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					                     MSG PROGRAMME STATUS

                        Presentation to the GIST-25 meeting

23-25 October 2006                                            Page 1
                             MSG-1 satellite
        • One failure occurred in May 2006 on a “breaker” (Latch
          Current Limiter) inside the MSG-1 power supply
          subsystem. The on-going investigation does not currently
          point towards a design flaw.
        • The consequence of this failure is that the nominal path for
          controlling the attitude/orbit of MSG-1 is lost, and the
          redundant path has to be used.
        • 26 September 2006 the main platform software crashed
          resulting in the shut down of all payloads. The failure was
          attributed to a single event upset (SEU) and caused no
          permanent damage to the platform.

23-25 October 2006                                                       Page 2
                            MSG-2 satellite

       • MSG-2 satellite and system commissioning was completed in
         July 2006. The MSG-2 satellite has been relocated during July
         to 0 deg longitude.
       • One important issue out of the commissioning phase: “Stripes
         in images derived form the SEVIRI WV6.2 channel” . The
         reason is associated with the noise pattern of the detectors,
         although the noise at channel level is in spec. Met Products at
         pixels level are affected - no technical issues have been
         identified for GERB. Investigations are on-going in order to
         mitigate this anomaly (by ground SW and on board

23-25 October 2006                                                   Page 3
                             MSG-2 satellite

       • For the time being MSG-1 remains the prime imagery
         spacecraft. In March 2006, the MSG-2 Image & Product
         Validation Review (IPVR) will take place. After this review,
         EUMETSAT will decide whether MSG-2 becomes the primary
         operational satellite.
       • MSG-1 & MSG-2 satellites will be kept imaging in parallel until
         the IPVR.
       • In the event that the IPVR decides that MSG-2 will become
         the primary operational satellite, the two satellites will be
         operated in parallel for a further 2 months: MSG-1 prime
         month 1; MSG-2 prime month 2.
       • Funding for GERB operations on board MSG-2 released by
         EUMETSAT starting from August 2006.

23-25 October 2006                                                    Page 4
                           MSG-3 satellite
     • Due to unavailability of vacuum test facility, the MSG-4 AIT
       activities have been delayed. The MSG-3 activities have been
       re-started to correct issues and to complete open items raised
       at its Pre-Storage Review. An anomaly on the SEVIRI TM
       read-out has delayed the entry into storage.
     • Launch planning: In July 2006, the EUMETSAT Council
       agreed to re-plan the MSG-3 launch for January 2011 . In case
       of outcomes from the LCL failure investigations leading to an
       early launch, Delegates will be informed accordingly, and
       launch date will be revisited .
     • GERB-3 need date for satellite re-integration is January 2009
       or earlier depending upon the LCL investigations. GERB-3
       recalibration needs to be completed latest by end 2008.

23-25 October 2006                                                 Page 5
                           MSG-4 satellite
    • Assembly of satellite (with a GERB-4 back-up) completed.
      Acoustic vibration test completed. MSG-4 is waiting for
      vacuum chamber availability. In the meantime an anomaly on
      the SEVIRI scan mechanism is under investigation.
    • EUMETSAT/ESA plan for a confidence test between GERB-
      4 & MSG-4.
    • In July 2006, the EUMETSAT Council agreed to re-plan the
      MSG-4 launch in the mid-2012/mid-2013 time frame. To be
      defined at the time of MSG-3 destorage – Jan 2013 is used
      for planning purpose.
    • GERB-4 need date for satellite integration is April 2009, as a
      spare for GERB-3.

23-25 October 2006                                                     Page 6

         • Commissioning of GERB-1 (on MSG-2) completed.
         • GERB-1 exhibits an unstable period on leaving SAFE
           mode that leads to a mispointing in NORMAL mode. The
           effect is self correcting after the mispointing event has
           occurred. This imposes a constraint on sun avoidance
           operations (in case of transition to safe mode).
         • A data corruption anomaly is currently under investigation.
         • GERB-1 is in SAFE mode for the sun avoidance season.

