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Comments (including positive and negative)

Large range of facilities, though there would be a larger range of books

There is an overall positive vibe. Need of more computer programs such as PowerPoint not just
PowerPoint viewer

Positive: Friendly and very helpful staff. Adequate study areas and facilities.
Negative: Very few copies of textbooks for some subjects making unavailable to me when

Very efficient with holds and contacting via e-mail when books are due back or have come in.
Staff always willing to help

Overall the service is good. However, sometimes is hard to find new books and I had to use the
old ones

Mailing service is excellent - quick response to requests - absolutely vital when studying off

The library staff, in particular XXX and XXX have been extremely helpful

The library is well set out but sometimes there is not enough staff on the 2nd-3rd levels to help
with my enquiries

As an external student I have many dealings with library staff. They treat me great and always
try and help, as though they know how hard it is not being able to walk into the Uni

Group study areas are often noisy debates, areas set aside, even close to the library would be

No areas for individual loud areas (i.e. group study room type thing)

I consider this library relatively good

The library database system SUPERB!!! It would be handy to have a few more computers
available though as sometimes it can be hard to access one

Workshops on how to make good use of library facilities especially the website should be
organised for all new students at the start of each term

Cam you put up a step by step guide on assessing journal articles please

Keep up good work

I deal with library over the phone and have always found staff helpful - friendly. Service is very
Library hours on weekend - prefer more time on Saturday (or have it Saturday afternoon) 1-4/2-

Very clean toilets - Kudos!
Girls at help desk should smile!

Staff are very helpful. I am satisfied with their service. Sometimes, the books are hard to locate
(misplaced or missing)

The library should open earlier in the morning. Staff are very friendly and helpful (well done!)

I find the library and services fantastic. I mainly use the bottom floor study area and only use
other areas for printing and hard copy research, but facilities are easy to use and staff are
extremely helpful

Staff are excellent. Only complain is that there are no multiple copies of textbooks

Thanks, services have been great!

The staff at the library do a fantastic job. They always are helpful and go out of their way to
show students things in such a friendly and professional manner. Photocopying costs- why are
they so dear? Most photocopying in office supply place is well under 10c a sheet (roughly 4c a

Library hours on weekends are only 3hrs. Increase it please. Reserved materials are less in
quantity. It should have at least 2-3

Open later on a Saturday would encourage myself to use it more, but making more similar
Sunday hours

Most of the staff are helpful and efficient, however I have had occasions to visit the R'ton library
only a few times and on these times some of the staff treated me as though I was a moron as I
did not know here anything was.

The staff are always willing to help and are friendly. I think the library should have more copies
of the subjects compulsory books

Overall the Rockhampton campus library satisfies all my needs and wants

The staff are great, so are the facilities, but often there just isn't books that are helpful. Some
books are very technically specific, but I'm not at that point yet, I need general books

The number of books available has to be increased in number. Educational CD's must be in loans

I find it much easier to access the online library service you to my own personal time schedule.
It's great to be able to do things from home.

The Rockhampton CQU staff have a great positive attitude towards the students and are always
willing to help!
Warm and friendly atmosphere

Hard to find building

Provide good access to a reasonable range of information sources. Frequent problems getting
access to computers

I think you all do an amazing job (the library staff). The journalism related books need to be
updated, some are 3 decades old

The staff are friendly and helpful, there is always someone to go to for help. However, the
computer facilities are really bad. Every computer needs to have a memory stick program (so
they can be used on the computers). Additionally, the computers in the training rooms need to
be improved and updated. Some of the monitors don't even work anymore. The library is good in
all areas apart from computer facilities. 9 computers is NOT adequate for 1000 students! Where
are my student fees and suggestions going?

I'm quite disappointed that often my study is disrupted by a group of people talking near the
individual seating area. A group of people including students as well as library staff.

I often need that CM room and I think it supplies excellent resources and ability to find them

Staff are very helpful, database of journals have increased in the past few years. It'll be excellent

It would be great if opening times could be extended untill later especially around exam times

I am generally very happy with the library and it's services

I rarely visit the library because it does not have much of the information I use for study of
Mathematics. I visit to pick up research doc requests from other uni's if they aren't electronically
delivered to me.

many of the reference books are too old to be useful.
computer access can sometimes be very slow.
e-mailing when books are nearly due to be returned is a great idea.

The way we are headed, we will look like an AIC library before long. The CRO system does not
work, I repeat, does not work and I spend many valuable hours explaining the CROI system and
defending it when it should be simple and easy for students, anywhere in the world, to access
the resources in CRO. Why can't the CRO materials be on instant online access?

I think that student should be informed more about the online databases, as this is my 4th year
at cqu and only now have i found out about them.

I think that the staff are great.

My usage varies, however, during the time I have been with CQU, I have experienced
exceptional courtesy/service, from staff and available services. I can also see that those services
that I don’t personally use for one reason or another at this point are more than adequately
equipped to provide a commendable service. Thank you.
Books are proper maintained and numbered for easy findings. Adequate Textbooks should be
kept, matching(in proportion) number of students enrolled in that particular subject.

