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                                                                                   Reed Intermediate School
                                                                                                   Donna Denniston, Principal
                                                                                      Dr. Tony Salvatore, Assistant Principal
                                                                                        3 Trades Lane · Newtown, CT 06470
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Reed Interact Club's 2nd Annual “Super                                                      School Hours
                                                                                        8:15 AM to 2:39 PM
Bowl SUPER Grinder Sale”                                                             90-minute delay: 9:45 AM;
Beginning January 14, the Reed Interact Club will be                                  Early dismissal: 12:43 PM
taking orders for their 2nd Annual Super Bowl SUPER
GRINDER Sale. Grinders will be prepared fresh for pick
up on Sunday, February 3 just in time for the big game!                                    January 11, 2008
Watch for the order form in next week's newsletter and
more details. All grinders must be ordered and prepaid                            Cycle days for 1/11 , 1/14—1/18
by January 25. Contact Mr. Finelli or Dr. Salvatore with                                    6, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
any questions at 270-4880. Forms will also be available
in the main office and before all Reed winter concerts.
                                                                    Jan. 11, 25                 Reed Interact Club Meetings
                                                                    January                     Winter Concerts (see attached
                                                                                                page for all relevant dates)
Caring Community Assembly Held
January 2                                                           Jan. 11                     Beach Party Family Fun Night
The second "Caring Community" Assembly was held last                Jan. 21                     Martin Luther King day - no
week and focused on learning how students should use one                                        school
or more of six specific strategies to avoid being bullied. If       Jan. 29                     PTA Meeting – 9:30AM
used correctly, the "HAHASO" strategies have been proven                                         (please note time change)
to be an effective way children and adults can effectively
deal with unwanted teasing, harassment, or bullying. The                             School Telephone Numbers
strategies can also help students in developing positive
social skills that could lead to more positive feelings             Main Office                    270-4880
about themselves and others. "HAHASO" stands for:                   Attendance                     270-4644               x7333
    Help                                                            Food Service                   270-4886
      Assert yourself                                               Guidance Office                270-4884
         Humor                                                      Health Office                  270-4883
            Avoid                                                   School Psychologist            270-4892
              Self-talk                                             Social Worker                  270-4893
                Own it                                              Teacher’s Voice Mail           270-4644
Students will be receiving a laminated business card with                                               (See handbook for extensions)
the "HAHASO" strategy and positive "I" statements to help
in making better choices when interacting with others. In
addition, every student will be receiving a "Student                Most Colorful Design               Most Creative Design
Resource Packet" containing a variety of information about          Grade 5: Cunningham/Myhill         Grade 5: Marcoux/Swanson
each part of the "HAHASO" strategy that teachers will use           Grade 6: Finelli/M.Brown           Grade 6: Lane/McCabe
to review throughout the year. Finally, each student will be
invited to sign an "Anti-Bullying Pledge" that will be              Most Caring Message          Most Group Effort
displayed in the school. All Reed staff members and                 Grade 5: Breyan/Erickson     Grade 5: L. Brown/G. Smith
parents/guardians are also encouraged to sign a pledge              Grade 6: Neeb/Pagano-Hepburn Grade 6: Mancher/Strait
that will be included in our display. Pledge sheets are
available at the Main Office and before all upcoming                Most Use of Recycled Materials
winter concerts in the main lobby.                                  Grade 5: Washicko/Mirow
                                                                    Grade 6: Drabik/Vaccaro
Out of 19 clusters, the following clusters were recognized
for their "Caring Boxes" that were made from recyclable             BEACH PARTY Family Fun Night
materials and are provided for students to nominate                 Date: Friday, January 11, 2008
students and/or adults who exemplify a caring community             Where: 7:00 PM at RIS Cafetorium
member of Reed Intermediate School:                                 Please see the attached flier for all the information.
                                                                                                   Published Weekly by the:
                                                                                Reed Intermediate School
                                                                                                 Donna Denniston, Principal
                                                                                    Dr. Tony Salvatore, Assistant Principal
                                                                                      3 Trades Lane · Newtown, CT 06470
                                                                             Newsletter e-mail:

