using a separate QTAC         Friday 9 May
2.tErtiary ENtraNCE                                selection rank.                             Roberta Kehren; Jenny Danslow;
Obtaining an Overall Position (OP) is                                                          Mandaley Perkins; Harriet Turner;
                                                                                               Teresa Stolz-Kanowski
the usual pathway for Year 12 students
studying QSA subjects to gain tertiary         Ms J Winn
                                               Director of Senior Programs

Junior School News
From the Head Of Junior School
Truth is the most valuable thing               sad or unhappy but if children are            expected to be completed over the May
we have. Let us economise it.                  encouraged and supported through the          long weekend. The internal renovations
Mark Twain                                     disappointments and failures, they will in    to the assembly area are continuing and
                                               time develop into confident and resilient     an update of the finalisation of this work
BuiLdiNG CONFidENCE iN                         young people.                                 will be published when known. In the
CHiLdrEN                                                                                     meantime, a short assembly time will be
Building confidence in our children                                                          held after each week’s Wednesday chapel,
                                               Welcome back to a busy and exciting
can be a tricky business. Every child is                                                     until the assembly area is available and
                                               term. We welcome Ms Tracey Stone who
different and what works for one often                                                       Friday assembly will resume.
                                               is teaching in Year 1 in place of Mrs
doesn’t work for another. As parents           Gardner who is taking maternity leave.        CONGratuLatiONS
and teachers we should try to let children     We also welcome to our community              Special congratulations to Caryse Fong
be themselves and help them to develop         Nathan Boreland 4C and Anna Rasheed           who received a bronze medal in the
independence by not interfering too            4A. We also welcome Sienna Imogen,            Karate Federation Open Titles held
much. Confidence and problem solving           born to Mrs Judy Gardner and her              in Caloundra over the holidays. Also
skills can be developed by encouraging         husband Cam, on Monday night. She             Christopher Smith was named Junior
children in what they are doing. Helping       weighed 5lb 15ozs - mother and baby are       AFL Rookie of the Year at the University
our children to have the confidence to         well.                                         of Queensland AFL training clinic. Well
“have a go” will help them to develop the                                                    done to both of these students.
skills for coping in the real world. The       JuNiOr SCHOOL
most difficult aspect of all is allowing our   dEVELOPMENt                                   StaFF NEWS
children to experience disappointment          The building and ground works are still       Also congratulations go to Mrs Denton
and failure without always stepping in to      continuing in and around the Junior           who became a grandmother to Avalon
rescue them. No-one likes to see children      School. The paving and landscaping are        Jayde last Wednesday. Also Mrs Denton

the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 4
                                                                          Junior School News
has her right leg in plaster due to a
broken bone in her foot. We wish her a
                                                JuNiOr SCHOOL rESOurCE CENtrE
rapid recovery.                                 Welcome to Term 2 – Welcome back everyone to Term 2! Our Term 2 focus in the
                                                Resource Centre is on literature. All students are encouraged to participate in the
MOtHErS’ day CHaPEL                             Premiers Reading Challenge, the MS Readathon and Brisbane City Council Gold Star
SErViCE                                         Reading Club – culminating in our Book Week Reading Olympics celebrations in Term 3.
Next Wednesday, 7 May our chapel                Stay tuned for more information!
service will be a special service for           Congratulations to all students who took part in The Angus & Robertson Kids’ Top 50
mothers. All mothers are welcome to             (the greatest stories as voted by Aussie kids) Australian book poll late last year. The
attend the service and morning tea              Junior School has received a certificate certifying our students as ‘High Achievers’, with
afterwards on the Northern Deck of Café         our local newspaper, Westside News, also running a story quoting Dave Fenlon, A&R
45. For catering purposes, please RSVP to       Group Operating Officer as saying “the school really got behind the voting. It is evidence
the Junior School reception if you are able     that the school values kids’ literacy and developing a passion for reading and for that they
                                                should be praised.” Well done, Junior School students!
to attend.
                                                Parents, please help your children to remember to pack their Library Bag on their class
Kathy Close                                     borrowing day, as they cannot borrow resources without it: Prep – Thursday,Yr 1 –
Bed; MSpecEd; Grad Cert Theol(Ed);              Wednesday,Yr 2 – Thursday,Yr 3 – Tuesday and Yr 4A & 4C – Monday, 4B – Friday.
TeachCert MACE                                  robyn McGlade
Head of Junior School                           Teacher Librarian

yEar 1 NEWS                                   yEar 2 NEWS
This term in we are looking at animals                                   This week the              the BraiNways Club
and their young. Our unit of inquiry                                     Year 2s have
is called “Are You My Mother?” The                                       started their
students will begin their unit of work by                                investigations
inquiring into what animals belong to a                                  about
farm habitat, how farm animals survive                                   “Bugs”. They
and how a farm habitat can be more                                       brainstormed
sustainable in the future. The students                                  things they
enjoyed an interesting talk from one of                                  would like to
the Year 1 dads about farming. We are                                    know about
looking forward to a visit from a mobile                                 them and ways
farm on 9 May, when the animals will be                                  they could find          Enrolments are now open for The
on display on the oval! Later in the term     out more information. Alec Walker in 2B             BRAINways Club Term 2 extension
all classes will visit Lone Pine Sanctuary    brought a wonderful model of a preying              programs and activities. Join us on
to look at Australian animals and their       mantis for the children to look at and              Saturdays and enjoy the stimulation
young.                                        study.                                              and challenge, make new friends and
                                                                                                  have fun.
Anna-Claire Coore                             The Year 2s will also be using magnifying
Year 1 Team Leader                            glasses to study and draw common insects            Please find below the Term 2
                                              outside in the playground this week.                programs and dates:

  HuMBLE PiES                                 Melanie Yazdani
                                              Year 2 Team Leader
                                                                                                  TERM 2 (10 May, 17 May, 24 May, 7
                                                                                                  June and 21 June):
  Boxes full of you-don't-have-
  to-cook-tonight goodness.                                                                       Designing Your Ideal Places –
                                              yEar 3 NEWS
                                                                                                  Architecture for Kids (Years 1-3)
  Find your order form. Fill it out.          Year 3 will be attending Underwater
  Ask Nanna. Ask the neighbours. Ask          World this Thursday. The excursion will             Models In Science (Years 4-6)
  anyone with children. Ask every             be used as a catalyst for discovery learning
  bachelor, student or shift worker. Fill     rather than as a culminating activity at            Creative Writing to Ignite Your
  up your form and hand it in to your         the end of the unit. To help children be            Imagination (Years 4-6)
  classroom teacher with correct              more responsible for their own learning
  money. Do it now.                                                                               For more information please visit
                                              they need first hand experiences of the             our website at:
  Emma Golder                                 topic.
  St Peters Parent Support Group                                                         or call
                                              Lee Denton
                                              Year 3 Team Leader                                  0433995067.

