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									                                     26th April 2007

                           ANZAC DAY 2007

                  ‘Lest We Forget’
Throughout this week, the school has commemorated ANZAC Day in several ways.

Mr Terry Phillips organised an extensive display of World War One items and spoke to many of
the classes. Thank you Terry for your informative talks and providing a wonderful display for the
One of the Community Action Teams (CATs) from Grade 5/6 spent Tuesday at the Shrine of
Remembrance in the city. The Team has been matched up with a WW2 Army Unit who held
their ANZAC Day service on Tuesday at the Shrine. The students met with the members of the
unit, participated in the service and spent time talking to the members. The students will
document the history of the unit during further discussions as part of their CAT project. (Photo
No. 1)

As part of this meaningful service, 34 Greenhills students laid wreaths on behalf of the other
students, staff and parents of the Greenhills community. Many other Greenhills students were
represented in scouts and other local groups. (Photos No. 2 & 3).

Alan E. Fairweather
Principal                   Greenhills is G.R.E.A.T.
Generosity          Respect   Enthusiasm        Acceptance                    Teamwork

           CALENDAR OF EVENTS:                       funding for our new buildings before the
THIS WEEK:                                           State election, we are anxiously awaiting
Fri    27th April   Gr 3 / 4 Swimming
                                                     the confirmation in the Budget.
Mon   30th April    Gr 4 Camp Mt.Evelyn              REPORTING DAY – TUESDAY 15TH
Tue   1st May       Prep-PMP
Thur  3rd May       Prep 2008 Tours 10am & 7pm
Fri   4th May       Gr 3 / 4 Swimming.               On Tuesday the 15th May the students and
                                                     parents in Grades 3 – 6 will have the
Mon   7th May       Special Assembly 9am.
                                                     opportunity to participate in three way
                    School Tours 10am and 2pm        reporting conferences. Conferences will
Tue     8th May     Preps PMP                        be held throughout the day and evening.
Wed     9th May     Recital Choir Boroondara
Thur    10th May    Mother’s Day Stall               In order for these conferences to be as
Fri     11th May    Gr 3 / 4 Swimming                effective as possible a longer time is being
                    District Cross Country
                                                     allocated to each interview. To fit them all
                                                     in, it has been decided to vary the times
2008 PREP INFORMATION & TOURS:                       that students come to school on the day.
On Thursday 3rd May (next week) we will be
conducting tours of the school for prospective       Therefore on the 15th May –
families at 10am and 7pm. Please inform
any neighbours, friends, kindergarten and pre        Students in Grades 3 – 6 will come to
school families about these tours.                   school for their three way conference
There will also be an Open Day as part of            only – they will come to school with
Education Week on Monday 7th May which               their parent/s, have the conference and
will include a special Assembly at 9am and           then go home.
tours of the school at 10am and 2pm.                  If their conference is scheduled for outside
                                                     of school times, then they do not come to
If you are a current Greenhills family who will      school at all during school times on the
have another child commencing Preps next             15th May.
year please arrange to complete an enrolment
form ASAP. This will give us an                      Students in Preps – Grade 2 do not
understanding of how many new families we            come to school on the 15th May. Their
can accept for 2008.                                 teachers will be involved in visiting other
                                                     schools and other professional
STATE BUDGET:                                        development activities. The normal Parent
The Budget is due for release next week.             & Teacher interviews for these grades will
Based on the announcement regarding the              take place in Term 3.
                                                             festival. For five hours from 12 noon, 14 choirs
Please contact me if further explanation is                  from in and around Melbourne will present a wide
                                                             variety of short concerts ranging from sacred and
required.                                                    gospel songs to selections from musicals. The day
Alan Fairweather                                             promises to offer something fro all ages and will
Principal                                                    culminate in a sing-a-long performance of Faure’s
                                                             sublime Requiem in which everyone is invited to
      TERM DATES FOR YOUR REFERENCE:                         participate. Scores will be available to hire on the
Term Two:                  16th April to 29th June           Kate Stewart.
Term Three:                16th July to 21st Sept
Term Four:                 8th Oct to 21st Dec
                                                                            CANTEEN ROSTER
                                                             Frid 27th April      Kerryn Hamilton, Sandi
                           2008                                                   Findlay
Term One:                29th Jan to 20th March              Mon 30th April       Kirstin Lyons
                 (Easter 21st March to 24th March)           Tue 1st May          Fiona Jones, Joan
Term Two:                7th April to 27th June              Burchell-                     Quirk
                                                             Wed 2nd May          Mirjana Di Fabio, Jodie
              UNIFORM ROSTER 2006                            Thur 3rd May         Janine McKenzie, Alexa
                   UNIFORM ROSTER:                                                Guerin
Mon 7th May      7.30 – 8.00pm Rose, Alexa, Kerryn,
                               Barbara, Pauline
                                                             Fri 4th May          Sharon Mountney, Leanne
Wed 23rd May                   Rose, Alexa, Kerryn,                               Murphy
                               Barbara, Pauline
                                                                   PARENT ASSOCIATION NEWS
We have a good range of second hand uniforms at mostly $2
                                                             MOTHERS DAY STALL:
each. Some are excellent. Please consider purchasing your
winter garments now before the cold weather comes while we   The next working bee will be held on Monday 30th
have good stocks on hand.                                    April at 1.00p.m. We will meet at 72 Albion
                                                             Crescent, Greensborough. There is lots of
                                                             wrapping to do. Any help is greatly appreciated.
                                                             Enquiries Kerryn 9432 2258.
Greenhills students will be competing in Winter Sports
selections. Softball and Netball selections will take
                                                                              REBEL SPORTS:
place at School and Football and Soccer selections will
                                                             Mention our School’s Rebel Sport Number – 19752
take place at Greensborough Oval at Elder Street
                                                             – This will give you a 5% discount PLUS the
Reserve. A reminder of all Football and Soccer players
                                                             school receives 5%.
to have their appropriate sports uniforms and their
mouth guards.                                                ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS:
                                                             Please return the money or the book this week so
                                                             that this fundraiser can be finalised.
DISTRICT CROSS COUNTRY:                                      Parent Association.
On Friday the 11th May, the District Cross Country will      Lynette McFarlane (PA President)
be held at Bundoora Park. Could all children please
return their permission form as soon as possible. All
parents are welcome to attend to support and
encourage the Greenhills students.
                                                                            KID ZONE/OSHC NEWS
                                                             Welcome back everyone. Term two will be just as
                                                             exciting as our first here at Greenhills. This week
On Monday 23rd April, the State Diving Competition
                                                             we will be exploring the spirit of the Anzac. We will
was held at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.
                                                             reconstruct the beach where the landing took place,
Congratulation to Tiffany Baumgartner and Caitlyn
                                                             make Anzac biscuits and do some colouring in of
Matthews qualified for this event.
                                                             the now famous Simpson and his donkey, poppies
                                                             etc. Our menu will include donuts, garlic bread and
                                                             fresh fruit with dip.
                      CHOIR                                  Bookings are advised as some nights are proving
                                                             to be very busy. These can be made by calling
                                                             9432 2139 (and yes our normal message is again
                 RECITAL CHOIR
Afternoon tea:                                               Just a request that if anyone has any toys/games
                 1st May           Cathy Christelow          that their children have “grown out of” please feel
                 8th May           Margaret Hilton           free to bring them in to the program. Our children
                                                             always enjoy a new challenge. Also if you have
On Sunday 6th May, our school choir will be joining in a     any old (small) electrical goods that you are
celebration of choral singing at the Choral@Monsalvat
discarding we’d love to hear from you. These will be       Thank you:
used for our older children to pull apart and explore      As I have just returned on Monday from Sydney
(one the electrical cord has been removed).                from my National Squad Camp, I would like to
                                                           thank everyone for helping me attend a very active
As always, families are welcome to call in whilst the      and informative workshop that will hopefully help
program is operating and see what we are doing. Your       me achieve a higher outcome at my next
feedback is truly appreciated.                             tournament due to 3 days of constant training and
Looking forward to seeing you soon.                        drills to further my abilities in Karate.
OSHC Team.                                                 Thanks, Kaitlyn 5/6 P.
A reminder that parents MUST complete a registration
form PRIOR to children attending the program. Forms
are available from the service or school office.                          It is time for a holiday
              CURRENT FEE STRUCTURE:                         Looking for somewhere to stay in Bright, one of
Before School Care Program operates between                Victoria’s most popular holiday destinations? What
7.15am and 8.45am. and costs $8.                            about a comfortable, reasonably new townhouse,
After School Care Program operates between 3.30pm and
                                                           just a short walk from the heart of town in beautiful
6.00pm.and costs $10. (Late fees of $1.00 per minute
                                                                        tree lined Delany Avenue?
per child apply after this time).                            Accommodates six in three large bedrooms
Remember that everyone gets a rebate from Centre link of                  (master with ensuite).
approximately 16% - 100%                                     Fully equipped kitchen, laundry and outdoor
                                                                                  BBQ area.
   Please pay accounts as promptly as possible.
         OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS CARE:                          With special rates for Greenhills families, why not
      9432 2139 (24 hour answering service)                  come and enjoy this town for all seasons? For
                                                            details and bookings, contact Peter or Pauline on
                                                              9438 4250 or 0418 331 893 or 0418331898.