I think the reminder you received by email that your library books are due soon, is an excellent

I do not use the campus library facilities - mainly the on-line facilities

I feel the library staff are always there. I just think the library could be bigger in the future.

I generally use the online system to locate items, if they are readily available, I walk over to the

I think you're great, helpful and considerate

So far, I think that the library has fulfilled my need

I am an external student who has always had prompt, friendly and efficient service. The online
reminders concerning books due back are also very helpful, as well as the whole online library
setup which I use often.

Very satisfied, the library is easy to navigate and is easy to use, this is essential and
Rockhampton does not disappoint

the staff are always helpful even when we are stressing about something and we could be nicer!

I am glad that you now send out emails to remind people when their books are nearly up for

Better integration of the online library search facilities, e.g. between what is an online journal and
what is not.

Staff are great. Increased subscriptions to biological sciences journals has been great, but
dropping Proc of Nat Acad of Sci was mystifying. Lacking some seminal works in biological
sciences (especially lacking in herpetological science).

I have always found the library staff to be friendly, efficient and professional. I predominantly
access online journals and databases and feel that extra training sessions in these areas are
never wasted. XXX does an excellent job of facilitating these for postgrads. Thanks!

Great service.


Keep up the good work.

1.Staff is talking and laughing in staff room (2nd floor @ Rockhampton) which is spaced next to
study desks, we(user) can hear that loud voice. PLEASE BE QUIET!
2.Please make printing services cheaper. (Students pay a lot of money to CQU. I do not want to
pay additional cost for studying.)
the library as a whole is pretty good. some more computer facilities not just in class rooms that
you can be kicked out of would be good. other then that everything else is pretty good.

all good

The library staff are very prompt with their assistance when requesting articles or books that you
have had trouble getting when doing your assignments.

i find i am using services such as the computers in the training rooms and the printers connected
to them frequently but my fellow students aren't aware of where they are and how to access
them.... many of my peers don't realise you can edit assignments using word on the computer
training rooms by using the "extended access". also it isn't made clear how to put a document
from word to the u: drive... maybe have clearer signs and instructions?

The CQU library is very important, and is very useful facility and it helps me when needed,
especially finding information for assignments. Keep up the great work!

There doesn't seem to be enough copies of books etc. As a distance borrower the 'short-term'
loans are not worth the postage.

The library setting has become a more welcome environment that has positive feeling. I can not
really say anything negative unless walking up the stairs count as only my negative thought.

The library is great but my main concern as I do engineering is accessing information databases.
That still isn't clear how I can do that.

I think some of your staff are a bit rude and need some training in customer service with clients.
I think XXX is cool i use her heaps as I’m XXX student and she works well with me in getting me

The staff are a credit - always helpful and will go out of their way to assist.

Generally speaking, I have found the staff of the Rockhampton campus library to be particularly
helpful. The services offered, such as Research Doc and inter-library loans are terrific and my
sometimes obscure requests have always been followed through with interest. While resources in
some fields are not what one might like, the fact that these very efficient services are handled so
professionally has made my research achievable.

I tried to access the lift on the weekend but it had been locked (for security purposes I suppose)
so that I will have to reconsider visiting on the weekend.

I am an External Student and have been for the past six years, therefore the assistance from
Library Services has been most important to complete my degree. The Library staff have been
very helpful in all instances to make Flexible Learning possible.
My congratulations to all staff.

i like the online facilities for students, can save time, can more friendly with online systems also
directly interaction gives good responses. we get what we need. also you can arrange from other
campus is the best service. i am very glad to say that I’m in rockhampton campus having such a
nice facilities .
I have heard Compass is going to go. PLease have its alternative up soon so that those of us
incorporating it into our classes for external students next year can make the changes needed to
our study guides in a timely manner.

The library is of a high standard and the staff a have always been very helpful

Being a distance student I do not use this library a lot.

Library is pretty good at Rocky

The library staff are excellent. They do their very best to provide a good service, which they do.
However, the library's resources (e.g., books) are often very outdated or simply not available.
Similarly, many journals are not available or available only for the last couple of years. As an
undergraduate and postgraduate student of CQU, I believe this to be the university's biggest

The library staff are very helpful and friendly.

books are reasonably easy to find if available
the borrowing system is quick and easy to use

I have use intercampus loans and have put holds on items and I usually get a response to my
request quickly - which I appreciate.

Go the stairs, thanks for making sure we all get some kind of exercise!

I have a high regard for the quality service provided by staff - would love to see the library at
main campus doubled in size...

The library is a great place to go when I need information for assignments. It's atmosphere is
just right for completing work.

Smoking should be banned within the library precincts, just as it should be where
students/lecturers and visitors are likely to congregate - ie, everywhere people gather to eat &
drink in normal work hours/ also in breezeways between buildings & where there are clusters of
tables & chairs adjacent to buildings; and also banned within twenty metres of building
entrances, and also on the green area between buildings 30/10/8/36/35/34/33/32/30

Best Library Gnomes...EVER
The first time I requested a book online, and it arrived the next day, I nearly fell over. I have
never waited more than 24 hours for a response to a request, an enquiry, or any other
communication. often I am replied to on the same day. I find the staff friendly and
communicative, the service excellent, and when I have been to the library myself, I found it very
user friendly. I have only noted less than perfect scores on aspects regarding library because
there is always room for improvement of academic resources.

