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									HOW TO:
Log on the system:
       1.   turn on the computer and screen
       2.   hold down the Ctrl., Alt. and Delete keys
       3.   enter user name and enter password- (use numbers)
       4.   strike enter

Log Off:         go to the bottom and highlight shut down ―Citrix‖ command box comes
up-select shut down
 Wait until instructed to turn off
Turn monitor off then turn tower off

         When message arrives with an attachment – note the paperclip
         to the right of the message.
         When you wish to print and it comes from the State’s system, you need to save it
to a file and then move it.
         Click on attachment icon (not paper clip) with a right click then you
         receive a prompt to save to: may use ―D‖ drive and minimize the window
          go to My Computer and ―F‖ drives - right click on the saved File icon and drag to
         ―F‖ file (this will move it and save). It is then possible to print it. This is not a
         problem when you are only reading the attachment.

       Add a graphic:
         Using a clean document- goes to Insert and pull down to Picture then move to clip
art or file that you saved
         select the one you want and click on it then the small command box that says
insert clip.
         Close out the selection and make sure that the toolbox is up. (if not up go to view
         and toolbar) Then click on picture of dog and move to through selection.

       Grouping a picture word art, or a series of pictures:
       Select what you want grouped and click on each while holding the Shift key down
       then go to Draw on the bottom toolbar and select: group or regroup or ungroup
       and work from there.
           Autoshape:         select for Math Geometry shapes for that unit once selected,
           use click and drag to get the size that you want but make sure that the white
           handles are around it and go to 3-D (teal box on the far right bottom corner) to
           select that effect if wanted.
           To include a picture or make the 3-D effect behind a picture –select the picture
           and then to the paint bucket and Fill Effect

            How to make a table:
           Use the shortcut button on table at top of the Menu toolbar-then you
           decide on the size of chart and drag to that size. Right click inside the
           chart and get the options bar and make decisions about tables, column,
           and cells.

It is possible to write
within a cell by clicking on
the cell and typing what
needs to be there-if too
much it will increase the
size of the cell until it fits
also changes the ones in
that row.

If using ―specific height‖ then any font that is larger will not work but if you use ―at
least‖ then the fonts will fit.

           File Management
                                 Creating a new file, moving information to a file

           On the first screen go to My Computer
           Click on System on ―NSU001’ (F)
           Go to jskott file-click on it
           Go to file-New- and folder
           shortcut: right click to get pull down then
                   Left click on new folder

           To rename folder-highlight folder
           Right click to open up the menu
           Left click on rename folder

           Moving files from one drive to another:
        Bring up the file that you saved on and click (hold shift key down to get more
than one) on the files that you want to move then use cut (shortcut) and then scroll to
the drive that you want to move them to and open and paste them in.

       How to use Spell Check and Language tools:
       Under the Menu bar there are many areas that include Spell Check and Language-
       Word Count and at the bottom there is Options that give you more options
       _Spelling and Grammar allows you to Show Readability Stats but only after you
       have done the Spell Check under Tools (F7) or click the Spelling icon.

       Microsoft Office tool bar: start Menu                       Program---across to
       Office Tools and then shortcut bar (looks like puzzle)

       Office Assistant:              go to the? On the toolbar-assistant will guide you
       along right click on assistant and more choices are there the help is there or ask
       questions when needed

       Screen Shot:            take picture of the screen then click on ―print screen‖
       then move to where you want to put it and then hit CTRL V or (edit/paste) and
       use the crop tool-remember to crop from the picture tool (highlights black squares
       at top and bottom and sides)

       Hide/Show: key on toolbar that looks like paragraph-lets you see all the
invisible commands that are in
        your document.

       Web links: begin typing www.ttl… and when you press enter               it will
       make it a link OR type in name and highlight-move to globe w/chain (directly
       above) and click it will direct you what info. needed (http://…) and then click

       E-Mail:      click on Common Programs folder and select Citrix Program
Neighborhood- type in user name,
       password and domain then click o.k.
       *use either Microsoft Outlook or Netscape

       click inbox on left side of screen and get messages
        Right click on Outlook Today and then left click on New folder - drag selected
       message to folder you want it in-release —can look at items sent to locate one that
       was missing

       Distribution List: make a list of the entire group that you would
send to (ie; C.C.Lee Staff,
         Reading Council members)
         start in Microsoft Outlook folder list and find Contacts icon-click on it
         New (button top second row) click on New Contacts and then Actions and scroll
        to New Distribution List and locate individuals by typing last names
         (Outlook=contacts Outlook Express=address book) On contacts screen-click
        on open book (looks like address book) to add, delete, or update names

       Powerpoint:              There are three choices to begin this project-AutoContent
       Wizard will help you along the way with your selections but it is geared more for
       business rather than education presentations. Design template will give you pre-
       selected choices. Design your own is the one that works best with students. Start
       with the first page as a title card and use the first choice.
       Then you go to menu Format and down to Background and once color is selected-
       usually apply for one page at a time. When ready to go to second page 1) go to
       Insert and down to new slide 2) go to index card pic w/star and at the top and it
       will also give you a new page.
       Insert pic: Go to Insert and down to picture then over to clip art -select the one
       you want scroll down if you want to see all the choices. Double click and select
       one then click to transfer it on to your page.
       View: slide sorter - will allow you to move slides around
       Notes page- allows you to make notes to yourself to use during presentation (what
      to say or add)
       Normal-gives you the regular picture for the entire screen

      *Shortcuts are available at the left bottom of the screen when you know what
      the pictures mean- (normal, web layout, print lay out view, outline view, and

      You can create your own page using insert new page and scrolling to the bottom to
      the blank screen-go to Insert and text box or picture and move them around to
      make them what you want.
      Insert picture: either from clip art or from disk but you must locate the file that you
saved it on
      Insert sound: on Powerpoint Insert –go to Movies or Sound and do the same as

     Animation and Sound: Go to Slide Show and down to Custom Animation and
work on several areas.

