UCAS Evening by sdfwerte


									UCAS Evening
 Monday 31st March
 2nd April- Preparation for Higher Education
 Spring Break- visits
 22nd April- Higher Education Fair
 16th May – Study Leave
 9th June- A2 enrolment interviews this
 16th June- start A2 courses
                Dates cont’d
 Wider   studies lessons
     Personal statements
     UCAS applications
     Student Finance

  Tutor time
   15 October
    Last date for applications for Oxford and
    Cambridge, or for veterinary science, veterinary
    medicine, medicine and dentistry, to be received
    at UCAS and be regarded as on-time.

    15 January
    Last date for applications from UK and EU
    residents for all other courses to be received at
    UCAS and to be guaranteed equal academic
           School Process
 Check  each application
 Return to applicant for modifications
 Approve application
 Write reference
 Approve reference
 Submit application
                     The reference
   This will be drawn from a number of different sources
   It is no longer confidential – you may see it.
   What it will comment on:
   your record up to GCSE
   your academic ability
   your ability to communicate orally and in writing
   your imaginative and creative abilities
   your ability to work hard and your commitment
   your interest in the subject and suitability for the course
   your predicted grades
   The House reference will comment on your relationships with others,
    your character and your contribution to school life, as well as your
    health, background and any special circumstances.
   At the end we will give a recommendation.
 Apply  early!
 175 students in Year 12
 175 applications take a long time to check
  and 175 references take a long time to
 Deadline Oxbridge – 30th September
 All others 24th October

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