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					          Lovely Professional University, Phagwara
Term: __2__
Course No. PHY 173__Course Title: _PHYSICS LAB III (FOR HONOURS) L: _0 T: _0 P: 2
Textbook: 1. Arora C.L.,”B.Sc. Practical Physics”Chand S.& Company, New Delhi, Twentieth edition,
Additional Readings:
        2. Gomber.K.L, Fundamental practical physics,Pradeep’s,New Delhi, 2005.

Other readings:
Relevant websites:
S.No. Journal articles as compulsory readings (Complete reference)
3.      Science reporter
4.      Alternating-Current Mineral Separation, Nature, 109, 556-557, S. J. TRUSCOTT
5.      A simple method to estimate the magnetic field, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
        191, 1-2, 1 January 1999, Pages 189-198, D. M. Zhang and C. F. Foo.
S.No. Web address                                                                  Salient
7.                       Lab manuals

8.        Lab manuals

9.                                      Matter related to
10.                            Complete
                                                                                    information of ac
11.                                 Complete
                                                                                    information of ac
12.                                              Matter related to
13.           Complete
                                                                                    information of ac
14.                                                Matter related to
List of experiments (Should plan for 12 weeks of teaching: 6 before MTE and 6 after MTE)
                                       PART I OF THE TERM

Expt.   Title*                                     Equipment used
1         To find the wavelength of He-Ne          Michelson Morley apparatus, He-Ne laser
        Laser by using Michelson Morley
2       To plot a graph between angle of           a spectrometer, a spirit level, a source of
        incidence and corresponding angle of       monochromatic light (sodium lamp), a glass prism, a
        deviation and to find the refractive       wooden screen with a circular aperture, an eye-piece
        index of material of the prism             and an electric lamp.
3       a). To determine the frequency of          Electrically maintained tuning fork, a stand with
        electrically maintained tuning fork by     clamp, pulley, a light weight pan, a weight box, a
        Melde’s experiment.                        balance, a battery of two cells, a key, a rheostat,
        (b) To verify the Law of Vibrating         connecting wires.
        string by Melde’s experiment i.e. to
        show that λ2/T=constant.
4       To find the resolving power of          A telescope, a monochromatic source of light, a
        telescope                               variable rectangular slit, a sheet of plane glass coated
                                                with a tin foil and containing two parallel lines 2 to 3
                                                mm apart cut with a fine razor blade, a travelling
                                                microscope and a measuring tape.
5       To determine the resolving power of a A spectrometer, a sodium lamp, an eye-piece, a
        plane transmission diffraction grating. diffraction grating with clamping arrangement, a
                                                variable rectangular slit provided with micrometer
                                                arrangement to measure its width

                                       PART II OF THE TERM

    6   To find velocity of sound in material of   Kundt’s tube fitted with a metal rod, resined leather,
        given rod with kundt’s tube given that     lycopodium powder and a metre rod.
        velocity of sound in air at 0 C is 332
    7   (a) To find the moment of inertia of       Moment of inertia table, a right circular cylinder(a
        irregular body about an axis through its   regular body), an irregular body , a spirit level, a
        centre of gravity with torsion             vernier callipers, telescope with inverted scale with
        pendulum.                                  zero mark in the middle, a stop watch, a balance and
        (b)To compare the moment of inertia        a weight box and two bodies whose moment of
        of two given bodies having same mass       inertia is to be compared.
        using torsion pendulum and hence to
        show that moment of inertia depends
        upon the distribution of mass.
    8   To find the focal length of                Optical bench, three lens holders, rod or pencil for
        convex/concave         lens       using    use as a reference pointer, object-image screen and
        displacement method by removing            holder, concave and convex lens.
    9   To determine the wavelength of light       A travelling microscope, a sodium lamp, Newton’s
        by using Newton’s ring apparatus.          rings apparatus consisting of an optically plane glass
                                               plate and a convex lens of about 100cm focal length
                                               placed in a box having an optically plane glass plate
                                               inclined at an angle of 450, a spherometer, a convex
                                               lens of short focal length.
     10    To compare the velocity of light in Travelling microscope, beaker, glass slab
           water and glass using travelling

*Attach for each experiment, the objectives and the complete list of equipment/ consumables
Plan of experiments: Fill exp number to be performed by each group on each lab turn
Lab.      Date       Group 1           Group 2        Group 3         Group 4         Group 5
1.                   1                 2             3                4               5
2.                   2                 3             4                5               1
3.                   3                 4             5                1               2
4.                   4                 5             1                2               3
5.                   5                 1             2                3               4
                                          AFTER MID TERM
6                    6                 7             8                9               10
7                    7                 8             9                10              6
8                    8                 9             10               6               7
9                    9                 10            6                7               8
10                   10                6             7                8               9

Break-up of CA marks for each lab experiment
Component                                           Recommended Proposed
Conduct/Performance/Execution                       20%
Written Record                                      50%
   a. Observations
   b. Analysis
   c. Error Analysis
   d. Results and Discussions
Viva – Voce                                         30%
Any other component                                 0%
Proposed Changes from the standard pedagogy for the course:

Prepared by (Instructional Planner: Name, signature & date)
Comments of HoD (Chief Academic Officer

                                                                                                   Signature & Date

Comments of Dean of Faculty

                                                                                                   Signature & Date

       (to be filled by the lab instructor and submitted at the end of term to HoS through HoD)
General Comments of the Instructor about the suitability of IP or new pedagogy attempted:

________________________________                              __________________________________
Signature of Instructor & Date