                                                                                                 the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 5
Middle School News
QuiZZard OF OZ                               The students have also been invited           yEar 7 NEWS
A number of Year 7 students have been        to take part in a blog where they can         Welcome back to Term 2! We have hit
selected to participate in an online         contribute their ideas and comments           the ground running and have begun our
quiz called the Quizzard of Oz. This         about a current environmental issue.          integrated unit ‘Our Natural World’.
opportunity allows students in Australia     This week's issue is about the Japanese       This is an exciting unit, incorporating
to develop their general knowledge about     Whaling Fleets in the Southern Ocean.         Science and SOSE. You will no doubt be
Australia, the country and its people        Should they be allowed to continue            aware by now that there are a number of
through an online quiz format.               whaling in these waters? Parents and          homework tasks to be completed on-line
The Quizzard will run throughout Term        friends are also invited to post their        for SOSE, the kids seem to really enjoy
2 through a series of eight quizzes. A       thoughts at        working on the JASON website! Please
progress chart can be viewed at: http://                                                   keep an eye out for the Year 7 News which
                                             We are looking forward to an exciting                                                       will be distributed this week – it contains
                                             term. Good luck to all investigators. Keep
progress_n_z.htm                                                                           more details about this term, and don’t
                                             your eyes and ears open for clues.
                                                                                           forget the ‘Class Pages’ on the St Peters
Teams are as follows:                        Mrs Elizabeth Butler                          website for more up-to-date information.
St Peters 1: Amelia Sengstock; Jessica       Year 5 Coordinator.
                                                                                           We have got off to a great start and are
Caird; Alex Hunt; Kristian Scott             yEar 6 NEWS                                   looking forward to building upon the
St Peters 2: Kate Tyson; Savannah Stoke;     Welcome back to a busy Term 2. We             solid foundation we’ve established in
Annabel Edgecomb; Nicole Pienaar             started the term talking about the            Term 1. Thank you for your support of
                                             contribution made by the ANZACs at            the Year 7 Team.
St Peters 3: Daniel Hodgson; Raine
                                             our Year 6 assembly and the children
Thieme; Alex Zhou; Tish Essebier; Lara                                                     Year 7 Teachers
                                             knew quite a bit about it. Mrs Wheeler
                                             organised a beautiful ANZAC Chapel
Good luck to all teams,                      Service for the Middle School on                News from the Middle
Ms Yates                                     Wednesday and we had a very moving              School resource Centre:
                                             whole school celebration of the ANZAC’s         Jackie French author Visit
yEar 5 NEWS                                  lives outside the Chapel on Thursday to
Why is Australia's Wildlife on the Brink?                                                    Well known Australian children’s author
                                             commemorate the significance of this            Jackie French visited the Middle School
At this crucial time in human history,       important day.                                  students on Wednesday, 23 April. She
when as a society we are looking at the      Year 6 wants to acknowledge Cai Fong’s          spoke for an hour to the children,
seriously detrimental effects human          achievement – He won the silver medal in        discussing various aspects of her writing,
civilisation has had upon the natural                                                        including the importance of research
                                             his age group (10-11 yrs) for the boys kyu      and thinking extensively about the
environment, we ask the children to look                       grade kata at the 2008
at the problems occurring in their own                                                       structure of stories. Jackie also focussed
                                                               Australian Open titles.       on her latest novel, A Rose for the
backyard. This term, we will investigate                       We are very proud of          ANZAC Boys, which was a timely and
the environmental issues affecting                             him.                          thought provoking component of her
Australian Wildlife and Catchment Areas.                                                     address.
                                                               On a curriculum note,
All Year 5 students will be taking part in                     we are studying ‘Who          Probably the most memorable part of
Murder Under the Microscope, an online                         is Jesus’ for Christian       Jackie’s visit was her lesson in how to
investigation into an environmental                            Studies, ‘Murder Under        speak wombat, especially as students are
crime. As investigators, they will need                                                      so familiar with her classic picture book,
                                                               the Microscope’ for our       The Diary of a Wombat.
to be constantly on the lookout for                            Integrated unit and ‘It’s
clues. They will need to conduct a lot of                      a Mystery’ in English –       For more information on Jackie’s
research in order to find out what they                                                      work, please see the Middle School
                                                               exciting and stimulating
can about the crime. Who is the Victim?                                                      Resource Centre’s portal page. (Portal
                                                               topics. CSIRO CRIME           Homepage>School Info>Library
Who is the Villain? Where did the crime      BUSTERS are engaging the students in
take place? What environmental issue                                                         Resources>Middle Library)
                                             a workshop on Thursday next week in
caused the problem?                                                                          Christina Wheeler
                                             class time. The cross country has been          Middle School Teacher-Librarian
We have six weeks to solve the crime so      changed to Friday this week for those of
there is no time to waste. This week they    you who want to come and watch your
are researching the issues. Each team is     children compete from 1.30 – 3.00pm.
investigating one issue and will need to     Have a great week.
report back to the class at the end of the   Linda Farrell
week. Please talk to your child about the    Yr 6 Coordinator
issue and help them where you can. You
will find out more information at

