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     UW Hosts Ontario Engineering Competition 2010
         AlessiA DAnelon                                                                                                                              signs, one of which functioned
           & kevin ling                                                                                                                               fully, and one which did not. In
  2N MechaNical & 2T coMpuTer                                                                                                                         the end, the first place award for
                                                                                                                                                      Senior Team Design went to the
   The weekend of January 29th saw the                                                                                                                team from Laurentian University
ingenuity of many individuals as students                                                                                                             and the winners of the Consulting
from across Ontario gathered at the Uni-                                                                                                              Engineering category were the
versity of Waterloo for the Ontario Engi-                                                                                                             engineering students from The
neering Competition (OEC). This year                                                                                                                  University of Western Ontario.
marks the 31st annual OEC, showcasing                                                                                                                 One of the teams representing
competitions in the categories of Junior                                                                                                              Waterloo B Society came in sec-
Team Design, Senior Team Design, Con-                                                                                                                 ond place in Consulting Engi-
sulting Engineering, Engineering Com-                                                                                                                 neering and will also be moving
munications, Parliamentary Debate and                                                                                                                 on to represent our school at the
Innovative Design. Each competition fea-                                                                                                              CEC in March.
tured a vast array of students, all eager to                                                                                                            They weren’t the only ones to
bring their ideas, inspirations and talents                                                                                                           take home awards though. The
forward, but only the top two in each cat-                                                                                                            University of Toronto took home
egory advance to compete at the Canadian                                                                                                              the first place prize for Junior
Engineering Competition (CEC).                                                                                                                        Team Design where competi-
   Competitions were not the only high-                                                                                                               tors were tasked with creating a
light of the event, there was also a Career                                                                                                           prototype to carry small logs of
and Graduate Studies Fair going on in the                                                                                                             wood from one point to another,
University of Waterloo’s Davis Centre for                                                                                               mike seliske through a simulated lake. One of
most of Saturday. Sponsors, Innovative                          UW Team working hard on the assigned problem                                         the Waterloo teams had a rather
Design teams and Graduate schools set up         ible to the majority of the observers from simulated mine, attain a desired rock speci- ingenious design using one motor and
their booths along the DC Foyer to attract       the convenient main hub location.            men, and come back to ground level with “four wheel drive” through the gear work-
the interest of the participants and observ-        Despite the ability to see many of the the specimen intact. This event was filmed ings of elastic bands. Quite differently, an-
ers. The DC Foyer also acted as the “main        events from the ongoing video feed, the by a crew from the Discovery Channel, other team also representing Waterloo cre-
hub” of the conference, and was authentic        real action was in the collaboration and who followed different teams as they went ated a rover with only two wheels located
in its live video feed on a screen visible       team work that went on before most of the through the different stages of the competi- at the front and back end that slid along
from the main hallway in the DC. This            final presentations. For both the Senior De- tion. This year there was a very large turn- the ground. Both teams used paddle flaps
new feature meant that even though people        sign Competition and Consulting Engineer- out to the Senior Team Design prototype on the wheels for propulsion through wa-
could not physically be at all the events at     ing Competition, contestants had to work demonstrations and presentations. There ter. The University of Waterloo had a very
the same time, they could get brief updates.     over night on Friday into the wee hours were a number of local observers and a few strong representation in this category and
Thrilling information on each team’s sta-        of Saturday morning. Those in the Sen- from the GTA region who drove in just to one of the teams won third place overall.
tus was given by the news anchors, Devin         ior Design category were responsible for get an idea of what engineering is all about.
Cass, Peter Kelly and Scott Rankin, all vis-     building a model that would descend into a Waterloo A and B both presented great de-                See OEC 2010 on Page 3

Know Your Candidates: FEDS Elections Coming Up!
           AmritA YAsin                          and Matthew Colphon. Allan, an Independ-       of unnecessarily favouring his peers, which       Everyone ticket. Her belief is that FEDS
              3B cheMical                        ent Studies student is running for re-elec-    he rejected by providing due references.          can improve its experience through student
                                                 tion as President. His slogan is ‘Leader who      Candidates for VP Finance are Sarah            feedback and representing students is the
   FEDS annual elections are held in the         Listens’ and he commits to continue ad-        Cook and Matthew Waller. Sarah Cook is            gist of being VP Internal.
winter term for election of positions starting   dressing students’ concern as he has done      a student in Business and Human Resource             Candidates for At-large Senator are Iyino-
in summer for the next 12 months. Cam-           in the past term such as improving athletics   Management. She is the current FEDS VP            luwa Aboyeji, Reemah Khalid and Yousif
paigning period is under full swing and can-     and initiating the Northdale development       Internal and has also served as acting VP         Al-Khder. Aboyeji was not present at the
didates are doing their best to convince the     project. Brad is a Political Sciences and      Finance. She has also served as the Chapter       Media Forum but had sent a written speech
student body of the sincerity of their words     has served as ASU President. His focus is      President of UW’s EWB. Matthew Waller             which outlined his platform to provide more
and are confidently answering questions          to improve student experience on campus        is a Political Science student who is cur-        resources to the student body. Reemah is
from the media (Imprint, MathNews, and           with construction of a student service com-    rently serving as FEDS Board Member and           currently Arts Councillor, Arts Senator and
Iron Warrior) during debates and forums.         plex and also by preserving the green space    Student Councillor. Most of the questions         Student Ambassador. In her answers to the
The Iron Warrior a attended one such de-         on campus. Jessey , a Philosophy student       directed at these candidates focussed on          media questions she said that she would
bate held on January 29th at 12:30 pm in         has had experience with FOC and Bomb-          Bombshelter Pub as it has been going into         keep students involved through various me-
SLC Great Hall. It was presided by the cur-      shelter supervision and believes in outreach   deficit. Waller was also accused of negli-        dia outlets and one-to-one interaction to en-
rent VP Administration and Finance, Chris        to students to understand their concerns by    gence as Chair of Arts Finance - he replied       sure that she receives student input as much
Neal.                                            having digests and blogs that all students     by saying that the miscommunication which         as possible. Yousif is highly involved in the
   Of the positions being elected, of inter-     can contribute to. Matthew is a Science and    led to that situation should not be taken as a    Engineering Society and has represented
est to Engineering students are President,       Business student who has volunteered with      reflection of his behaviour.                      UW at its satellite Dubai campus. He be-
Vice President Administrative & Finance,         FOC, and SBSA. He believes in bringing            Candidates for VP Internal are Nikki           lieves that in order to make students’ voice
Vice President Internal (Executive Posi-         more relevant issues from students to the      Best and Jenna Goodhand. Nikki Best is a          strong on Senate students should build a
tions), and At-large Senator (Senator Posi-      administration. He also wants to redefine      Legal Studies and Human Resources Man-            stronger relationship with faculty.
tions). In the Executive Positions, Nicholas     the roles of councillors and work together     agement, who has served as ASU VP Aca-               I highly encourage you all to visit http://
Soave (Geography & Environmental Man-            with departments to better represent the       demic, Legal Student Society President and and read the candidates pro-
agement) has been acclaimed as the Vice          students. As expected Presidential debates     Residence Don. Nikki’s emphasis was on            files. If you have any specific questions I
President Education. Engineering Student         were the lengthiest. Most of the questions     improvement of student services, such as          encourage you to attend The Annual Execu-
Council position has been acclaimed by Jor-      asked were in relation to Babor’s decisions    counselling and more accessibility for phys-      tive Debates and Forum on February 8th,
dan Liu, Praveen Arichandran, and Trevor         in his role as the current President and he    ically disabled students. Nikki is running on     3:00 pm at SLC Great Hall. Polling period
Jenkins.                                         was accused of convincing students of ad-      the ticket of Team Yellow with Sarah Cook         starts on February 9th and ends on February
   Candidates for President are Allan Babor,     ministration’s message rather than relaying    and Bradley Moggach. Jenna Goodhand is            11th. Remember these people represent you
Bradley Moggach, Jessey van Amerom,              students’ concern to the administration and    an Arts/Business student, running on Team         so choose wisely!
2                                                                                                                                                              wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010

                                      Letter from the Editor
                                                questions. They also took some of our old-       an earthquake or tsunami to make us feel        The Newspaper of the university
                                                er newspapers and of course we took this         for those who get adversely affected? Are       of Waterloo engineering Society
                   AmritA YAsin                 opportunity to warn them about Imprint.          we so naïve that we think the soldiers will
                     3B cheMical
                                                   Early on Saturday morning, when I             only kill the ‘bad guys’ while the public
                                                came in there was a UofT sticker on the          will be walking gaily on the side walks?                      editor-in-Chief
                                                IW placard outside the door. With some              Another thing that I read following Haiti                   amrita Yasin
    Dear IW page # 2,                           careful effort we got it off but the behav-      earthquake was regarding adoptions. Fol-
                                                iour was definitely disappointing. Later         lowing the earthquake, many families in                    Assistant editors
   It’s finally snowing, and despite being      on, it was rumoured that UofT stickers got       Canada and U.S. who had already applied                      Michelle croal
practically dormant during winters and          stolen and they were posted all over the         for adoption from Haiti have shown con-                         roy lee
cursing the winter weather every year for       campus. Regardless of who has done it,           cern for immediate immigration of their
as long as I can remember, I am surprised       this behaviour is very inappropriate. Such       adopted children. In addition, Edmonton                     layout editor
at myself this season for missing the ex-       competitions are a means of bringing stu-        Haitian community has requested the gov-                 Mikayla Micomonaco
treme cold and being so delighted on see-       dents from different schools together for        ernment to ease the immigration laws to
ing snow. School has taken its toll and         exchange of ideas, celebrating each oth-         facilitate sponsorship/immigration of their                 Copy editor
amid assignments, quizzes, and lab reports      ers’ accomplishments and strengths and           Haitian relatives. Similarly, the African                Mikayla Micomonaco
(Thank God no midterms yet!) here I am,         promoting healthy competition. Acts such         Union has called for a mass adoption pro-
writing my editorial. After a count of 5 for    as this, intended to sabotage the reputation     gram of Haitian orphans and is consider-                       Photo editor
people who have missed actually attaching       of one school or the other do not prove          ing creating a state for them in the Afri-                     angelo alaimo
an attachment to their emails, I am very        anyone superior than the rest rather put a       can continent. I personally, am not quite
close to being done. I am sure you will en-     blot on the morals of the student commu-         in favour of such steps. The popular word              Advertising manager
joy this issue as much as you enjoyed the       nity as a whole. It is my humble request         that I had heard was ‘rebuild’ and I don’t                amanda leDuc
last one, and you know where to knock the       to all students to refrain from such activi-     consider transporting children out of the
door if you don’t.                              ties, especially when people from differ-        country rebuilding the Haitian nation. I am             Circulation manager
   This issue covers Ontario Engineering        ent backgrounds have come together, as           not casting any doubts on part of the par-                   Dalia al-ali
Competition, hosted by University of Wa-        it gives rise to general feelings of hostility   ents who are interested in adopting these
terloo this past weekend, articles on UW’s      and back biting.                                 children. But their sincerity and sympa-                      Web editor
new features including UW YouTube                  And just a friendly reminder to my fel-       thy is not enough justification to separate                Benjamin Shepherd
channel, New Digital Media Institute and        lows at UW: the cardboard box outside            these children from their homeland. Such
redesigning of the UW homepage. We also         the IW office (the old WEEF office, E2           abrupt cultural disconnection might not be                   staff Writers
have our regular features, Iron Archives,       2934A) is used to keep IW current issues         healthy for the children in the long run. In                adraina cameron
Research at Waterloo, movie review, Fu-         and is NOT a garbage box. Please don’t           my opinion the focus should be to “rebuild                     alex Giroux
ture of Gaming, a column by the Brew            throw your coffee cups and chocolate             Haiti” – providing Haiti with the resources                     alison lee
Man Group, The Fashion Files, and a col-        wrappers in there. Do pick a newspaper if        that are needed for reconstruction of the                    amanda leDuc
umn by Chad Sexington. Starting this is-        you like :)                                      country and for a better future of these                         andy Wu
sue, we will also have a column on health                                                        children. An attempt to relocate the entire                  angelo alaimo
and fitness. We also have a variety of ar-         An earthquake of magnitude 7.0 hit            population is a weak argument because it                    caitlyn cartwright
ticles on the Winter Olympics and a very        Haiti on Tuesday, January 12th. Around           takes away the will and power from the                       chad Sexington
friendly column discussing things you can       170,000 people have lost their lives and a       Haitian people to face and fight the pre-                    Dan armstrong
do during the reading week, contributed         far greater number is in worse conditions        vailing situation and does not provide for                     hemil patel
by some of IW staff members. This issue         due to the immense damage to infrastruc-         the building of a strong character for a na-                 Kate heymans
also covers FEDS Elections briefly – the        ture, unavailability of food and medicine,       tion that was the first independent nation                      Jon Martin
polling will start on February 9th and end      and lack of sanitation and hygienic condi-       in Latin America.                                             Michelle croal
on February 11th, I highly encourage you        tions in this state of chaos. News of the           A second concern that has stemmed out                       Mike Seliske
all to vote in these elections.                 Haiti earthquake and its after effects have      of child adoption specifically is illegal                      Moe adham
   Before I move on to my editorial I           been flooding over all media. It has mobi-       child trafficking. Recently ten members                       Neil partridge
would like to share some experiences and        lized the entire world and help in the form      of a U.S. charity group had been arrested                         roy lee
thoughts. As I mentioned, OEC took place        of rescue teams, medical units, food and         for trying to smuggle 33 children across                      Sarah ahmed
in UW and since the event majorly took          other relief materials have been pouring in      the border. Haitian Social Welfare Insti-
place between DC, DWE and RCH, there            from the entire world. This is not the first     tute has also said that “numerous children”                    Contributors
were many students passing by the IW of-        time in history that a natural catastrophe       have left the country illegally. The Haitian                   alesia Danelon
fice in E2 on Saturday. I personally felt       has attracted attention and sympathy from        government is enforcing strict laws to en-                     amir Taleghani
very regretful not to have ever taken any       the nations. Such incidents make me won-         sure that it does not happen again. This                       cassandra leal
initiative to participate in any cross-uni-     der why can we not live with such feel-          problem can as a matter of fact happen in                          David liu
versity activities. This is definitely going    ings of compassion and sympathy for our          case of adoption too. If the government                         elsa Thomas
on my things-to-do list and I advise you all    fellow human beings regardless of demo-          starts acting on mass adoption, to what ex-                    eric cousineau
to participate in such events at least once     graphic boundaries invariably? We live in        tent can it ensure that children are going to                  erin Matheson
too. Later in the day, I roamed around the      a world dominated by world politics. If a        homely environments and will not be used                           Jay Shah
buildings for Iron Inquisition and realized     country declares war on another, we don’t        for illegal activities?                                           Jon radice
it’s a very enriching experience; you get to    even pause to think about the effect it can         With these thoughts, I am going to con-                        Kevin ling
meet so many new people and see all kinds       have on a common person, who like you            clude my editorial. It will be a while before                      lisa Tong
of ideas and projects that people are work-     and I goes to school or work in the morn-        I get to see you again, since we are taking                    Mike Mccauley
ing on. Surprisingly enough, on surveying       ing, does household chores and watches           a midterm break. Good luck with the mid-                        Nizar hasan
I learned that students from other univer-      a movie before heading to bed. Then it’s         terms and enjoy your Reading Week.                               paul Fugere
sities really like our campus buildings. It     all about some intellectual or ideological                                                                       Tim Bandura
was utter shock to me because I had never       theory or some ghost from the past and             Smile C:
liked the concrete and metal architecture at    increasing death tolls of the same people          Amrita Yasin
UW; I guess we are so used to our campus        don’t bother us. Why does it have to be
that we don’t realize its uniqueness and el-                                                                                                      off-stream editor-in-Chief
ements in other campuses absent from our                                                                                                                 angelo alaimo
own tend to attract us more.                                        Shadow Day Volunteers Needed!!!
    Some students from University of On-
tario Institute of Technology (UOIT) also             We are looking for first and second year students who would like to show
dropped by the IW office; one of the stu-                    highschool students what an outstanding school Waterloo is!                            The Iron Warrior is a forum for thought-provoking
dents is interested in starting a student                  Shadow day is being held on March 3rd and volunteers are needed.                      and informative articles published by the Engineering
                                                                                                                                                 Society. Views expressed in The Iron Warrior are those
newspaper at UOIT and wanted to know                                                 Lunch provided.                                             of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions
how is it all carried out. It was a nice bit          Sign up outside of the Orifice Door or e-mail to                   of the Engineering Society.
of chit-chat and it felt good to answer their                                                                                                       The Iron Warrior encourages submissions from stu-
                                                                                                                                                 dents, faculty and members of the university community.
                                                                                                                                                 Submissions should reflect the concerns and intellectual
                                                                                                                                                 standards of the university in general. The author's name

