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					   Media Pointer
   2.4GHz professional presenter with time management

                                                            Make a perfect presentation
                                         Are you always stay in front of the PC or can’t control the time when you are giving
                                         a presentation? Now the latest presenter from Genius – Media Pointer, can solve
                                         your problems and help you make a professional presentation.

                                         Media Pointer features 2.4GHz wireless technology, time management and media
                                         mode functions. It works within a 15-meter range and the anti–interference function
                                         lets you move around an auditorium with confidence while presenting. With Media
                                         Pointer, you will have good interaction with your audience instead of only staring at
                                         the monitor.

A built-in LCD timer with a beep alerts you when 30 seconds are left and when the time is up. With this helpful function,
you can manage your time easily. In addition, the LCD also shows battery life.

Media Pointer has presentation and media modes. “Laser Pointer”, “Volume up/down”, “Next/Previous track”, “Fast
backward/forward”, “Play/Pause”, “Page up/down”, “ESC”, and “F5” are all in your hand to control.

Using a good tool is the beginning of success. Let Media Pointer bring you the convenience and efficiency for a great
presentation. Please contact your sales representative for further information.

 The LCD shows time-counting-down             The receiver can be stored inside the
 and battery life                             Media Pointer for easy storage.

▼Key Features
                                                                                         ▼Package Contents
  ● 2.4GHz wireless presenter with laser pointer.
                                                                                           ● Media Pointer
  ● Mini receiver can be stored inside; up to 15 meters anti-interference
  ● LCD time controller, easy to control your presentation                                 ● Mini USB receiver
  ● Integrated media functions work just like a simple remote control                      ● User’s manual
                                                                                           ● AAA battery x 2

       Mode-1 (Presentation)             Mode-2 (Media)
  1    Laser ON/OFF                      Laser ON/OFF
  2    Page up                           Previous track
  3    Page down                         Next track
  4    ESC                               Volume down
  5    F5                                Volume up
  6    Time down                         Fast backward
  7    Time management                   Play & pause
  8    Time up                           Fast forward
   Media Pointer
   2.4GHz professional presenter with time management

Interface                      USB

System support                 Windows 2003/XP/2000/Me/98SE; Mac OS X or higher

RF frequency                   2.4GHz

Presentation mode              Laser ON/OFF; Up page/Next page; F5/ESC; Time set/Time up /Time down

                               Laser ON/OFF; Previous track/Next track; Volume up/Volume down; Play & pause/Fast
Media mode                     backward/ Fast forward

Battery                        AAA x 2
                               58 x198 x 28mm
    WEEE data

                (W*H*D mm)
                Body weight    165 g (without batteries)
                Giftbox size
                               160 x 72x 210 mm

Model Name                         Wireless Pointer   Media Pointer (New !)


Maker                                    Genius             Genius

Main Function

USB Receiver                              Yes                 Yes

Working Distance                      Up to 10 m           Up to 15 m

Laser Pointer                             Yes                 Yes

Mouse Function

Cursor Control                            Yes                  –

Left Button                               Yes                  –

Right Button
                                          Yes                  –

Presentation Function

Previous/Next Page                        Yes                 Yes

F5/ESC                                    Yes                 Yes

Timer                                      –                  Yes
         Media Pointer
         2.4GHz professional presenter with time management

      Media Function

      Previous track/Next track               Yes                Yes

      Play & Pause                            Yes                Yes

      Fast forward / Fast backward             –                 Yes
      Volume +/ Volume–                       Yes                Yes

      ▼Mouse Family
       Traveler Series                    Navigator Series                  Ergo Series

   Wireless                          Wireless Mini
                   Traveler 1000                     Navigator 5000    Ergo 3000   Ergo R800
 Traveler SE2                         Navigator

  Remote & Presenter Series

Wireless Pointer   Remote 600

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