the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 6
                                                                          Middle School News
yEar 5/6 CONSErVatiON BLOG
– tErM 2, 2008                                    Infinity Rotations
All Years 5 and 6 students, their families        For the past ten weeks 5I and 7I have been
and the wider school community are                involved in Infinity rotations, where we were
invited to collaborate with our students          split up into three groups, media, science and
and discuss environmental issues through          drama. Our group was media and it was really
a blog. The blog is on the Internet so you        fun!
can access it from school and home at             We have created items for our own website and no             including videos, games, optical illusions and
log in is required.                               quizzes. We have had a great time doing
                                                  all these activities, and watching the other
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to             groups perform their drama presentations and
comment. However when a comment                   science experiments.
is posted, tick the anonymous box, but
                                                  Please have a look at our finished work on the
add your first name and class (or child’s
                                                  class pages under the Infinity section.
class). I will be moderating the blog, so all
comments pass through me before being             By Kylie Gates and Jamie Buchanan
published. New posts will be added every
week or two.
Parents, it would be great if you could           Volunteers needed for Language Study
discuss these issues at home, as this will        The Division of Speech Pathology at The University of Queensland needs boys born in
reinforce the discussions at school. You          1991 to help with research looking at the effect on language development of the various
are also welcome to comment, as well as           treatments used in childhood cancers. To be suitable, the boys must not have been
assist your child with their comments.            treated for cancer, must not have any identified hearing or learning difficulties, and must
                                                  not have English as a Second Language.
Our first Blog discussion is on the topic
of Whaling.                                       Involvement will entail three language assessments over a two year period. Additionally,
                                                  the latest technology – not yet available in clinical settings – will also be used to monitor
Look forward to your involvement in this          and map each boy’s neurophysiological brain response to language stimulation. This safe,
collaborative project.                            non-invasive assessment detects and records brainwave activity from the scalp.
Rachael Yates                                     Testing can be done at The University of Queensland, St Lucia or at the boy’s home. For
Middle School Teacher                             further information contact Dr Fiona Lewis (07) 3346 7483 or

Junior High News
irONBarK ParENt MEEtiNG                         These Ironbark Evenings are a very                 the Years 8–10 Student Diary. Please
FOr FOrMS 9E, 9F, 9G & 9H                       important step in the process of                   take the time to read these requirements
The 9E, 9F, 9G, 9H Ironbark Parent              your child attending Ironbark. The                 and ensure that your student is dressed
Meeting will be held in the Chapel on           evening will provide you with a perfect            appropriately.
Wednesday, 7 May at 7.00pm                      opportunity to meet with Mr Matthew                ParENt/tEaCHEr iNtErViEWS
9E & 9F students will depart from St            Sullivan (Director of Ironbark) and a              The Years 8-10 Parent-Teacher Evening is
Peters on 8 July and return on Saturday         chance to have many questions answered.            to be held in Dohler Building from 3.30
9 August.                                       The medical forms for 9C & 9D are                  pm to 5.00 pm and 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm
9G & 9H students will depart from               now due. Some medical forms are still              on Tuesday 6th May 2008. If you require
St Peters on 12 August and return on            outstanding and if you have not returned           an interview, please ensure that you ask
Saturday 13 September.                          your form, we ask that you please                  your student to take the form, in regular
                                                complete and return as soon as possible            class time, to the teachers you wish to
On the night, you will be given the
                                                for the Ironbark staff to process.                 see. Each teacher will write his/her
relevant paperwork for completion and
                                                WiNtEr uNiFOrM                                     name in the space beside the time of your
return to Lorraine Christensen by hand,
                                                From Monday 5 May, the school blazer               appointment with that particular teacher.
au or fax 3377 6267. Medical & Solo             is to be worn each day with the formal             irONBarK
paperwork for 9E & F will be due back by        uniform. The uniform requirements                  If your son/daughter is away at Ironbark
6 June and 9G & 9H on 15 July.                  are listed in the Parent Handbook on               and you still require an interview, please
                                                the Parent Portal as well as written in            ring or email the teacher(s) concerned to
                                                                                                   make an appointment.

                                                                                                    the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 7
The Dawn - Year 8 Production 29 and 30 May, 2008
And so The Dawn begins . . .                      script and score will be a challenge for all
                                                  involved, both dramatically and musically,
In 2007, St Peters started a project called       but very rewarding.
the Year 8 Production. It was intended
to provide the opportunity for a large            Stephen Leek is, again, the musical
number of students to be on the stage             director. Bruce Clarke (English
in a large scale “music/drama event”, be          Department), who has a wealth of
relevant and approachable to 12 – 13 year         experience in writing and directing
olds and be based on a local or national          musicals, is the director.
topic with links to the present day.              This year, Stephen and Vincent created
This, we believe, is unique in Australian         the script with the concept of having
schools.                                          a professional actress and singer as the
It also gives the students the opportunity        adult lead role. This gives the Production
to develop their musical and dramatic             an extra dimension and the students the
                                                                                                 Let’s sing! - Stephen Leek leads rehearsals
skills under the guidance of national arts        opportunity to work with an experienced
leaders, build self confidence, make new          performer.
friends in Year 8, have fun and be part of        It is very exciting that Maggie Noonan           Career Centre
the world premiere of a new stage work            (international opera singer, actress and
written just for them.                            teacher – plus mother of Katie and               news and events
Last year, the topic was the Eureka               Tyrone Noonan from the Brisbane group            for Parents and
Stockade. This year, it is called “The            “George”) has accepted our invitation to
Dawn” – Louisa Lawson & Women’s                   play this role.                                  Students
Right to Vote. Louisa Lawson was the              Rehearsals have now started and we               Please click on ‘Careers’ on the
wife of a gold miner, poet, suffragette and       are delighted with the progress that             Portal for up-to-date University and
newspaper publisher as well as the mother         the cast have made in such a short               TAFE Course Guides, a wide range
of Henry Lawson.                                  time. They are working very hard and             of information on work experience
                                                  demonstrating commendable maturity               opportunities, traineeships and
In 2008, we again commissioned                                                                     apprenticeships, paid work and other
Stephen Leek and Vincent Plush, two               and concentration.
                                                                                                   important dates such as the UMAT Test
of Australia’s leading composers and              This weekend we are off to camp!!                date, Institute of Chartered Accountants
conductors, to write the Production. The          Christine Taylor
                                                                                                   information evening and much more.
                                                  Producer                                         Our St Peters community is extensive,
                                                                                                   and it may also be that parents, alumni
                                                                                                   and friends who are in business
                                                                                                   could create more opportunities
                                                                                                   for our students by offering unpaid
                                                                                                   work experience, school based
                                                                                                   apprenticeships and traineeships, or
                                                                                                   holiday and full time paid work. We
                                                                                                   would be delighted to add such notices
                                                                                                   to the Careers portal. To do this, please
                                                                                                   phone Mrs Alison Butcher, Careers
From left: Mr Clark, the director; The two Louisa’s, Maggie Noonan and Michelle Williams           Administration, on 3377 6514 or email