                                          Issue #3 Deadline:                                                                                     and phone number should be included.
                                                                                                                                                    All submissions, unless otherwise stated, become the
                                                                                                                                                 property of The Iron Warrior, which reserves the right to
                                  Thursday, February 18, at 6:00pm                                                                               refuse publication of material which it deems unsuitable.
                                                                                                                                                 The Iron Warrior also reserves the right to edit grammar,
                          for publication on Wednesday, February 24, 2010                                                                        spelling and text that do not meet university standards.
                                                                                                                                                 Authors will be notified of any major changes that may
                        Send your submissions to                                                                   be required.
                                                                                                                                                    Mail should be addressed to The Iron Warrior, Engi-
                                   Winter ‘10 Publication Schedule:                                                                              neering Society, E2 2349A, University of Waterloo, Wa-
                                                                                                                                                 terloo, Ontario, N2L 3G1. Our phone number is (519)
                                          March 10, March 24                                                                                     888-4567 x32693. Our fax number is (519) 725-4872. E-
                                                                                                                                                 mail can be sent to
wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010                                                                                                                                                                 3

                               OEC 2010                                                                              FOC Loves You
                                                                                                      Well hello loves of our lives,               the most practice between now and Sep-
                                                                                                      So we are writing to keep you posted on tember).
                                                                                                   our FOC-ing shenanigans.                          If you would like to apply to be a Big or
                                                                                                      It has been a pleasure so far to get to meet a Director then please do so ASAP at www.
                                                                                                   so many of you and see first-hand how ex- We have some su-
                                                                                                   cited you are about Orientation! We have per sweet new Director positions which
                                                                                                   had some pretty exciting interviews, which will allow you to work with us and the
                                                                                                   include (but are not limited to): southern FOC team closer than ever before (good
                                                                                                   accents, fake moustaches, suits, cookies deal if you’re thinking FOC next year!).
                                                                                                   (mmm so good), mashed potato snowmen, You can help out with Move-In, JumpStart
                                                                                                   teddy bears, pyjamas, full EDCOM gear, Friday or Ask-Me and Shuttle! Check out
                                                                                                   some seriously hair-sprayed hair and, since the descriptions online or send us an email
                                                                                                   we are engineers, graphs showing ‘love for if you have more questions: engfoc10@
                                                                                                   EngFOC over time’ (for the record it was
                                                                                                   exponential and so love-filled that it disap-     If any of you think of some crazy ideas
                                                                                                   peared off the paper almost immediately).       that you want to see happen, please send
                                                                                                      But regardless you are all equally pas- us an email and we’ll try our best to make
                                                                                                   sionate and we can’t wait to start planning it happen. We’ve already had an awesome
                                                                                mike seliske       the week with you! The first event is our suggestion for the Guinness World Book of
                 UW Team working hard on the assigned problem                                      Orientation Leader Retreat. This will take Records!!
                                                                                                   place on Sunday, February 28th from 9 am          Orientation week is in 212 DAYS!!!!!!
           Continued from Page 1                      After a long day’s work at the competi-      until 2 pm. This will definitely be a good Get excited people!!!
                                                   tion, all the participants headed back to the   time and so make sure to book it off now!         Love always,
   Aside from the typical technical engineer-      Delta Hotel where the competition guests        You will get to learn more about us and how       Cass, Niz, SeanO and Stu
ing competitions, there was also a Parlia-         were being hosted and attended an awards        super-freaky we can be. We will discuss           Engineering FOC 2010
mentary Debates Competition. In this style         banquet to end the event. The banquet envi-     the restructuring of FOC
of debating, teams of two argue in a struc-        ronment had a huge contrast when compared       for 2010 and the epic bat-
tured format over a resolution given to them       to last year’s OEC, with a newly added fo-      tles we’ve had to endure
shortly before each round. The University          cus on the audio and visual presentation.       thus far. You will all learn
of Waterloo took the lead in this competi-         As soon as guests entered the banquet, they     about your responsibili-
tion, after a gruelling final debate against the   found themselves presented with a lavish        ties as Video Gurus, Bigs,
University of Toronto.                             stage placed between two large projection       Huges or EDCOM and
   Combining both the technical and com-           screens and camera crews capturing the en-      how each of you will im-
munications aspects was the Engineering            tire event. Guest speakers included David       pact your fellow leaders.
Communications competition. In this cat-           Johnston (the President of the University of    We will feed you (‘cause
egory, individuals or teams give a technical       Waterloo), Peter Braid (Member of Parlia-       we get cranky when we’re
presentation on a topic of their choice to a       ment for the Kitchener-Waterloo region),        hungry) and then do some
panel of judges. Waterloo came in a very           and the keynote speaker Larry Smith (pro-       mingling! Oh and if you
respectable 2nd place in this competition          fessor of Economics at the University of        stick around you may get
with a presentation on “Performance Com-           Waterloo). The banquet proved to be a very      to find out what the theme
parison of Hot Mixed Asphalt versus Warm           flashy conclusion to a prestigious engineer-    is and you’ll have a shot
Mixed Asphalt and Their Effects on the En-         ing event.                                      at making EDCOM laugh
vironment”.                                           Overall, the event was a great opportunity   (let’s see who will need             EngFoc pose in their fancy cowboy hats
   The final competition category is one that      for all. The competitions were well organ-
requires significant preparation and plan-         ized, the schedule ran very smoothly, and
ning by the competitors ahead of time. For         aside from the frigid air seeping into DC
Innovative Design, teams have a setup simi-        every time someone walked through the
lar to that of a trade show booth and show-        huge sliding doors, it was a superbly host-
case a new or improved product that could          ed conference. Congratulations to Stephen
be potentially marketed. The students from         Lake (Chair of the OEC 2010), the OEC
the University of Waterloo placed 3rd in this      organizing committee, and all the students
category with their idea and prototype for a       representing the University of Waterloo for
high-altitude imaging system. Congratula-          putting on a great event and showing off
tions to the University of Ottawa team who         how wonderful our school is. Well done
took the lead in Innovative Design.                Waterloo!

      Gold In Those Essays?
                   OCEPP Essay Competition
   Ontario engineering students who are            graduate student from the University of
passionate about public policy are in-             Guelph, and a PhD student from McMas-
vited to enter the second annual Ontario           ter University. “Depending on the sub-
Centre for Engineering and Public Policy           missions, the centre may declare more
(OCEPP) Student Essay Competition.                 than one winner once again,” Wallace
      The contest, open to all Ontario un-         adds. Competition rules, along with the
dergraduate and graduate engineering               winning papers from 2009, can be found
students who are also are Professional             on the For Students page of www.ocepp.
Engineers Ontario (PEO) student mem-               ca.
bers or part of PEO’s Engineering Intern-                In addition to the essay competition
ship Training (EIT) program, offers a              and annual conference (which has special
$1,000 prize. As well, the winner will be          student pricing) the centre publishes The
invited to present his or her paper at the         Journal of Policy Engagement every two
centre’s 2010 Public Policy Conference,            months. “All Journal authors are highly
to be held in Toronto on May 7.                    accomplished academics, engineers or
       “Our centre has great connections           other professionals, and I strongly urge
to the universities and engineering stu-           students to use the Journal as a resource
dents and faculty members in particular,”          when writing papers and doing research,”
notes OCEPP executive director Donald              suggests Wallace.
Wallace. “Not only can students further                 Four times a year the centre presents
hone their essay-writing skills, they can          noontime seminars in Toronto on current
explore a subject area in greater depth or         engineering and policy topics such as
consider the possibility of additional edu-        sustainable energy and the role of engi-
cation or research.” It’s also an excellent        neers in health care. Students can sign up
way to build connections with profes-              at the OCEPP website to receive regular
sional engineers, business and associa-            notification of news and events, as well as
tion leaders and to enhance future career          join the centre’s Facebook group.
prospects, he says.                                  OCEPP essay contest closes March 1,
      Last year’s winners were an under-           2010
                                                                                                                                                                wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010

                            UWaterloo on YouTube                                                                                                        OUAC
                                                   The most viewed video on the channel
                                                is “Thank You to Alumni @ IBM.” The
                                                                                                   video contributions that reflect the uni-
                                                                                                   versity’s attributes and share our research,
                      CAmeron                   video features UW students thanking IBM            stories, and innovations with the world.
                     3a MechaNical              employees for contributing funds used to           These may include, but are not limited to,                 kAte heYmAns
                                                upgrade the university facilities and to           lectures, interviews, promotional mate-                         1B cheMical
                                                provide scholarships. Although this is the         rial, and features on the activities of [the
   The University of Waterloo now has a         most viewed video, it has an average rat-          University of] Waterloo. All contributions         For many of us the OUAC is nothing but
YouTube channel. This channel, which can        ing of only 2 out of 5 stars. The low ratings      will be reviewed for suitability and videos     a distant memory categorized in the dismay-
be found at           of this well intended video are potentially        from Waterloo students are welcomed, and        ingly foggy archives of “high school experi-
is currently home to 84 uploaded videos         due to the over used text animation, the           encouraged.”                                    ences,” but for over 100,000 students who
– and is continuing to grow. It has received    screen in screen shots, the shaky camera              If you wish to upload a video to the chan-   have applied to universities across Ontario,
over 3000 channel views and upwards of          work, or the over-enthusiastic students in         nel, you must use the Waterloo YouTube          university applications, forms and deadlines
46,000 total upload views.                      the video.                                         Uploader, which can be found at www.            are a major concern.
   The channel has a diverse selection of          UW’s YouTube channel will also help    Once at this page,           Although there was a rise of 2.1% in ap-
videos that include science lectures, UW        to ensure that you get your daily dose of          you will be prompted to enter your Wa-          plications for Ontario universities this year
top ten lists, residences, academic pro-        cheese. If you would like to see what I            tIAM userid and password, read over the         this is normal. More and more students are
grams, guest speakers, and businesses           mean, check out a video entitled “Who is           content standards and technical standards,      considering secondary education as an es-
started by alumni. Channel videos include       The Mathiest? Math by Video - Problem 8:           and check a box indicating that you have        sential step in life. University of Waterloo
“Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and           Lite-Brite Points,” which creates geometry         read the guidelines and believe that your       has seen a drop of 3.5% in applications over-
How There is a Better Way for Africa,”          problems based on the Lite-Brite toy.              upload is suitable.                             all and a 4.4% drop in first-choice applica-
“Bill Gates’ February 2008 visit to the            UW faculty, staff and students are en-             Considering midterms are lurking just        tions (OUAC requires students to rank their
University of Waterloo,” “Graduate Stud-        couraged to contribute videos related to           over the horizon, you might want to check       university preferences). Closer to home, the
ies at UW,” “ Geography and Aviation:           the university. According to UW’s Web              out UW’s YouTube Channel to help delay          applications to the Engineering programs at
Night Flight,” and “Talking Fair Trade          Manger for Communications and Public               studying the next time you have exhausted       Waterloo have shown a decrease of 2.3%.
Coffee.”                                        Affairs, Sarah Forgrave, “We are seeking           all your usual procrastination websites.        Some would worry about applications de-
                                                                                                                                                   creasing, but the drop is considered ‘slight’

    New Digital Media Institute in Stratford                                                                                                       in light of the steep increase in applications
                                                                                                                                                   in the past couple of years.
                                                                                                                                                      Events continue to be held throughout
      CAitlYn CArtWright                        of the University of Waterloo was project-         build the strength of the digital media         campus to show off what makes Waterloo
                 1B civil                       ed to add 38 million dollars a year into the       specialization with the introduction of the     the best. Another shadow day is in the works
                                                Stratford economy according to Stratford’s         Stratford Institute. There will be collabora-   for early March. Once again first and second
  For those that haven’t yet heard, the         Beacon-Herald newspaper in 2008.                   tion between multiple fields such as digital    year engineering classes will be invaded by
University of Waterloo has yet another big         According to the Stratford Institute web-       media, international commerce and culture       observers (some very shy, others quite a bit
project in the works! The university has        page, the Stratford Institute will have a lib-     within the college.                             louder). On March 16th there will be the an-
been collaborating with the City of Strat-      eral arts focus on “new media.” The goal              Many hope and believe that Canada will       nual Campus Day event during which the
ford and other partners since 2006 to cre-      is to create a “forward-looking research,          take a place as a worldwide digital media       campus population will increase dramati-
ate a satellite liberal arts college campus     education and convergence centre that will         leader. In 2009, digital media and associ-      cally (as will the number of people who are
in the city of Stratford. The college will be   drive the next generation of digital media         ated fields were projected to be one of the     hopelessly lost) due to the torrent of visiting
named the Stratford Institute and funding       applications and content models.”                  fastest growing sectors in the “knowledge       high-schoolers and their parents.
has been provided by the federal govern-           The Stratford Institute will explore the        economy” by the Council of Canadian                All of this seems meaningless to many of
ment, the Province of Ontario, the city of      dissemination of culture and creation of art       Academies. The University of Waterloo           us who now confidently attend university,
Stratford and Open Text Corp.                   through digital media and new technolo-            clearly aims to be a leader in the digital      but if you dig into the recesses of your mind
  Stratford is located approximately a thir-    gies. It will also study the changing ways         media world.                                    and remember how important making the
ty minute drive west of Kitchener-Water-        we use technology and innovating unique               The 11 acre former site of CNR steam         choice of where to apply and which univer-
loo. Stratford is best-known for the Strat-     ways to use emerging technology.                   locomotive repair shops in Stratford is the     sity to choose was back in the days of grade
ford Shakespearian Festival. The presence          The University of Waterloo plans to             tentative site of the Stratford Institute.      12, you may find yourself pitying these poor
                                                                                                                                                   students at the brink of one of the most im-

                 EngSoc Elections Coming Up                                                                                                        portant decisions of their lives.

            PAul Fugere                           An Executive position lasts a full 16            the students on many of the academic is-          3. Lots of people know your name
     chieF reTurNiNG oFFicer                    months which leaves the Exec in power              sues that come up including PDEng and           (Dean, Associate Deans, faculty, staff,
                                                for two co-op and two on-stream terms.             keeping academic reps on track. The VP          students).
   As you may or may not know, the En-          There will be six positions available this         Finance ensures all financial matters are         4. Opportunity to make important deci-
gineering Society is having elections to        term and they are all pretty awesome. The          in line and is also in charge of the Novel-     sions that actually influence students.
pick a new Executive Team. While our            President is the leader of the pack and is         ties store. The Executive is a big happy          5. Sense of accomplishment when the
goodbyes to the current Exec may be             the official voice of the Engineering Soci-        family that spends a lot of time in The         Society runs effectively.
heartfelt for doing an excellent job, it        ety. This person will sit as a student liai-       Orifice and with each other. If you feel          6. Being in the know about issues and
must not be protracted; now it’s your turn      son on many committees as well as be the           that you already spend too much time in         events around campus.
to raise the bar. My name is Paul Fugere        official spokesperson for The TOOL. The            The Orifice or POETS and you would like           7. Keys to the Orifice, POETS, outside
and I will be running the elections this        VP External is in charge of liaising with          to improve student life within engineer-        doors, storage rooms - you always have a
term as Chief Returning Officer (CRO)           the external organizations such as CFES,           ing, consider applying for an Exec posi-        place to stash your bag if you make a last
with my CRO assistant, Michael Seliske.         ESSCO and charity organizations external           tion- you won’t regret it. I will now leave     minute decision to join a PubCrawl.
I wanted to write this article to get people    to EngSoc. The VP Internal is in charge            you with 10 reasons why you should run            8. Lots of free dinners and volunteer
thinking about running for an Exec posi-        of all internal events run by Engsoc dur-          for Exec.                                       shirts.
tion, because let’s face it, being an Exec      ing the term; they keep directors on track            1. Leadership experience.                      9. You get your own mailbox and busi-
is an awesome and rewarding experience          and work hard to make sure that EngSoc                2. You get to meet and work with a lot       ness cards.
and you will probably remember it for the       events are as awesome as they can be. The          of incredible student leaders (directors,         10. You get seniority over computers in
rest of your life.                              VP Education is in charge of representing          co-Exec).                                       the EngSoc office.