Being my first year at universtiy there have been many times where I have needed assistance.
The library staff has ALWAYS treated me with respect and gone out of their way to help me. I
have been thoroughly impressed by EVERY SINGLE librarian and all other library staff (especially
the photocopier maintenance man!!!).
The databases are extremely useful but, although it is unavoidable, in several cases the full text
article is unavailable.

I think that the librarians do a fantastic job. I'm off campus in Victoria and I feel as though the
library services are just next door.
Thank You.


The library have met my needs for the past year and a half


Good reliable place to find the information required for assessment.

The library needs a lot more current books dated no less than 10 years ago. There are a too
many books in the library where the information in them in out of date and has been updated
which was written over 10 years ago.

CQU library seems to run very effectively & smoothly.

staff seem to take no interest in serving.
I really appreciate XXX. Maybe she has been a student and that is why appreciates other
students needs

i feel the books are not current enough for some of my assignment work

It's harder to find the course resources online and electronic databases than it was with the old

NEGATIVE: Library has only a few copies of set texts available. This limits access to those
students who face financial hardship.
POSITIVE: I have noticed a range of new resources available in the CM room. This is good
because they are more current and hence useful for classroom reference materials.

The new table areas upstairs and downstairs are great places to spread out and carry out work
within groups or individually.

some facilities- computer, desk, chairs etc. need to be upgraded
more collections

On the whole I have found the library staff to be pleasant, professional and highly skilled. Most of
the issues that are problematic are procedural/institutional/resource limitation specific. There
needs to be better avenues for dealing with copyright issues when accessing electronic materials.
Would be good if the copyright officer in collaboration with the library could facilitate rather than
just police copyright. For most copyright issues there is a way of meeting the copyright
obligations while still providing students with access to materials. It would be good if this could
be streamlined.

Staff have been very helpful to me as an online student experiencing occasional problems
downloading articles. I really appreciate that the staff didn't expect me to fix my computer
problems first when I had an assignment due and needed some articles quickly. Responsiveness
is good.

Thank you for continuing to improve resources for external students, especially databases for on-
line articles

The library should have sufficient copies of the books that are recommended in the course. There
is very much shortage of these text books. Well the services of the staff towards students is very

Great service, all the librarians are very helpful.

I think, that the service is very good, especially because they send e-mails when ur due dates are
coming, and because u can renew your loans since your house.

The opening hours only really suit people who might be here in between lessons, but could
maybe opened earlier, closed later, and more hours on the weekend. I think there could also be
more computers with disk drives and available usb ports etc.

i visit the library at night after work as i am studying part time. I am getting on in years, (almost
60) the steps to the top floor can be a bit of a killer at times. library people are very pleasant and
i think that the 8.00 pm closing is a bit early. 10 pm would be more appropriate.

all good, hooray to all

Not enough course books are available in the library. It is the biggest problem with the library.
Otherwise, services provided by the library are excellent.

Online resources should have tutorial for use. The dispatch library books to external students
such as myself is excellent, as well as the communication between staff and myself.

more access to online journals

Having more computers available would be great and another print station too.

its a moderate library facilities with lot of things to do.

I am based in the city and when I needed to visit the library, I had to make a trip across town -
the opening hours never seemed to suit. The staff are great. There's not many resources on my
thesis topic. Why can't we use internal mail for borrowing and returning items? searching the
catalogue can take ages.

as an external student who works full time longer opening hours (like they use to be to 9.00pm)
would be appreciated. Also longer opening hours on weekends. I do however appreciated longer
hours mean more costs to CQU

I especially like the study area on the ground floor of the Rockhampton Library. I like to be able
to have a drink or some light foods while I study. The Library has created a very relaxed
atmosphere in this area.
Great staff, good selection of books

staff are friendly, and assist me well,

Once had problems with photocopier charging to much per copy!

Home page needs work difficult to navigate but it is better than it was

The library facilities are great. There could be more computers available though. I sometimes
find it difficult to get a computer when I need it. And have to wait around.

i think the computers in the middle of floor one are probably the most important service this
library has. The computers are great because i can do my assignments and the books are only
just up on the next level. if anything i would love to see more of these computers in the library.
the staff here are always friendly and answer my questions to their full knowledge or find
somebody who does. for me it would be handy if the library could open earlier.

Printing and photocopying are expensive- but so is everywhere else

evening contact hours would be good for remote students who work

Services are improving all the time, particularly in respect to e-journals. Would like to see online
access to SciFinder Scholar for external students. Otherwise, overall I'm very happy.

library staff are always very helpful and efficient with document delivery and inter campus loans.
Ground floor communal area looks great and appears to be well used.