St Peters student cast in Brisbane Gang Show                                                       Pauline Burke,
                                                                                                   Career Counsellor
              St Peters student Megan Danslow has been selected as a cast member for the
              57th season of the Brisbane Gang Show. The Gang Show is an exciting musical
              variety show performed by over 100 youth members of the Scout and Guide
              movements.                                                                            CONCErt CaNCELLEd
             Tickets are now on sale for the Brisbane Gang Show at the Schonell Theatre,           It is with regret that the concert
             The University of Queensland. Celebrate the Year of the Scout and be                  planned for this Friday night
thoroughly entertained with a fast paced musical revue.
                                                                                                   featuring the Senior Stage Band,
Friday 4 July at 7.45pm; Sunday 6 July 12.30pm; Sunday 6 July 4.00pm; Tuesday 8 July to            Cantique and Saints and Singers
Saturday 12 July 7.45pm nightly. Additional matinee at 1.30pm on Saturday
                                                                                                   has been cancelled. These groups
Adults $22; Concessions (Pensioners/students/children under 14) $14                                will be performing at concerts
To book phone 3878 3334 Monday to Saturday 8.00am-7.00pm; Credit Cards accepted.                   planned later in the year.

the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 8
                                                                       Senior School News
                                             SOutH QuEENSLaNd                               The overall winner of the national
SENiOr SCHOOL                                ENGiNEEriNG LiNK PrOJECt                       BHP Billiton Science Awards will win
                                             Students in Years 11 and 12 are invited to     $2000 and the chance to compete at the
LiBrary NEWS                                 the South Queensland Engineering Link          international science and engineering fair
author Visit this Friday                     Project. The project is aimed at students      in the USA.
                 This Friday we are          who want to investigate engineering as
                 very fortunate to be                                                       The BHP Billiton Science Awards are
                                             a career choice or try experiments in
                 receiving a visit from                                                     a partnership between BHP Billiton,
                                             Physics or Chemistry that are not possible
                 Victorian novelist, Scot                                                   the world’s largest diversified resources
                                             at school and that apply to respected and
                 Gardner. The author of                                                     company, CSIRO, Australia’s premier
                 seven books for young       stimulating professions. The project also
                                                                                            scientific research organisation and the
                 adults, he promises to      provides a challenging and fun time, and
                                                                                            Australian Science Teachers Association
                 be highly entertaining      an opportunity to meet students from
                 and thought-provoking.      across the South Queensland Region with
                                             similar interests. The dates for the project   NatiONaL yOutH SCiENCE
A former truck driver, delivery person,
landscape gardener, professional             are from Tuesday 1 July to Friday 4 July.      FOruM
musician, masseur, waiter, counsellor,       Enrolments close at the end of May.            Year 11 science students who have
program developer, teacher, webmaster,                                                      their sights set on a future in science,
                                             BHP BiLLitON SCiENCE
group facilitator, consultant, and youth                                                    engineering or related disciplines are
worker, he has drawn on this wealth                                                         encouraged to apply to be a part of the
of experience to write gritty, real-life     St Peters students are invited to enter
                                                                                            National Youth Science Forum held in
novels which young people can really         Australia’s most prestigious science
                                                                                            Canberra in January 2009.
relate to.                                   awards, the BHP Billiton Science Awards.
                                             These awards reward young people               If students are interested in the above
Some of our Junior High English classes
                                             who have undertaken practical research         activities, please contact David Haliczer in
will be attending a talk by Scot on Friday
in the Senior School Resource Centre.        projects that demonstrate innovative           the science staffroom on 3377 6549 or by
                                             investigative approaches using scientific      email .
Courier-Mail young reviewer
                                             methods. To be eligible students must          David Haliczer
                                             either:                                        Head of Science
The Children's Book Council of
Australia (CBCA) 2008 Book of the            •	 submit a project based on their own
Year shortlist has just been announced,      experimental data into the experiment,           WiNtEr uNiFOrM
and the Courier-Mail now seeks reviews       research or investigation                        On Monday 5 May, the school blazer is
by Queensland school students of a
                                             •	 successfully complete a science project       to be worn each day with the formal
selection of books from the list. The
                                             in the Blue, Silver or Gold category of the      uniform. The uniform requirements are
awards promote reading and writing
                                             CSIRO CREST Awards (Science)                     listed in the Parent Handbook on the
by seeking intelligent, informed reviews
                                                                                              Parent Portal as well as written in the
of books in the younger readers, older       The BHP Billiton Science Awards                  Years 8–12 Student Diary. Please take
readers and picture books sections of        are open to all Australian permanent             the time to read these requirements
the CBCA shortlist.                          residents enrolled full time in primary or       and ensure that your student is dressed
If you would like to be eligible to win up   secondary schools.                               appropriately.
to $1500 worth of books, go to http://
reviewers/award08.htm for the review
booklist and the official entry form.          Boarders Rise Early to Attend the Dawn Service at Anzac Square
A selection of reviews will be published       Twenty-five Boarders along with six staff
in The Courier-Mail Headstart section          members attended the dawn service
on August 12, and the winners will be          at Anzac Square in Brisbane. Also in
announced and presentations made on            attendance was John Smith, the father of
Saturday, August 16, as part of Children's     Hugh Smith in Year 11, who was visiting
Book Week. The deadline for reviews is         from the Solomon Islands. John has
Friday, 25 July.                               served in the Army for 24 years and is
                                               currently in the Army Reserve. It was
2008 young aussie Writers’                     nice to have him and his daughter Chloe
award                                          with us. Afterwards, we all went to Mt
If creative writing is more your style         Coot-tha to watch the sunrise. While at
then you could submit stories, articles,       Mt Coot-tha we were entertained by a
song lyrics, plays, reports, comics,           lovely gentleman playing the bagpipes.
cartoons or poems to the YAWA’s. For           After Mt Coot-tha we had breakfast
more information and entry forms go to         at Park Road. It was a special morning           for everyone and we look forward to
magazines/yawa.asp                             attending again next year.