                                                                                                          Upcoming CECS Events Calendar
 Wednesday                      Thursday                          Friday                           Monday                         Tuesday
 February 3                     February 4                        February 5                       February 8                     February 9
                                                                                                                                                                   Check out up-to-the-day
 Work Search Strategies         Interview Skills: Preparing for   Interview Skills: Selling Your                                  Successfully Negotiating Job             event
                                Questions                         Skills                                                          Offers                            postings on the CECS
 4:30-6:00 TC 1208
                                3:30-5:00 TC 1208                 2:30-4:30                                                       3:30-4:30 TC 1208                    website at cecs.

 Wednesday                      Thrusday                          Friday                           Monday                         Tuesday
 February 10                    February 11                       February 12                      February 22                    February 23
 Thinking about Pharmacy?       Career Interest Assessment                                         Understanding the Multiple-    Business Etiquette and
                                (Strong Interest Inventory)                                        Mini Interview                 Professionalism
 5:30-6:30 TC 1208
                                2:30-4:00 TC 1112                                                  6:00-7:00 TC 1208              3:30-4:30 TC 1208
wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010                                                                                                                                                                        

          Research @ Waterloo                                                                         Future of Nanotechnology
                                                    back to the drawing board and do the funda-                                                       arises in finding the right materials to build
                                                    mental research that can change the world.                             hemil PAtel                those nanoparticles, as well as being able to
                      moe ADhAm                        The group is currently focusing on su-                                                         reduce the particles to the correct size. Years
                                                                                                                        1B NaNoTechNoloGY
                   4B MechaTroNicS
                                                    perconducting devices. While this requires                                                        of work. Well, at least we have something
                                                    cooling to very low temperatures, it is not a                                                     to look forward to in the next few years: our
                                                    real concern. Initial customers of these quan-                                                    own invisibility cloaks, and possibly a rise in
   If you have been on campus for more than         tum systems will more than likely be super-          Technology has always been developing: pranksters too!
four months, you have hopefully heard the           computing operators. Some quantum devic-          computer efficiency gets better every year,        What else is new? Ever ran out of battery
words “Institute of Quantum Computing”              es do exist today, but the market remains in      electronics are upgraded to become…better. on your laptop or a hand-held device when
(IQC). While a recent Bond film may have            its infancy. Currently, the recognized biggest    All old news, all boring. So what IS new? you needed it the most? There will be a solu-
you confused, I can assure you that quantum         achievement is running on a 2 Qubit system.       Well, the research being conducted in Fudan tion in the next couple of years! The School
computing has little to do with securing the        In the next decade, you probably won’t be         University, China, will blow your mind!         of Material Science and Engineering at The
water supply of a South American country.           using a quantum device in consumer elec-             The magical world of “Harry Potter” Georgia Institute of Technology is conduct-
I sat down with Dr. Frank Wilhelm, head of          tronics. The industry is still in pre-prototype   seems to have started merging with our ing research to create power by naturally
the Quantum Device Theory (QDT) group               and developing concepts. The most obvious         own. Ji-Ping Huang and his team have been occurring minute events. The generation of
to get a better idea of what actually goes on       applications are database searches, as well       experimenting with the capabilities of nan- power will soon be possible by events which
at the institute. The work being done here is       as breaking cryptographic codes. You really       otechnology and claim that manufacturing include beating of the heart, breathing, blood
really quite exciting and has some far reach-       wouldn’t want a quantum computer on your          an invisibility cloak is, in fact, possible. As flow, or even the movement of your hand.
ing goals. Unfortunately for this columnist, it     desk, since these systems excel at massive        silver-plated nanoparticles are submerged in By using zinc oxide nanowires, a piezoelec-
isn’t exactly the easiest topic to understand,      parallelization. Would you really want to         water, a flexible metamaterial is produced, tric substance, electricity can be produced by
let alone cover in five hundred words.              type an entire essay at once, and then have it    described as the “active ingredient” for in- forcing mechanical stress onto these objects.
   The Quantum Device Theory group is a             all appear at the same time?                      visibility.                                                        Due to the size of these
research group in the Department of Phys-              The group has recently received funding           These plated nanopar- Power generation will be wires, the effort placed
ics and Astronomy, with Dr. Frank Wilhelm           from the Intelligence Advanced Research           ticles, covered with 5 na- possible by beating of the into creating power would
cross-appointed to the ECE department. The          Projects Activity (IARPA). This funding is        nometers of silver, contain heart, breathing, blood flow, be minimal to none.
group members are mostly post-docs and              aimed at a collaborative effort between ma-       “magnetite balls” which                                              Named “nanogenerator”
                                                                                                                                      or even hand movement
grad students in applied theoretical physics.       terials science and physics. When it comes        are 10 nm wide. When                                               by researcher Zhong Lin
Their research goals are simple to summa-           to quantum computing, materials have to           exposed to a magnetic                                              Wang it is said to be able
rize: the design of devices that can be used        be close to perfect and levels of imperfec-       field in water, they self assemble into verti- to grow on clothing, metals, ceramics and
in quantum computers. Quantum comput-               tions that may be permissible in integrated       cal chains; the type of geometry needed to even polymers. Ever heard of those medical
ing was originally a purely theoretical and         circuits can have very adverse effects on         facilitate the bending of light around them, nanobots that may flow through your blood
mathematical idea. The question used to be:         quantum devices. The group is interested in       making it seem as if the object’s presence is stream in the near future? This is the perfect
if we can harness quantum physics to build a        semiconductor based realizations based on         a myth.                                         thing to power them!
computing device, would it be better than a         gallium arsenide using quantum dots. For             The team has conducted tests with three         The theories on the capabilities of Nan-
classical computer? It turns out the answer is      engineering students interested in Quantum        wavelengths altogether in the visible and otechnology seem to be changing to reality
yes. Now, a more difficult question is posed:       Computing, there are a number of avenues          infrared spectra. In the visible spectrum, already! Although Nanotechnology is still
How do you build such a computer?                   to proceed. Material science and engineer-        the color red was used, as it has the long- mainly in its research phase, it promises
   First realizations of quantum computing          ing will become much more involved as new         est wavelength. They were able to conclude a highly technologically advanced future
were around 15 years ago in atomic phys-            methods are needed to actually build these        that creating such invisible objects is possi- with endless applications. Since Nanotech-
ics, quantum optics, and nuclear resonance.         devices. There are opportunities for engi-        ble; however, going further into the visible nology includes all other fields from elec-
Scaling these original realizations was not         neering students interested in participating      spectrum would be quite a challenge. As tronics to even biology, all fields of engi-
possible and to truly harness the power of          such as USRA or as a co-op summer place-          the wavelengths become shorter, the nano- neering and the sciences are bound to have
quantum computing you need to scale, pref-          ment. Students interested in device design        particles would also have to reduce in size more knowledge added to their databases.
erably to the same level as an integrated cir-      should focus on devices courses, be open to       to diffract the wavelengths. The difficulty Now that’s development!
cuit. The worldwide record at the moment is         new paradigms, and have strong knowledge
a 14 Qubit (Quantum Bit) device. This feat          of quantum mechanics. There is also a fourth
has already been achieved at the IQC, using         year course being offered soon through the
nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in a liq-          department of physics in quantum device ap-
uid. The goal is to someday move towards            plications. If you are interested in the QDT
using electronic elements, similar to an inte-      group, feel free to check out their website at
grated circuit. To achieve this, one has to go

 Clean Snowmobile Team
                                                    the team.
                     Alex giroux                       The sled that is going to competition in
                      uW cleaN                      March is the sled that was taken to competi-
                   SNoWMoBile TeaM                  tion in 2009, despite not running at the time.
                                                    This year our goal is to not only have a work-
                                                    ing sled, but to also have the BEST sled at the
   There are many well known student design         competition. This goal has presented several
teams at the University of Waterloo, such as        interesting challenges - first and foremost,
the Solar Car Team, UWAFT, Formula SAE,             the competition rules have been changed this
etc. One of the lesser known teams within           year. In the past, there was a cap on the en-
the Mechanical Engineering Department is            gine capacity of the sleds entered in the IC
the Clean Snowmobile Team, which takes              category. This year the cap on engine capac-
a stock snowmobile chassis and engine, and          ity has been removed, and instead there is
redesigns the sled to reduce noise and emis-        a cap on the maximum horsepower that the
sions, two major concerns with snowmobiles          sled can have - only 130hp. This has required
today. Currently the team is preparing to go        the UW team to remove the turbocharger and
to Houghton, Michigan in March for the SAE          related parts from the sled, since the engine
Clean Snowmobile Competition to compete             will produce approximately 120hp without
in the Internal Combustion category.                the turbocharger. The other major change this
   Taking a sled to competition is no small         year is that the competition will focus less on
task. The sled that will be entered in the com-     the performance of the sleds, and more on the
petition must conform to all the rules and          environmental aspects, i.e. noise reduction
regulations, which has already meant hours          and emission reduction.
of hard work in the snowmobile room, and               Looking ahead to 2011, the team has pur-
there will be more hours of work to come. To        chased a chassis for modification and has
ensure that the sled is ready for competition       already started working on designing the
and will work reliably and efficiently during       various components. There is always work to
the events, the sled will be hooked up to a         be done in the team room, so if you are in-
dynamometer for initial testing and tuning.         terested in joining a student team but are not
The final stage in testing is, of course, taking    sure what to do, I would highly recommend
the sled out on the trails! This will not only      checking out the Snowmobile Team! Check
ensure once and for all that the sled is work-      out our old website at http://www.eng.uwa-
ing well, but will also give the team a chance (an amazing new website is
to drive the sled, as most of us had little or no   in the works), or drop by the team room, E3-
experience with snowmobiles before joining          2103B, anytime the door is open.
                                                                                                                                                             wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010

                                                                       Iron Archives
                             Engineering traditions, Tuition fees, Co-op & faculty expansion
                                                 of your determination to rid engineering            Winter 1999 Issue 2 – Feb. 5, 1999.             Winter 2005 Issue 2 – Feb. 2, 2005.
                                                 of its present abominable image of crude            The selected article of interest for this       As most probably do know, UW’s
                 Angelo AlAimo                   tunnel-visioned anti-female morons.”             issue is a response by faculty and con-          School of Architecture is part of the
                    2T elecTrical
                                                    Winter 1995 Issue 2 – Feb. 3, 1995.           cerned students to the Point vs. Coun-           Faculty of Engineering, but did you also
                                                    Today, as we battle with ever-rising tui-     terpoint (PCP) in the January 22, 1999           know it used to be part of the Faculty of
                                                 tion costs (now pushing $5000+ a term),          issue of The Iron Warrior titled “Is the         Environmental Studies?
   Winter 1990 Issue 2 – Feb. 2, 1990.           the same story raged 15 years ago when           Co-op system still about applying what             Cindy Bao documented the Senate’s
   An article written by Editor Elliot Sim-      the Federal Government decided to raise          you learn or is it now just a way to pay         vote to approve moving the School of
coe, in the 2nd issue of The Iron Warrior        tuition fees.                                    the bills?”                                      Architecture to Engineering which be-
reported the Faculty of Engineering Dean            Andy Chan, Editor, criticized the Fed-           The unnamed authors of the response           gan with the School voting to leave ES,
of the University of Alberta, had been pre-      eral Government for free-spending in an          believed the question posed in the PCP of        “It wasn’t until the fall of 2004 that the
sented with a petition “denouncing the ac-       editorial, “Due to the free-spending of past     this issue was flawed as they stated, “The       School of Architecture voted unanimous-
tions by U of A’s engineers”.                    governments, we are left with a debt situa-      co-op programme has never claimed to             ly to leave the Faculty of ES to join En-
   According to the article, University of       tion that can no longer be ignored. We are       enable to application of academic knowl-         gineering. Both faculties supported the
Alberta Engineers had received national          burdened with a massive debt that affects        edge to the working environment. Rath-           decision and ES expressed “[w]hile the
media attention after a skit show crowd          the quantity and quality of services our         er, the strength of the programme is the         faculty and staff of the Faculty of Envi-
chanted “Shoot the Bitch” and “Get her           government is capable of providing. Each         ability to acquire practical engineering         ronmental Studies regret that the School
off the stage” at a female performer.            year a large portion of our tax money is         knowledge and skills.”                           of Architecture has made the decision to
   The petition stated “Much must be             put towards paying off the interest on our          For the majority of text-heavy article,       leave the Faculty, they do not wish to op-
done to eradicate the crude anti-female          federal debt and every year that portion         the authors rebutted the claims of the           pose the separation and prolong the in-
traditions, which despite recent efforts         increases, leaving less money that can be        PCP author while also bringing wisdom            stability this action has caused.”
and the terrible Montreal tragedy, seem          used more effectively towards health-care,       for students in the workplace - “No one            The moving of the School to Engi-
firmly entrenched in our engineering de-         education, and social services.”                 is ever given responsibility and leeway;         neering was believed to eventually cre-
partments of our universities. Many of us,          Interestingly in his article, Chan men-       it is earned. Showing initiative and inter-      ate another engineering program at UW
male engineers, are not prepared to wait         tions a well used education-cost com-            est will open up opportunities. There are        as well as strengthen ties between Civil
for the slow process of enlightenment to         parison between Canada and our southern          few successful employers that would ever         Engineering and Architecture, “.....Dean
penetrate the dark minds of a significant        neighbours. “Our tuition may not reach           state that an employee has too much ini-         Sedra mentioned that he would like to
number of engineering students”                  US levels (compare M.I.T.’s Engineering          tiative.”                                        see more interactions between the De-
   As for actions, the petition urged 5 ac-      at $20,000+($US) per year to Waterloo’s             At the end of the article, the authors        partment of Civil Engineering and the
tions, two of which are restated below:          Engineering at $2400+ per year).”                summarized the response into five major          School of Architecture, possibly a new
   “Hold immediately an Engineering                 The mention of $2400 per year tuition         points, three which are printed below:           program of architectural engineering in
Awareness Week dedicated to the women            particularly interested me in the above             1. To maintain the reputation of UW,          the future.”
who died or were injured in Montreal.            excerpt. I honestly don’t know if this is a      (and specifically the Faculty of Engineer-         The topic of PDEng did come up in
Require the attendance of all male engi-         typo in the article, but I read it as one. Can   ing) we must strengthen the co-operative         Cindy’s article, “ students
neering students and faculty at a number         you imagine $2400 tuition per year? Per          education programme.                             are expected to complete a number of
of seminars devoted to raising male con-         year!                                               2. Demanding higher salaries from em-         mandatory professional development
sciousness on women in this society and             As a solution to the Canada’s debt prob-      ployers can only weaken the co-op sys-           courses during their co-op terms. When
in engineering today.”                           lem, Chan states “I would love to see a          tem.                                             asked if the architecture students are also
   “Prepare a program for frosh activi-          movement where every single person con-             3. Your position within a work-term           going to be participating in such cours-
ties next fall which sensitizes incoming         tributed a year’s pay solely to pay off the      placement is only what you make it, and          es, Adel Sedra, the dean of engineering,
student and abolishes offensive tradi-           nation’s debt. Unfortunately, such an oc-        being apathetic only weakens the educa-          pointed out that those courses are geared
tions. Clearly inform in-coming students         currence would never happen.”                    tion derived.                                    towards the requirements of PEO.”

