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Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities NSW – Broken Hill: Solutions is specific to issues identified by Broken Hill to Accessible Arts during community consultations in
2008. In many cases other regional centres and towns identified the same or similar issues as Broken Hill. The issues and solutions have been separated into
the following sections:

    1.   Arts
    2.   Access and Audience
    3.   Connecting and Communicating
    4.   Education and Training
    5.   Capacity Building

The below tables take ‘findings’ from the above sections and show:

    •    Reference number: issues are numbered to facilitate easy reference to specific issues and solutions
    •    Region: an indication of where this specific issue prevails, and therefore where the solution should be targeted
    •    Issue: the specific arts and disability issues/needs that comprise the finding
    •    Solution: the solutions proposed to address these issues/needs.
A ‘Key Findings’ paper has been generated from the state findings. This document and the full ‘Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities Priorities in NSW’ can be
accessed at the Accessible Arts website, www.aarts.net.au
Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities Priorities in NSW
Broken Hill: Solutions

Reference        Region                       Issue                                                        Solution
R38              South West                   There are no writing courses available in Broken Hill.       Establish theatre and performance opportunities and
R99              Broken Hill                  There is considerable focus on visual arts.                  writing and literature programmes. For example, these
                                              There is very little focus on performing arts.               could be linked to Film Broken Hill, Theatre 44 and
                                                                                                           University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts
                                                                                                           initiatives in the Broken Hill area.
M58              Yass/Illawarra               There is a need for accessible residency spaces for          Work in partnership with regional and metropolitan venues
M173             Sydney                       artists with disability, e.g. Yass.                          to expand equitable access to arts residencies for artists
R33              Sydney – Deaf issues         More knowledge about disability and its specific             with disability. This would include making all residency
                                              requirements needs to be incorporated into existing arts     spaces accessible and disseminating this information so
                 Broken Hill                                                                               that people with disability can gain meaningful professional
                                              programmes such as mentoring opportunities,
                                              residencies and scholarships.                                development opportunities.
R74              Sutherland Shire             There is a lack of available volunteers in regional areas.   Where possible, employ paid arts coordinators and
M256             Central West                 Community support in the Sutherland Shire area is            facilitators. Where this is not possible, work with local
                 Broken Hill                  lacking, despite the fact that many people are               organisations to establish a central online register of
                                              intentionally out of paid or full-time work.                 volunteers willing to assist in the arts and disability sector.
                 Southern Highlands
                                              St George and Hurstville are more concentrated as a
                                              community and therefore easier to work with.
                                              The geographical ‘spread’ of the Sutherland Shire is a

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Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities Priorities in NSW
Broken Hill: Solutions

Reference        Region                       Issue                                                      Solution
M94            Manly and Newcastle –          People with behavioural issues may find it difficult to    Work with arts organisations to establish audience
R40            intellectual disability        attend performances.                                       development solutions for people with behavioural issues
               Sutherland Shire               There are few age-appropriate audience opportunities       and intellectual disabilities, to attend age-appropriate
               Broken Hill                    for adults with disability                                 performances, e.g. box seating and specific performance
                                                                                                         times. (Performance times should be towards the end of
               Newcastle                                                                                 the season so that all have had the opportunity to find out
               Goulburn                                                                                  about it, and matinee sessions so that carers can attend.)
R37            Broken Hill                    Many access committees are great advocates for the         Work with local access committees to raise awareness
               Dubbo                          disability sector, but do not focus on arts and cultural   about the value of arts and cultural venues, and utilise their
               Albury                         spaces in the community.                                   services to improve access to the arts.

R34            Broken Hill                    There are no theatre venues in Broken Hill.                Work to re-establish Theatre 44 as a viable, active and
                                                                                                         accessible theatre space in Broken Hill.
M2             Manly                          Small and affordable venues are important for emerging     Work with local governments and arts organisation to
R35            Parramatta                     artists with disability who are geographically or          ensure that there are affordable venues in each
               Broken Hill                    financially unable to practise or present in other         community, with accessible pathways in and around them.
                                              communities.                                               The three basic forms of access (physical, attitudinal and
               Dubbo                                                                                     informational) should be considered.
                                              There is a need for greater access to arts venues and
               Goulburn                       initiatives, e.g. cinema access is very poor in Port
               Port Macquarie                 Macquarie.
R36            Armidale                       Venues can be very expensive. Some community               Ensure that arts venues are financially accessible for
               Broken Hill                    members can only attend free events.                       groups and individuals.