      Shortcut to show slideshow=F5
       To assess the Powerpoint of students, have them print their presentations with six
slides/page and consider
       Black and white instead of color
       Within Powerpoint-check print and make several choices
       Check out Barb’s site :

      Pack and Go: located under the file menu and allows you to compact the
      presentation - wizard takes you through the steps and if you click on (viewer goes
      to Window 95) it will allow you to run it on an earlier Windows program when
      you save you will put floppy disk as destination

        Select the picture and place it upside down if you want the picture to show right
side up, always preview
        -Options available in the buttons-scan at 96 dpi but move up to get a clearer
picture although that requires more ink
        do not use dmp because it requires too much memory and is not compressible
100-200 is usually good
        Advanced control panel lets you make many adjustments-remember to review
        before you scan. Capture the part of the picture that you want and cut out the
        extra because they take up space and ink. When set up- save as. jpegs on to the
        file you want to select and remember where you saved it so that you can transport

       Digital Camera:
        Insert the file and turn on the camera. Use buttons to adjust but changes do not
        change the scene. Zoom level available and no icon means that it is on auto flash.
        Disk needs to be formatted in camera. Camera is one setting and Play is the other
        (lets you see what you took pictures of) Move through pictures and select ones to
        Take disk to computer and open a word document and go to ―insert‖ then down to
picture and get pic ―from file‖
        and go to floppy A to choose the picture and insert it. Picture will appear in
        document then use Pic Tool bar to make adjustments *click on image to get
        handle bars to make changes

       Excel:      a program that allows you to gather data and graph the results
       Rows-go across and Columns-go down
        use top cell to develop title-change font and make larger, smaller and center
        when data is entered then make cell for total and click    then highlight the
         columns to be added together then click      again another way:(longer)
      click on total –then type into the insert box =F3+E3+D3+C3+B3+A3 and
      highlight that command and enter
    make a new column called Average then click on it and put + then insert bar
      down to function then average and highlight and click OK (may have to move
      a prompt box to see to highlight)
    to make chart of the results: highlight the color and numbers-not the totals
      or averages then go to chart/graph icon (colored books) and make decisions
      as to how to use them there are several graphs and many alterations that can
      be made
    make cells easier to read by setting 125% on the percentage line
    type in cell =today () this will give the day and change as you start a new
    type in cell =now () this will give you the time and date
    enter names and scores type a cell for averaging with first student cell put
      =then dark arrow to average and click
      ok when that is averaged click in dark corner and pull down to average
    median-set new cell with median then click in first student box type = dark
      arrow and hold down to bottom (show more) and over to Media then O.K. and
      grab to drag down to all students
    Maximum and minimum- use the same process as above
    Empty square at top of grid selects the entire page
    Highlight columns to work with then Format-Cells and several choices will
      come up
    Enter = then colored X or √ and that will add or take away from what you
      have already put into the formula
    Right click gives you options-can rename at bottom by right click and
      highlight rename
    Page setup-sheet-print gridlines possible

                                    Web Development
                                      Step by Step


   1.   Go to your browser and find a site with backgrounds.
   2.   A good site is
   3.   Select the background and click on it to open it (full size).
   4.   Right-click on background and choose ―Save Background As‖
   5.   Choose an appropriate folder to save backgrounds into.
   6.   Repeat as necessary to save more backgrounds.
   7.   Once they are in your folder, you can insert them into your Front Page document.
  Inserting a Background into Front Page
    1.   Under the ―Format‖ menu choose ―Background.‖
    2.   Select the background tab and check the ―background
         picture‖ box under Formatting.
    3.   Then click ―Browse.‖
    4.   In the lower right hand corner of the next window, click
         on the icon of the folder with magnifying glass.
    5.   Locate the folder with the desired background(s).
    6.   Double-click on the one you want and it will be placed
         into Front Page as a background.
    7.   Save!
    8.   Repeat steps 1-6 to change the background.

    How To add Text to Front Page

    1. To put in a heading on your front page, select a heading from arrow 1 (blue).
          a. Heading one is bigger
          b. Heading two is a little smaller
          c. Heading three is smaller still (etc…)

         1.            2.             3.        4.         5.

    2.   Select font from arrow 2 (red)
    3.   Select size of font from arrow 3 (yellow).
    4.   Select style from arrow 4 (green). (Bold, Italic, Underlined)
    5.   Select placement of font from arrow 5 (purple). (left aligned, centered, right

To put text inside table just click inside table and start typing.

              How to Insert a Picture or Graphic into FrontPage

1. Move your cursor to the location you want your picture to be inserted in. (Center,
   Left, or Right – you can’t move it after it is inserted.)
2. Go to Insert on the FrontPage toolbar
3. Click on Picture on the pulldown menu
4. Select From File or Clip Art
5. Then click on the icon that looks like a folder with a magnifying glass. This will
   located in the lower right-hand corner of the dialog box.
6. Find the folder that your picture is located in.
7. Double click on the picture that you want.
8. Your picture should now be on your page.
9. You may now adjust the size and location of your picture by using options on the

                                   How to…
                          Add Tables to Front Page

   Begin by putting your cursor where you want your table to be
   Make sure you’re on the centering tab on your toolbar
   Go to toolbar at top of page, and click on table icon
   Holding button down, drag to desired size
   Release
   To change properties of the table, go to TABLE – PROPERTIES –
   This will give you all of the options to change your table as desired
   By using a table, you will be able to insert a picture much more easily

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