                UW In The Process Of Homepage Redesign
                                                 but in spite of the strong student-faculty re-   what attracts students to UW. But when it        new layout should have a modern look that
                                                 lationship, even the faculty homepages are       comes to deciding which school they want         shows our distinctiveness as a well reputed
                   AmritA YAsin                  not too relevant to the current students. In     to attend for the next four years or more,       academic institution and our perspective on
                     3B cheMical
                                                 the big picture, there should be a student       they are interested in knowing about the         building the future. Moreover, many people
                                                 homepage that connects students across all       other things that will be happening, such        use smart phones so the website should be
                                                 faculties. This page will have links to fac-     as: “What is there to get involved with at       made compatible with them.
   As a part of a new visual identity, Univer-   ulty homepages. Faculty homepages should         school? What are the sources of entertain-         I encourage you all to visit http://web.
sity of Waterloo is looking forward to rede-     have links to their respective Student So-       ment outside of school?” The new website
signing the UW website (www.uwaterloo.           ciety homepages and entities like FEDS,          should answer these questions too. There         website-visitors and fill in the survey.
ca) to reflect its innovative, inspirational,    Athletics etc. There was also a suggestion       should be more information about the com-          Disclaimer: This article mentions the
and forward-looking outlook. A consulting        to make all UW webpages consistent, al-          munity too, such as The Perimeter Institute      ideas discussed at the meeting It does not
team “White Whale Web Consultants” has           though there were mixed feelings because         lectures, Jazz Festival, Oktoberfest etc.        guarantee that the new UW homepage will
been recruited to conduct the redesign. Af-      UW faculties are so different from each          These elements might also help to recruit        necessarily incorporate all of the afore-
ter intense student response to the “laser”      other that it’s almost impossible to address     international students.                          mentioned changes.
logo proposed in 2009, the communications        every faculty under the same banner.                Housing is a major component of student
team is taking steps to ensure student input
is collected for the new website. For this
                                                    There was a suggestion to design the new
                                                 website as an interactive newspaper that
                                                                                                  life and sets the direction for the Orienta-
                                                                                                  tion Week. Housing homepages should fea-          The Iron Chef
purpose a meeting was arranged between           offers means of internal communication           ture videos showing interviews, activities                Maple Fudge
the consultants and the students. The con-       by having advertisements of events tak-          and events happening at residence so pro-
sultants seemed very open and empathetic         ing place on campus. The website should          spective students get a better feel of what                  elSa ThoMaS
to students and emphasized that the new          celebrate student success and accomplish-        they will be experiencing in residence.                       3B cheMical
website would be designed such that it re-       ments and reiterate their experiences from       Stories from personal experiences should           Ingredients:
flects the authentic lives of students at UW     their own perspective. Students should also      be posted because they are more likely to          3 cups Brown sugar
and their relationship with the University.      be allowed to submit content to the website      appeal to incoming students. Nonetheless,          1/2 lb. Butter
   A brief discussion about the current          to advertise events. Maps, stories, pictures     the content posted will have to be moder-          1/2 cup Condensed milk
website revealed that most of the students       and images should be updated regularly as        ated in one way or the other because at the        1/4 Tsp Salt
have quick links to websites of their use        currently old pictures are reused most of the    end of the day it is portraying an image of        2 cup Icing sugar
such as UW-Ace, Quest, etc and very few          time.                                            the University of Waterloo.                        1Tbsp Maple flavoring
students visit the UW homepage. The                 UW houses a large number of student              One of the major concerns was to how
homepage seems to be designed for alumni         teams and clubs in addition to its eight         to get student input. ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’         Directions:
and prospective students. The Daily Bulle-       major faculties. It was suggested that the       on Facebook and Twitter do not provide             1) Put first four ingredients into a
tin, which is the main form of communi-          new website should have customization            enough feedback. It was suggested that             medium saucepan and bring to boil.
cation from the University Administration,       capabilities so students can customize their     open discussions should be conducted and           Continuously stir the mixture and
seems to primarily address staff. Some stu-      homepages according to their own inter-          a notice should be given well ahead of time.       boil for about 5-7 minutes.
dents commented that it is also “boring”         ests. Moreover, a subscription feature can       This will give students with ideas and sug-        2) Remove the saucepan from stove.
with only text and not enough interesting        also be added for those who would like to        gestions the opportunity to participate and        Add the icing sugar and maple fla-
pictures.                                        receive emails about updates from their          hopefully will avoid feelings of surprise          voring.
   This led to a strong inclination towards      customized groups.                               and/or anger once the new website is re-           3) Beat with mixer for 2 minutes.
having a student homepage, separate from            There was a debate on what prospective        vealed.                                            4) Pour into 8” X 8” pan (lightly
the UW homepage which will be more rel-          students would like to see on the website.          There was a brief discussion on the layout.     greased).
evant to current students. Students revealed     UW’s reputation as one of the top under-         The website should still have UW colours,          5) Chill and cut into small squares.
that faculties are the source of school spirit   graduate schools and its co-op program is        black and gold, but with a clearer font. The
wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010                                                                                                                                                                       

     The Olympics and Issues That You Should Know
         Amir tAleghAni                       now been acquired by big retail and fast           the Assistance to Shelter Act, which gives protest outside of VANOC’s “free speech
                 3a civil                     food. There are many examples of how               police the authority to force homeless zones.” With two weeks until the games,
                                              the Vancouver Organizing Committee for             people into shelters and even jail. Police there has still been no mention of the
   It was July 3rd, 2006, when I dragged the 2010 Olympics (VANOC) and various                   can now essentially arrest homeless peo- details or locations of these zones, and
myself out of bed at 7 am and ran to the levels of government failed to deliver on               ple when the weather is cold enough. The VANOC’s vagueness is one of the rea-
TV to watch Jacques Rogue open that their promises, but they aren’t really is-                   official reasoning behind the act is to pre- sons the BC Civil Liberties Association
big white envelope. I couldn’t have been sues that would frustrate a student across              vent the homeless from freezing to death. is concerned. The ability to protest at the
more excited. The Olympics were com- the country.                                                But let’s note a few facts                                       venues is further lim-
ing to Vancouver: hockey, medals, pa-           Frustration is where the Olympics be-            and commonly accepted                                            ited by key points in the
rades, celebrations, and it was all going trayed so many people in the social is-                ideas here. This has nev-         Police can now es-            VANOC transportation
to be in my hometown! This enthusiasm sues. There are two major issues which                     er before been a politi-        sentially arrest home- plan. There is no public
and anticipation was the case for a year turned me against the games: homeless-                  cal issue in Vancouver,          less people when the           parking for anyone at any
or two while it was all talk, pictures of ness and free speech as it relates to corpo-           where winter tempera- weather is cold enough... of the venues; instead,
politicians shaking hands, and artists’ rate protectionism. As a little background,              tures rarely go below -
                                                                                                                               to prevent the homeless free shuttle service is
renderings of future Olympic venues. I the Downtown Eastside is a neighbour-                     5 degrees Celsius. It is                                        available to the venues
was as pro-Olympics as                                            hood in Vancouver              far too convenient that         from freezing to death and mountains. However,
one could get and I chas- The more I learn, the more that faces complex                          the issue was brought up                                        the free shuttle services
tised anyone that ever                                          poverty-related issues,          in the months leading up to the Olympics. are only avail- able to ticket holders.
even suggested any pos-
                                ashamed I am of blindly including homelessness                   Moreover, the “solution” of jailing home-        Why are protesters’ rights important to
sible disadvantages of the supporting something I and drug addiction. One                        less people to keep them safe from the all of us? Of course, because freedom of
games. But, over the last         knew nothing about. of the promises of the                     elements is opposed by most advocacy speech is a basic right that is protected by
two years, I have come to                                     Olympics that was used             organizations and support services that our constitution and must be preserved,
regret supporting the Olym-                                  to win over the city’s sup-         work with homeless people because it but also because it shows that Olympics
pics. The more I learn, the more ashamed port for the bid was to leave a “legacy of              violates their autonomy and absolves the aren’t really for you and me. The spirit
I am of blindly supporting something I social housing”. The province was finally                 government of the responsibility to im- of amateur sport at an international level
knew nothing about.                           going to attempt an appropriate and long           plement the long-term solutions of more is dead; this is the new Olympics, where
   The purpose of this article is not to term solution to the homelessness prob-                 shelter space and, most importantly, more corporate protectionism is the king. The
make you hate the Olympics. The fact is lem in Vancouver. There was talk of af-                  social housing.                                torch relay is surrounded by RBC flags
that most Waterloo students either sup- fordable housing with a network of social                   VANOC is not only failing to keep up and flanked by Chevrolet’s newest cars,
port the Olympics or just don’t care. It’s services that would support the mentally-             its promise of social goals for the inner- and Coca Cola wants you to “open hap-
not the red Olympic mittens that drive me ill, drug users and sex workers living in              city; it is trying to clean up the streets by piness” while eating at the official “res-
crazy, but rather the fact that a lot of you the Downtown-Eastside.                              force. This is a brutal violation of human taurant” of the Olympics, McDonalds.
who support the institution and the events      Instead, the increasing Olympic debt-            rights and is something that everyone in Tickets to the events are unaffordable, if
associated with it do it as blindly as I did. load has forced the number of allocated            Canada should be aware of. It forces us not unattainable, and it appears the city is
So, I`ll try to present some background social housing units further and further                 to ask ourselves: what are the Olympics going to be in a quasi police-state for two
to the major issues associated with the down. Most of the buildings where social                 worth? Are they worth more than basic weeks. This raises the question of who
games hopefully with only a hint of an housing units were promised will be sold                  human rights of fellow Canadians? Why the Olympics are really for.
anti-games bias.                              to the highest bidder and the city’s poor          should we lie to the world about our cit-        These are only some of the issues, and
   A simple way to look at the issues as- will continue to rely on Single Room                   ies? I am a proud Vancouverite and I wish I am not denying that there are benefits of
sociated with the Olympics is to divide Occupancy hotels (SROs) as the only                      the whole world sees the conditions ap- the Olympics as well. In fact, as a civil
them into what failed and what happened affordable means of putting a roof over                  parent in the Downtown-Eastside. Maybe engineering student, I cannot help but see
that you didn’t hear about. The games their heads. The abhorrent conditions in                   then our government will be forced to be the future benefits of some of the new in-
were promised to be profitable for the the SROs, including regular infestations                  honest and commit some real resources to frastructure. There is no need to mention
province. That failed rather quickly with of rats and other pests, are neglected by              solving the homelessness crisis.               the benefits here because they receive
the Olympic village fiasco, which left the their corrupt landlords. Although the                    The second major social injustice as- plenty of media attention. What you may
city as the owner of an 800-million dol- province has purchased several hotels                   sociated with the 2010 games is the see less of are the grassroots organizations
lar loan because the developer’s creditor and properties in the city, it has done so             treatment of free speech and                                and protesters who are try-
went bankrupt. Construction was prom- without a plan and as a result, there are                  protesters as it relates to cor-      “The spirit of        ing to get their voices heard.
ised to be fast and not disruptive. It was no new social services. In fact, not only             porate protectionism. The                                   It is your responsibility to be
fast, but the “cut and cover” method that were no social service networks set up,                games have not yet com-
                                                                                                                                     amateur sport at aware of both sides, to doubt
was used to build the rapid transit line to the federal government has tried to close            menced, so we will have to an international                 and question official state-
the airport blocked the Cambie St. cor- the free, clean safe-injection site in the               wait and see, but several hu-        level is dead...”      ments and mainstream media
ridor from cars and pedestrians. This Downtown-Eastside. Twice.                                  man rights organizations such                               coverage. The BC Civil Lib-
forced most of the local businesses to          And here is salt on the wound: in 2009           as the BC Civil Liberties Association erties Association has trained 400 legal
sell their properties, many of which have the province of British Columbia passed                have raised concerns over the treatment observers –citizens who will monitor and
                                                                                                 of protestors and their freedom of speech. document anything that may pertain to

       Our Body On Display                                                                       The City of Vancouver has passed bylaws rights violations. You should also expect
                                                                                                 that will impose heavy fines on anyone a lot of politics following the Olympics,
                                                                                                 who wishes to carry an “unauthorized” and maybe even a public hearing or two,
                                                on display at the Ontario Science Cen-           sign or placard that does not contribute depending on how friendly the RCMP are
                     Alison lee                 tre and seen in Casino Royale. It features       to the “spirit” of the games. VANOC has feeling. Whether you support the games
                 1B NaNoTechNoloGY              real human bodies preserved by polymer           also called for “free speech zones” where or not is something that you can only de-
                                                impregnation, or plastination. In this proc-     protesters will be asked to congregate. Of termine by weighing all of the factors and
                                                ess, fat and water in the body are replaced      course in Canada, you have the right to issues; then, and only then, should you
                                                by polymers so that organs, muscles, and         protest wherever you please, but many show your support or lack thereof. An in-
   In my first month of being a frosh, I        blood vessels become pliable and suitable        are worried about what kind of police re- formed adversary is much better than a
couldn’t help but notice how many times         for display in the open air. Our Body is not     action will meet protesters who choose to blind ally.
I was told to check out the Children’s Mu-      just for med school hopefuls and morbid

seum in Kitchener. At first I thought it was    individuals; it is a frank look at the human
a joke, because the name brings to mind         body and the diverse systems within it.
blinking lights and interactive talking bac-    Different displays focus on particular areas
teria (which might amuse me anyway).            of the circulatory system, nervous system,
Well, they do have those things at the Chil-    digestive system, and joints to name a few.
dren’s Museum, but they also have exhibits      It’s pretty eye-opening to realize how com-        “Not all Newtons are equivalent. Some have       “Hund’s Rule: There cannot be two tigers in
that target adults, like Andy Warhol’s Fac-     plicated a living being is.                        figs in them”                                    one mountain.”
tory 2009 from last year.                          The exhibit was very expensive to bring         - A. Hajian, SYDE 312                            - K. Wang, ECE 209
   In fact, we can expect more grown-up         to the museum, but due to a spike in corpo-        “I always get excited when I present this        “If you still don’t understand it [Schrod-
exhibits soon because the Children’s Mu-        rate and community interest, it is making a        result!”                                         inger’s Equation] by now, you have to just
seum is rumoured to be changing its name        profit. Students get in at a discounted price      - T. Duever, CHE 325                             accept it.”
to just the Museum in the future. Prospec-      of $15 and regular adults are $25. Our Body        “You can blame Waterloo for your night-          -K. Wang, ECE 209
tive exhibits include the Titanic and ancient   is on display until April 11 of this year, and     mares”                                           “I used it because I’m smarter than you
Egypt. Located on King St. a short walk         as a complement, the Children’s Museum             - B. Epling, CHE 311                             guys.”
from Charles St. Terminal, the Children’s       also has a public lecture series related to        “We all hate petro, but you can go into it,      - P. Das, ECE 309
Museum is a modern Kitchener landmark.          health care on Sundays. You have to book           make lots of money and save the world            Prof: “Whatever I did [as an undergrad] I
It is home to a living wall and a licensed      tickets to guarantee a seat, which can be          through donation.”                               don’t mind if my students do.”
café featuring local food and beer.             done online, but they are free! Don’t let its      - B. Epling, CHE 311                             Student: “Did you cheat on exams?”
   The adult attraction currently being         name fool you; the Children’s Museum is            “The Internet is like a big wall that everyone   Prof: “Yes I did.”
showcased is Our Body: The Universe             an up and coming spot for curious minds of         can draw on with markers.”                       - P. Das, ECE 309
Within, which may not be for everyone. This     all ages, so keep an eye out for an exhibit         - S. Cameron, STV 302
is very similar to the exhibit Bodyworlds       that may interest you.
                                                                                                                                                             wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010


