Action Adventure by sdfwerte


									Action & Adventure
           Action & Adventure:
• Commonly associated
  with mega-budget
• Hugely popular genre
• Dominates the
  season, e.g. Pirates of
  the Caribbean
           A successful genre
• Marketable around the
• Inspired by everything
  from real-life stories to
  comic books to theme-
  park rides, action movies
  are a remarkably flexible
• Traditionally aimed at
  young males, although
  the most successful have
  universal appeal.
         A wide ranging genre
• Action films represent a
  wide variety of movies,
  including fantasy
  adventures, martial arts
  and disaster movies.
• Special effects driven
  action movies have been
  Hollywood’s biggest
  earners since the
  seventies, following the
  success of Jaws (1975)
  and Star Wars (1977).
• The genre rose to
  prominence in the
  thirties with
  swashbuckling films
  starring Errol Flynn.
 The arrival of the modern hero
• In the aftermath of the
  second world war,
  westerns and war
  films dominated until
  the arrival of the
  James Bond films in
  1962 with Dr No. The
  audience was
  introduced to the
  modern hero.
Speed motion & Acceleration

Chases, races and
escapes have been a
main feature of Action
& Adventure since the
early days of film.
Speed is mainly
associated with fast-
moving vehicles.
           Combat & Violence

• Fights feature heavily in
  the genre and there are
  many styles and
  traditions of these.
• Combat may be hand to
  hand, involve every
  weapon imaginable, from
  swords to light sabres or
  it may involve mass
  battles and scenes of
  spectacular destruction
  and loss of life.
• Spectacle means gratifying the
  audience with spectacular sights
  they can only see and experience in
  the cinema.
• Spectacle is the central part and
  pleasure of the Action & Adventure
  genre. Huge scale explosions,
  destruction, acts of bravery,
  incredible stunts etc are all part of
  the genre’s iconography.
• Special effects have become a
  selling point for the genre and CGI is
  rapidly transforming audience
  expectations. Audiences want more
  and more mind bending special
  effects and computer wizardry.
           Jeopardy & Suspense
• One early form of the genre
  was the serial films made by
  independent studios in the
  1920s, 30s and 40s. These
  frequently ended with a cliff-
  hanger in which the hero had
  to escape or rescue someone
  from a perilous situation.

• The principles of suspense
  demand audience involvement
  therefore, care must be taken
  to provide characters that the
  audience can easily relate to
  and identify with.
     Technology & Iconography

• The Action & Adventure
  genre relies heavily on an
  extensive iconography of
  cars, guns and gadgets to
  help create a sense of the

• A preoccupation with
  technology is generally
  associated with the
  largely male target
         Verisimilitude & Reality
•  Verisimilitude means the
  appearance of truth and reality;
  this is a crucial element of the
• Action & Adventure films
  present events and narrative
  that are implausible or absurd
  in real life however, these
  events have to look ‘realistic’ in
  order for the audience to
  suspend their disbelief and
  enjoy the film’s spectacle.
          Verisimilitude & Reality
• There are two main traditions
• Pro-filmic where an attempt is
  made to convince audiences
  that what is happening has
  been staged for real in front of
  the camera, such as elaborate
  stunts performed by Jackie
• The other is the use of CGI,
  which makes impossible
  events and fantastic creations
  look realistic.

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