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Publicity _Communications Booklet


									              EUROPEAN UNION




A considerable number of organisations and agencies involved in National
Development Plan /Community Support Framework (2000-2006) projects and
initiatives have extensive experience in event management and media relations.

At the same time there are a significant number of groups and organisations that may
not have as much experience as others but who still must implement a
communications plan and adhere to NDP and EU publicity requirements.

The following information is intended as a checklist to assist individuals and groups
in organising events and managing the media. The checklist is broad in its scope so
not all points are relevant to each event. The scale and nature of the event will
determine the relevance of the following information to each particular case.

Please find attached an order form for items such as press packs, notepads, pens, flags
etc. that can be ordered from the NDP/CSF Information Office,
                                  15 Lower Hatch Street,
                                  Dublin 2
                                  Tel: 01 6396286 / Fax: 01 6396281

The NDP/CSF Information Office also provides a stand/backdrop on loan to
organisations for events. Please alert the office in sufficient time to book the stand.

All organisations involved in NDP projects must implement NDP publicity
All organisations involved in EU grant-aided projects must implement EU publicity

Note; All organisations managing and implementing NDP/CSF Programmes and
Measures should have a copy of the Identity Guidelines for the National
Development Plan logo and the Guide to European Union Publicity Requirements
for Structural and Cohesion Funds. Both publications are available from the
NDP/CSF Information Office and can be downloaded from the following websites: and

Checklist for Organising Events

Typical Events:       Project launch
                      Commencement of a project phase
                      Completion of a project phase
                      Official Opening
                      Important Meeting – Monitoring Committee Meeting (NDP/CSF)
                      Ministerial Visit to a project
                      Announcement of a scheme

Invitation List

Depending on the event, your invitation list should include a Minister (when
appropriate), local public representatives, local business and community
representatives and the national and local media. A representative from the European
Commission should also be invited if your project receives EU grant-aid.

Official Invitations must include the NDP logo and the EU logo for EU grant-aided
projects. The NDP and EU logos are available from the NDP/CSF Information Office
and can also be downloaded from the following websites: and


Typical Locations:
                     Indoor  -Hotel Meeting Room/Function Room
                             -Board Room
                             -Reception Area
                     Outdoor -Construction Site
                              -New Road
                              -New Building

The following points of reference should be considered during preparations for the
event and implemented as appropriate:

              Display a suitable backdrop or stand featuring the NDP logo and the
               EU logo as appropriate. (Stands are available on loan from the
               NDP/CSF Information Office - please refer to the attached order form.)

              Display NDP and EU Flags as appropriate.

              Provide a podium for speakers. Attach a sign with the NDP logo and
               EU logo as appropriate to the front of the podium.

           Provide a PA System and check the system works correctly prior to the

           Make sure the room/ location and stage have suitable lighting and
            check with hotel/office staff prior to the event. Lighting is very
            important for photography and video purposes.

           Provide a Top Table and Name Places for Guest Speakers/
            Dignitaries/VIP’s and suitable seating arrangements for attendees.

           If you are organising a function in a hotel make sure to have a contact
            person to liaise with regarding the following requirements: projectors,
            screens, lighting, PA System, drinks and food requirements.

           Check with all speakers regarding requirements for their presentations:
            overhead projectors, computers, LCD projectors, flip charts and any
            other equipment required for their presentation.

           It is a good idea to have speakers e-mail you their presentations a day
            or two prior to the event so that they are available on the computer you
            are using for the event. Speakers should also be advised to bring a copy
            of their presentations with them on discs.

           If handouts are required make sure to get copies in advance.

           If the event is outdoor e.g. the opening of a new road, make sure to
            provide a suitable PA System, a podium for speakers and umbrellas in
            case of bad weather (Umbrellas with the NDP logo are available to
            order from the NDP/CSF Information Office.)

           For outdoor events make sure your organisation has fulfilled all NDP
            and EU publicity requirements regarding roadside and site
            signage/billboards, and commemorative plaques as outlined in the
            Identity Guidelines for the National Development Plan logo and
            Guide to European Union Publicity Requirements for Structural and
            Cohesion Funds.