                                                                           GARAGE SALE
PLEASE NOTE:                                                               7 Olympic Ave
The school does not endorse or take any responsibility                      Montmorency
for any of the commercial or business events or                      Sunday 29th April at 10.00 am.
products advertised in or attached to Contact. The
school advises families to use their own discretion           ELECTRICAL ITEMS, PICTURES, BOOKS,
before trying or purchasing any items or programs or           CLOTHES, SHOES AND MUCH MORE.
entering into any contracts advertised in Contact.

Charges for advertising in the School Contact this year
                                                                 GUITAR LESSONS
are as follows:                                              AFTER SCHOOL HOURS
$15 per week for profit making organisations and for
sales. Garage sales etc.
$7.50 for Greenhills Primary School families.
                                                             ELECTRIC AND ACOUSTIC
JUNIOR SCHOOL COUNCIL:                                        ALL STYLES & ALL AGES
The Junior School Council has made a great start to
this year. On Monday the 19th March we went to the           BEGINNERS TO ADVANCED
Young Leaders Conference at Vodafone Arena. We
saw 5 inspirational speakers. We have also had some
Junior School Council meetings about improvements to           CALL ANTHONY 94394186
the school. There are plans to update the toilets. This
includes ways of saving water around the school, eg.
Water tanks, mulching around plants etc. We are also
thinking of other ways to improve the school, so if you
have any ideas please let us know by putting them into
the suggestion boxes that will soon be in classrooms
On behalf of the Junior School Council we would like to
thank the Greensborough RSL, Metlink and the
Greenhills School Council for paying for all costs
involved in sending us to the Young Leaders Day
By Tennyson
5/6W JSC Representative.

              COMMUNITY NEWS

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