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					Acid rain
               Acid rain
• Acid rain is mostly caused by human
  emissions of sulfur and nitrogen
  compounds which react in the atmosphere
  to produce acids
       Burning of fossil fuels
• This is where most of the nitrogen and
  sulphur which are the main causes of acid
  rain come from.
• The largest being coal, and coal fired
  power plants.
• It will cause water ways, as well as land to
  become more acidic thus changing the
  environment in which life lives.
• Aquatic life is the most effected because it
  is much easier for the acid rain to change
  the pH of water ways.
Atlantic salmon
           Atlantic salmon
• Natural reproducing Atlantic salmon are no
  longer present in many of the 65 rivers
  which have their source in the Southern
  Upland of Nova Scotia and are at reduced
  levels in all other rivers
• The main cause of this is that acid ran has
  changed the pH of the rivers so much they
  can no longer live in them.
           Atlantic Canada
• This region in effected larger not because
  of their own pollutants, but because of the
  shift of those from the North Eastern US.
• The North East has a large amount of
  industry and burn huge amount of fossil
  fuels these then drift to Atlantic Canada
  and react with rain water to form acid ran.
• In recent years laws have come to try and
  prevent harmful acid rain.
• A law regulating the number of Sulphurs or
  Nitrates put into the atmosphere by
  industry is one such prevention method
• Scrubbers added to power plants to
  remove harmful emission from the air is
  another example.
          International treaty
• Sulphur Emissions Reduction Protocol is a
  treaty like the Kyoto Protocol but it actually
• A number of nations signed on and now all
  control the sulphur they release into the