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Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities Priorities in NSW
Broken Hill: Solutions

Reference Region                              Issue                                                      Solution
M22            Sydney                         People with disability may not be able to afford to pay   Facilitate the roll-out of the Companion Card within the arts
R23            Manly – intellectual           the extra cost for their carers to accompany them to arts industry across NSW and rework (or establish) ticketing
               disability                     events.                                                   policies that provide free tickets for carers.
               Sutherland Shire
               Sydney – intellectual
               Broken Hill
R30            Broken Hill                    There is a need for accessible and affordable transport    Extend the health taxi service to include access for people
                                              to arts events outside of business hours.                  with all types of disability. This would enable them to more
                                                                                                         readily attend arts events, thereby reducing social isolation.
R87            All                            OH&S and risk assessment has been used as an               Deliver a media and public information campaign to
                                              excuse for not providing access to arts events for         strengthen awareness of the Disability Discrimination Act
                                              people with disability.                                    1992 and its implications for the arts and community

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Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities Priorities in NSW
Broken Hill: Solutions

Reference        Region                       Issue                                                            Solution
R5               All                                Networks are important.                                   Establish arts and disability action groups that meet
M240                                                There is a lack of networking and increased isolation     regularly (e.g. quarterly) in each regional area to
M255                                                in regional areas.                                        strengthen partnerships between arts and disability
                                                    There is a need for further networks and                  organisations and enable informal and formal networking.
R43                                                                                                           This will enable information flow from Accessible Arts to its
                                                    communication between local organisations.
                                                                                                              stakeholders, and vice versa.
                                                    Many disability organisations are working in isolation,
                                                    where they need to work as a group.
R41              Broken Hill                        There is a need for Accessible Arts to link into          Link with disability interagencies across NSW to
M162             Sutherland Shire                   existing interagencies: disability organisations do not   disseminate information about Accessible Arts, the arts
                 Central West                       always know what is happening in the arts sector e.g.     industry and education opportunities for clients.
                                                    work with WSROC, SSROC and NSROC.
M127             Manly                              The arts and disability sectors are often                 Accessible Arts to deliver formal and informal networking
M170             Sydney                             geographically and conceptually isolated in their         opportunities alongside training initiatives, e.g. continue to
M130             Illawarra                          work.                                                     deliver an innovative ‘Arts Activated’ conference biannually
                                                    Networking opportunities support training initiatives.    to showcase leading examples of arts and disability
R42              Broken Hill                                                                                  projects, adding value to the outcomes for participating
                 Central West                       Arts and disability sectors can learn from one
                                                                                                              individuals and organizations.
                                                    another’s expertise. There is a need for local
                 Goulburn                           organisations to share information and experience.        Facilitate opportunities for representatives from both the
                 Wagga Wagga                                                                                  arts and disability sectors to come together and share
                 North Coast                                                                                  knowledge, dialogue and stories about their programmes
                                                                                                              and projects, e.g. in conferences, seminars and local

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Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities Priorities in NSW
Broken Hill: Solutions

Reference        Region                       Issue                                                          Solution
S2               Illawarra                    There is a need for a database of arts workers.               Conduct a call-out for arts workers and list them on
M61              Broken Hill                  There are opportunities in the disability sector for arts     Accessible Arts website to grow DAWN capacity to
M70              Goulburn                     workers.                                                      respond to sector needs, including those of arts
                                                                                                            coordinators located in disability services.
M254             Sydney – intellectual        DAWN members need increased employment
                 disability                   opportunities.                                                Include a question in DAWN tutor information regarding
M138                                                                                                        travel preferences for reference by regional organisations.
R27              Arts Project Australia       It is difficult for potential employers to know which arts
                 Sutherland Shire             tutors are willing to travel to regional and remote areas.
                 Wagga Wagga
R124             Armidale                     There is a need for consistent support for Indigenous         Engage a permanent Accessible Arts Indigenous Arts and
                 Broken Hill                  people with disability.                                       Disability Officer to establish relationships with indigenous
                 South Coast                                                                                communities and organisations.

R124             Armidale                     NSW needs further arts and disability projects for            Develop and implement a responsive Indigenous Arts and
                 Broken Hill                  indigenous communities.                                       Disability Action Strategy in close consultation with
                 South Coast                                                                                indigenous communities across NSW.

R28              Broken Hill                  Local opportunities are important to emerging and             Promote Accessible Arts’ ‘What’s On’ and newsletter
M132             Illawarra                    professional artists with disability who find long distance   facilities to metropolitan and regional communities and
                 Central West                 travel prohibitive.                                           highlight the search facility to enable an increase in listing
                                              In many places, many local music and dance                    of and participation in local events and opportunities.
                                              opportunities already exist, but there is a need for
                 Goulburn                     knowledge of these events.
R29              Broken Hill                  Current local information sources in Broken Hill are not      Improve existing local ‘What’s On’ calendar to be released
                                              meeting the needs of its disability sector.                   further in advance so that disability services can organise
                                                                                                            access to opportunities.

