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					 Systems of tomorrow :
Multi-Bay Wheel Alignment
1) The Concept
2) The Content
3) The Process
            THE CONCEPT
• The smallest and most versatile Aligner in the
  world: 4”x3”x1”
• Opens an opportunity for multiple work-bays
• Eliminates the central Platform
• A high-value proposal at a low cost
• The simplest service in the industry
• The newest approach to the market
             THE CONCEPT
• Ability to control up to 5 sets of wheel units at
  the same time
• Exceptional flexibility to configure, allows use
  of any wheel unit to work with any wrist
• Interfaces with workshop computer
• Increments Production and ROI
• Reduces time to recuperate investment
Time for a change: Think Multi-Bay
             THE CONTENT
•   The Server
•   The Wrist device
•   The Wheel Units
•   The Rim Clamps (spider Clamps)
•   Storage cart
The Server
                 The Server
• Communicates like a Web-Browser (HTML)
• Server’s software runs isolated &
  independent, thus eliminating the possibility
  of viruses
• Server’s language is LINUX (embedded)
• Server communication is via LAN port RJ45
• Server has USB port for updating and video
• Server can control up to 20 individual wheel
  units at the same time
Wrist device - MBA
               Patented concept by
               Cartek Group

               One full-color
               screen for every
               Operation based on re-
               chargeable AA
               communication 2.4 Ghz.
          Wrist device - MBA
• Features two full color screens with readings
  that are easy to read and interpret
• ICON – based graphics allow for intuitive use
  of the unit
• Avoids unnecessary walking to/from platform
• Saves time during adjustment process because
  all necessary readouts are at an arm-length
Wheel Units MBA
            Wheel Units MBA
• 100 % Aluminum
• 100% Built in the USA
• Extra light construction: 9 lbs
• All Wheel units are configured with 8 sensors
  and operate wireless
• Latest generation of CCD Technology
• Less or inexistent light intrusion
Wheel Units MBA
Wheel Units MBA
•   Nickel Cadmium Batteries
•   Type “D” Conventional
•   Available in generic market
•   Up to 16 Hrs of uninterrupted work
•   Re-chargeable in their position
•   Re-charge is monitored by smart processor
•   Multiple Cycles and long life
Wheel Units MBA
          Wheel Units MBA
• Modern and innovative design
• Keypad is no longer needed
• Incorporated Antenna
• Level - LEDs of greater dimension
• All commands are generated at the Wrist
• 50% lighter than conventional Wheel Units
• Color coded
Wheel Units MBA

              wireless (2.4
Wheel Units MBA

            The MBA Wheel
            Units are
            available in 5
            bold colors to
            help users in a
            identify their
            assigned unit
Rim Clamps - MBA (Spider-Clamp)
    Rim Clamps MBA (Spider-Clamp)

• Unique Design
• 100% Made in the USA
• Lighter design than traditional clamp (40%)
• Compatible with low-profile tires, PAX Wheels
  and all new Rims without a lip
• Free of maintenance and without finger hooks
  that brake or wear
Contact with tire

       Does not touch rim
Easy mounting & adjustment on
              different size tire
Rim Clamp MBA (Spider-Clamp)
  Rim Clamp MBA (Spider Clamp)
• Universal Application, rim sizes from
  10” to 28”
• Never touches the rim, never
  damages the rim
• Easy to mount & adjust to proper size
• Laser pointer for easy centering
• 100% Aluminum construction
MBA Laser pointer
MBA Laser pointer: Easy target
MBA Storage Cart
         • Rotating cabinet for
           easy access, allows
           storage of wheel units
           and also Spider
         • Available in two
           attractive colors, grey
           and Bronze
         • Robust and
           completely portable
     THE PROCESS using the
          wrist device
•   Selection of Wheel Units
•   Selection of customer
•   Selection of alignment mode
•   Selection of Run-out mode
•   Selection of inclination angle
•   Perform Run-out and Caster-swing
•   View Results - Print
1st Step: Selection of Wheel Units

              Color-coded Wheel
2nd Step: Selection of Customer

All customers are created and jobs entered in the
front office. The Wrist aligner will display at all times
the vehicles that are ready and pending to be
aligned ( the Wrist aligner will not activate the
alignment process if a work order has not been
entered into the system)
3rd Step: Selection of Alignment

    All MBA Wheel Units are 8 Sensor but an
    alignment can be configured for:
    2 wheel alignment
    2 Wheels with Trust line (6 Sensors)
    4 Wheels with Trust line (8 Sensors)
    4th Step: Selection of Run-out

Allows for 4 x types of Run-out   ** The MBA uses a new
2 Point                           featured technology that works
Rolling Run Out                   based on a 20 degrees forward
4 Point                           And 20 degrees backward roll
Special Clamps w/out Run Out
5th step: Sensor Inclination

  The MBA allows to compensate electronically
  For inclination of Wheel Units, needed when
  A vehicle has a spoiler or any kind of obstruction
  In the front or rear
6th Step: Performing Run-out

 The control and commanding of the Run-out process
 Takes place from the wrist device
7th Step: Performing caster-swing

    User friendly step-by step process shown
    On the screens of the wrist device
8th Step: Viewing the results
                   All values are shown
                   According to the

                   All readings are LIVE
                   And directly tied to real-
                   live movements

                   Use the arrows UP and
                   DOWN to move forward
                   and backward between
         Vehicle Specifications
• Vehicle specs can be loaded at the office PC at
  the same time while entering the customer
  and creating the work order
• Vehicle specs can also be loaded by the
  operator (if not loaded via the office – PC) by
  using a 6-digit code unique for every vehicle
  (The system includes a printed booklet with
  these codes)
      End of alignment process
• When the alignment of a vehicle has been
  finished, the operator selects at the wrist
  device, the command to save all results (in the
• The results can be retrieved from the office
  PC, by entering the Work order number. These
  results can be incorporated into a document
  (invoice) and can also be printed