Note: Backdrops, Flags and Umbrellas can be ordered from the NDP/CSF
Information Office. Please refer to the attached order form


For some events it may be necessary to invite the public. A good way of doing this is
by placing an advertisement in the local newspaper outlining details of the event,
and/or running an advertisement on local radio. Posters could also be displayed in
public offices. All printed material should feature the NDP logo and the EU logo as

Information Packs

Provide information packs for all attendees at the event. The Information Packs
should include background information on the event, the objectives, a timetable of
procedures, names and titles of speakers, copies of the speakers presentations, general
information and the name and telephone number of a designated person to deal with
general enquiries from attendees.

If copies of presentations are not available prior to the event make sure that
photocopying facilities are available.

Note: Information Pack folders, notepads and pens with NDP logos and EU logos are
available directly from the NDP/CSF Information Office.

Internet Site

      Update your organisation’s website with details of the event. The website will
       be useful as a reference and information tool for those attending the event and
       for the media.
      Send details of the event to the NDP/CSF Information Office for inclusion on
       the NDP website.
      Provide a link to the NDP website


          Provide Official Passes – for large events only.
          Assign an individual to manage all catering requirements.
          Provide Name Tags for all attendees
          Draft a timetable or programme of events and circulate with invitations


Media Contact List

Prepare a list of media contacts you wish to invite to the event. This list should
include representatives from:
     The national & local press, radio & TV,
     Regional Correspondents for National TV, Radio & Press,
     Specialised Correspondents for National TV, Press and Radio as appropriate
       e.g. Agricultural Correspondent, Education Correspondent.

2-3 days prior to the event telephone media contacts to remind them about the event
and to check if they will attend.

Informing the Media

Be clear about the objectives of the event you are organising and the message you
wish to convey. Prior to the event, issue a press release to the media outlining the
details of the event:

The Press Release should provide the following information:

      Where and when the event will take place
      Who will attend
      Names of Speakers/VIP’s/Dignitaries attending
      Why the event is taking place
      Explain the project/event within the context of the National Development Plan
      Where possible provide a breakdown of funding, sources of finance, etc.
      Invite members of the media to attend.

The press release should also include:
   A reference to the NDP and the EU Structural Funds or Cohesion Funds as
   The NDP logo and EU logo as appropriate should appear on the press release.

Nominate a Spokesperson

Nominate a spokesperson from your organisation to carry out all media interviews.
The spokesperson’s role is to
    Promote the activity/events being undertaken
    Explain this to journalists
    Answer questions

Provide the spokesperson with clear information regarding the event, e.g.

      Details of attendees
      Information on speakers
      Objectives of the event
      Importance of the event in a local/regional and NDP context

In order to fulfill this role the spokesperson should be fully prepared and briefed on
likely questions that they may be asked such as:

      The amount of funding granted to a project
      The aim of the project
      The benefits of the project to the community or beneficiaries

The spokesperson should be fully aware of the requirement to make reference to the
NDP and the support of the Irish Government and the European Union as appropriate.

Press Packs

Press packs should be available during the event and should include:

      Copies of presentations and speeches from guest speakers

      An updated press release providing the following information:
            -What is the action /event
            -Who benefits
            -Who is responsible
            -Where is it taking place
            -Money involved/funding announced

      When writing your press release contact speakers, special guests and your
       spokesperson for quotes to include in the press release.

      If the event takes place over a two or three-day period, update the press release

      Press packs should also include background information on the event and
       should refer to the NDP and the appropriate EU fund.

      Your press release should also include a contact name, telephone number and
       mobile number of an individual assigned to assisting the media during and
       after the event.

NDP/CSF Local Media Initiative

Grayling have been appointed by the NDP/CSF Information Office to highlight
progress on NDP and EU projects in the local media. The objectives of this project
                  To raise awareness of the National Development Plan at a
                    local level
                  To assist all organisations implementing and managing NDP
                    and EU funded projects in promoting their actions
                  To provide local information on local projects funded under
                    the NDP.

This service is available free of charge to all organisations implementing NDP and
EU projects.

Please notify the NDP/CSF Information Office if you have a newsworthy event or
announcement so that we can assist your organisation to fulfill its publicity
requirements and promote your event/occasion through the local media.

Please contact: Gillian Treacy or Hilary Fox
                NDP/CSF Information Office,
                15 Lr. Hatch Street, Dublin 2,
                Tel 01 6396280 / Fax 01 6396281


      Arrange for a photographer to attend the event on behalf of your organisation.

      Arrange specific photo opportunities during the event for the official
       photographer and other press photographers who may attend.