    Acting Presidential Report                                                                                    Senator’s Report
                                                Fugure is our Chief Returning Officer                                                             government funding levels are uncertain.
                                                (CRO) for this term with Mike Seliske act-                              JAY shAh                  In any case, the financial strains on the
                 mike mCCAuleY                  ing as the assistant CRO. Be sure to check                            eNGiNeeriNG                 University are clear and the next budget
                 acTiNG preSiDeNT                                                                                       SeNaTor
                                                out Paul’s article for the latest in elections                                                    will have to be very well thought out to
                                                news. If you are considering running for an                                                       make it balanced.
                                                executive position and want to know a lit-                                                           3) Applications to UW are down relative
  Now that the term is well underway, I         tle more about what each of the positions           The first Senate meeting of the year oc-      to applications to Ontario universities as a
hope you are all enjoying things so far! It’s   are responsible for, feel free to stop any of    curred on Jan 18th. There weren’t too many       whole. No reason to panic, as there are still
been busy but there is a lot more to look       the Exec at anytime and we’d be happy to         decisions but there was lots of information,     way more people applying than we could
forward to, so make sure you check out the      tell you about the amazing things we do!         so I’m going to try and convey the most          accept, but it does raise the question as to
events calendar!                                   We had our second round of P&P nomi-          important points:                                why. If this becomes a long term trend it
  I’d like to start by talking a bit about      nations at the last EngSoc meeting but we           1) There is a new direction being taken on    will have fairly significant negative im-
Dean Sedra. He will be coming to the            will be accepting nominations until 5pm on       the issue of Orientation length. It includes     pacts on the university.
next EngSoc meeting (Feb. 3) to give us         Feb. 3, so email me if you still have anyone     an effort to start student orientation much         4) There is an acknowledged need to
an update on some of the hot topics he has      in mind. Presentations will be at meeting 3      earlier (i.e. in the summer, to get students     celebrate (in a broad way) teaching excel-
been working on lately as well as to answer     (Feb. 3).                                        prepared even before they are on campus)         lence. “We are what we celebrate,” so to
some questions students have, so be sure           Finally, as I mentioned during the last       as well as continue the orientation/integra-     encourage great teaching at this education-
to make it out for that. The Exec are also      meeting, we now have fancy EngSoc                tion well after the first ‘O-Week.’ Overall,     al institution we must take pride in it and
going to be sitting down with him later the     branded greeting cards available for pur-        there is a very open discussion occurring        show how much it is truly valued.
same week to talk about some of the things      chase in the Orifice. They have the EngSoc       to determine what will result in the best           Overall the vibe at Senate is quite inspir-
we are working on so if there is anything       logo embossed on the front and come with         possible introduction and preparation of         ing, there’s a genuine desire to make UW
you’d like us to bring up with him specifi-     a snazzy yellow envelope - all for only $2!      new UW students. The creation of a com-          constantly better.
cally, don’t hesitate to ask one of us and         That’s all for now – I hope to see eve-       mittee is being considered that would have          The key to growth lies in the hands of
we’d be happy to bring it up for you!           ryone out at the next meeting! Good luck         representation from all University aspects       each student who thinks, “this could be so
  I’m also happy to announce that Paul          studying for midterms!!                          (some include: counseling, student serv-         much better IF....” Unlocking that positive
                                                                                                 ices, students, registrar’s office, etc.). The   change means that students need to share
             VP Education Report                                                                 exact purpose of the committee hasn’t been
                                                                                                 stated, but it would probably work towards
                                                                                                                                                  their thoughts with their peers, colleagues,
                                                                                                                                                  professors, and other members of the uni-
                                                                                                 establishing the future of Orientation Week,     versity that have the ability to implement
                                                its fundamental assumptions. The team is         how we can start earlier, continue later, and    them. Acknowledging a weakness is the
                                                going strong and we have accomplished            how best to make the overall process effec-      first step; acting on it is the leap.
                      DAviD liu                 a lot already. To find out more, please          tive for students.                                  Feel free to email me at senate@eng-
                                                visit             2) The creation of the next university Good luck on mid-
                                                ca/pdengrenewal for up to date news on           budget is looking to be very difficult, as       terms!
                                                our progress. One important development
   Hi A-Soc,
   I hope everyone is getting interviews
                                                is that a sub-group of the Task Force will
                                                meet in the week of Feb 1st to focus on                          VP Internal Report
for jobs they want and landing their de-        the ‘quick fix’ issues that we believe could
sired co-op placement. The good news is         be implemented more quickly in PDEng                                                              the 2014 Year Spirit 3D Twister party. It’s
that the current students on co-op have         while we continue to rebuild the program                                                          good to see a graduating year celebrating
achieved about 92% employment rate.             as a whole. You may see these changes in                            tim bAnDurA                   their spirit!
Hopefully we can improve this number            your upcoming co-op term. Remember if                                                                Lots of stuff upcoming in the next week
for our term. Other news from co-op is          you have something to say about PDEng,                                                            or so too! Genius Bowl happened on Febru-
about the proposed engineering work term        please let Sasha Avreline and myself                                                              ary 1st. It’s one of those events that happen
guidelines. These guidelines are intended       know.                                               Another report so soon? The term is just      after I submit my report, but before it’s pub-
to provide direction for job development           During the Engineering Faculty Coun-          flying by. Okay! I just wanted to start by       lished. So, I think it will go pretty well! Gen-
and assessment to make sure it aligns with      cil meeting on Jan. 19th where the Dean,         thanking my directors that have held events      ius Bowl is always a great event. It’s a good
the CEAB accreditation criteria.                Associate Chairs and Faculty Representa-         in the past few weeks. I want to start with      check to see how much random trivia every-
   We had a Motivational Speaker, Sean          tive meet, the Dean of Arts, Ken Coates,         the really awesome coffee house that Griff       one knows! Plus it’s more fun to remember
Jackson, on Jan. 20th. He talked about          was invited as a guest speaker. He men-          and Sean ran. It was completely incredible!      random trivia than thermo problems. Mary
diversity and community building within         tioned the importance of encouraging Arts        All the acts were great, whether it was three    and the Boys were back in action for Genius
UW Engineering. He opened the eyes              students to talk to Engineering students         guys with ukuleles (Uke Nukem) or one            Bowl, did you take note? Other than Genius
of his audience to the different kinds of       and encouraged inter-faculty student             guy playing a violin with a loop (Noel)! I       Bowl, the week will end somewhat quietly
people around us that he had observed           initiatives. Arts students take 95% Arts         definitely recommend getting out to the next     until after Reading Week. Midterms are
through his personal experiences.               courses while Engineering students only          coffee house to see all the various talents!     coming up after all [Insert ominous music
   The PDEng Task Force Team assembled          have a few CSE electives. If the faculties       Big thanks out for Mike Seliske for running      theme, I prefer the Imperial March].
by Dean of Engineering is meeting twice         could overcome this barrier, perhaps UW          his skating workshop. It was only a small           So with that, I’d just like to wish every-
a week. They are changing PDEng from            students can graduate better equipped to         group, but it was a lot of fun! We had a great   one good luck on their midterms!
                                                    tackle the world. Please email me at         time just trying to learn to stop or skate          Study hard and well
                                           to           backwards. I’m looking forward to the next          Midterms loom ominously
                                                    share your thoughts.                         session! It was also awesome to hear about          See you afterwards

           OPEN DURING
                 8AM - 3PM                                                       Exec dressed as seasons at last week’s EngSoc meeting                                               amrita yasin
wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010                                                                                                                                                          

                VP Finance Report                                                                              Income
                                                                                                           Fees (Estimated)                $45,000.00
                                                other information you think will convince                    Orifice Sales                 $5,000.00
                                                someone to give you money. Please make it                   Total Income                                            $50,000.00
                eriC CousineAu                  a maximum of two pages. We have a total
                                                of $4500 to give away this term!                              Expenses
                                                   POETS Warrior Lager should be on sale                   Exec Discretion                 $2,000.00
                                                by now so get your fanny down to POETS
                                                                                                             VP-Finance                     $500.00
   Hey A-Soc! It’s that time of the month       and buy one for a low price of $4.00!
again! Time for a new issue of the IW! Not      (Cheapest beer there). Though I want to                      VP-External                    $500.00
too much to report this time. First of all we   make it clear that EngSoc is subsidizing                    VP-Education                    $500.00
just approved the budget for the term at our    the first 10 cases only, and after that the
                                                                                                              VP-Internal                   $500.00
council meeting last Wednesday. I have          price will go back up to $4.25. POETS is
attached it to this article for your viewing    hosting a (licensed) Superbowl party on                  POETS Renovations                 $6,000.00
pleasure, or curiosity… or whatever.            Sunday Feb. 7th, keep your eyes and ears             Total Exec Expenses                                            $10,000.00
   Donations will be decided at EngSoc          peeled for details. MOT will be happening
Meeting #4, and Donation Proposals are due      at Bomber on Feb. 26th (At the end of ECE                 Director Budgets                   S09                   Approved
to me by Monday, Feb. 22nd, by 4:30 PM. If      Hell Week!).                                             Academic Rep Advisors              $300.00                  $800.00
you would like EngSoc to donate to your            I want to finish by saying congratulations                     Arts                      $200.00                  $130.00
cause please outline how much money you         to all 4th years getting their Iron Rings this
want, what it will be used for, how many        weekend!                                                       Athletics                    $710.00                 $1,504.00
engineering students it will affect, and any       Eric                                                  Athletics: Table Tennis                                     $500.00

               VP External Report
                                                                                                               Bus Push                        $-                   $1,500.00
                                                                                                               Charities                    $450.00                  $434.00
                                                                                                             Competitions                   $415.00                  $300.00
                                                is an Engineering Hockey Tournament be-                           CRO                                                $300.00
                                                ing organized for schools in the area to en-
                 mike mCCAuleY                  ter and I would like to enter a team from                      Donations                   $2,500.00                $4,500.00
                                                Waterloo, so please let me know if you are                Education Assistant               $100.00                  $700.00
                                                interested! The event is going to be March
                                                6-7 in Guelph. There will be at least three                    Enginuity                       $-                    $550.00
  Holla!! I’m here again to give you an up-     games throughout the weekend AND it                             Engplay                    $1,100.00                 $800.00
date on the External World. I’d like to start   will be free for you to play!
                                                                                                                  EWB                          $-                    $100.00
off with what I hope was a very successful         Finally, National Engineering Month is
Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC)           coming up and schools from across On-                         Explorations                                           $725.00
last weekend that University of Waterloo        tario are working together to create a Rube                    Float Day                                            $1,000.00
hosted this year – check out the full feature   Goldberg machine. We are looking for
article for more details!                       people to help out with Waterloo’s contri-                 Frosh Mentoring                     $-                    $650.00
  This coming weekend I am heading to           bution, so please email me if you are inter-                  Genius Bowl                   $325.00                  $300.00
Thunder Bay for the annual First Year Inte-     ested or have questions or you can sign up
gration Conference along with some won-         on the Orifice door.                                           Historian                       $-                    $10.00
derful first year students. We are looking         And that’s a wrap! Feel free to stop by               Interfaculty Relations             $500.00                  $300.00
forward to the weekend and will let you         the office or email me if you would like
know how it goes upon our return!               to know more about anything I’ve men-                          Jazz Band                   $1,000.00                $1,669.00
  As I mentioned in the last meeting, there     tioned.                                                          Music                      $380.00                  $400.00

                        WEEF Report                                                                              P**5
                                                                                                           POETS Managers
                                       to see if your
                                                class has a rep. If your class does not have a              Resume Critique                 $100.00                  $195.00
                      JAY shAh                  rep, that means your class collectively gets                  Semi Formal                   $910.00                  $850.00
                   WeeF DirecTor
                                                zero input into where the ~$85000 gets al-
                                                located this term, so it is in your best inter-               Shadow Day                                             $550.00
                                                est to get a rep. How can we know what                          Speaker                    $2,683.00                $3,565.00
   Donation returns closed up without a         your class/department needs/wants if you
hitch on Jan 22nd. Finance is now doing         won’t tell us or help us decide ;)?                              TalEng                     $850.00                 $1,850.00
their magic to ensure that students who           Don’t forget, WEEF is designed to be for               Women in Engineering               $450.00                  $550.00
have requested their return do indeed get       students by students – its 100% up to the
it. Statistics are not yet available for how    council of students (Reps from each class)                 Year Spirit (2010)               $150.00                  $100.00
many returns were requested, from which         to decide where we put the money.                          Year Spirit (2011)               $150.00                  $150.00
classes and from which years; they should         KEY DATES:
be available in the next Iron Warrior is-         Feb 15, Proposals are due                                Year Spirit (2012)               $150.00                  $150.00
sue.                                              Feb 23/25, Proposal Presentations                        Year Spirit (2013)               $150.00                  $250.00
   Submissions of WEEF Proposals are              Mar 2, Funding Council makes Deci-
now being accepted! For information on          sions                                                      Year Spirit (2014)                                        $150.00
how to make a proposal visit www.weef.            Questions, comments or suggestions are                         WEEF                          $-                    $500.00 - you’ll see        always welcome - email me at weef@eng-
just how easy it is!                                                           Workshops (skating)                  $-                    $60.00
   Visit the list of class reps at www.weef.                                                       Total Directors Expenses                $18,504.50              $29,541.00

               POETS                                                                              MOVIE SCHEDULE
                                                                                                    SHOWIngS BEgIn AT nOOn
 Wednesday                             Thursday                               Friday                              Monday                            Tuesday
 February 3                            February 4                             February 5                          February 8                        February 9
           Patch Adams                       Thursday Theme Day                              Hitch                        Twelve Monkeys              Important Things With Dmitri
         Man of the Year                                                                    Hancock                          Fight Club                             Martin
        Good Will Hunting                                                                 Seven Pounds                         Se7en
 Wednesday                             Thursday                               Friday                              Monday                            Tuesday
 February 10                           February 11                            February 12                         February 15                       February 16
           Terminator I                      Thursday Theme Day                       The Venture Bros                     Reading Week                      Reading Week
           Terminator 2
           Terminator 3
          vandalism report at an           resisted efforts to get him
!         elementary school, I was         to run with our jogging
          interrupted by a little girl     group until his doctor told                                                                                              wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010

          about six years old. POINT VS. COUNTERPOINT
                                           him he had to exercise.
                                           Shortly thereafter, he
          Looking up and down at Extracurricular Activities Be
                              Included in Your JobMine Package? our
          my uniform, she asked,           reluctantly joined us for
          "Are you a cop?"
              miChAel seliske
                   2a coMpuTer             5:30am jogs on Mondays,
                                                      tra curricular activities but in many cases
                                                      employers either throw out any applicant
                                                      below a certain average or the activities
                                                                                                                     Jon rADiCe
                                                                                                                      3B cheMical
                                                                                                                                                        thon. And the amount of extracurricular
                                                                                                                                                        activities does not reflect on how good the
                                                                                                                                                        student is at actual engineering. Many of