Laser Pointers Are Dangerous and Illegal for
                                                                  Since 9-11, security measures no longer allow mail to be
Children                                                          sent to “Any Service Member”. We must now have a
We are urging parents/guardians to become aware                   person’s name and military address. We like to know a
of the potential dangers of laser pointers in causing flash       little about each person so that the students have
blindness or more serious and more permanent types of             something to write about in their letter. For example, does
eye damage as defined by the Federal Drug                         the person have a favorite sport, or hobby, do they live in
Administration (FDA). Possession of any kind of a laser           Connecticut or other state?
pointer is against school policy. More importantly,
according to state law:                                           The children will begin letter writing in the next couple of
                                                                  weeks. We would like to have all names and addresses
    >it is illegal for anyone under 18 years of age to            assembled by January 11th. This will insure enough time in
possess a laser pointer on school grounds or in any               the postal system so that they will be received by
public place;                                                     February 14th. If you know of anyone who is serving
   >no person shall sell, offer to sell, lease, give or           overseas and would like to add his/her name to our list,
otherwise provide a laser pointer to a person under 18            please let us know as soon as possible. You can e-mail me
years of age.                                                     at home at or call me at 364-9772.
                                                                  You may also drop off information at Sandy Hook
The entire citation that can be found at                          Elementary School. Please mark the envelope St Valentines                 Day Letters attn: Vice Principal Gasparine.
                                                                  Please help spread the word about our project. It is just
As laser pointers become less expensive, more children are        our small way of saying “Thank you for your service” to
asking to have one. Laser pointers are NOT toys! Most             our military men and women who are so far from home.
recently, is issuing warnings to consumers about
the stronger and more dangerous "green" lasers which              Donna Monteleone Randle
they describe as "50 times more powerful than red ones."          Sandy Hook Parent, PTA member

Please help us to continue to be a "Caring Community" by
working together to help each other be safe! Contact Dr.          Strengthening Families Program
Salvatore or D.A.R.E. Officer Pisani at 270-4880 with any         The Strengthening Families program is a ten-week
questions.                                                        program designed to support families of 5th and 6th
                                                                  graders as the youth transition into the teen years.
                                                                  Families will participate in fun activities and games to
Valentines for Military Overseas                                  promote family bonding. Youth will learn how to handle
This will be the third year that Sandy Hook Elementary            frustration, appreciate parents, resist peer pressure and
School will be sending cards and letters for St Valentine’s       get along with others and parents will be given parenting
Day to our armed forces serving overseas. Classes from 2          skills training and other parenting tips. The program
– 4th grade will be writing letters and kindergarten              begins on Wednesday, January 16th from 6-8 p.m. and
students will be making cards. First grade typically does         is located at Newtown Youth and Family Services. There
not participate due to scheduling conflicts.                      is no cost and childcare is provided. Space is limited so
                                                                  sign up ASAP. Please contact Amanda Walsh @ 203-
Military deployment changes from year to year and                 270-4335.
persons who we write to in one year may be back in the
USA the next year. Each year, we must start from scratch          A Note from Donna Denniston about Strengthening
to assemble names and addresses. Last year, we sent out           Families Program:
about 400 cards and letters. The Sandy Hook PTA                   Over the past 3 years, a number of Reed families have
graciously donated shirts that were mailed to all known           participated in this program and have completed
Newtown residents. Parents were asked to donate stamps            evaluation forms at the end of the process. The program
and cash to cover the postage for all the mail.
                                                                                        Published Weekly by the:
                                                                     Reed Intermediate School
                                                                                       Donna Denniston, Principal
                                                                          Dr. Tony Salvatore, Assistant Principal
                                                                            3 Trades Lane · Newtown, CT 06470
                                                                   Newsletter e-mail:

has gotten outstanding reviews from the families who have
participated. It is not a program that, by design, is for
dysfunctional families, but one that is designed to help all
types of families communicate more effectively and solve
problems proactively. The program is provided to Reed
families through a collaborative grant. This grant will only
fund programs that are research-based and known to
have positive results and lasting impact on the families
participating. The Strengthening Families program met
that criteria and was chosen for use in our school. If you
have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.

Reed Intermediate Presents Internet Safety
Workshop for Parents on February 6
 As part of Reed's "Caring Community," D.A.R.E. Officer
Gladys Pisani and Assistant Principal Dr. Anthony
Salvatore will present the latest information about internet
safety and ways for parents to avoid the increasing
prevalence of internet predators on children and
adolescents. Actual stories of online victims will be viewed
in order to learn how to help you help your child become
more savvy about technology and internet use.

This will be an interactive workshop based upon the
NetSmartz resources from the National Center for Missing
& Exploited Children and Boys & Girls Clubs of America
and endorsed by the U.S. States Attorney's Office, CT
State Police and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

The workshop will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Reed
cafetorium on Wednesday, February 6, 2008 (snow date:
Wednesday, Feb. 13). Contact Dr. Salvatore or Officer
Pisani with any questions at 270-4880. We hope to see
you there!

Event:       BEACH PARTY Family Fun Night
Date:        Friday, January 11, 2008
Time:        7:00 PM
Place:       Reed Intermediate School Cafetorium

Come join the fun! We are planning an exciting all-family evening!
     $7 per person (or $20 per family of 3 or more). Price includes refreshments such as snow
     cones, hot dogs, and beverages.
     Activities will include beachball, volleyball, hula hoop and limbo contests and sandcastle
     Wear your favorite summer wear and banish the Winter Blues!!
     The All-Family Beach Party event is open to Reed students, their parents and siblings.
     Note: Children must be accompanied by at least one adult.
     School rules apply during this event!

   Please fill out the form below and return with your check made payable to Reed
   Intermediate School PTA by Friday, January 4. Only checks will be accepted with
   registration, and pre-registration is required. Please call Robbin Chaber Allen at 426-3742
   (eves) or email her at if you have any questions.