Staff must identify those who need help, rather than let students or person come to the staff.
Remember "Student's ( or visitor's) satisfaction is important." Staff must have some insight in
understanding whether student understand what the staff are saying. There are lots of students
especially the foreigners who are not good in English.
Try to bring in more books of different categories or subjects. Library must be a great storehouse
of Knowledge.
Silence must be top priority in the top floor.
But on the bright side, you have an excellent atmosphere and friendly staffs. I hope you will keep
it up.
And you have an ample collection of Video cassettes and try to bring in more.

The library needs more collections of the professional journals

I reaallllly appreciate the online database and the fact that we are able to renew our loans via e-
mail. It is also really handy that we receive e-mails reminding us that our books are due (because
we have so many other important dates to remember, we often simply forget). Thanks heaps for

the staff are friendly

excellent level of electronic resources available
The staff are always really helpful. If something I need is not available they are often able to
provide suggestions of alternative materials while I am waiting for the needed things to become

I am very satisfied with the way the staff provide for me as a staff member and as a
postgraduate as well as for my students. I have always received, prompt, efficient and friendly

excellent keep up the good work

good work

Library staff are always very helpful. I would like the opening hours to be longer on the

Library access hour is not enough.

I was unable to comment on some activities due to being an external student

I am due to complete my degree this year, and I was intending to send a "THANKYOU" email to
the staff at Rocky. Throughout my 6 years in studying my social work degree externally the
library staff and resources have been excellent. Which is so important as an external student, I
order my books and they always arrive within a couple of days without fail. The online resources
are so good and keep improving each year, that sometimes I don't even need to order books I
can do it all from the databases. Your service has assisted hugely in me being able to complete
my assessment and therefore my degree, especially as I live in an area that has very limited
resources. I would just like to thank you all very, very much for your prompt service through my
studies at CQU!!!

Need quicker and more adequate computers to assist students and cause them not to meltdown
while stressing about their curriculum.

The library is great, its electronic resources are excellent:- which is important because that
makes it easy for me because I live 40km away. It's collection of books is great also in the IT
area (that I am studying) all the books are continually up-to-date.

Mainly, I have found the staff and facilities adequate however for those of us who live far away,
the time taken to receive and return books is grossly unfair. If I had to have a book back by a
Monday I would have to post it the previous Thursday therefore missing out on book usage. I
know extra time is sometimes allowed for this but it is very frustrating especially if you would like
an extension and it's not possible. I have also ordered books from the explanation in the
catalogue, then when I see them, they don't contain anything I need however I have to pay the
cost of returning them which is not cheap. One of the Rocky student was aghast when I informed
her about this cost - lucky locals who have the chance to peruse shelves. The electronic
catalogue is not always user friendly however has improved since I first began my degree.

I have been happy with the library over the period I have been studying. My only real complaint
is the limited computers of good quality. Other then that everything is pretty good.

I would like to see more areas specifically for group work. That is, more rooms for students to
work in groups without annoying other students.
All the staff at the library are helpful and friendly.
It is sometimes irritating when students do not book the computers near the info desk on the
first floor especially at critical times of the term. I have booked computers and students have not
and then it is uncomfortable when I have to ask them to leave the computer.

could have emails reminding us of new databases or featuring existing databases

Thank you for a great service - your staff are always helpful and knowledgeable.

Library staff are always friendly, helpful and take time to help find the best solution to your

The library is the only place where I can stay focused

Overall the services provided are good.

As a postgrad completing a PhD, I have found most library staff very helpful but would be remiss
if I did not single out Vicki Roberts for her exceptional assistance and guidance with all aspects of
library facilities and services.

Handout map of the library and list of services that can be handed to students
call number quick ref guide - DL card size

books related to courses are short, especially for the business faculty. books referred in the
course profile are hardly available on the shelves. if the books related to course are there but
they are of old addition.
kindly keep updating the books lying on the trolley to the shelves, so that students can make full
use of the facilities given to them. sometime its pretty suffocating in the library, so try to put on
the ac all the time or make a pass for the air ventilation. its bit hard to find out the books in the
library as they are scattered through out the various shelves.
personal library account, always shows some fine regarding the late deposition of books, followed
by the line " please ignore it". if its like that then why library person keep on putting fines to the
students. try to be true and fare to students as its not a matter of money in fact matter of cqu
reputation, where students comes first not the fine. thanks a lot

Great, staff are friendly and helpful

I have always had a good experience with the library and its staff

I have always found the staff to be very knowledgeable on their services and they always provide
me with a happy and very responsive to my requests.
I often ask over the phone about on line services and how to access these and the library staff
are only too happy to help and make my student requirements easier.

1. Inter-campus loan, and inter library photocopying delivery are great.

The access to the library via the internet for me is one of the biggest advantages, I can search
for books at home, write down their numbers, go to the library and get them out, not having to
spend hours at the library. The online resources are also a major advantage because so many of
my assignments require up to date and recent journal articles.
Some survey form pages were indecipherable ...

sometimes It is hard to get latest version of books.
Opening our is not enough for students.
staffs are friendly

I asked for assistance in an assignment and was not given a helpful answer. I was told that it
was all in the blackboard and in my textbook. If I had been able to find it myself I wouldn't have

I am very happy with the library service. The staff are excellent.

