Aborigine Story of Creation by sdfwerte


									Aborigine Story of Creation
• Traditional Aborigines believe
  the earth, like the sky, always
  existed and was the home of
  supernatural beings. At the
  beginning of time the earth
  looked like a featureless,
  desolate plain. Nothing existed
  on the surface. The earth was
  covered in eternal darkness as
  the sun and moon were still
  slumbering under the earth’s
  cold crust. Only beneath the
  surface of the earth did life
  already exist in the form of
  thousands of supernatural
  beings which lay dormant, along
  with a vague form of human life.
    Dreamtime according to the
Aborigines, describes the creation
   of the earth and how all living
things were created. It is said that
in the Dreamtime (the beginning),
   ancestral spirits inhabited the
 earth.As the spirits travelled over
   the country, their movements
  created the mountains, rivers,
        animals and plants.
The Rainbow Serpent
The Rainbow Serpent (Ngalmudj) was an
enormous snake who created rivers, creeks and
lagoons as it moved across the country. It
protected the land and its people, but it could
also wreak revenge if it was disrespected.
 When the world was bare and cold, the Rainbow
Serpent slept under the earth with all the animals
in its belly. When it was time to give birth, the
Rainbow Serpent rose from underground, calling
to the animals to awake from their sleep. As she
rose up, the land was pushed into mountains and
hills, causing rivers and lakes to form. It forced
itself through rocks, creating valleys and water
   Click below for youtube link –
 animated Rainbow serpent story..
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCuuRRrfOXo

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