Application Forms

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					Application Forms
Application Forms

 Has anyone ever filled out an Employment
  Application Form?
 Did you feel that you were fully prepared?
 Were there any questions on the Application
  Form that you were unable, or unwilling, to
Application Forms
What information should you be aware of BEFORE you
  fill out the application or submit your resume?

   Job responsibilities
   Job hours
   Required skills
   Required education
   Required experience
   Whether an application is necessary
   Closing deadline if you have to send in a resume
Application Forms
Many employers required that all Employment
  Applications Forms be filled out personally by
  the job applicant on the business premises.

 Why would they ask you to do this?
  Wouldn’t it be easier for you to fill out the
  application at home?
Application Forms
 What potential signals are you sending to
  your prospective employer if you have to ask
  for a pen to fill out the application, or if you
  need to ask for 2 or 3 more applications
  because you keep making mistakes?
Application Forms
 Besides the information contained on the
  application form, what else can the employer
  learn about you based on how you complete
  the form?

Remember, you must assume that you are
constantly being observed, and assessed, from
the moment you enter the company’s premises!
Filling Out Application Forms
Be Prepared! What do you need?

 Pen, spare paper (for rough notes)
 References (their name, position, company,
  address, phone)
 Social Insurance Number (SIN) card – you don’t
    legally have to provide them your SIN number until after you
    are hired.
   Health Card number (depending on the job)
   Dates available
   Days/hours available (for some kinds of work)
   Emergency contact information
References help the employer make a final
  hiring decision. Who can they be?
 Teachers, Coaches, Volunteer Supervisors,
  Previous Employers, etc.

Wise ideas:
 Keep at least 3 references current.
 Get permission first!
 Do not use relatives or close, personal
Human Rights
Employers are prohibited from asking certain questions
  on job application forms or during interviews.
  Federal and Provincial human rights legislation
  prohibit questions relating to:

   •   Exact age
   •   Citizenship
   •   Colour
   •   Gender
   •   Marital status
   •   Race
   •   Religious beliefs
Human Rights
These questions are prohibited in order to prevent
  discrimination on the basis of these factors.

Note: After you are hired, of course, your
  employer will need to know some of this
  information to fill out Benefits Forms,
  Emergency Contact Forms, etc.
Application Form Questions
They are NOT allowed to ask:   They CAN ask:
What country were you born     Are you legally allowed to
in?                            work in Canada?
How old are you?               Are you between the ages
                               of 18 and 65?
 Specific questions must be linked to competencies
  required for the job.
 For example, “Do you have a valid driver’s license?”
  should only be asked if you need to be able to operate
  a motor vehicle as part of the job.