Need more study rooms with computers available
Need more printers in the to study rooms

the library staff are extremely helpful. there needs to be more computers to use. education books
are not always available as there is a high demand for them. something should be done about
this problem.

I am happy with the access although there are times when I'm unsure about how to access
articles electronically through alternative databases after using search alerts and TOC alerts

the rockhampton cqu library is a great library is efficient i providing adequate facilities needed by
students to successfully complete their chosen courses.

I'm a student at Noosa, so couldn't answer any questions relating to physically visiting the
Rockhampton Library, however I have found whenever I've spoken to a staff at the Library that
they are extremely helpful. Books have been posted promptly and my emails have always been
answered promptly. I've been really impressed with the help I've had.

I consider the staff at the Rockhampton campus library to be your greatest asset. They are
friendly, helpful and care about my needs. I couldn't ask for more. While I watch the level of
service decline in other areas within CQU, the library seems to be getting better and better each
term. Congratulations!

When placing a hold on a book, a hold should be placed on the next book that comes in not a
particular book as i was waiting for an important book which took weeks to come in and was
overdue while books of the same title came in and out. I was unaware of this as i waited for this
one book which i needed urgently.

I am fairly satisfy with the service of the library.

I'm an external student and I find if I ever need any articles or books I just email the library staff
and they have been fantastic in replying to my needs - I am very impressed with the service I

XXX is fantastic, he is cool and he is always at your beck and call. He knows what to do in every
situation. Go XXX

Good Services, and Resources.
Staff is willing to help.
Some books are out date
Some prescribed books are only available in one copy or held by lecturers

The library staff that I have dealt with have been professional, courteous and efficient. That is
important to me as an external students. In actual fact the library staff are great.

excellent facilities at the rocky library and very friendly staff. however with respect to collections,
many of the prescribed textbooks in many business courses are either not available or the
number of copies are very few compared to the number of students enrolled. there always seems
to be additional copies at sydney, melbourne, gold coast - but campus transfers are not done
from these places!!!

Staff helpful, computer resources OK (a few faster computers wouldn't hurt though! + LCD
Monitors to reduce the eyestrain!) -- I know big $$$!
Otherwise, the collection isn't too bad, I've managed to find most of what I need; sometimes
books are quite far from where they should be, but I think that is more of a "user" fault rather
than a staff one.

I am an external student living in Brisbane and I find the library on-line facilities excellent. If I
have to call (love the 1300 number) the staff are always very helpful and professional and I
receive whatever material I need very quickly.

I feel the weekend opening hours are to short but other than that the service is good.

The only major problem I have with the library is its lack of sources for Ancient History courses.
Most sources I have to access through the web and online journals. The need for more books
and videos on this subject is vital.

staff friendly

Library staff are nice, it would be helpful if we had available more journal articles that I need for
my assignments.

I am a staff member, studying as an undergraduate - mainly use library for studies.

Inclusion of extra signage in the library of the various level and the labeling of the computers and
other facilities and how to use these facilities would be helpful.

web site can be a bit confusing, more signage within library would be nice. staff are very friendly.
I love how you receive an email reminder when your books are almost due, that is fantastic!

there were many things in the survey which i was required to give comment on, which do not
affect me and therefore I have no real knowledge on (eg. disability services) - there should be a
'not relevant to me' option to make the responses more accurate.

At times a book has shown up during the search in the catalogue as being available but is not on
the shelf when I try to find it. Library staff are very good and have tried to assist me but these
books are not located.

more computers should be available for general research on the top floor as well as the middle
floor at the rockhampton campus, maybe in those group study rooms.

What is the one area we could improve to assist you?

Having the books that I require I would like "Speed Trap" by Charlie Fronets (1991) and "A
Travellers Tale" by Richard Dawkins

Put a computer in each of the group study rooms with a printer attached so that as a group we
can use a computer to computer assessment work.

Copied of textbooks should be increased which can eliminate the time to wait for that particular
book and thus not necessary to buy the new textbook which is generally hard to afford for

At first it was hard to find a book on the shelves because the numbers sometimes are too long,
but after a few months it is easy

Emerald campus is woefully stocked - 2-3 shelves in entirety

To have more materials that lectures reference in education courses. To have the library open on
Saturday afternoon instead of Saturday morning

More computers please

More computers for general use. More info on marine sciences (journals etc)

More computers available for general use, not just classes

More computers should be linked to printers so you can be able to print wherever you are at the
library, especially in the study/training rooms

I find the web page difficult to negotiate. Access to journals are long

a better webpage

I'm ok with what I have

If the library made an effort to stock more recent/current books that supplement that various
courses, this would go a long way in enhancing academic success

Computer stations with new software (with more advanced technologies)

Open the library earlier

A printer in the bottom floor study area would be helpful. It is time consuming having to go
upstairs and leaves students open to theft. Not that theft has occurred to melb ut it does make it
more of a possibility. Thanks
At least 2 copies of relevant textbooks so one can always be on campus in the reference
collection. This means a copy will be available when I don't bring a book to university

