Ancient North America by rt3463df


									Ancient North America
       ANTH 231
      Susan Rowley
• Welcome to the museum
  – Home of the Museum of Anthropology and the
    Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA)
  – Facilities for your use in this course
    •   Collections of the museum
    •   Collections of the LOA
    •   Library of the LOA
    •   Teaching lab of the LOA
• Yours
  – Information is clearly presented
  – Lectures add to the text
• Mine
  – Attend classes
  – Complete assignments
  – Ask questions
       Grading for this course
• Two examinations
  – Mid-term (20%)
  – Final (30%)
• A paper outline and preliminary
  bibliography (10%)
• A paper (25%)
• Attendance at lab classes (10%)
• Experiment worksheet (5%)
              A few questions
These are to help me frame the information we will be covering

Faculty? - Arts, Science, other?

Year - First? Second? Other?

Other AnSo courses?

Other Archaeology courses? 103? 232?

Have you written a paper before?
              The course
• We will be covering all of North
  America in only 25 classes!
• We will be following the order of the
   – Issues of presentation and ordering
•   Diversity
•   Adaptation
•   Change
•   Continuity
The earliest known sites

            • We will start by
              discussing the
              interpretation of past
            • Then I will introduce
              the earliest known
              sites in North America
            The Great Plains
• Bison hunters (Photo:
  reconstruction of Head
  Smashed In Buffalo
  Jump, Alberta as far
  back as 3,000 B.P.)
• Farmers
The Arctic
     • Life on the sea ice
     • Long summer days
       long winter nights
     • (Photo of a ca. 4250
       BP maskette)
                     The West
• The NWC And
  California (Photo of
  Xa:tem, excavations
  here go back 8,000

• The Southwest (Photo
  of Mesa Verde ca.
  A.D. 1200)
The Eastern Woodlands
           • Hunters and gatherers
           • Farmers
           • Traders
           • Earliest point of contact
             (outside the far north) with
           • (Photo: Birdman tablet
             from Cahokia ca. A.D.
See you next class

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