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May 2009

                             THE CARDINALS
                       ALL BANDS & COLOR GUARD

                   Getting started is the most rewarding experience
                               your child will ever have!
                                      (Quoted by Tim Darcey)

Who Makes Up The Marching Band

Symphonic/Concert Band – Students who play brass and woodwind instruments while

Color Guard (also called the Auxiliary) - The artistic movement part of the field show; these
members use flags, rifles, etc. as their instruments.

The Pit - A term used for the percussion equipment and players who do not march on the field
but are stationary on the sideline. This also describes the area where those percussion
instruments are set.

Drumline - Drum section that marches on the field as a group. The Drumline usually consists of
snare drums, bass drums, tenor drums, and cymbals.

Freshman camp – A one day beginning camp for all new members. Also in attendance are new
squad and section leaders and drum majors. This usually takes place on the Friday of the third
week before school starts. The date for summer 2009 to be determined.

Band Camp – This is a week of learning, refreshing and bonding for the band members. Usually
takes place two weeks before school starts. Band Camp for 2009 will be held on Friday and
Saturday, August 7 and 8, 2009 and Friday evening and Saturday, August 21 and 22, 2009.

Zero Period
The time from 6:45 a.m. until just before 1st period, Tuesday through Friday.

Super Saturdays – These are all day practices at LCHS in preparation for field shows. Student
should bring lunch, instrument, sunscreen, water, hat, and sunglasses. Attire is usually band
shirt, shorts and athletic shoes. There will be five (5) Super Saturdays (dates to be announced).

Football Games – Band plays pep music at all home varsity games. Student will be dressing into
uniform so they come prepared with their black athletic shorts, white band shirt and black
socks. The black socks need to cover ankle or higher. No camisoles or tank tops are permitted;
perspiration stains ruin the uniforms. Note: Students dress together either in the band room or

in the parking lot at field shows and parades so uniforms need to go over shirt and shorts. All
football games at held at the Elk Grove/Laguna Creek Stadium which is located at Elk Grove
High School, 9800 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624.

Band Review Competitions – ALL DAY and EVENING
Some competitions are a long drive away so the day can be from 5 a.m. until after midnight.
Plan to bring or wear all of the following: Concert clothes, black shorts, white band shirt,
sweatshirt, jeans, water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses etc. Students should bring a snack or
money to purchase snacks at the competition. The LCHS Band Booster Club usually provides
lunch and dinner. All students must ride the buses to the Band Review. Students can bring
personal music player with headphones but NO boom boxes. The Band Director and
chaperones will not be responsible for keeping track of the student’s personal equipment or
money. If there is space available, a few parents will be able to ride on the bus. The rest must
provide their own transportation.

Band Review Competitions consist of two parts:
Parade/Concert/Jazz Band – Students assemble and march while playing along a designated
route, usually in the morning. In addition, the Concert Band plays at a competition and the Jazz
Band plays in a separate competition. There is an awards ceremony after all schools have
Field Show – In the later afternoon to evening, students perform field show at designated
stadium. Awards directly follow field show.

Basketball Season – Pep Band for Varsity Games
We divide the band into smaller groups. Each student is required to sign up for at least four
games. The sign-up sheet for basketball games will be available in January. All groups will play
“pep” tunes at “home” basketball games for both the girls and boys basketball teams. There are
two games each week until after basketball season is over.

Winter Percussion and Winter Color Guard Competitions
This is an optional program and will require parent support and funding. This is a different
venue for students; it is not a field show. These are indoor competitions. Winterguard is
performed to music using flags, sabers and rifles. Percussion does a routine that involves
movement all over a gym floor. Sign-ups are in December and competitions go from February
to April. It is an additional cost of $100.00 to $125.00 per student.

Jazz Band
This is offered all year during zero period as a regular credited class. It is by audition only.
There are approximately three competitions including the Reno Jazz Festival which is an
overnighter (2 nights). Fee of approximately $100.00 will be charged for the Reno trip.

Bandtastic – Bandtastic will be held the end of February. The elementary school bands and the
Harriet Eddy Middle School Band will spend Saturday with the Laguna Creek High School Band.
They will practice music together and then perform for the parents in the evening. Dinner
needs to be coordinated and ordered for all students and teachers.

Tour – overnight, weekend or whole week competitions; could be Marching, Parade, Concert,
or Jazz Band. Dates are usually in the spring and occur every year, usually a “big” trip one year
and a “smaller” trip the next year. Parents are needed as chaperones and help is needed to
assist Director in planning and organizing trip. There is an extra expense associated with the
Tour. The plan is to travel to Disneyland (approximate cost $300) in 2010 and to New York to
play at Carnegie Hall (cost to be determined) in 2011.