Extend library times on weekends and maybe to 9pm on weeknights

Photocopy machines should have outside of library. It makes really hard if anyone wants to make
photocopy on weekend. It is necessary to have photocopy machines outside

More computers in study rooms on the top floor

Quite often there are not enough copies of some books and as a result they are only available for
a short period of time. This makes it very difficult when I have to allow several days for the
books to be returned via the mail

Loaning books from R'ton is very quick and easy over Internet. Update of the library at Emerald
Campus, as most books are over 10yrs old. Also books that I have returned at Emerald have

As above

Have more of the books that are recommended but not compulsory for subjects as they are often
great to refer to once or twice in a semester, so you don't want to spend money to read it twice,
but are often unavailable as there is only one copy

Provide wireless and other resources for the laptops by which we can download some useful stuff
and read them in our houses

Updates about books on hold. After putting a book on hold, from another campus 3 weeks ago
and not hearing anything back- no e-mail, like I was told it was a bit disappointing. Hopefully it
will be better next time

Perhaps have more of the more commonly used articles/textbooks/books, so there is less wait on
a reserved item

More computers

Put a few more signs up, or a campus map near bookshop (bookshop very easy to find)

Communications & Technology

Access to more journals on-line, particularly Health Science and Sport Science journals. More

The journalism text/books available for loans

Please increase the number of signs to remind library users that library is not a place to socialise
and chit chat

General book area
This is a 'wish' list which is difficult to do. Few journals i.e. Social science and medicine,
retrospective copies are excellent to ??? for research purpose. Staff and higher research degree
students, other disciplines may find similar difficulties

Having a word (Microsoft office) program on the computers. I can't find it to type assignments
onto. There could be more computers for students to use when there are classes running
simultaneously in the computer rooms

Thank you for having the researchers room. I find that workshops of endnote don't end up being
about endnote, but ...

Fix the stupid CRO and convoluted Library web page/catalogue

Make the library website more user friendly, specifically in regards to the use of the various

Bigger selection of IT-related books and journals

Quicker access between floors

Is it possible for the Library to cover the cost of return postage, say through a slight increase in
student fees which would then in turn be taxed and returned to the Uni in the following financial
year? Just a thought although on the other hand it helps to enable students to maintain
responsibility for the borrowing of books and on second thoughts may indeed ensure safe return
if the dispatch fee remains with the (off campus) student.:)
Thanks for a truly great service with communicative and highly efficient staff. It's a pleasure to

We have 3 day or 21 day loan system for any textbook. It will be excellent if we introduce 7 day
loan, as most student feel that 3 day loan is just not sufficient. Colour print out should also
available for students at nominal rate.

having more up to date books on some subjects such as law, as some of the information in some
textbooks ore not longer used.

more direct online access to current journal editions

More books on international relations and politics. When these subjects come to CQU of course.

Better use of signage to explain what the different areas of the library are, some people are
really confused by the area behind the front desk.

I've never had a problem so can't think of anything - sorry.
Maybe some sort of basket to lug the books around the library - I always end up with more than
intended and then have trouble carrying them down the stairs.

Cashiering - Clueless

Collection of books, and opening hours during weekends
An email informing me of any updates or changes.

Microfilm reading area - needs better seating and lighting positioning.

More journals needed in agricultural sciences especially Entomology.

I have not found any area lacking as yet.

more full texts available in electronic journals

I think it would be good if their were more computers were you can place your disks and usb
sticks in. As the current computers with these facilities are usually busy.

Increase in number of Research Doc requests for the year, with the quota over the whole year
rather than a per-semester quota.

Easier access to journals electronically. I find the current format difficult to understand and work

... more subscriptions to full-text online journals!! (while recognising that cost is the main issue)

Doing the basics with academics

availability of electronic resources that can be seen electronically via the internet as do not have
time to go to the library


Photocopying should be free up to 5 pages.

Stock Forestry content, on- line Journals

Please provide quiet environment to study. It is your responsibility.

Computer Resources i.e. printers connected to the Uni IT system (not Unicard) and more

Have course resources organised better as resources for other courses are on same page as the
course I want and it's confusing.

more computers.

more BOOKS on Melbourne campus !!!!!!

There could be more computers in the library, as at times both of the computer rooms can be

Have better electronic access and more resources for external students
As a Performing Arts student in the education and creative arts faculty i find it hard to access
materials such as scripts and music... could it be easier to get them from mackay... or get some
of the same materials instead of having to share with the students in mackay?

Have more copies of resources available. Extend the loan time for distance borrowing.

Areas I would really like to be more published is how to access Journal articles. I know there are
classes and other guides to assist me, but times there are times when journal articles can be
hard to access.

I think the library is great as it is. Maybe more signs or information on where everything is but
the staff are always in the middle of the library and are always there if help is needed.

Your people at the desks are rude and this can be quite upsetting when you need help to find
books and you are a teritary Entrance student with TEP.

If anything, some photocopiers need replacing as do the micro-phish document viewers. I would
also like to have easier access to archives.

