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                      CONNECTING WITH JAPAN


Venture capital is high risk funding that meets the needs of advanced technology and
entrepreneurial development. The risk is high because the technology or idea is
generally new and essentially unapplied. Risk is offset by the chance of high
investment returns. Venture capital is rapidly playing a major role in the advanced
technology and ideas revolution that every day is gaining pace across the economy.


AJ Venture Capital Services has been established to connect new or prospective
businesses that have a requirement for Japanese venture capital with Japanese
providers of venture capital. The Japanese venture capital scene is little understood
but is now developing rapidly in and outside Japan. It offers opportunities to those
seeking financing and markets for advanced technology and ideas.

To develop a profile and engender business connections with Japan correctly and
without frustration, you may like to consider the capabilities of AJ Venture Capital
Services. We can assist you to establish your Japanese venture capital links while
bridging the business gap and clarifying the variations in operational and cultural
approach to business development and problem solving.


This brochure provides detail on AJ Venture Capital Services for interested
technology providers and entrepreneurs.

It looks at ‘Why Japan?’ our Suite of Services and our Approach and Partners.

Having read this brochure, we would be pleased if you contact any of our Sydney or
Melbourne based partners. They are available on:

                             Tel:              Fax:                 Email
 David Jacobs          +61 2 92248966   +61 2 92259092
 Bradley Treadwell     +61 3 96539502   +61 3 86602019
 Stephen Winter        +61 3 98231475   +61 3 98279899


                                 WHY JAPAN?
Why consider linking your business or technology with Japanese venture and
development capital?

   •   Japan is a major world economy, second only to the United States with a
       growing venture and development capital sector that is interested in
       opportunities both domestically and overseas.
   •   Japan is an enthusiastic market for advanced technology and ideas. Japan’s
       growth has been built on human capital and this situation will continue. Its
       requirement for technology and intellectual property is not confined to
       targeting its domestic market. Japanese manufacturers and service providers
       have penetrated global markets. This too can provide a springboard for your
       technology or service.
   •   Japan is enthusiastic about introducing advanced technology and ideas from
       overseas. The need for Japan to pursue significant restructuring is accentuating
       its requirement for know-how and technologies from overseas.
   •   Japan has been lagging the US in the venture capital and technology uptake
       cycle. However Japan is now entering a period of rapid catch-up. Japan is
       poised to follow a similar path as the US moves on to the characteristics of its
       next phase, albeit with customary Japanese variation.

In sum, where a business has:

   •   advanced technology or ideas to sell, license or otherwise commercialize and
       which have a potential in a market half the size of the US;
   •   advanced technology or ideas which have a capability to utilize Japanese
       distribution systems or Japanese corporations’ end users in global markets; and

is seeking venture capital, approaches to sources of Japanese venture funds and
Japanese investors can offer an attractive prospect.

Venture capital makes a major contribution to funding of advanced technology and
ideas based businesses. Japan is following the United States where around half of
venture capital commitments is directed at companies engaged in the Internet,
particularly in the areas of e-commerce and Internet content but also in software,
services, communications, infrastructure and hardware.

Other sectors such as medical/heath, semiconductors and electronics, biotechnology
and energy are receiving venture capital. Japan is building a base of venture capital
businesses and a capability to finance advanced technology and ideas opportunities.

                     OUR SUITE OF SERVICES

Core Services

AJ Venture Capital Services has demonstrated abilities in:

•   Facilitating enterprise introduction to Japanese financiers or investment
    partners. We have a range of contacts who are themselves potential partners or
    whom we can use for the identification of partners and the arrangement of
•   Participation in negotiations and advice on how to best satisfy your objective.
•   Monitoring specific industries and companies in key sectors. We can monitor
    your market, your competitors or your potential partners and provide you with
    updates at a frequency you require.
•   Identifying advanced technology and venture idea opportunities in Japan.
•   Providing research of specific advanced technology and venture opportunity
    markets in accordance with your requirements. We work with Japanese
    contacts and with Japanese and English language materials.
•   Assisting in the preparation of suitable Japanese venture promotion, marketing
    or other material.

Supporting Services

AJ Venture Capital Services are aware that clients who have interest in the
Japanese venture market may have requirements for which they need additional
assistance. Examples include:

•   Developing business plans to enter the Japanese market, which are customized
    to your requirements. For example plans may include an overview of
    competitor technologies in the market, a detailed market assessment, a
    marketing plan, a strategic plan or a business implementation plan.
•   Assisting in developing financing packages in liaison with Japanese venture
    capital by working with your firm’s advisers and financiers both here and in
    Japan to facilitate financing arrangements.
•   Assisting with legal and accounting arrangements relating to Japan by working
    with your firm’s business service providers both here and in Japan to achieve
    your outcomes.
•   Assisting with arrangements for physical establishment in Japan. These
    arrangements may be office establishment or other matters where AJ Venture
    Capital Services can employ our knowledge and contacts to facilitate your
    presence in Japan.

In relation to the above core and supporting services, AJ Venture Capital Services
will tailor our assistance to meet your requirements and circumstances.

                                    OUR APPROACH

Close Client Relationship

AJ Venture Capital Services works closely with client management in identifying and
progressing your Japan venture connection. Clients should be aware that the venture
capital providers have preferences for types and stages of business investment and for
performance of review or due diligence.


AJ Venture Capital Services is an independent advisory network that is not affiliated
with any venture capital provider.

Fee Structure

AJ Venture Capital Services operates under a fee structure that is always comprised of
a retainer or project fee with additional options available.


The Partners of AJ Venture Capital Services are Japan specialist companies in Sydney
and Melbourne Australia. All three principals of these companies have lived and
worked at times over the past 30 years in Japan. They each bring different and
complementary perspectives.

   •   David Jacobs has consulted to a broad range of Australian manufacturing and service sector
       based companies and Japanese Government, corporate and industry organizations over the last
       eleven years. His wide Japanese contact network has as its basis a period of ten years when he
       was retained by the Japanese Government to head a bilateral economic advisory organization.
       David operates the Japan specialist advisory service The Australia–Japan Link.

   •   Bradley Treadwell specializes in the Asia Pacific financial services sector. With specialist skills
       and understanding of the Japanese financial services sector and more broadly, Bradley assists
       clients with strategy and business development in the Asia Pacific region. With more than 20
       years working in Asia and particularly Japan, Bradley’s specialist knowledge provides an in-
       depth understanding of the cultural and business environments of the region.

   •   Stephen Winter provides a corporate perspective from working at senior level in North Asia in
       the area of business development, evaluation, planning and strategy with two major Australian
       multi-nationals companies over 20 years. Stephen Winter & Associates provides consultancy
       services in these areas with particular attention to Japan. Stephen also operates CJK Net Search
       that is an Internet based Japanese language information search and retrieval service.


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