          "Yes," I answered and            Wednesdays and Fridays.
        There has been recent talk about CECS
     adding an additional required document to
                                                      get lost in the many impressive things an
                                                      individual may include in their resume.
                                                                                                           In my handful of years attending this
                                                                                                        wonderful jail of a school, there’s one thing
                                                                                                                                                        the leaders and popular people in the engi-
                                                                                                                                                        neering student groups are the leaders and
     your JobMine application package, which          There are some heavily involved people            that I’ve come to realize. If you focus all     popular people because they should have

          continued writing the
     will outline all of the extracurricular activ-
     ities that you have participated in during
     your time at UW. If you ask any student
                                                                                          After a month of running,
                                                      who volunteer for any event that is oc-
                                                      curring on campus which is very impres-
                                                      sive and develop soft skills. These skills
                                                                                                        your attention on your schoolwork, you’ll
                                                                                                        go absolutely nuts. The only way you’ll
                                                                                                        get through engineering with a shred of
                                                                                                                                                        graduated a long time ago, and their lust
                                                                                                                                                        for these extracurricular groups may have
                                                                                                                                                        been one of the many pieces of straw that

s         report.
     in engineering they will usually tell you
     that there are two types of students, those
                                                                                          we decided that my friend
                                                      would be well used in the work place but
                                                      in many cases these opportunities are not
                                                                                                        dignity and some semblance of a smile
                                                                                                        left on your face, is if you find yourself
                                                                                                                                                        broke their academic camel’s back.
                                                                                                                                                           And that doesn’t even take into account

     who get involved in university clubs and

          "My mother said if I ever
     activities and those who go home after
     class. This might be an overgeneraliza-
                                                                                          might be hooked,
                                                      showcased on a resume because there are
                                                      too many other things to be included. One
                                                      concise list of activities detailing all of the
                                                                                                        a hobby or two. Aside from breaking my
                                                                                                        back filling this paper with content no one
                                                                                                        reads, I’ve joined a few intramural teams;
                                                                                                                                                        unclassifiable time-sinks. Large chunks of
                                                                                                                                                        time needed to do things that don’t count as
                                                                                                                                                        extracurricular tasks: taking care of loved

          needed help I should ask
     tion and not everyone may agree with this
     statement but these thoughts have been
                                                                                          especially when he said,
                                                      extracurricular and volunteer opportuni-
                                                      ties a person partakes in would showcase
                                                                                                        I snowboard when I can; and if time per-
                                                                                                        mits, I’ll go through a novel or three a
                                                                                                                                                        ones, long distance relationships, and even
                                                                                                                                                        caring for children all fill up time without
     shared by a large number of engineering

     students. That being said, extracurricular
     activities take time which could otherwise
                                                      play.                               "I've discovered what
                                                      to an employer what a resume cannot dis-

                                                         If the University were to include a con-
                                                                                                        term. Your extracurricular activities make
                                                                                                        you an interesting person, and it gives you
                                                                                                        an identity. Even so, employers should not
                                                                                                                                                        giving anything worth stating to employ-
                                                                                                                                                        ers. More prevalent outside of engineer-
                                                                                                                                                        ing, but many students still need part time

          police. Is that right?"
     be allocated to homework or sleep. The
     problem which heavily involved students
                                                                                          runner's euphoria is."
                                                      cise list of activities and roles an individ-
                                                      ual has held, it will be easy to first see an
                                                                                                        use it as a basis of hiring.
                                                                                                           The first problem that comes with using
                                                                                                                                                        jobs to get through the term, leaving them
                                                                                                                                                        with little time between their job and their
     face is that the only thing the employers        impressive list of activities and also un-        these activities as a basis of measurement      schoolwork to beef up their extracurricu-
     see from the University is the acadamic

          "Yes, that's right," I told
     transcript which heavily favours the type                                            When we questioned this,
                                                      derstand why a certain term wasn’t quite
                                                      as good academically as terms where a
                                                                                                        is quantifying these activities so that they
                                                                                                        can be evaluated. This essentially will
                                                                                                                                                        lar page. These people should not be pun-
                                                                                                                                                        ished for their situation if they are still able

                                                                                          he explained, I realized
     of students who use the majority of their        student has less responsibilities. From an        make a ‘hierarchy’ of activities, of which      to work hard and get the grades to move

     time to study or focus on school work.           employer’s standpoint, information com-           one would have no solid metric. Someone         along like everyone else. And I know this
        The reality of this matter is that in most    ing from the University will look much            could spend every non-class hour training       may be hard to fathom for some, but what
     situations, the extracurricular activities
     which students partake in will provide
                                                      more impressive than something on a
                                                                                          "Runner's euphoria is what
                                                      resume because they know that piece of
                                                                                                        for a marathon, running 20+ kilometers a
                                                                                                        day, hitting the gym for hours after that,
                                                                                                                                                        about the people that actually like their
                                                                                                                                                        schooling? The ones that will do all the ad-

          "Well, then," she said as
     skills that employers are looking for over
     having high marks. Extracurricular activ-                                            I experience at 5:30am on
                                                      information is verified and official. Most
                                                      companies will not ask for references in a
                                                                                                        and realize that companies aren’t look-
                                                                                                        ing for that at all. Anyone can train for a
                                                                                                                                                        ditional readings, will grind through all the
                                                                                                                                                        additional problems, and will always seem

          she extended her foot
     ities, through student teams and technical       co-op interview because the period that a         marathon; it adds nothing to the field of       to be the ones asking the profs the diffi-
     clubs, can provide real world engineering
     knowledge, and various students groups                                               Tuesdays, Thursdays,
                                                      student will be employed for is not sub-
                                                      stantial enough to waste the time. This
                                                                                                        engineering and this person might even
                                                                                                        look worse than his peers who have multi-
                                                                                                                                                        cult questions at the end of lectures. Their
                                                                                                                                                        extracurricular activity is their schooling,

          toward me, "would you
     provide the opportunities to develop
     strong leadership skills and soft skills or a                                        Saturdays and Sundays."
                                                      will potentially create a problem as stu-
                                                      dents will fluff their resumes or add untrue
                                                                                                        ple extra curricular activities. But compare
                                                                                                        that to more engineering-friendly activities
                                                                                                                                                        and they tackle it with just as much drive,
                                                                                                                                                        heart and determination as any other ex-

          please tie my shoe?"
     more artistic thought process. Many peo-         extracurricular activities which make them        – being a class representative for EngSoc       tracurricular activities. Employers may be
     ple will say that an individual’s resume is      look better than they actually are. There-        (minimum of 3 hours every two weeks,            quick to gloss them over even though their
     where you can showcase all of your ex-
                                                                                          "The future is something
                                                      fore, if this information is coming from
                                                      the University as an official document, it
                                                                                                        maybe an extra few hours a week preparing
                                                                                                        events and informing classmates), writing
                                                                                                                                                        minds are incredibly tied to the engineer-
                                                                                                                                                        ing world.

                                                                                          which everyone reaches at
                                                      provides a much more credible source of           for the engineering paper (breaking news:          In the end, it really boils down to this: if

          YO DE LAAA........
                                                      information on a student’s extracurricular        wrote this article in under an hour) and        you’re a good worker, and you’re good at
                    Editor’s Note:                    activities.                                       joining various 2-hour-a-week clubs. Even       your job, it shouldn’t matter what you do.
            Point Vs. Counterpoint is a

          Do you know how to make
            feature meant to stimulate                                                    the rate of 60 minutes an
                                                         This article has gone over a few things
                                                      that will really help out the heavily in-
                                                                                                        with this glut of good-looking extracur-
                                                                                                        ricular activities, the amount of time put
                                                                                                                                                        Whether you spend your spare time build-
                                                                                                                                                        ing hydrogen bombs for the government,

                                                                                          hour, whatever he does,
            discussion on thought-pro-                volved students who let their marks slip          in to these is overshadowed completely by       staring blankly at your wallpaper, or doing

          a Swiss roll?
            voking topics. The views                  a little bit in order to volunteer. Some          the marathon trainer. But I can guarantee       line after line of coke off of strippers, if
            and opinions expressed                    people might argue that the people who            you, employers will look at the group of        you can come to work and still excel at the
            here do not necessarily

          Push him down the Alps.
            reflect those of the authors,                                                 whoever he is. "
                                                      are not involved will not benefit from this
                                                      addition or will actually be hurt, but they
                                                                                                        engineering activities and infer that the
                                                                                                        person is more motivated, determined, and
                                                                                                                                                        job you’re doing, it shouldn’t matter. Many
                                                                                                                                                        people want their job to be their life, and

                                                                                                           C. S. Lewis
            The Iron Warrior, or the                  have their marks to support them, whereas         better suited for whatever they are offering    many people want their job-life and their
                Engineering Society.                  the involved people don’t necessarily have        despite the smaller amount of commitment        personal-life to be separate. If they both
                                                      that. I would like to close by saying that        and time needed to do those tasks. I can        can get the company to the same point,
                                                      this is a generalization and that there are       and have done those engineering commit-         then both ideologies can be embraced. A
                                                      always exceptions to the rules.                   ments, but I still could never run a mara-      hard worker can be bred by working hard
                                                                                                                                                           at these extracurricular activities, but
                                                                                                                                                           they can also come from working hard
                                                                                                                                                           at school and making sacrifices in order
                                                                                                                                                           to go to school – these things cannot be

                                                                           Travel Vaccines                                                                 measured by lists on a sheet of paper,
                                                                                                                                                           but rather from the interview itself. A
                                                                                                                                                           better measurement of this is past work

                                                                           & Advice                                                                        term evaluations, not what you do out-
                                                                                                                                                           side of work.
                                                                                                                                                              By listing the extracurricular ac-
                                                                                                                                                           tivities, I can see it is supposed to help
                                                                           by Appointment                                                                  those with unspectacular grades, but in
                                                                                                                                                           most every scenario, I can see it doing
                                                                                                                                                           quite the opposite. If you’re a good stu-
                                                                                                                                                           dent with lots of activities, you’ll get
                                                                                                                                                           even better treatment. But if you’re a
             Health Canada Certified for Yellow Fever                                                                                                      bad student with the same amount of
                                                                                                                                                           activities, I would see that as someone
                                                                                                                                                           who can’t manage their time effectively

                                                                                                                                                           in order to do well in school. The gap
                                                                                                                                                           here between good and bad student will
                                                                                                                                                           actually widen in this case, and I could
                                                                                                                                                           see the student performing worse in the
                                                                                                                                                           job market.
                                                                                                                                                              So kiddies, stick to keeping your ex-
                                                                                                                           tracurricular activities as a small blurb
                                                                                                                                                           at the end of your resume. If employers

          Physicians Certified in Travel Medicine
                                                                                                                                                           take notice, you can tell them all about
                                                                                                                                                           your endeavors in the interview. Keep
                                                                                                                                                           your work at work, and your play wher-
                                                                                                                                                           ever you play.
wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010                                                                                                                                                                        11

            Health and Fitness                                                                    The Olympics – A Design
                      lisA tong
                                                   Flatten/Strengthen that Tummy with
                                                Core exercises!
                                                   Being in an engineering program, much
                                                                                                  And Technological View
                     3B cheMical
                                                of our workload takes up most of our time                         AnDY Wu                            Lotus Type 108 during the 1992 Barcelona
                                                and the stress begins to build up. My                           2a elecTrical                        Games can justifiably be considered to be
                                                foolproof method that I have been using                                                              a key turning point in the biking industry,
   For the Women: Body Types                    for years is being active and working out.           Competition has, for the most part of his-      which shifted focus from the idea that high-
   Everyone knows this: not everyone            ‘Working out’ and ‘gym’ are terms which           tory, been the catalyst for advancement in         performance machines are generally made
is made the same. The media likes to            have been floating around lately amongst          all facets of human life. Consider the long        from unique steel tubing to a focus on com-
portray the ideal body image for women          my peers. While you are raising your heart        and arduous history of war that has been           posite materials. In fact, since the inception
to be tall and lean. Obviously this is not      rate, your brain releases endorphins which        most definitive of human nature and one            of composite technology in the Olympic
the case and it tends to be a problem,          provide a good explanation to all the happy       can easily see the technological advance-          cycling events all those years ago, carbon
especially for women who begin to work          feelings one feels after one works out—this       ments that have either been a direct prod-         fibre and other high-end plastics are being
out to become smaller and leaner. First         is always the feeling I aim for after a stress-   uct, or some derivative of man’s fundamen-         used at an ever increasing rate in today’s
understanding your body type is very            ful time in school. My main focus for the         tal competitive (or some may say selfish)          high end bikes available to the common
important to understanding what your            remainder of the term is showing you a set        spirit. In what we consider to be modern           consumer. In fact, some of these machines
fitness needs are. A scientist named            of workouts which you can do at the gym           times, where unbridled violence is frowned         aren’t that expensive at all, with many mod-
W.H. Sheldon created a system whereby           or even in your own room!                         upon by civilized folks, the competitive           els on offer today by popular makers for un-
body types can be classified into three            You can do this exercise either at home        spirit remains just as strong, and perhaps its     der a grand.
categories: Mesomorphoric, Ectomor-             or at the gym. All you need is a mat/carpet,      most obvious outlet is through competitive            So what are some of the technological
phic, and Endomorphic. However, a               typically anything with a soft surface for        sporting.                                          points of interest the winter games here
person is not entirely restricted to just       your back. Mind you there are a lot of vari-         And of course, when it comes to the pin-        in Canada? For starters, even that national
one category.                                   ations of what I will be showing you. This        nacle of competitive sports performance,           quirk of a sport curling is utilizing a wide
   Mesomorphic – Mesomorphs are                 is what I do and it is my own preference.         nothing rivals the Olympics. From an en-           array of integrative technological tools to
more muscular with larger bones and             It will not guarantee the same results for        gineering and design perspective, the Ol-          improve the team’s performance. State of
thicker joints. Generally all men fall          everyone. So try other variations and see         ympics has catalyzed technological devel-          the art motion capture technology is uti-
into this category, mainly due to the           what works best for you.                          opment over the years. It’s a fitting subject      lized to fine tune the players’ posture and
testosterone that is released. However,            Crunches: Lie flat on your back with           matter at this time, seeing how a lot of us are    technique so as to maximize their perform-
having said that, women have a small            your knees up and feet on the ground in           anticipating the upcoming Winter Games to          ance on-field.
percentage of testosterone which is be-         a comfortable position. Place your hands          be all kinds of awesome.                              Another little engineering gem to note
ing released in the bloodstream from a          in an ‘X’ position over your chest. Focus            When we think of the Olympics today,            this time round is the torch cam, which is
gland near the kidneys (adrenal gland).         your eyes on a spot on the ceiling or wall,       we recall the architecture that is such a huge     designed to broadcast images from first-
   Ectomorphoric – Ectomorphs are               lift your shoulders (not head!), pull your-       focus in every game. From a civil engineer-        person perspective of the bearer. Current
leaner and have a larger absence of fat,        self forward, and breathe out. Slowly low-        ing standpoint, many Olympic stadium               limitations in video transmission technol-
making muscle fibres and skeletons              er yourself back on the ground and repeat.        constructions utilized leading construction        ogy means that the transmission point
more prominent, however lacking mus-               Planks: Lie on your stomach and put            methods of the time, and the projects were         must either be stationary or, as in the case
cle tone. Their metabolisms are much            your arms directly underneath your shoul-         performed under tight time constraints. Re-        of live-video feeds from helicopters, the
higher, leading to a higher consumption         ders. Push yourself up, creating a 90 de-         call the ‘Bird’s Nest’ of the 2008 Beijing         transmission device is of considerable size.
of calories.                                    gree angle between your forearm and upper         Olympics? The sheer speed with which               With this new implementation, a multitude
   Endomorphic – Endomorphs are gen-            arm. Remember to tighten your stomach             the huge steel girdles were erected was            of cell-phone signal networks are utilized
erally rounder and wider. Endomorphs            while you are doing this. Hold it for as long     pretty amazing in itself. What’s even more         simultaneously alongside Wi-Fi transmis-
take a lot more effort to lose weight be-       as you can.                                       amazing is that the engineers managed to           sion when in a hotspot to ensure continued
cause the food being taken in is easily            Side Planks: Lying on one side, put your       shave off 13% of the steel used mid-design         and uninterrupted video input from the mo-
absorbed into the body and the metabo-          lower arm beneath you making sure that            and save costs by a considerable amount.           bile torchbearer. This new development is
lism is lower.                                  the elbow is directly under your shoulder         Other challenging construction projects for        a fresh perspective on live-video transmis-
   Many women actually have a mix of            and lift yourself up. Your other arm should       the Olympics can also include the Munich           sion, and it’ll be interesting to see what fu-
all three categories; however one or two        be on your hip and your head should be            Games in 1972. Despite being remembered            ture developments will occur for this tech-
will be much more prominent than the            aligned with your body. Hold this for as          for the terrorist violence, any architect          nology.
other one(s). So why did I tell you all         long as you can.                                  worth his salt will recall the futuristic acryl-      And lastly, our speed skaters are utilizing
of this? I just want people to be aware            Lower Abs: Lying on your back again,           ic domes suspended by strategically placed         a huge treadmill that can accelerate up to
that due to your genetics, not everyone         lift up your legs together. Start from hav-       steel cables. In fact, it seems that as soon       60km/hr to help build on their technique. In
can end up with the same ideal end re-          ing your legs in a lower position and start       as this technical masterpiece was built, all       a sport where the time difference between
sult. What is most important is being           raising your legs towards your head. As           subsequent Olympic cities followed suit            1st and 2nd place is often measured in mil-
fit and healthy because the results will        soon as your legs are directly above your         and engineered their own very geometric            liseconds (the difference in the Women’s
show later. Look out for my next article        hips, raise your hips up. Breathe out and         buildings. Utilizing the forefront of the          Gold and Silver timings for the 2006 Torino
on Being Skinny vs. Being Fit.                  repeat.                                           day’s building methods and design ideolo-          Winter Games was a mere 21 milliseconds),
                                                                                                  gies, the Olympics are a prime example of          this disciplined and highly scientific ap-