Allow lift access to those with lift passes on the weekend

The occasion has not yet arisen.

i m an it student so that please do something that for book services so that i can take books for a
long time .or if possible increase the copy of books for us.

Changing the look and feel of the website constantly is not good. We just get used to navigating
one and then there is a change.

More full text databases

Having more computers that have microsoft documents and that can access hotmail.

Although resources are expensive, the allocation of funding to improve library resources will
greatly improve the calibre of CQU students as they will have access to current resources and
thus produce better quality work. Similarly, adoption of a procedure that vastly reduces the
timeframe from ordering resources to availability to students will be most beneficial to students
and again contribute to better quality students.

More library hours at night.

A variety of more books for subjects. During assignments/study there is often not enough books
for referencing for all the students. Also update books with newer books. I prefer to have newer
books than to older books to reference from (i.e. 1970-1990s are getting old to use as reference

nothing in particular

Training on how to use the library to the best of its ability needs to be conducted for those of use
who are external students and only visit the library at res.
I wonder if it would be possible (a big job I know) to add a description of what the book is about
in the Library catalogue on the web?

Possibly more computers to work on although there are labs available elsewhere.

Neck and shoulder massages in the foyer would be nice.

There could be areas where computers are allowed to be used for extensive periods of time by

Hours open

Having the full text articles available.

I know it costs money but more contemporary magazine collection or access


More reading for groups

Number of computers.

Access to more electronic journals with full-text articles e.g. British Journal of Industrial Relations

More books added to library collection for assignments!

Get more current books in.

Reply Paid Post for students at small campuses without a university library. We all pay the same
HECS, so why are we disadvantaged by high postage costs when on-campus students don't have
this cost?

library should be open for longer hours.

I am an education student and I feel that students within my faculty often 'hog' resource
materials. Perhaps loan length could be limited on essential one off/specific material required in
relation to set courses.

More of the open plan work areas are definitely an asset to the library.


The Course Resources Online system is very confusing - especially when students are enrolled
under several course codes in the one subject. Is it possible to at least be able to link the
readings so that the whole lot appear for each course code. Also needs to be ordered
alphabetically within each section. Given that the majority of CQU students are external, it is also
extremely important that CROs are given a higher priority in terms of the time taken to get this
material online (especially at the beginning of term).

more access to academic Journals
Keep those journal databases open and flowing!
Thank you library.

External support for database access

more prescribed text books should be there in the library, as there are many students who
cannot afford to buy text books.

Well i would like to suggest that library should have sufficient copies of the recommended books.

I'd like to see an area on the website that lists the new books in different areas.

Maybe it would be better if during the weekends the library remains open for more hours than
now, because on weekends is when some people have time to do assignments and research

I was surprised on how small the collection of books was!

a lift to the top floor in rockhampton would be marvelous at night.

more computers

Increase the number of course books.

include more books with latest publication

to increase the number of texts books and references.

as an internal student and sometimes a research assistant at Smart city, being able to have items
sent to me in the internal mail rather than having to come over there

Maybe proactively discussing research needs with each postgrad student. Might be a little
resource heavy but it sounds like a good idea, even if it is just an email...personally addressed.

opening hours

I believe better computer terminals with printing capabilities in the study area mentioned above
would go a long way in making it a prime study area for students.

More books, more books and more books

opening hour in weekend

Having extended opening hours during residential schools

more training

More computers.

more computers
Overall it is a wonderful service with very helpful staff.

More hours open on weekends.

Too many books are out on permanent loan. This is unfair for other students.

Increase available science e-books and access to additional medicinal chemistry related journals

perhaps purchasing new books
sometimes it is hard to find a staff member upstairs to help look for a book that is not in its
correct place on the shelves

Student's satisfaction and staff's willingness to go further to help the bewildered new students
and senior students.

Email me if new collection comes in

Improving the collection in Economics, Econometrics and resource economics.

the journal article, i prefer paper one.

direct link from catalogue to hold/inter-campus request form so no need to retype info.

More hours on the weekend. As I work fulltime in the week the weekend is when I do most of
my research and studying. Luckily the electronic resources are great - but I still like to be able to
look at real books!

I am perfectly satisfied with the library

The online Search for documents, journals, magazines etc is a little hard to navigate if you are a
novice, Perhaps a more user friendly system, or a step by step guide would be useful.

More books & a better environment on the top floor collection. Going up the stairs is like going
through a progressive time warp. Modernising all 3 floors would improve the appeal of the whole

maybe look at the website

Signage - sometimes I have felt lost in the library.
Staff have always been very helpful though and I'm learning my way around it now.

More accessible electronic journal articles

Availability of journal access

I think we need more real books!

No complaints.
Let me win the ipod!

Some of the computers on the middle floor can be somewhat erratic at time when working on
them to do research or assignments, an upgrade would be great.

More vidos/DVDs and please update them when they get worn and scratched. It's hard to
analyse a movie with images and audio flicking in and out.

Take up the cost of returning books to the library - this has been a very expensive and I believe
discriminatory part of study for those of us who live far away and can't access any of the campus
libraries directly.

Everything is fine.