Concerts – There will be a Winter Concert, a Spring Concert and a Pops Concert. The
Symphonic Band and the Jazz Band will perform at each concert for family and friends.

Evening/Weekend Pick-Up Drop Off Location – After competitions, pick-up your student in the
Big Horn parking lot (teacher’s lot by portables).

What NOT to bring to ANY event - DRUGS, ALCOHOL and DISRESPECT

Code of Conduct – Member Handbook
Each student will receive a copy of the rules and expectations at the beginning of the year.
Both the parent and student must sign that they read this form and return the signature form
to Band Director. Code of Conduct will also be emailed out to all parents and students with
email addresses.

Each student will receive a band calendar at the beginning of the year. In addition, it will also
be emailed out to all parents and students with email addresses. Each student is responsible
for calendaring all events on their own calendar so that they do not schedule other family
events at the same time. Every event on the calendar is MANDATORY. Please schedule all
college prep tests such as the SAT on Saturdays that do not conflict with band calendar

The Bands of Laguna Creek High School are entirely self-supporting…which means the parents
of the students must pay for everything. A breakdown of costs for uniforms, competitions,
football games, parades and instructional expenses will be provided in the fall. It costs
approximately $300 per student/per year to finance all the band activities throughout the year.
Each family will be expected to pay a uniform fee and student fee. This can either be paid
directly by check or money order, or it can be raised through participation in fundraising
activities or by asking family or friends to sponsor the student through donations.

Fundraising Opportunities:
Money earned goes directly into student’s band account
   1.     Sponsor letters – ongoing all year
   2.     United Way donations through work to Laguna Creek High School Band Booster Club
          (a nonprofit organization)
   3.     Cookie Lee jewelry sale – ongoing
          a. http://www.geocities.com/jwlree/LCHSBandFlyer.doc

   4.     Scrip Programs
          a. Great Lakes Scrip: There is a special order form and instruction sheet. It is
              available in the Band Room or by emailing sheronm@aol.com. Various
              merchants have agreed, through Great Lakes Scrip, to sell their gift cards at a
              discount to the LCHS BBC.
          b. e-Scrip (Safeway, etc): “Laguna Creek High School Band Boosters” is enrolled in
              this program. The group ID is 500020512. Sign up by going to www.escrip.com
              and click on “Sign Up.”
          c. Raley’s and BelAir (Quality of Life): This program is run through the Laguna
              Creek High School PTSO. You can get a card from the LCHS BBC. If you already
              have a card, go online at www.Raleys.com and change your group to LCHS PTSO.
              Let the Band know your Raley’s card number.
          d. Nugget Market/Food 4 Less: The BBC will receive a 3% contribution for each
              dollar spent. Each person receives a “scrip card” which that person then “loads”
              and activates. Make sure you put “Laguna Creek High School Band Booster Club”
              under "beneficiaries", not your student’s name. Get your card from Sheron

Money earned goes to the General Band Account

   5.     SaveMart Supermarkets S.H.A.R.E.S Program: BBC has S.H.A.R.E.S. cards. Show your
          card when shopping and the BBC receives a maximum of 3%.
   6.     i-Give.com: This website is for everyday online shopping. If you go to the online
          store through iGive.com, the BBC will receive a percentage of each purchase. The
          BBC will get 1.5% of your purchase donated to it. Go to
          http://www.iGive.com/LCHSBBC for a customized sign-up link.
   7.     www.Goodsearch.com: This is a site powered by the Yahoo search engine. When
          you first go to the web site, you have to choose your charity in the “Who Do You
          GoodSearch For?” drop down bar. Type in “Laguna Creek High School Band Booster
   8.     GoodShop.com: This is like iGive.com. You go to the web store through this site
          (www.GoodShop.com) and a percentage of your purchase is given to the BBC.
   9.     Baja Burrito: Eat at Baja Burrito on the first Thursday of the month and mention that
          you are part of the LCHS Band and Baja Burrito will donate 25% of your purchase
          back to the band.