                           ****Family Beach Party Form*****

RIS Child Name(s):                                    Teacher: ________________


Phone Number: _______________________________________________
Number of Children Attending: __________________________________
Number of Adults Attending: ___________________________________

Amount Enclosed (@ $7 pp OR $20 per family of 3 or more)   ____________

                                       Winter Concerts
The Reed Intermediate School Music Department is proud to present its Winter Concerts in January. The
children have made great progress and are looking forward to sharing their music with family and friends.

        January 14 (snow date 1/16)– 5th Grade General Music and Orchestra, 7:00 p.m.

        January 15 (snow date 1/17) – 6th Grade Chorus and Orchestra, 7:00 p.m.

        January 23 (snow date 1/30) – 5th Grade Band
              6:30 p.m. – Cunningham, Myhill, G. Smith, Brown, Shull, Beaudry
              7:15 p.m. – Marcoux, Swanson, Sicbaldi, Hull, Breyan, Erickson, DiVanno,
              8:00 p.m. – Washicko, Mirrow, A. Smith, Dalton, Tischio, Bernson

        January 24 (snow date 1/31) – 6th Grade Band
              7:00 p.m. – Blue House (Napolitano, Lynch, Vaccaro, Drabik, Wilkinson,
                                       Stentiford, Wallace, Roodhuyzen)
              8:00 p.m. – Green House (Strait, Mancher, King, Handler, Pagano-Hepburn,
                                        Neeb, Lane, McCabe, Finelli, Brown)

We are requesting parent help in an effort to teach your children about appropriate concert behavior. Listed
below are “The Ten Rules of Concert Etiquette” from the Music Educators National Conference. Please assist
by serving as role models for your children as they perform.

   1.   Refrain from talking.
   2.   Refrain from unwrapping noisy candy wrappers during the performance.
   3.   Turn off pagers, cell phones and watch alarms.
   4.   Do not wave to your child during the concert.
   5.   Do not take flash photography.
   6.   Please do not walk down the center aisle or onto the stage with your video camera.
   7.   Do not leave as soon as your child’s portion of the concert is over. Applaud at appropriate times.
   8.   Do not leave the auditorium during the music.
   9.   Go to the concert expecting the best.

We thank you for all of the support and encouragement you give to your children and our program. We look
forward to seeing you at the concerts!

Blizzard Brigade

                                                                           student and resident is required. At that time, student and resident
                                                                           should establish what is expected from each. Arrangement regarding
                                                                           payments should also be discussed. As well as arrangement
                                                                           regarding who supplies the shoveling/sanding supplies.
                                                                           How much does it cost?
The Newtown Youth & Family Services (NYFS) Job Bank Blizzard               The cost depends on the size of the job and what is required to be
Brigade was initiated at the suggestion of Reed Intermediate School        done. It is advisable to determine the price before the season starts, a
Teacher, Jill Bontatibus Beaudry (Mrs. B), who recognized the need         fixed price per time or a fixed price for the season. Keep in mind that
home and business owners have for assistance clearing paths and            youth under the age of 13 will do the work for community service
driveways after snow storms as well as the need for young people to        hours. Youth over 13 may ask to be paid instead.
contribute something positive to the community.
                                                                           If you are unable to pay for the Blizzard Brigade, please let your job
The service matches responsible students with community patrons            bank coordinator know. Some financial assistance may be available to
who require their walks, steps, and driveways cleared of snow and          persons who are low-income residents; persons with activity
ice. The effectiveness of the Blizzard Brigade depends on a                limitations; persons with disabilities and seniors.
commitment and a full understanding of what is expected from both
                                                                           What if there is a problem?
the student and employer.
                                                                           If you have a problem or question, call NYFS at 203-270-4335. If the
Who benefits?
                                                                           student does not show up, the employer should try calling the
Both the resident and the student benefit from the program. The            students home first.
residents are provided with a reliable contact that will be available to
clear away the snow when it comes, while the student gains an              Students - Join the Blizzard Brigade
opportunity for employment or community service hours.                     The time commitment is minimal, determined on a "need
How does the program work?                                                 to snow" basis. Must be organized, punctual and have the
Residents can call a NYFS job bank coordinator to identifying their        ability to work with little supervision. Call a Job Bank
needs throughout the winter season. Students apply at the NYFS Job         Coordinator at NYFS: 203.270.4335 for an application.
Bank by filling out an application. The application is reviewed,
references are checked and the student is interviewed for inclusion in     Newtown Residents - Plan Ahead
the job bank Blizzard Brigade. The job bank coordinators work very         Call today to connect with a Blizzard Brigade member so
hard to match residents with a student from their neighborhood. After
                                                                           you don’t end up snowed in. Call a Job Bank Coordinator
the match has been made by the job bank, a meeting between the
                                                                           at NYFS: 203.270.4335 for a referral.

                     Contact The Job Bank
                Newtown Youth & Family Services
            17 Church Hill Road | Newtown, CT 06470

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