I would like to see the library open for longer hours on either Saturday or Sunday.

CD writer and reader on computers for all students

Weekend opening hours - I understand the constraints with weekend penalty rates - however
longer hours would certainly suit me.
A drive- thorough book return service would be FABULOUS as parking is often difficult to find &
time for me is limited - by the time I find a park (usually quite remote from library) & walk to the
library quite a lot of my time is taken up. Perhaps it may be possible for you to look at the
possibly of an alternative return location e.g. somewhere at the City campus?

Greater access to Psychological journal articles prior to 1997

Nothing specific comes to mind.

Library carts for heavy books would make a valuable addition to the CQU library here in

The area that we could improve to assist the students in study would be the servers on the
computers. I find it frustrating that you have to log onto the computer twice just to use Microsoft
word. Why can't they just be on the first server? It is confusing and time consuming. Also some
of the keyboards in library don't work that well and need replacing.

lounge area near journals for reading

try to put more books in the library, which are recommended in the course profile of students.
just update the books with new additions.

More computer access, especially when the computer rooms have classes in them.

More availability of computers to work on with out having to leave when tutorials come in

More online journals (full doc's not just abstracts)
I find the online catalogue system of 'marking' records and then e-mailing or printing them
impossible to use. You can go through pages of records and then lose what you've marked. If
that could be easier to use, then I wouldn't have to write down numbers.

The online web page is really developing and probably the only area that makes life easier, is
making the online facilities as user friendly and full of information as that is possible.

1. The Library search engine is not accurate /specific: Compared to those used in other
universities such as ANU and UQ, CQU search in Smart search often displays massive data which
are not really required.
If you like, try a search at ANU or UQ, and one at CQU.
2. In a long run to make savings, I suggest that the CQU library register those books /materials
frequently inter loaned so that they are purchased by the CQU.

Because i'm overweight i can only complain about having to climb the stairs to get to the top
level, but that's just me whinging about nothing. It good exercise actually!

Increase the library hour and increase the number of current text the uni is following

Be knowledgeable in the use of blackboard. I am among several students who still have trouble.

The set up of the web page to find subjects main databases and referencing styles
More computers available for printing

more education books. all the books are booked out quickly and you have to be cued and wait
for the books, sometimes the books are available to late and they are then not needed.

Probably more enforcement on other students returning books when due! Difficult when have a
hold on a book and another student doesn't return it promptly, however I know there is only so
much you can do as it is the student's responsibility.

Perhaps going through databases and electronic searches periodically

the one area that could be improved is the number of group study rooms that have computers.
currently there is only one room with a computer. Another one or two rooms would greatly

access to more full text journals

It frustrated me that we had to post back books at our cost, and guess what? as of this week we
can now deliver them to the office at CQU Noosa and they are returned by CQU to Rockhampton.
Now the next thing - I'd love our own library at our campus, just a dream I suppose. Thanks!

The only issue I have is a small one. Often when I visit the Rockhampton library I have to pass
through a cloud of cigarette smoke to get to the doors. As a non-smoker this causes me concern.
Perhaps the library might consider permanently moving the 'smoking' areas to the side of the
building or in a place that doesn't affect visitors to the library. Just a thought...

The above. The first book of the hold title should be given to whoever is first in line for that title.
adequate online database is important for our research, and I hope the university can improve
the richness of the database

A larger range of psychology journals online. Although I can get by with the range that is offered
- it is good.

Having XXX at the front counter at all times.

Need to improve (extend) Weekends opening hours

need to have more research journals and research papers electronically

make available more copies of prescribed textbooks of courses...

more access to online journals.

how we can let the staff know what journals we would like access to.

Access to more full text journals cause it sucks only finding the abstract with no way of accessing
the full text

Obtaining more types of related magazines, rather than just "academic" or "journal" based. For
example, my field is engineering, so a few copies of Silicon Chip or computer magazines lying
around wouldn't hurt!

None really, I'm very satisfied with the facilities and service.

Longer weekend opening hours and more computers with burners and scanners

Sometimes I feel a little intimited approaching a librarian or other staff in the library. Signage
indicating that you are there to help all students at the inquiring desk or level one desk would be
quite helpful to other student who feel this way.

make engineering students better aware of electronic journals that could be useful to us (besides
Standards Australia)

Change the Sunday opening hours near exam time e.g. 12 - 5

Prompt replying to emails, and the interlibrary services such as requesting a book from another
campus and being notified promptly of it's arrival.

the path to get in a search a database (online) could be made more straightforward...
as a DE student i don't often get out to the library, and being a single parent, I don't often come
and use books as this requires finding a babysitter for that time! I would love a service whereby I
could identify books available online and put in a request for them to be collected from the
shelves for me, so I could just come into the front desk and pick them up - means I wouldn't
need to find a babysitter, and would use the books more!

More on campus facilities
putting computers in all of the group study rooms at the rockhampton campus

Postgraduate books, especially textbooks for business seem to be available at every AIC campus
but not Rockhampton. More texts/postgraduate books in business (up-to-date) as it is required
we reference materials from the last 5 years.