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					University of Massachusetts Lowell
College Writing II

                                             Take-Home Final Exam

Literary Analysis: “Chapter 15: "Vengeance and Forgiveness”

For this essay you have two options. Choose the prompts to focus your essay or choose your own work to

Prompt: In Robert Frost's poem Fire and Ice, he ends his poem with the phrase "for destruction ice/is also great/
and would suffice" (927). Apply your interpretation of these lines to either "The Cask of Amontillado" or
"Roman Fever." In what way does your understanding of the meaning of the poem Fire and Ice help to
understand the formal elements of either of these short stories? What do the fictional narratives achieve that
evokes for you, the true meaning of these lines of poetry?


Choose a work from one genre in Chapter 15 that enhances or complicates the theme of vengeance and
forgiveness. Analyze the formal elements of each work. Show, using examples, how these elements support your
reading of the work at it relates to vengeance and forgiveness. You may also compare two works. You can
choose two works from the same genre or from different genres. Only use the “Common Characters” tales as
tools for analysis, not as primary literary works. Avoid interpreting works too narrowly by just creating a focus
on the denotation of “authority and rebellion.” Instead use any interpretation or treatment that has some
connotative relationship with the terms.

-- The essay must have a thesis- you have to include a thesis statement declaring the feature, structural element,
pattern, technique, thematic treatment or a combination thereof that you find notable. You have to explain what
the work does to create the effect you are noticing.

-- The essay must have support. The usual way to provide support in a literary analysis is direct quotation when
explaining a textural feature, such as a rhyme, stanza form, narration, dialog or characterization. Use paraphrase
to summarize plots-–assume your readers have read the literature. Avoid writing too much plot summary; focus
on the use of a literary feature you feel has a significant or notable effect on the work.

-- The essay should be well crafted: paragraphs should have topic sentences, unity, coherence, and they should
treat each point you make with thoroughness and use correct sentence level structures. Proofread carefully.

-- You should have a conclusion that restates and or amplifies the main idea or feature you chose to analyze


Standard college heading. No report covers or cover pages, please. Minimum length of 800 words.
MLA citation form and works cited list as a separate page (not included in minimum).

Due Dates:

You must turn-in your essay no later than Thursday, May 21 at 8:00 a.m. to the North Campus English
Department, 301 Falmouth Hall. If the door is locked, slide the essay underneath the door. Late papers will not
be accepted and not graded.

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