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									                              Queen Mary, University of London
                     College Audio Visual Service Summary – Mile End

Audio visual and room booking services are managed by Teaching Facilities Section of the Estates
Department. Services and equipment currently supplied at Mile End are listed below.
Supplied as standard in all centrally booked teaching rooms:
     White/blackboard, erasers, chalk and pens                         Overhead projector, plus pens
Supplied on request to centrally) booked teaching rooms *where not permanently fitted:
     Flipchart easel, pad and pens                                    Audio playback (cassette, CD)
     35mm slide projection*                                           Stick or laser pointer
     Video playback* (VHS/S-VHS)                                      16mm ciné projection
     DVD* playback                                                    Visualiser
     Data* projection                                                 Short-term loan of portable equipment for
     Voice enhancement* (microphone etc)                               on/off-site use (where available)
* This equipment is supplied in certain rooms – please ask for an up-to-date list.

Other AV related services and equipment supplied by prior arrangement (where available):
     Delivery and collection of audio visual equipment to rooms which are not centrally booked.
     Attended support of lectures requiring an operator or technician throughout.
     Supply of equipment and services outside core teaching hours. Overtime costs will be charged.
     In house maintenance of College departmental AV equipment. Spare parts costs will be charged.
     Advice, guidance and training in the use of audio visual equipment.
     Advice on specification, purchase and installation of equipment in departmental rooms.
     Off-air recording of broadcast material for educational purposes only.
     Video recording of lectures or events, editing of video recordings.
     Live video or audio links between centrally booked rooms.

Bookings and security of equipment – your responsibilities
     Request AV equipment, preferably via emailed booking form, at least 3 days in advance, stating:
         i.   Date(s), start & finish times and room where the equipment is required.
         ii. Details of audio visual equipment or services required that are not automatically supplied
             to all centrally booked teaching rooms (see above).
     Ensure you are available to receive equipment from five minutes to the hour, and that it is not left
      unattended until it has been collected. AV staff do not have immediate access to keys for
      teaching rooms and have been instructed not to leave portable equipment unattended.
     Ensure equipment is available for collection by five minutes to the hour, or agree alternative
      arrangements in advance.
     In the case of any problems with supplied equipment (ie, equipment fails to work or has not been
      supplied within five minutes of the time booked), please call extension 13-3190, or if no answer,
      extension 13-7885. AV staff are supplied with mobile telephones and will resolve problems at the
      time wherever possible, to ensure that scheduled teaching can be delivered.

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Queen Mary, University of London

Audio Visual Service
Bookings and security of equipment – Teaching Facilities responsibilities
     The Room Bookings and AV staff will check emails at least once daily. Requests are forwarded
      by email daily. Bookings and technical staff will endeavour to respond to lead times of less than
      three days, however problems may arise as:
         i.   There may be insufficient equipment at one site and therefore a loan from another site
              may have to be arranged.
         ii. During quiet periods, technicians are assigned to maintenance and training duties
             according to demand and as such there may not be enough staff to deal with the request.
         iii. Booking details may need to be telephoned between offices, which may result in error.
     As most teaching starts on the hour, Teaching Facilities will schedule collections and deliveries
      for completion between five minutes to and five minutes past the hour.
     Provide emergency support information in all centrally booked teaching rooms.
Please let us know if you have any comments on the AV service, or if any equipment fails to arrive as
requested, or to work as expected - particularly if we have not been able to resolve the issue to your
satisfaction immediately. In the first instance, we suggest you contact the Senior Audio Visual
Technician (complaints and comments will be recorded and monitored by management.)
If you are not content with the solution offered, please contact the Head of Teaching RoomFacilities.

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