                                                                                             the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 9
Sport, Arts and Culture
SPORTING TOUR TO MELBOURNE                                                               tHE MaGNFiCiENt MaddiES
                                                                                         Congratulations to the 16 students who
                                                                                         represented St Peters Lutheran College in
                                                                                         the Rostrum Public Speaking competition
                                                                                         heats on Saturday and Sunday at Gardens
                                                                                         Point QUT campus. All acquitted
                                                                                         themselves well and learnt a great deal
                                                                                         from their experience.
                                                                                         Well done to Maddie King (Senior) and
                                                                                         Maddie Riachi (Junior) who placed first in
                                                                                         their heats and now progress to the next
                                                                                         round on 10 May. Daniel Roe (Senior),
                                                                                         Cameron Griffiths (Junior) and Nick
                                                                                         Mayer (Junior) also spoke brilliantly and
                                                                                         achieved second place in their respective
                                                                                         Hopefully, they are all inspired to
                                                                                         continue the public speaking journey
                                                                                         and we can have supporters listening to
                                                                                         the two Maddies at Gardens Point QUT
                                                                                         10am on 10 May.
                                                                                         Peter Waterman
From page 1 . . .                            the Melbourne Victory’s training centre).
Four very strong schools were chosen         The boys also attended the Collingwood      triatHLON triuMPH
to ensure effective preparation for the      v Carlton match at the MCG in front of                    Year 11 Student,
boys’ development in both sports. The        80,000 people.                                            Taylor Woods,
following results were recorded:             Overall, this was a tremendous tour                       recently competed
                                             providing many opportunities for the                      in the Australian
St Kevin’s (current Melbourne Premiers)                                                                Schools Triathlon
Soccer – 2-2 draw; Rugby – 5-5 draw          boys. The boys are certainly a tighter
                                             and more structured squad as a result                     Championship
Melbourne Grammar                            of the experience. All of the boys were                   in Davenport,
Soccer – 3-3 draw; Rugby – 26-7 win          extremely well behaved, organised and                     Tasmania.
Geelong Grammar                              regularly responsible for many of the       In the intermediate age group, Taylor
Soccer – 1-0 win; Rugby – training session   duties required while away. They were       completed the 600m swim, 16 km cycle,
                                             not only excellent ambassadors for the      and 4 km run in an outstanding 49
Trinity Grammar
                                             school, but also for their sports.          minutes, 52 seconds placing second and
Soccer – 2-1 win; Rugby – 65–0 win
                                             The boys would appreciate as many           less than 20 seconds behind the winner.
These were very pleasing results against
                                             supporters as possible to their games to    The following day Taylor competed as a
quality opposition schools. The boys
                                             acknowledge the effort they have put        members of the Queensland team in the
worked closely to implement their
                                             into this pre-season preparation. I am      team event, where the Queensland team
coaches’ game plan. As part of the
                                             extremely proud of each and every one       and Taylor won their division.
experience, the boys were also treated to
                                             of the boys and wish them all the very
an informative tour around each of the
                                             best for the season and for their general
schools prior to the games, allowing the
students to experience the significant
history associated with such schools.
In addition, students trained and had                     GEt tHE rOCK EMaiLEd tO yOu
recovery sessions in locations such
as Albert Park and St Kilda Beach.                        This reduces printing costs and helps save
To reinforce their awareness of the                                   the environment.
professionalism and history of sport in
this country, the boys were treated to             The Rock is also available on the St Peters website.
tours of the MCG, the newly opened
National Sports Museum, the Rod
                                                       Please email
Laver Arena and the Lexus Centre (Vic                                    to request this option.
Institute of Sport, Collingwood FC and

