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					  In our society, many employees in specialized sectors have been

demanded to wear uniform, such as doctors, police men. Although

Some people believe uniform plays a necessary role, they assume

that uniform in schools play an negative role .However, As far as I

am concerned, uniform bring similar benefit for schools and students

like other sectors.

   At first, an significant function of uniform is identity recognizing.

People can acknowledge the wearer's responsibility and obligation

by uniform. For example , when passers in streets meet some traffic

trouble and need some help, they tend to look for people who wear

traffic police uniform. In the same way, students wearing uniform

can be recognized by others. For instance, uniform of students can

reminder shops avoid to sell cigarette or alcohol to students.

   The second important factor is that uniform helps to restrict

wearer's behaviors and improve their sense of responsibility. To

some extent uniform exert an subtle influence to people, reminding

people to normalize their work. In schools , students have obligation

to finish their study and obey the regulation in schools. Uniform,

to some extent, strength the aware of responsibility to students.
   As for the opponents' opinion, my view is that ,the cultivation

of personality and individuality largely depends on the social

interaction and influence from family. Moreover, students only wear

uniform in school time or in campus. So, they can also express their

preference in clothing in other time .

   From what I have mentioned above, uniform help others to

recognize their identity and improve the aware of self responsibility.

On the other side, uniform hardly influence student's personality and

individuality. So, uniform can be applied in schools like other

sectors .