23-25 October 2006                                                       Page 7

         • System ARB into the in-orbit detector damage – the last
           check point was held in March. Final report under
           preparation. Review concluded that the dry lubricated
           bearing was the most likely cause of the anomaly,
           however a design change was not recommended.
           Operations enhancements, e.g. patch 8, were advised.
         • Sun avoidance patch (patch 8) incompatibility with
           SNOOZE mode still under investigation.

23-25 October 2006                                                   Page 8

         •     On 05/10/06 GERB was switch on and configured to SAFE mode
               following the satellite anomaly of 26/09/06. NORMAL mode was
               resumed 09/10/06 and a new set of GERB detectors were found to be
         •     An AutoSAFE had triggered around 2 hours before the satellite SAFE
               mode. The DSM was left in an earth view position after the satellite
               processor had rebooted, however the QFM was SAFE due to the
               earlier anomaly! In the transition to SAFE mode the QFM was rotated
               exposing the detector to direct sun light.

23-25 October 2006                                                                    Page 9

         • A modified procedure has been suggested to prevent the
           transition to SAFE mode damage in the future. However
           had the anomaly occurred with GERB in NORMAL mode
           the damage would have been far worse.

23-25 October 2006                                                  Page 10

         • GERB-3 IEU is currently part of the GERB-4 Back-up
           integrated on MSG-4 in Cannes. Note that the timing
           board modifications are outstanding on this unit.
         • Preparations for the storage of the GERB-3 IOU are on-
         • During EMC testing using the FM3 IOU and FM4 IEU the
           QFM stopped rotating. Currently this is thought to be due
           to the change in QFM drive design going from GERB-1/2
           to GERB-3/4. The new design is thought to have reduced
           the drive torque available.

23-25 October 2006                                                     Page 11

         • FM#3 calibration exhibited a problem of repeatability of
           spectral response measurements. The major source of
           the anomaly has been resolved, however some refinement
           remains to be performed before re-start of calibration
           (expected by the end of July).
         • Proposal for detector Humidity Test received and under
         • FM#2 flight spare detector will be calibrated after FM#3.
         • Proposal for recalibration of GERB-3 detector to be
23-25 October 2006                                                 Page 12

         Quartz Filter Mechanism (QFM):
         • Anomaly occurred during IOU vibration resulting in the
           dismounting of the QFM.
         • A number of NRBs have been held. The QFM design
           appears to be sensitive to build up of component
           tolerance. The test vibration levels seen at instrument
           level exceed those applied at unit level.
         • A two phase approach has been proposed:
           i) Reassembly of the QFM to test tolerance hypothesis
           ii) Rebuild new QFM from best components + retest at
           correct levels
23-25 October 2006                                                   Page 13
                     GERB Operations & Funding

         • Although MSG-2 has yet to be declared the operational
           satellite EUMETSAT has agreed to start funding the GERB
           Operations from August 2006.
         • The EUMETSAT operations funding will continue provided
           that the MSG-2 satellite remains in a fit state to be
           declared operational.

23-25 October 2006                                               Page 14
                                 MSG SEU Events

         •     AR7724 – MSG-1 RTU UP Failure (31-Dec-2002)
         •     AR8781 – MSG-1 CACE To Fixed Beam mode (14-June-2003)
         •     AR11202 – MSG-1 DNEL Oct 2004 (4-Oct-2004)
         •     AR13160 - MSG-1 Battery charge ended early (27-Oct-2005)
         •     AR14132 – MSG-2 SEVIRI SEU (3-April-2006)
         •     AR14420 – MSG-1 LCL08 (unclear as to failure cause) (16-May-2006)
         •     AR15039 – MSG-2 MCP IFP (unclear as to failure - but LM139
               speculated) (17-Aug-2006)
         •     AR-15234 – MSG-1 PMB SAFE mode

23-25 October 2006                                                                 Page 15