the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 10
what’s on . . . from page 1                Impressive Instrumental Performances
SuNday 4 May
Boarder Visiting W’end (continues)
Yr 8 Production camp continues
Brookfield QCCC
MONday 5 May Labour Day
Term 2-Week 3(A) of 9
Academic Week
3:00pm | Chorale Camp returns | Camp
5:00pm | Yr 8 Production camp returns
Brookfield QCCC
                                           A large and appreciative audience was           The Sculthorpe Strings and Junior High
Boarder Visiting/Exeat W’end (concludes)
                                           treated to a wonderful concert in the           Strings combined to give their first
tuESday 6 May                              Chapel on Friday night. Mr Kerry                performance under Cherie Deacon’s
9:00am | Vaccinations-Hep B Dose 1 &       Jacobsen’s Percussion ensembles, Mr             direction. The combined groups
Boostrix Yr 8/Boostrix Yr10                Mark Pradella’s Wind ensemble, Mrs              produced a very pleasing and rich tone.
10:00am - 2:00pm | Lutheran Schools        Cherie Deacon’s Sculthorpe and Junior           These groups are clearly fostering the
Cross Country Carnival Yrs 8-12            High Strings and Mr David Maddick’s             development of fine string ensemble
8-12 | Limestone Park                      Symphonic Orchestra demonstrated their          playing.
10:15am 2:00pm | Theatre Trip “The         great progress and musical achievements
Summer of the 17th Doll” Yr 10 & 11
                                                                                           The Symphonic Orchestra, directed by
                                           made in just one term.                          David Maddick presented the Finale
Drama 10&11 La Boite Theatre
2:30pm - 8:00pm | Yr 8 Production-Day      The performance by the Intermediate             of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and a
Camp | Chapel                              Percussion Ensemble was highly                  work called Hatikvah – The Hope,
3:30pm - 7:30pm |Parent Teacher            entertaining and provided an indication         which is based on the Israeli National
Interviews Yrs 8 9 & 10                    of the very exciting program in store for       Anthem. This is a very stirring work and
                                           the College’s percussion department             highlighted the many talented musicians
WEdNESday 7 May                            under Kerry Jacobson’s direction. The           in the orchestra.
8:15am - 5:00pm | Yr 8 Production-Day      Senior Percussion Ensemble performance
Camp                                                                                       The performing students and their
                                           was most impressive, as they performed a        conductors should be commended for
8:30am - 12:00pm | Channel 7 Weather-      very rhythmically challenging work.
Helicopter visit | Middle Schl Oval                                                        their tremendous efforts this term and
8:45am - 9:15am| Mothers Day Chapel        The Wind Ensemble presented a very              for being able to produce such amazing
Service | Chapel                           enthusiastic and spirited performance, yet      performances in just one term!
11:09am - 12:45pm | Workshop Zen Zen       also demonstrated their ability to perform      Bravo!
Zo Mrs Mecklem’s Yr 11 Drama class         very challenging music. It was great to see
5:30pm | Foundation Directors Meeting      these young musicians obviously having
Café 45 Common Rm                          fun and enjoying their music making             Caroline Duffus
6:30pm | Foundation Annual General         under Mark Pradella’s direction.
Meeting | Café 45 Common Room
7:00pm - 8:30pm | Ironbark Parent
Information Evening Yrs 9 EFG & H            New Music Staff member - Mark Pradella
Chapel                                                     Mark has just completed his first term at St Peters. We are pleased to
                                                           welcome him into the Music Department as Head of Woodwind and to tell
tHurSday 8 May                                             parents a little of his background.
Vicki Wilson Cup Primary competition
Year 7                                                      Mark Pradella has performed with some of Australia’s music giants including
                                                            James Morrison, Tommy Emanuel, Australian Idol Band, Kate Ceberano,
8:10am - 3:04pm | Community Focus Day
                                                            Tina Arena and Taxi Ride, to name a few. He has also performed with
                                             internationally acclaimed stars such as Richie Cole, Grace Knight, Darryl Braithwaite and
8.00am - 3.00pm | Boating #3 Excursion       Blues Brothers Revival. Mark has a Diploma, two Graduate Diplomas and an LMUSA. After
Mr Bowketts’s Marine Studies Class Year      lecturing in colleges and performing arts centres across Queensland and New South Wales
12 | Wellington Point Jetty                  he joined the RAAF Air Command Band 1996-2003 at Richmond Airbase in Sydney. In
8:10am - 3:04pm | Ipswich Show Day-          this role he was not just as a musician, but also trained in combat and as a firefighter. He
Springfield Campus Closed                    served in East Timor and Iraq. He has performed in Queensland Symphony, Pops Orchestra,
6:00pm - 9:30PM | Brightest and Best         classical ensembles, jazz and pop groups, as well as recording work. He leads a 12 piece
Rehearsal | Chapel                           corporate band ‘Sould Out’ which has performed at numerous public events including River

                                                                                           the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 11

 When       Wednesday14 May 2008
 Where      College Chapel
            St Peters Lutheran College - indooroopilly
 6.45pm     Parents’ Only Forum: Mr David Radke, Campus
            Principal to lead discussion on parent communication         featuring

            and involvement including the re-evaluation of the           Noel Pearson
                                                                         St Peters Old Scholar
            St Peters Lutheran College Parents and Friends               Activist
 7.30pm     Key address: Mr Noel Pearson
                                                                    Noel Pearson was born in Cooktown and grew up at Hope Vale Lutheran
 8.00pm     St Peters Indigenous Education Program discussion       Mission on south-east Cape York Peninsula. He attended St Peters Lutheran
                                                                    College as a boarder and went on to study law and history at the University
 8.30pm     Light refreshments                                      of Sydney.

 rSVP by Friday 9 May 2008 to:                                      Following the Parents’ Forum, Mr Pearson and other community
 Kristen Holmes, Community Support Officer                          representatives will lead a discussion on indigenous education, challenges for
 Ph: 07 3377 6567 or                                                the education sector in this area and St Peters indigenous education program.
                                                                                                 AN INITIATIVE OF THE ST PETERS COMMUNITY SUPPORT PROGRAM

 Marist College Rosalie Old Boys’
 The Rosa Old Boys’ Association is currently undertaking an
 audit of the rich history of Marist College Rosalie. If you have
 a video, picture or a story to tell please email it into to feature on our website. The
 association wishes to capture our rich history on our
 website for all to view.
                                                                         Term 2 Enrolments are being taken now.
 If you are a Facebook user please log onto the groups                   Call Andrew (St Peters new program director) on 0403 128
 section and join the official Rosa group “Rosa Old Boys”. This          235 to enrol in the Ace Tennis Australia program or register
 is an interactive way to stay involved with your fellow Rosa            for your free trial lesson.
 friends.                                                                                                     Free Racquet offer is valid for NEW Term 2
                                                                                                              Students enrolled by 09/05/08

the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 12
                              Sports Bulletin Years 8 -12 Boys
                                                            Head of Boys Sport, Paul Treschman P. 07 3377 6217 E.

rOuNd 1 St PEtErS V Padua COLLEGE                                       tErM 2 traiNiNG SESSiONS
3 May 2008                                                              rugby:
ruGBy (aWay)                                                            Tuesday - 1st’s, 2nd’s & 16’s - Mayer Oval
time                  rugby 1                   rugby 2                            - 13’s, 14’s & 15’s - Indooroopilly SHS
10:00am                                         13B
                                                                        Wednesday - 1st’s - Mayer Oval (Field 2)
11:00am               13A                       14B
                                                                        Thursday - 1st’s, Opens and 16’s - Mayer Oval
12:00pm               14A                       15B
1:00pm                15A                                                          - 15’s, 14’s and 13’s - Indooroopilly SHS
2:00pm                2nd’s                     16A                     Soccer:
3:15pm                1st’s
                                                                        Tuesday and Thursday - 1st’s - Middle School Oval
rugby Venue:
                                                                                             - 16’s & Opens - Stolz
Padua Playing Fields - 222 Elliott Rd, Banyo
                                                                        Monday and Wednesday -15’s - Mon (Indooroopilly SHS) & Wed
All boys should arrive 1hr before their match                           (Middle School Oval)
                                                                        Monday and Wednesday -14’s - Stolz
SOCCEr (aWay)                                                                                - 13’s - Indooroopilly S.H.S
Soccer 1                Soccer 2                Soccer 3                Cross Country:
8:30am      14A         8:30am     13A          8:30am     13B          Monday and Wednesday mornings from 6:15-7:30am. Students are to
9:45am      15A         9:45am     14B          9:30am     13C          meet on Stolz Oval. Any student who wants to improve their fitness
11:00am     16A                                                         or make the school Cross Country team needs to be attending these
12:15pm     2nd’s       11:45am    15B                                  sessions.
2:00pm      1st’s       1:45pm     3rd’s
Soccer Venues:
                                                                        Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons from 3:15 – 4:30pm and Thursday
Padua Playing Fields - 222 Elliott Rd, Banyo                            lunchtime. All sessions are in B2.
All boys should arrive 45 mins before their match                       SPOrtS CaPtaiNS
                                                                        A few omissions were made to the last article on Sports Captains.
CHESS                                                                   These include:
Match v Padua on Friday 2 May in the Senior School Study Centre         Sailing: James Dahl (c); Chloe Douglas (vc)
from 4:00-6:00pm.                                                       Cross Country: Taylor Woods (co vc)