                   What’s a Yoga?                                                                 applied architectural engineering
                                                                                                     Apart from the architectural development
                                                                                                                                                     proach that utilises these technologies seem
                                                                                                                                                     to be the one and only way to maximize an
                                Can I nom it?                                                     that can be seen from the Olympics, the evo-
                                                                                                  lution of sporting equipment can be a genu-
                                                                                                                                                     athlete’s edge over his or her competitors.
                                                                                                                                                        It’ll be an interesting Olympics to watch,
                                                                                                  ine case study in design evolution. Remem-         not just for the fact that its right here in Can-
Alison lee & ioAnA CrAiCiu                      long been neglected by the average library        ber Phelp’s shark suit? A perfect example of       ada or just for the fact that we get to see our
        1B NaNoTechNoloGY                       dweller.                                          bio-mechanical engineering, it’s been one          favourite sporting heroes (hopefully) beat
                                                   Yoga also has a very spiritual side, de-       of the most hyped, high-tech sporting tech-        their lesser rivals, but also because there’s
   No, reader, unfortunately you cannot         pending on which practice you choose;             nologies to date. Dubbed the FASTSKIN,             much to observe from a technological
nom yoga. Nor would you want to. Yoga           practices can range from transcendental           it featured microscopic scales that act like       standpoint. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled!
is best enjoyed with patience and an open       experiences to the simple act of de-stress-       a shark’s skin to reduce drag. The suit’s
mind and, in our humble opinion, oral in-
take simply won’t do. We would now like
                                                ing through exercise. Our experience with
                                                yoga (which has spanned 4 years for one of
                                                                                                  manufacturing process, though touted to be
                                                                                                  top-secret, is conceivably a technical chal-                    Chess
to give you a sneak peek at what really         us and 4 months for the other), has led to        lenge in many aspects. Not many people                           moe ADhAm
goes on inside a pair of yoga pants.            experiments with focus, self-control, and         know about the extensive computer model-                       4B MechaTroNicS
   Yoga originated in India, a long, long       patience. More than just a cool party trick,      ling that goes on behind the scenes when
time ago and is linked with the spiritual       yoga had led to self-improvement in many          making one of these suits; since each and
practice of Hinduism and other religions.       areas of our lives.                               every suit has to be custom fitted for opti-
Recently, yoga has stretched its way across        There are plenty of opportunities to get       mum performance for the particular wearer,
the many seas from India to North America.      involved with yoga on campus. The CIF of-         who has unique body features and hence
This has had diverse ramifications. Some        fers a variety of classes, and both UW and        hydrodynamics. Therefore, the design task
that may immediately come to mind are the       the Engineering Society have organized            of coming up with each suit is an extensive
less-than-flattering-on-many, very-flatter-     free yoga sessions in the past. We encour-        parametric-optimization exercise.
ing-on-a-select-few yoga pants or the Will      age you to go out and try it for yourself. We        Any other sport that requires the use of
Ferrell SNL skit. However, for those who        promise, even if you can’t feel your legs         equipment can be considered a haven for
have actually tried yoga, the experience        after your first class, you will feel good on     identifying new mechanical and manufac-
has been much more rewarding. Increased         the inside.                                       turing innovations. Much of the technolo-
strength and flexibility, leaner muscle tone,      More than anything, we would like to           gies often trickle down to the common con-
and the discovery of muscles you never          stress that yoga is not just for hippies or       sumers in time. Take for example the first
knew you had are among the many physi-          Lululemon junkies. Yoga can improve your          carbon-fibre time trial bikes that appeared
cal benefits. It also helps to correct the “I   life whether you are a brain, an athlete, a       in the early nineties. Chris Boardman’s Ol-
live in a DC cubicle” posture by stretching     basket case, a princess or a criminal.            ympic cycling time-trial victory on the then
and strengthening the muscles that have                                                           state of the art carbon fibre monocoque              Problem: White to move and WIN
12                                                                                                                                                           wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010

       Why Canada’s Men’s Hockey Team                                                                                                               Reading
              Won’t Win Gold                                                                                                                       Week Ideas
                                                ple to see on the PP, there is just a fair bit      4. Goalies Win Tournaments.                     Ideas from the IW Staff
                                                of talent that got overlooked.                      This has happened many times in playoff
                    Jon rADiCe                     2. The Ghosts of Mike Green                   hockey, a hot goalie will carry an under tal-       Mikayla Micomonaco:
                     3B cheMical
                                                   Speaking of looking to recoup from a bad      ented team much farther than they should            If you’re in ECE, here’s your plan for
                                                power play, wouldn’t they look to the de-        have gone, and a cold goalie has made the        Reading Week. Study! While everyone
                                                fenseman with the most power play points,        strongest team bow out early. Brodeur is         else is enjoying their week off, their week
   Like any good ol’ Canadian boy, I am in-     and the most points for any defensemen?          having an amazing season, and in all re-         to go somewhere warm, ski, do nothing,
credibly excited for Canada to take to the      Mike Green has made a killing feeding tal-       spects he is Canada’s number one. But            visit home, whatever else people want
world stage in Vancouver’s GM place to          ented stars on the man advantage, or even        we have to remember that he is no spring         to do for their one week of freedom; you
show the world who dominates at hockey.         strength. Sporting a nice and large +22, it      chicken. He is doing some unheard of             get to study. Our department has come to
But with the taste of Turin’s 7th place fin-    looks like Green seems to know how to            things at his age, cementing his place into      this quite astounding conclusion that we
ish still lingering in many players’ mouths,    get the puck away from our net and into          record books on a monthly basis; the fact        should actually READ on Reading Week.
it’s hard to say definitely that Canada has     the opponents. Put him with a group of           remains that the Olympics is a demanding         I mean...READ? Why ever would we do
a team that could put every other on ice        talented forwards, and magic will happen.        tournament, one that could cause an older        that? Oh yes...because of that wonderful
this time around. While the 23-person           But, unfortunately, he’ll have to hope for       goalie to fold very quickly. While I have        thing known as hell week. Those five mid-
roster (found on           an injury.                                       faith in Marc-Andre Fleury as a competent        terms in five days. So, enjoy your break
is a showcase of some of the greats in the         3. We Lack the European Touch                 crunch-time goaltender, as he’s proved it        and see you in hell.
game, there are still five major flaws that        Well isn’t that obvious; a group of Ca-       in the last two playoff runs for Pittsburgh,        Amanda LeDuc:
this team has to smooth over if they want       nadians are weak at playing the European         Luongo has not shown himself as a com-              The best thing to do on reading week is
to think about kissing gold.                    game. The NHL is much more bump-and-             petent playoff goaltender. It’s hard when        to get way the heck away from this cold
   1. The Ghosts of Power Plays Past            grind than international hockey, where           someone who has had very little playoff          land we call Canada. My sister and I have
   One of the biggest problems with the         stick handling and sniping dominate over         success like Luongo to be expected to carry      taken this idea to heart and are heading
2006 teams was the fact that their power        pure physical grit. You know what’s a            a team if Brodeur should falter.                 to Florida for reading week. Reading on
plays failed to convert at key times. Look-     scary line in international hockey? Put the         5. Crosby is a True Captain                   a beach is much more enjoyable than
ing around the league, there are strong pow-    most electrifying goal scorer on a line with        While I have bashed Crosby as a whiny         reading on a snow bank. Also, a week in
er play quarterbacks that can make the man      a playmaker with hands that could perform        baby many times before, no one can deny          the sun will raise those vitamin D levels
advantage really tilt in their favour. Chara,   surgery and top that off with the best sniper    the true leader that he is. Taking a team to     and get you all re-vitalized for midterms.
Markov, Streit, Gonchar, Kaberle are all        in the league. I can’t think of something        the cup last year as the youngest captain        A week in the sun will also cause a tan,
people that can make people really feel the     scarier in the international game than Rus-      in history, Crosby can motivate men much         which in my case means my pasty skin
burn of killing off penalties. Combine that     sia’s top line of Ovechkin-Datsyuk-Ko-           older than him and he gets results. The cur-     will finally be the same colour as every-
with the smart forwards that can pick apart     valchuk (sure you could replace Datsyuk          rent captain, Neidermayer is captaining a        body who didn’t see the sun, or I’ll come
a goalie and you have a vital unit. Unfortu-    with Malkin, but that doesn’t make it any        cellar dweller of a team with a terribly un-     back the same colour as a tomato. Either
nately, these elite quarterbacks mentioned      less scary). Canada may boast more well-         impressive -17 and an equally unimpressive       way, a warm reading week sure sounds
are all non-Canadian and all of the elite       rounded players, but in the realms of pure       30 points on the year. If I had to pick a bet-   awesome to me.
Canadian snipers did not get picked. Don’t      talent, they can’t compare in the individual     ter captain, I’d probably choose the one that       Roy Lee:
get me wrong, Drew Doughty is lighting it       areas like Russia’s lines. And that could        has seen success since the last Olympics.           What do to over reading week? Go home
up, and Weber is one of my favourite peo-       hurt.                                               Go Canada Go!                                 hang out with old friends from high school.
                                                                                                                                                  Reconnecting with past friends is quite a

             Environmentalism Is The Bomb                                                                                                         shocker sometimes; it is like opening a
                                                                                                                                                  time capsule. By doing this you will proba-
                                                                                                                                                  bly find how much you’ve grown in the last
         erin mAtheson                          climate change.” In the second record-              But not to fear America, for your great       few years or even how much you haven’t
              2N cheMical                       ing from the leader this week, he speaks         leaders show no sign of concern regard-          grown. Then, depending on who you are or
                                                out against developed countries for con-         ing this latest message. Typically when          who you were, you might be very disap-
   Remember global warming? That big            tinuing to mass-produce greenhouse gas           the head of an international terrorist           pointed in the choices you have made and
theory that emerged way back in the 90’s        emissions along with other pollutants            organization starts bad mouthing your            will set out to make amends where you can,
that no doubt changed the way the public        even after signing onto the Kyoto Ac-            country, regardless of the reason, one           or you will be extremely happy with what
thinks about the environment, as well as        cord. At the very least Bin Laden checks         would think that this could possibly be          you have made of yourself. Either way you
the faces of the people who fight for it.       his facts, as the United States stayed out       classified as a cause of concern. Not in         will probably be more attuned to what you
It’s not all hippies and fundamentalists,       of Kyoto despite heavy criticism, and he         the great US of A, where State Depart-           want and where you are going with your
oh no. It’s celebrities, politicians, public    made a note of this in the video. He goes        ment spokesman Philip Crowley was                life.
figures, and hippies and fundamental-           on to state, “George Bush Jr., preceded          quoted as saying, “So we’ve gone from               Michelle Croal:
ists with non-fat lattes and haircuts. Re-      by [the US] congress, dismissed the              being the ‘Great Satan’ to the ‘Great               Between co-op and midterms, I’ve had
gardless of who’s talking about it, glo-                                                         Emitter.’....He’s working hard to stay           only one reading week here at Waterloo
bal warming has no doubt become one                                                              relevant. That’s all I can say.” So only         and I spent it in Fulcrum Lab in E2. Late
of those social topics that’s been around            He speaks out against                       socially relevant figures are threats now        last year, there were talks of going to Mex-
long enough that it’s starting to become              developed countries                        in the States? Someone tell Bin Laden            ico or Finland, but in the end I think I’ll
white noise, especially when up against              for continuing to mass-                     that he needs to relocate to Cupertino and       just be splitting my time between home and
newer, cooler fears, like the recession,            produce greenhouse gas                       start publishing his audiotapes on some-         Waterloo. Before heading off to Chemical
the H1N1 pandemic that’s bound to hap-                                                           thing with a touch screen, then he’ll be         Valley last summer, I grabbed copies of
                                                   emissions along with other
pen eventually, and that TTC worker who                                                          taken seriously.                                 every issue of The Iron Warrior that I had
always seems to be asleep. But amongst            pollutants even after signing                     Security threat or not, the message           written articles in (a decent sized stack),
all the dying hype, you’d be surprised to           onto the Kyoto Accord.                       is adequately timed. In his state of the         with the intention of putting together a
hear who’s talking about climate change                                                          union address this past week, President          scrapbook. Anyway I never got around to
these days.                                                                                      Barack Obama promised to incorporate             it, but with all my decorative paper sup-
   Enter Osama Bin Laden, everyone’s            agreement to placate giant corporations.         two Republican house favorites into his          plies at home I think I’ll finally make it
favorite international terrorist tyrant         And they are themselves standing behind          “Clean Energy Plan,” expanding off-              happen. I also got a book on scrap fabric
- leader of the fundamentalist group Al         speculation, monopoly and soaring liv-           shore drilling and building more nuclear         dolls – think teddy bears out of socks type
Qaeda and responsible for astronomical          ing costs.” This seemingly flawless logic        plants. I assume these additions come            of thing – so I’ll get the sewing machine
destruction, including the 9/11 attacks         and reason is also accompanied by the            with complementary air quotations. At            out and be creative!
back in 2001. The 17th son of 50 chil-          cry for the global economy to stop using         the very least, Bin Laden will do an ad-            Kate Heymans:
dren, at least according to most sources,       the US dollar, and praise for the political      miral job of screwing with the President            Go visit your friend’s home.... Yes,
even Freud would say “he has issues.”           analysis of Noam Chomsky, just to keep           by getting all of the Republicans riled up       you know that friend who’s been offer-
He’s a man in his mid-50’s on dialysis,         the young people interested.                     while Obama is trying to push through            ing you invitations to his/her(it’s) house
yet in the business of hiding from Ameri-          But wait, it gets better. In keeping with     much tougher environmental legislation           since you were a frosh? Well now you
cans he makes Waldo look like a fat man         the American tradition of “one-upping”           that isn’t sitting well with the Republican      finally have time to go visit them. Best
trying to hide behind a toothpick. His          your predecessor, regardless of the com-         side to begin with. The White House is           of all they’ve got a nice home that’s not
face can be recognized from his twisted         plications, news of this media release           doing what it can to reduce greenhouse           too far from Waterloo and offers all the
equivalent of a video blog that he posts        set conservative, anti-Energy Plan news          gas emissions, but it won’t be enough            wonderful benefits that we live without
over the Al-Jazeera network where he            groups a-flurry. The right-wing blog             nor will it reach the goals and expecta-         on a daily basis; heat, food and water. So
calmly speaks of death to Americans via         Drudge Report was all over this little           tions set out by Obama unless Congress           accept their invitation and discover a new
his myriad of awful planned disasters.          snippet and it also got some airtime on          follows suit. Regardless of the final out-       charming little town or a nice big city. For
However, his latest clip has shown a            Fox News. The outrageous statement ti-           come, it has become yet another enter-           those of us that like shopping it allows
slight change of pace.                          tle, however has to go to the Conservative       taining act in the perpetual saga of the         new findings to be made or if you prefer
   On Friday, January 29th a new audio-         website RedState, which asked, “What is          United States dragging its heels on the          other activities cough*drinking*cough ,
tape surfaced on the network in which Bin       the difference between Bin Laden and Al          environment issue, and it promises more          you might just find a new favourite hide-
Laden described himself as a “believer in       Gore?” Thought provoking as always.              to come.                                         out for your hobbies.
wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010                                                                                                                                                                  13