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Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities Priorities in NSW
Broken Hill: Solutions

Reference        Region                       Issue                                                  Solution
R44              Broken Hill                  The response rate to council initiatives is low.       Facilitate the delivery of community marketing and media
M147             Central West                 It is a challenge to disseminate information amongst   training to the arts and local government sectors. Include
M150             Goulburn                     people with an intellectual disability.                information about engaging local media and marketing in
                                                                                                     advance, allowing longer timeframes for the disability
M149             Port Macquarie                                                                      sector.
                 Sutherland Shire –
                 intellectual disability

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Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities Priorities in NSW
Broken Hill: Solutions

Reference        Region                       Issue                                                       Solution
R9               Broken Hill                  Affordable arts training opportunities need to be re-       Work with DET, TAFE, universities, educational institutions
R128             Wagga Wagga                  established in regional and metropolitan areas.             and community colleges to provide supported learning
                 South Coast                  TAFE has cut back/amalgamated many arts and media           environments and quality, affordable and accessible arts
                                              courses including Statement of Attainment and               education at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
                 Port Macquarie
                                              Certificate I and II courses, which means reduced
                 Armidale                     opportunities for emerging artists and arts tutors or
                                              Equal access to arts education is vital.
                                              People with disability experience difficulty accessing
                                              support workers, which would enable them to
                                              participate in educational opportunities.
S14              All                          There is a need for universal disability awareness          Continue to deliver formal and customised disability
M192                                          training in all arts areas, e.g. architecture and graphic   awareness and access training to the arts, community and
M195                                          design.                                                     education sectors. Include all staff and volunteers from
                                                                                                          senior to entry level positions.
S3               All                          There is a lack of awareness about the value of arts        Accessible Arts’ Training Officer to work with TAFE NSW,
M203                                          practice and engagement in the disability sector.           the Arts Development Officer, disability services and
M204                                          There is a need to train disability services on how to      members of DAWN to establish arts awareness training
                                              deliver diverse and stimulating creative programmes for     programmes that will assist disability services in gaining
                                              people with disability.                                     further understanding about the processes required to
                                              Arts workers need to be able to communicate what will       engage an arts worker, and the steps required within the
                                              work best when collaborating on creative programmes.        organisation to train carers and disability staff in how to
                                                                                                          support the arts worker, without interfering in the creative
                                              Participants also need to be able to provide input into     process of people with disability. This will result in
                                              programmes.                                                 increased opportunities for people with disability to explore
                                                                                                          their own creative expression.

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Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities Priorities in NSW
Broken Hill: Solutions

Reference        Region                       Issue             Solution
                                                                their own creative expression.

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Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities Priorities in NSW
Broken Hill: Solutions

Reference        Region                       Issue                                                     Solution
S8               All                          Access should no longer be seen as an additional cost,    Work systematically with arts organisations across NSW to
M215                                          but as part of standard operations and part of the core   establish disability action plans that are linked to budgetary
M282                                          business of arts organisations.                           and strategic planning processes and are internally and
                                                                                                        externally relevant.
S7               All                          Arts need to be part of the core business of disability   Work systematically with disability organisations across
M216                                          organisations.                                            NSW to establish arts and cultural plans that are linked to
                                                                                                        budgetary and strategic planning processes.
                                                                                                        Incorporate creative programmes and projects into annual
                                                                                                        and long-term planning activities in addition to annual
R                All                          Arts organisations need to seek direct feedback from      Encourage arts organisations to establish their own
M                                             people with disability about their venues, programmes     disability reference groups, comprising patrons, visitors,
                                              and services.                                             artists and arts workers with disability.
R7               All                          Short-term and project based funding is not sustainable   Work with existing funding bodies to ensure long-term
                                              and can be damaging to relationships with participants.   funding opportunities for arts and disability initiatives.

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Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities Priorities in NSW
Broken Hill: Solutions

Reference        Region                       Issue                                                           Solution
R6               All                          There is a need for further financial support for initiatives   Establish an arts and disability foundation to assist in
M277                                          with accessible funding application processes for               providing accessible funding guidelines and acquittals for
                                              community projects.                                             artists with disability, and a range of creative and audience
                                              A mixture of quick turn around, bi-annual small grants          development projects.
                                              and longer-term funding is required.                            Ensure that some funding is targeted specifically at
                                              Projects should not be required to be new and different         regional initiatives and grants rounds should be held at
                                              every year as long, as they are of high and delivering          alternate times from other grants rounds.
                                              sustainable creative opportunities for people with
                                              Completing numerous grant applications at one time is
                                              Those who are unsuccessful need to apply for
                                              supplementary funds.
                                              Arts and disability funding needs to be promoted broadly
                                              and with a long lead time to enable those with limited
                                              resources to apply.
R4               All                          It is difficult for arts organisations to secure funding for    Establish and distribute a fact sheet outlining key steps
R39                                           individual projects.                                            towards partnerships that enable joint funding applications
                                                                                                              e.g. collective funding across local government boundaries
                                                                                                              with local, state and federal governments in a cross-
                                                                                                              government capacity.

This document was coordinated and compiled by Alison McLaren, Audience Development Officer, Accessible Arts, with thanks to over 500 arts and disability
stakeholders who shared their voice during consultations in regional and metropolitan NSW between 2006 and 2009.

Accessible Arts is assisted by the NSW Government through Arts NSW, Department of the Arts, Sport and Recreation.

This document was coordinated and compiled by Accessible Arts                                                                                                            11

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