  Sporting information: The St Peters website has all relevant sporting information (trainings, matches, venues, specific requirements and
  results) and can be viewed on the portals under the Boys Sport link.

                                                                                                  the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 13
Sports Bulletin Years 8 - 12 Girls
Head of Girls Sport, Jenni Gagen P. 07 3377 6218 E.

St HiLda’S SCHOOL OrdEr OF PLay V St                                              CrOSS COuNtry CaLENdar
PEtEr’S LutHEraN SCHOOL                                                           WEEK 3       Tuesday 6 May           Inter-Lutheran Cross   Limestone
                                                                                                                       Country (selected      Park SPLC
Round 4, Friday 2 May 2008                                                                                             students only)
                                                                                               Wednesday 7 May         QGSSSA Cross           Limestone
                                                                                                                       Country Meet           Park IGGS
                                                                                               Saturday 10 May         QGSSSA Cross           Victoria Park
Coordinator: David Rushmore ph 3377 6256/0421 796 7
                                                                                                                       Country Relay Meet     BGGS
Venues: 16 St Hilda’s Sports Complex - Whitby St, Southport (UBD 29 C13)
           TSS Centenary Centre - Winchester St, Southport (UBD 29 F19)
                                                                                  Girls selected in the Inter-Lutherans Team will be listed outside Sports
Transport: Buses will leave at 2.30 and will return at the end of the last game   House on Thursday. A meeting for all team members will be held at
(approx 7.15pm)                                                                   morning tea on Friday outside Sports House.
tiME       St Hilda’s Sports          the Southport School Centenary              Girls interested in attending the QGSSSA Cross Country Meets
           Complex,                   Centre                                      must meet with Mrs Gagen and Miss O’Neill on Wednesday 7 May in
           Indoor                     CT 1       Ct 2       CT 3                  SN4 to confirm travel details. More information about these events
4.00pm     9A                         Open       8A         9B                    appears on the Portals – Girls Sport Yrs 8-12, Cross Country.
5.00pm     10A                        Sen A      10B

                                                                                  MEt WESt BaSKEtBaLL GirLS
                                                                                  Congratulations to our five open girls basketball players who have
Coordinator: Mark Manson ph 3377 6568/0404 801 306
                                                                                  made the Met West U/18 team. The following girls will be heading
Venue: Owen Park Touch Association Queen St, Southport (UBD 29 C13)               off to Toowoomba from the 31 July to the 3 August: Olivia Schultz,
transport: Buses will leave at 2.30 and will return at the end of the last game   Sigourney Thompson, Cate Meehan, Sam Woolard and Kaitlin Cole.
(approx 7.15pm)

 tiME        FiELd 1      FiELd 2        FiELd 3      FiELd 4      FiELd 5        NEtBaLL – PrE-SEaSON traiNiNG
4.10pm       Senior A     8A             8B           9A           9B             Open Squad - Girls interested in playing in the open netball team
5.00pm       Open         Senior B                    10A          10B            must attend a Open Squad Trial Wednesday 7 May 3.30-5.00pm. If
                                                                                  necessary a second trial will be held Thursday am or pm.
SOCCEr                                                                            Year 8, 9, 10 and Senior Squads – Girls interested in playing in these
Coordinator: Susannah O’Neill ph 3377 6297/0405 000 311                           teams will need to attend pre-season trials starting in Week 4 on
Venue: Coomera Soccer Club,Viney Park Yaun St, Coomera (UBD 6 R9)                 Tuesday mornings 6.30-7.30am and/or Thursday 3.30-5.00pm.
Transport: Buses will leave at 2.30 and will return at the end of the last game
(approx 6.15pm)
tiME        Field 1                  Field 2           Field 3                    See Portals for all training times and
4.00pm      OPEN                     Senior A          Junior
                                                                                  game time details.

the rock 1 May 2008 | Page 14
                                                           Sports Bulletin Primary
                                                                      Head of Primary Sport, Bewn Gates P. 07 3377 6584 E.

rOuNd 2, Saturday 3 MAY 2008
JuNiOr taS FixturES
                                     year 7           year 7 White
    year 5           year 6
                                  Maroon (7.1)            (7.2)
      Vs              Vs          Vs Rivermount       Vs Rivermount
  Rivermount      Rivermount           (7.1)               (7.2)
   Court #5        Court #5         Court #5            Court #5
   11:00am         10:00am           8:00am              9:00am
#All Netball games will be played at the Cannon Hill Netball
Association courts on Wynnum Rd at Cannon Hill.

 yEar 5        year 5/6                      year 7
               HOME                          HOME
                                             vs Redeemer Lutheran
               vs The Springfield College
               Mayer Oval #2                 Mayer Oval #1
               Harts Rd, Indooroopilly       Harts Rd, Indooroopilly
               UBD Map: 178 Ref: P7          UBD Map: 178 Ref: P7
               8:00am                        8:00am

*Please be at all games at least 20-30mins prior to starting time.
Yr 4-7 Inter-House Cross Country Carnival: Friday 2nd May (1:30pm
– 3:00pm)
Thankyou to all the parents who came out to support the
Prep – Year 3 Cross Country runners on Tuesday. It was an enjoyable
traiNiNG tiMES
Junior TAS Rugby & Netball: Every Wednesday 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Cross Country:      Monday 3:15pm – 4:00pm
                              Wednesday 7:00am – 7:45am
                              Friday Lunchtime 12:45pm – 1:15pm

