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                                                           OPTICAL RADAR
                                                           Stabilized Automatic Intruder Detection System

SPIDER is an electro-optical scanning system that provides
long-range sensors capable of automatically detecting intrud-
ers over a wide area (radar like). In addition, SPIDER provides
real-time video for situational awareness, recognition, and

Main Features
- Auto-detect human size target nominally 5 km and up to
  6.5 km under optimal conditions, vehicle size targets
  nominally 10 km
- Remote operation; wired or wireless
- Panoramic scan image up to 360º
- Day/night capability
- Gyro stabilized for long-distance viewing
- Multiple target detection
- Masking of friendly areas
- Integrated digital video recorder
Stabilized Automatic Intruder Detection System

Main Features cont.                                                        Electro-Mechanical             _
- Passive operation                                                        Field of regard
                                                                            -Azimuth                                     360˚ x n (continuous)
- Continuous zoom to aid intruder recognition                               -Elevation                                       +/- 40˚ (nominal)
  and identification
                                                                           Angular Velocity                                   Up to 1 rad/sec
- Scanner is designed in two field-replaceable units                       Angular Acceleration                                     1 rad/sec2
  which can be back-carried
                                                                           Scan Sector                                             Up to 360˚

Surveillance Applications                                                 FLIR Sensor                    _
Ground                                                                    Sensor Type                        3rd Generation staring array, InSb
- Perimeter Security                                                      Spectral Range                                           3-5 micron
- Border Surveillance                                                     FPA                                            320 x 256 pixels InSb
- Security of Critical Facilities/Assets                                  Lens Type                           Continuous 22.5x optical zoom
- Force Protection/ISR Support                                            Field of View
                                                                           - Narrowest                                               1.2˚ x 0.9˚
                                                                           - Widest                                                 27˚ x 20.2˚
- Aircraft
- Balloon                                                                 Daylight Sensor                 _
- Hang Gliders                                                            Camera Type                                  1/3” high res color CCD

- Parachute                                                               Lens Type                            Continuous 16x optical zoom
                                                                          Field of View
                                                                           - Narrowest                                            0.85˚ x 0.65˚
- Port Security                                                            - Widest                                               13.6˚ x 10.4˚
- Ship Protection                                                         Video Standard                                          NTSC / PAL
- Small Boat Detection
                                                                          Laser Range Finder                      _
- Swimmer Detection
                                                                          Laser Safety Classi cation                                 Class 1M
Primary Modes of Operation                                                Accuracy                                                    +/- 10m
- Scan Mode – Automated real-time intruder detection                      Ranging (smallest targets)                               Up to 6km
- Observation Mode – Manual control aids in situational
                                                                          Target Grid Coordinate                      UTM, MGRS, Geographic
  awareness through:
                                                                          Target Height                                                    Yes
   - Continuous zoom of cameras
                                                                          Laser Pointer Safety Classi cation                          Class 3b
   - Laser range finder provides target grid
     coordinates, distance, and height
   - Laser pointer designates intruder
     (invisible to unaided human)
Additional Services
- Platform integration; vehicle, tower, ship
- Network interfacing
- Command & control integration
- On-site support domestically and overseas
- Site evaluation for optimal sensor placement

  11399 16th Court N. - Suite 200 - St. Petersburg, FL 33716 - (727) 578-8100 - - approved for public release 07/27/05
  Michael May, Manager, Surveillance Systems • email: • Phone: 707 477 7921

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