Football Games – Varsity Only:
Band Parent Crew – The LCHS band plays “pep” music in the stands at all the home varsity
football games. The Guard accompanies the band to help cheer on the football team. At
halftime, the band will perform on the football field for the entertainment of the audience.
Help is needed to 1) get students into and out of their uniforms; 2) wash down the bleachers
with water where the band sits so that they do not get their uniforms dirty; 3) bring the water
and cups for band in wagon to the bleachers; 4) take out the Drum Major stands for Drum
Majors to the bleachers; 5) help “pit” section leaders move some equipment out to bleachers;
6) help with crowd control by blocking off walkway while band gets into bleacher seats; 7) sit
around band and assist where necessary, and; 8) drive the equipment truck.

Field Shows & Parades:
Field Show and Parade Competition – We need volunteers to help unload and set up the area
upon arrival at each competition. We need volunteers to help get the students ready to
compete in parade and field shows. This involves helping them get into their uniforms and
putting their hair up so it does not touch the uniform jacket collar.
Truck Driver – We need a volunteer to pick up our rental equipment truck from Penske on
Friday afternoon, drive it to school, supervise the loading of the truck, drive it to and from the
competition Saturday morning, and return it to Penske either after unloading it late Saturday
night or on Sunday morning.
Transport Bus Drivers to Hotel – Parade and field shows last all day and into the evenings. Our
school bus drivers need to be off duty for 8 hours so we rent a hotel room for the day for them.
A volunteer is needed to take them to the hotel when we arrive at our location and then pick
them up 8 hours later.
Pit Duty for the Field Show – During the field show, most of the students march with their
instruments (flute, saxophone, etc.) However, we also have tympanis, xylophones etc. that
have to be stationary. The group of students who play these instruments are said to be in “the
pit” and they play standing still. Many volunteers are needed to move all of the xylophones,
tympanis, etc. on and off the field for each show. The shows are timed and the judges start the
clock the moment we set foot on the football field until the moment we have our last piece of
equipment off the field. We need to be quick and organized.
Water Carriers for Parade – Water is provided to the students while waiting for the parade
competition. Volunteers are needed to carry the water bottles and offer water to the students
prior to the warm-up for the parade competition.
Water Carriers for Field Show – Water is provided for all students while waiting for the field
competition. Volunteers are needed to carry the water bottles and offer water to the students
prior to the warm-up for the field show competition.
Inspection Duty – Inspection duty is a very important part of preparing for parade. This is
where the volunteers inspect each band student to be sure that every hair is tucked up under
their shako (hat), every piece of lint or dirt is removed from their uniforms, their shoes are
shined and everything is just perfect. The judges walk up and down, inspecting our students,
writing down anything out of order. Points are deducted for anything that is not perfect.
Inspection volunteers also do the same thing before a field show but it is not as critical as there
are no judges inspecting our students up close.

Food for Band Reviews – Providing there are enough volunteers and there is money available,
the BBC provides food for the students, parents and supporters. Many volunteers are needed
to help cook, serve, set-up and clean-up.

Truck Driver – A volunteer is needed to pick up the equipment truck from U-Haul or Budget,
drive it to school, help load it, drive it into Elk Grove for the parade, drive it back to school, help
unload it and return it to U-Haul or Budget.
Other Helpers – Other volunteers are needed to be at the parade site to help with unloading
and getting the students into and out of their uniforms.

Winter Percussion and Guard:
 This is a voluntary program starting in January. The students will perform in approximately 5
competitions. Volunteers are needed to drive a rental truck filled with musical instruments and
to help move equipment on and off the floor. There are approximately 30 students who do this
as apposed to 120+ in fall.

This is where the elementary schools and Harriet Eddy Middle School come to Laguna Creek
High School to play concert music with the LCHS Bands. Volunteers are needed to plan and
help serve the meals. In addition, volunteers may be needed to help set-up and take down
chairs in the gym on the day of the event. After the students practice all day, their parents,
family and friends will come and enjoy a free concert in the evening.

Jazz Band:
Jazz Band is a class during zero period. Chaperones will be needed for the Reno overnight trip
and for possibly transporting some of the equipment in a trailer or van to Reno as well as other

Summer Band Camps
 Food – Prepare food and help serve during Band Camp.
Uniforms – During Band Camp, each student is fitted into a uniform. Volunteers are needed
during band camp to help fit the students into uniforms. Volunteers will also be needed on
Super Saturday to fit any student not fitted during Band Camp. Volunteers are also needed in
the fall to arrange for cleaning and repair of uniforms.


Membership Coordinator – This person will be responsible for keeping track of membership.
Only members who have joined the Booster Club will be allowed to vote. This person will also
maintain a database of all members and their information.

