2004 Pupil Achievement Tracker by sdfwerte


									2004 Pupil Achievement Tracker
• Schools upgrade now available on
  – www.standards.dfes/performance
• Includes 2004 national data for KS1, 2 and
  3 (maths and science only)
• LEA version upgrade this week
• GCSE and equivalents data and upgrade
  end October/early November
2004 Pupil Achievement Tracker
• School historic data files for KS1, 2 and 3
  available from
  – www.keytosuccess.dfes.gov.uk/schools/
• Schools 2004 data files matched to prior
  attainment and PLASC available for KS2
  and GCSE & equivalent available from
  – www.dfes.gov.uk/ptforms/
• The above also available to LEAs on K2S
2004 Pupil Achievement Tracker
• KS3 English question level pupil data files
  – www.qcaupdate.com

• New data portal for all these websites
  – www.teachernet.gov.uk/schoolsdataportal
 Contextual Value Added (CVA)
• Piloting new DfES model for value added

• Takes account of factors such as gender,
  ethnicity, SEN, date of entry, FSM

• 400-500 pilot schools

• Special CVA trial version of PAT made
  available to pilot schools this week

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