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HEad OF COLLEGE                                     Reception                                Administrative Assistant                                    Junior School Coordinator/
Mr Stephen Rudolph                                  Jenny Harding                            Jane Corrie                                                 Music Theory
Phone: 3377 6231                                    Phone: 3377 6266                         Phone: 3377 6103                                            Liz Garrett: 3377 6557,                                     
iNdOOrOOPiLLy PriNCiPaL                             Head of Junior High                      rESurrECtiON                                                SPOrt CONtaCtS
& dirECtOr OF BOardiNG                              Mrs Lisa Delaney                         CONGrEGatiON                                                Head of Boys’ Sport
Mr David Radke                                      Phone: 3377 6225                         Phone: 3377 6244                                            (Years 8–12 AIC)
Phone: 3377 6507                                                             Mr Paul Treschman                                                                                                                              Phone: 3377 6217
                                                    Reception                                COuNSELLiNG
                                                                                                                                                         Mobile: 0434 072 059
rECEPtiON –                                         Alison Arnold                            Head of Counselling
LutHEr HOuSE                                        Phone: 3377 6503                         Mr Michael Greenslade
Mrs Lin Machura/ Veronica Meulman                      Phone: 3377 6237                                            Head of Girls’ Sport
Phone: 3377 6222                                                                                               (Years 8–12 QGSSSA)
                                                    SENiOr SCHOOL CONtaCtS
Fax: 3371 9743                                                                                                                                           Mrs Jenni Gagen
                                                    Acting Head of Senior School             Mrs Sharon Terris
                                                                                                                                                         Phone: 3377 6218
StudENt attENdaNCE                                  Mrs Lisa Delaney                         Phone: 3377 6519
                                                                                                                                                         Mobile: 0410 412 403
OFFiCErS                                            Phone: 3377 6225               
years 10 – 12                             
                                                                                             Mrs Ruth Strelan
Mrs Alex Rice/Mrs Sharman Bolton                                                                                                                         Head of Primary Sport
                                                    PA to Head of Senior School              Phone: 3377 6282
Phone: 3377 6562                                                                                                                                         (Years 4–7 JTAS)
                                                    Sharman Bolton                                                                                                                                            Mr Ben Gates
                                                    Phone: 3377 6507
                                                                                             Ms Judy Donaldson                                 
years 5 – 9                               
                                                                                             Phone: 3377 6526                                            Phone: 3377 6584
Mrs Vivienne Kennedy
                                                    CurriCuLuM                                                  Mobile: 0437 934 579
Phone: 3377 6266
                                                    Head of Curriculum & Pedagogy                                                                dirECtOr OF StudENt                                         Sports House
                                                    Shane Jurecky
                                                                                             aCtiVitiES P–12                                             Phone: 3377 6517
Junior School attendance.                           Phone: 3377 6504
                                                                                             Mr Alan Denham                                              Fax: 3377 6258
Phone: 3377 6250                          
                                                                                             Phone: 3377 6524
JuNiOr SCHOOL CONtaCtS                              Director of Studies                      Fax: 3371 9743
                                                                                                                                                         Boys Boarding Reception
Junior School Reception                             Simeon Milner                            Mobile: 0403 348469
                                                                                                                                                         Phone: 3377 6100
Michelle Overell                                    Phone: 3377 6286               
3377 6250                                                                                                          Coordinator of Boys Boarding
                                                                                             MuSiC CONtaCtS                                                                                                                            Mr Ken Schultz
                                                    Director of Senior Studies /             Director of Music/Chorale
                                                                                                                                                         Phone: 3377 6111
Head of Junior School                               IB Co-ordinator                          Graeme Morton
Kathy Close                                         Jenni Winn                               Phone: 3377 6279
Phone: 3377 6529                                    Phone: 3377 6249                                               Girls Boarding Reception                                                                                          Phone: 3377 6900
Coordinator of Preparatory Centre                   Director of Curriculum Prep - Year 9     David Maddick                                               Coordinator of Girls Boarding
Justine Bryant                                      Melissa Deacon                           Phone. 3377 6530                                            Mrs Kim Holman
Phone: 3377 6250                                    Phone: 3377 6558                                              Phone: 3377 6911                                                                             
Outside School Hours                                Career Counsellor                        Cherie Deacon                                               irONBarK
Care Supervisor                                     Pauline Burke                            Phone. 3377 6530                                            Director
Phone: 3377 6533                                    Phone: 3377 6518                                               Mr Matthew Sullivan
MiddLE SCHOOL/JuNiOr                                                                         Woodwind/Wind Ensemble
                                                                                                                                                         Phone: 4698 1171
HiGH CONtaCtS                                       CHaPLaiNS                                Mark Pradella
                                                                                                                                                         Fax: 4698 1784
Head of Middle School                               Senior Chaplain                          Phone. 3377 6532
                                                                                                                                                         PO Box 27, Crows Nest, 4355
Wayne Gauld                                         Dr David Stolz (p/t)           
Phone: 3377 6552                                    Phone: 3377 6247                                                                                     Chaplain
                                                                                             Brass/Bands                                                                                         Pastor Frank Rasenberger (p/t)
                                                                                             Grant Mason
                                                                                                                                                         Phone: 4698 1309
PA to Head of Middle School &                       Pastor Jim Bryan (p/t)                   Phone. 3377 6554
Junior High                                         Phone: 3377 6244               
Lorraine Christensen                      
Phone: 3377 6269
                                                    Chaplain Kirstin Munchenberg             Kerry Jacobson
                                                    Phone: 3377 6265                         Phone: 3377 6207

                  2008 St Peters Ball, hosted by the St Peters Lutheran College Foundation
                                                                                                   Black Tie

              St Peters Ball                                                                       $160 per ticket (Tables of ten available)
                                                                                                   Includes pre-ball canapes, three course meal, all drinks, entertainment, lucky door prizes and lots more.

                                                                                                   Sponsorship opportunities available
                                                                                                   BOOK NOW
                 Saturday, 24 May 2008 - 6.30pm til late! Royal on the Park                        Rebecca Cobon: 07 3377 6270, e-mail

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