      Photo Editors are always looking for photos that illustrate a story in an
       imaginative way and show things happening. Prior to your event try and think
       up ideas for creating an interesting photo. Make sure you have identified a
       suitable backdrop and location.

      Photographs sent to newspapers or magazines must be clearly captioned, with
       people’s names and titles and a description of the event or occasion. It is a
       good idea to check beforehand the correct spelling of names and titles of
       VIP’S/Dignitaries attending the event.

      Following the event the photographer should also provide you with a selection
       of photographs for use on your website and for publications such as

      Include the name of the official photographer for the event at the end of press
       releases so the press can source photos directly.

Follow Up

It is important to assess the success of your event. It may be a good idea to create an
evaluation sheet using different forms of criteria.

Outlined below are some examples:

           Number of responses to invitations
           Number of attendees: anticipated number v actual number
           A short questionnaire/survey for attendees to complete (for conferences
            and seminars)
           Reaction of speakers/dignitaries/VIP’s
           Number of requests for further information
           Number of public enquiries
           Number of media enquiries
           Number of interviews completed
           Number of articles/features in the press
           Number of photographs published

For further information or assistance in organising your event please contact:

                      Gillian Treacy or Hilary Fox,
                      NDP / CSF Information Office,
                      15 Lower Hatch Street,
                      Dublin 2.

                      Tel: 01 6396286 / 4
                      Fax 01 6396281


NDP / EU Publicity Material – Order Form

Name:            ____________________________________

Organisation:    ____________________________

Address:         ____________________________




Telephone No:    ____________________________

Event:           ____________________________



No. Attending:   ____________________________

Date of Event:   ____________________________

Location:        ____________________________


*Please order material at least two weeks in advance. For Stand
Bookings please book at least a month in advance of required date.

The following items of publicity/promotional material are available to order free
of charge from the NDP/CSF Information Office. Please indicate the quantity of
each item required.
Notepads/ Press Folders/ Pens
            Item                       NDP Logo              NDP/EU Logo

        A4 Notepads

        Press Folders


NDP Stickers
Size                              White logo/ Green       Green logo/ White
                                    Background               Background


       50mm X 20mm

EU Stickers
Size                              European Union       European Social Fund
                                  Structural Funds


       16mm X 21mm

Miscellaneous Items

       NDP Display Stand/ Backdrop *
           (850mm X 2250mm)

   NDP/EU Display Stand/ Backdrop *
        (850mm X 2250mm)

           NDP Flag (Outdoor) *
                  6’ X 3’
            NDP Flag (Indoor) *
                  5’ X 3’
               NDP Poster

* Only one of each is available – please return after use

           (All publications are available to download from the NDP website –

                Title of Publication                               Quantity
   National Development Plan – Executive Summary
               (Irish language version)

       Guide to Funding under the NDP and CSF

      Identity Guidelines for Using the NDP logo
               (Irish language version)

      Identity Guidelines for Using the NDP logo
              (English language version)

 Guide to EU Publicity Requirements for Structural and
                    Cohesion Funds

                  NDP Summary Leaflet

                   ESF Summary Leaflet

The National Development Plan 2000 – 2006 (complete text) is available to download
from the NDP website –

NDP Umbrella

NDP Umbrella

Should you require a large number of NDP Umbrellas, these may be ordered directly
from Mace Promotions (Contact: Katie Donelan; telephone 01- 280 2909). The NDP/CSF
Information Office has agreed the following prices with Mace Promotions for any future
orders of NDP umbrellas.

Description: Gents Stormframe Golf Umbrellas with peacock fabric, printed with National
Development Plan logo in white on 4 panels.

Qty: 25         Cost per Unit: EUR 20 (approx)

Qty: 50         Cost per Unit: EUR 15 (approx)

Qty: 100        Cost per Unit: EUR 15 (approx)

Terms & Conditions
3 – 4 weeks from receipt of order
Delivery extra at cost.

                               Please return to:

                         NDP/CSF Information Office
                           15 Lower Hatch Street
                                 Dublin 2

                              Tel: (01) 639 6280

                              Fax: (01) 639 6281



If you would like to submit information on your project, please contact the
NDP/CSF Information Office. The NDP/CSF Information Office can also
arrange for a photographer to visit your project. Project information will be
used to help promote the role of the NDP and EU Structural Funds in
newspaper supplements, advertising campaigns, newsletters etc.


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