Uniform Coordinator – This person will help organize and fit uniforms during Band Camp and
the fall. This person will also help with bringing uniforms to the cleaners and refitting uniforms,
as needed.

Food Coordinator – This person will coordinate the planning, purchasing and serving of food at
the various activities such as band camp, band reviews, and end of year picnic.

Fundraising Coordinator – This person will help organize and run fundraising events. This
person will work with the 2nd Vice President.

Scrip Coordinator – This person will insure all parents in band participate in the various forms
of scrip as it is an easy way to raise funds. This person will be responsible for collecting all the
monthly Great Lakes Scrip orders and being sure that the scrip gets handed out to purchasers.

Volunteer Coordinator – This person will encourage parents to sign up for the many volunteer
jobs. This person will explain the jobs and keep lists of who has signed up for each job.

Publicity Coordinator – This person will be responsible for submitting articles to the Elk Grove
and Laguna Citizen and for flyer advertising the Band activities.

Website Coordinator – This person will be responsible for the in-the-works Laguna Creek High
School Band website. This person will need to keep the calendar up to date and be sure that
information about the various activities is posted throughout the year.

Water Coordinator – This person will be responsible for making sure the band has bottled
water, either through donations from the community, parents or by purchase.

End of Year Awards Banquet Coordinator – This person will organize a potluck along with help
from other booster club members.

New Student Packet Coordinator – This person will get together a group to assemble and
distribute packets to the new and returning students.

LCHS Goods Coordinator – This person will be in charge of selling LCHS goods to parents
throughout the school year such as t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, license plate
holders, hats etc. The goal is to have a place on the new website where parents can order
various items such as license plate holders, hats, etc. throughout the year in addition to generic
t-shirts and sweatshirts (just with the logos).

New York City Tour Coordinator – This person will work with Mr. Edom and Mrs. Morris on
organizing the trip and its paperwork.
       Laguna Creek High School Band Booster Club (LCHS BBC)
            Mailing address for: LCHS BBC, PO BOX 582822, Elk Grove, CA 95758

LCHS BBC- Laguna Creek High School Band Booster Club- YOU!

LCHS BBC BOARD – Volunteer parents who are elected to run the LCHS BBC organization.
Positions are: President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ways and Means, and
the Band Director. The Board meets once a month.

LCHS BBC Meetings – Are held once a month during the school year. Check the band calendar
for dates. Band events, volunteer need, tours etc., are all discussed here. Essential for all
parents to attend to really support their student and know what is expected and going on in the
LCHS Bands.

LCHS Clothes and Other Items – Once a website is set up, you will be able to check out the
website to shop for sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, stadium seats and much more. These items
are for band parents and students. For now, watch for emails with information and order

SCRIP – The LCHS BBC is signed up through Great Lakes Scrip. An order form and instructions
are attached to the Handbook.

Communications -- Band members and their parents receive email communications on a
regular basis regarding band trips, schedules for parade and field shows and many other
announcements. Please complete the attached Student Information Form and return it to the
LCHS BBC at PO Box 582822, Elk Grove, CA 95758.

                                  Contact Information
President: Tony Servin (tony.servin@gmail.com)
1st Vice President: Jennifer Miller (jlmiller@surewest.net)
2nd Vice President: Raul Valenzuela (raulvalenzuela@frontiernet.net)
Secretary: Sherri Reginato (sreginato@frontiernet.net)
Treasurer: Sheron Morris (sheronm@aol.com) (916) 715-9003
Band Director: Jeff Edom (jedom@egusd.net) (916) 813-6185

Band Booster Website: In development!
Email address: LCHSBandBoosters@gmail.com


                         STUDENT INFORMATION SHEET
                                (Print Clearly)
Student’s Name:_________________________________ ID Number:______________

Street Address: __________________________________________________

      City: ______________________________ Zip Code: ______________

Student’s Phone Number: _______________________ (circle one: home or cell)

Email Address: ____________________________________________

Instrument Played: ________________________

What year will you graduate? ________________

Birth date: ________________________________

T-shirt size? ______________________

Parent(s) Information:

Mother’s Name: _________________________________________

Address (if different): ______________________________City, Zip________________

Mother’s Phone Numbers:

      Home: ________________________        Work: _______________________

      Cell: __________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________

Father’s Name: _________________________________________

Address (if different): ____________________________City, Zip__________________

Father’s Phone Numbers:

      Home: ________________________        Work: _______________________

      Cell: __________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________

Mail to LCHS BBC at PO Box 582822, Elk Grove, CA 95758

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