               The Brew Man Group - The Lager... Blinded
                                                this knowledge, the Bavarians formalized         viewing lagers. When I heard I had to re-          These are essentially the results I would
                 DAn Armstrong
                                                their lager brewing technique by the mid         view five lagers, three of which are Japa-      expect, though I am surprised I did not
                   3B MechaNical
                                                19th century and were quickly mimicked           nese lagers I almost lost myself to despair     rank Löwenbräu higher than Sapporo.
                  neil PArtriDge
                                                by other European brewers. It should be          (thanks again Dan). So to keep things in-       I’ve had a soft spot for the ‘Lion’s Brew’
                    3B cheMical
                                                noted that there are many styles of lagers,      teresting, I formulated a simple game to        for a long time now, but this is a lesson
                                                such as Dunkel (dark, such as Waterloo           keep my sanity. Basically, I will focus on      that your taste buds don’t know about all
   This is the 10th issue of The Brew Man       Dark), Rauchbier (smoked), and Märzen            matching each lager beer to a brand and         the umlauts on the can.
Group (12th if you count Tin Soldier!). It      (brewed in March for that autumn’s Okto-         also give a rating. In contrast, Dan will          Neil’s results:
is therefore curious to note that yours truly   berfest). As such, referring to a beer as just   rate and give his impressions on the taste         1) Non-distinct aroma and pale body, I
have not yet discussed the top-selling beer     a ‘lager’ doesn’t necessarily tell you about     without any attempt at brand association.       would usually associate these with typical
style in the world; the lager (specifically     its colour or flavour.                           This should help put into perspective how       Japanese brew. Jumping to conclusions, I
the pale variety). Why is this? Is it because      Unfortunately, it isn’t examples like         image and marketing affect our views on         assign it to Kirin Lager. [2.5/5] Sapporo
they don’t have any history to speak of?        Ontario’s Creemore Premium Lager or              beer. This might sound slightly confusing,         2) The lightest colour of all, this beer has
No. Is it because they’re all awful? Hell       Czech’s Pilsner Urquell that make the pale       but read on and see how it goes!                no offending smell or taste. A hint of hop,
no! Is it because we’re too pretentious         lager the most popular style today; it’s the        Dan’s results:                               maybe. I figured this one is the Japanese
and refuse to discuss such commonplace          cheap adjunct lagers like Budweiser, Mol-           1) Pours a clear amber with moderate         lager Sapporo. [2.2/5] Löwenbräu
things? Possibly... Regardless, it is about     son Canadian, and Coors Light. An ad-            head retention. Lots of toasty caramel             3) Looking at this one, I see a very small
time that Dan and Neil bring you essential      junct lager is one that instead of using pure    malts and a moderately hoppy finish. Very       difference in colour. The taste reveals a
information on the golden, crisp style that     barley malt, will use other, cheaper grains      enjoyable. [4/5] Creemore Premium La-           stronger malt profile. I assign it to the only
is the pale lager. And just to make things      in its place (corn and rice being most com-      ger                                             craft beer, Echigo. [3.5/5] Echigo-Brau
more fun, we’re going to do some analysis       mon), resulting in a more bland beverage.           2) This one is a medium hazy yellow             4) Palest appearance, easy drinking with
using the ultimate beer geek weapon: the        Hey, at least they’re ‘cold tasting’.            and gives off some very interesting fruity      faint malt backbone. Having some past ex-
blind taste test.                                  Neil: So everyone knows Dan and I are         aromas. Taste is full of toffee, fruits, and    perience with the sight and smell of this
   Dan: Long ago in the 16th century, be-       pretty arrogant. In fact, some might even        grassy hops. [3.8/5] Neustadt Lager             brew, I guess Bud. [2.2/5] Budweiser
fore Nickelback ruined everything forever,      call us Arrogant Bastards (hehe). But to            3) A crystal clear yellow beer, though          5) By default, my final guess has to be
Bavarian brewers were forced to brew in         show everyone that we give all beers an          not much head and therefore not much            Löwenbräu. With a slight skunky smell,
only the colder months of the year. This re-    equal chance to shine, we decided to elim-       to smell. Tastes like a basic lager; grainy     this beer doesn’t match my idea of a Ger-
quired them to store the beer in cold caves,    inate brand bias from the equation. Be-          with grassy hops with little aftertaste. Not    man lager. Oh noes! [2/5] Kirin Lager
where it would be left for several months       hold, the mighty blind taste test, a judge-      offensive, but to be fair there isn’t really       After my poor results in the blind taste
and then brought out as required for sum-       ment tool used to separate aspiring beer         enough there to cause offense. [2.6/5]          test, I was truly surprised that I couldn’t
mer drinkin’ (or if it was too hot then peo-    connoisseurs (Dan and I) from the pomp-          Sapporo                                         pick out the German lager Löwenbräu
ple could go down and have some sweet           ous fakes (Stella and Heineken lovers). As          4) Clear yellow that also doesn’t give off   from the mix. Interestingly enough, I had a
cave parties). This process is referred to      a new concept, we decided to start simple        many aromas. Nice grainy malt flavours          REAL German down the hall perform the
as ‘lagering’ and results in a clean, crisp     with the “oh so diverse” pale lager genre        though little to no hops and not enough         same test (he swore he would succeed).
beer. What’s tricky is that this has been       (thanks Dan). Anyway, five beers each            carbonation. [2.6/5] Löwenbräu                  But much to our amazement, he also as-
happening for longer than people have un-       should be enough for comparison, but for            5) An extremely pale clear yellow beer       signed Löwenbräu to Sapporo! I guess
derstood the process of fermentation, so        overlap we decided on three easily obtain-       with a somewhat floral, but not very pleas-     this goes to show that indeed, our views
the early lagers were about as consistent       able beers: Budweiser, Löwenbräu, and            ant aroma. The flavour has a light grassy       on brands will carry over as bias towards
as Neil’s home-brew. Thanks (at least in        Sapporo. For the remaining two, we each          touch with little hops and an odd sweet-        taste. I promise to not bash Heineken lov-
part) to Louis Pasteur, we now know that        selected from our respective regions.            ness; not enjoyable really, so I’m thank-       ers as frequently, at least when discussing
lagers require a strain of slow-acting yeast       Admittedly as a lover of extreme beers,       ful for the lack of aftertaste. [1.8/5] Bud-    the lager genre.
that ferments at a lower temperature. With      I was nay content with the thought of re-        weiser                                             Props to hops // Dan and Neil

                                                              Future of Gaming
                                                             Attack of the Fifty Foot Apple!!!
                                                depending on your contract. Of course all        velopers Conference (GDC) coming up.            promote the hobby, raise awareness of the
                                                those prices were listed as $499.99 instead      Keep an eye out for game announcements          non-murderous rampage demographic and
                    Jon mArtin                  of $500 for example, but I don’t acknowl-        as well as previews of some of the most         show people that not every gamer is insane.
                     oBi JoN1138
                                                edge the penny savings – just state the          awaited games – GDC isn’t about com-            Check out a local club – UW Gamers for
                                                actual price, none of this $14.99 to make        panies showing off their products and ad-       instance – shameless advertising I know,
                                                it seem cheaper. The iPad will be ship-          vertising for upcoming sales, it is about       but they do a great job planning events and
   Welcome to February, hard to believe         ping in March for the Wi-Fi models and           showing off what the company and the            showing off the world of gaming. Also, go
one month of the term is already over. For      April for the 3G models. For more info           games they make can do.                         and see this year’s FASS (Faculty Alumni
this article I’m branching out a bit, with      check out the official site at           I know I have discussed gaming politics      Staff & Students) show “Final FASSity
the release of Apple’s iPad yesterday (as       com/ipad.                                        before, as well as the unfair blame which       MMX”– the theme is video games – on
of writing this) I can’t help it. But there        Well, now that we all know about Ap-          gaming receives whenever a nut case goes        February 4, 5, 6.
will be more gaming talk – don’t worry          ple’s latest bid to take over the world,         on a rampage. But I can’t help bringing           Until next time, Keep On Gaming.
about that.                                     here’s my prediction for the future. The         it up when some prime examples come
   So the iPad, for all intents and purposes,
is a jumbo sized iPod Touch, albeit a more
                                                budding e-book market is now going to be
                                                forced to make a drastic change in direc-
                                                                                                 to my attention. After a student at a pub-
                                                                                                 lic school was arrested for making pipe
powerful and better looking one. The
device will continue the App Store busi-
                                                tion. With systems like the Kindle reader
                                                costing $300, while only offering grey
                                                                                                 bombs to blow up his school (how do you
                                                                                                 even come to the conclusion that blowing
ness model which has recently taken off,        toned imaging, they are quickly going to         up your school is a good idea?) a search
though whether it will also use existing        find that consumers are paying the extra         was conducted of his home – and guess             Music
apps for the iPod Touch is unclear – be-        money to get higher resolution colour im-        what they found – yep, video games. Al-           Goddess
cause the screen is larger the existing apps    aging, with 3D graphics, the promise of          right, case solved, it must have been the         Emm Gryner
may end up looking extremely pixelated          better games and the ability to watch mov-       video games fault. It couldn’t possibly
when blown up. The system looks very            ies and listen to all their music.               have anything to do with the kid, the fam-                miChelle CroAl
similar to an iPod Touch, with dimensions          Of course the other trend will be for all     ily, or his emotional state, anything else                    3B cheMical
of 9.56” tall, 7.47” wide, and 0.5” thick,      of the other electronics companies to re-        was just additional pressure on a founda-
weighing in at 1.5 to 1.6 lbs, depending        lease their own tablet systems. That is the      tion of video games.                               This is the latest album by a Canadian
on the wireless model. The system uses a        point I am waiting for, to see if the current       Then you get people in government            songstress Emm Gryner, whose soulful and
multi-touch 9.7” LED backlight screen, as       trend in Mp3 players continues. I won’t          making accusations and passing new laws,        upbeat tunes have won her success with
well as a built in accelerometer and ambi-      hide the fact that I don’t like Apple’s busi-    controlling a hobby that they don’t under-      British and Irish audience and recognition
ent light sensor.                               ness model - they sell products with the         stand and therefore fear. In Venezuela for      from Bono and David Bowie, among oth-
   That brings us to the point everyone         same or lesser specs for more money than         instance a law was passed last October          ers. Goddess has tracks that sing of love,
cares about, price, which of course is de-      competitors just for the name stamped            outlawing video games. President Hugo           hope, despair and life through beautiful
pendent on the model and capacity you           across the back. The iPod Nano for in-           Chavez recently attacked Sony’s system          lyrics with unexpected Canadian refer-
want. The iPad will be available in two         stance has been rereleased about every           saying “Those games they call ‘PlaySta-         ences. Her strong voice pairs well with her
wireless versions – one using free Wi-Fi        year, with minor specification changes           tion’ are poison. Some games teach you          guitar and piano melodies, and each track
(1.5lbs) and one using Wi-Fi and 3G wire-       and a new form factor. Minimal change,           to kill.” He has also insulted Nintendo for     has a different feel and atmosphere. Some
less (1.6lbs). The other distinction will       yet everyone has to run out and buy the          promoting capitalism – which is the root        of my favourite tracks from other albums
be in capacity – the main factor in pric-       new version.                                     of all evil of course.                          are “Summerlong”, “Almighty Love”,
ing. The system will be available in 16GB          So let’s get back to gaming. Not much            Anyway, the world of gaming has a            “Blackwinged Bird” (Summer of High
($500), 32GB ($600) and 64GB ($700),            news has come out recently, mainly as a          long way to go before these baseless            Hopes) and “The Good You Make” (PVT).
adding 3G capability will cost you an ad-       result of the Consumer Electronics Show          accusations become a thing of the past. In      I’ll probably be looking out for her next
ditional $130, plus $15 or $30 per month        (CES) having finished and the Game De-           the mean time the best we can all do is         album this year, Stray Bullets.
1                                                                                                                                                        wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010

              Review Based On The Trailer: The Wolfman
                                               Cuban biopic Che, which came out last            full moons, pants that refuse to rip with      more fun ride than if it was over-hyped as
                                               year, Del Toro has been eerily silent since      the rest of the costume, are all very appar-   a typical summer blockbuster.
                    Jon rADiCe                 the 2005 hit Sin City. So what has he been       ent in this movie. No strange new twists,         Despite being terribly un-English, Be-
                     3B cheMical
                                               up to in all this time? Outside of starring in   just sticking to the typical monster movie     nicio is a great actor. Put him together
                                               a 3 Stooges movie later this year, Benicio       formula that had made it successful for        with Anthony Hopkins and Hugo Weav-
                                               has been reviving one of the film legends        these past seven decades.                      ing (of V for Vendetta fame), and that’s
  Last issue I said there was nothing com-     from the silver age. The Wolfman – being            And you know what? It kind of works.        a pretty good line-up for a flick. It’s not
ing out in theatres in the near future. Sur-   one part of Universal’s horror troupe in the     Looking at the trailer, it gives me a little   going to be remembered by the time
prise, surprise folks; I lied, but now we’re   mid forties with such greats as Dracula          glint of hope coming from same guy that        the snow thaws out. But it is more than
at the dregs of the year. From here until      and Swamp Thing - has really not changed         directed Jurassic Park III. This movie         enough to tide movie-hungry fanatics un-
Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland comes         much since its inaugural movie was re-           does not set out to be an innovator in any     til something with a little more notoriety
out at the beginning of March, we have         leased almost 70 years ago. Benicio, with        sense; rather it seems to borrow from pre-     comes out. I won’t exactly recommend
a big dead zone of really terrible-look-       one of the most Central-American names           vious films to add them to make at least an    you to drop everything you’re doing to go
ing flicks. But before I break down and        and appearances in Hollywood, has to             entertaining trailer. By giving the Victo-     watch it, but if you’re looking for a cure
decide to look at a Channing Tatum love        return to his hometown of a sleepy Eng-          rian Era the same hint of grunge that was      for the winter blahs, I would kindly point
story about a soldier falling in love with a   lish village upon news of his (much more         present in The Prestige, adding camera ef-     you in that direction. Wolfman howls onto
conservative college student, we have one      English) brother’s death brought out by a        fects that are more real feeling than, say,    the screens on February 12th, which gives
movie left to look at.                         malicious ravaging. At risk of spoiling the      Transformers 2 constant jittering, and by      you a bit of time to re-watch Avatar a few
  Benicio del Toro really has had a quiet      movie for you, everything remains intact         keeping the CG effects tasteful and not        more times before you go out to see this
last few years. Outside of the mega-long       from classic werewolf lore; silver bullets,      overused, the movie comes off as a much        one.

          Book Review: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
                                               er’s Daughter, is a challenge. It is not a       nurse, David finds himself delivering his      the single mother to a child with Down
                                               throwaway beach read, and there is not           own twins. As soon as they are born, he        syndrome.
                  sArAh AhmeD                  a lot of action. However, once you crack         notices that while his son is born healthy,       David’s decision proves disastrous for
                   3a elecTrical
                                               open this novel, it is worth every ounce         his daughter suffers from Down syn-            his family. It begins a series of lies and
                                               of effort.                                       drome. Knowing firsthand what comes            betrayals that accumulate through the
                                                  The author, Kim Edwards, has a highly         with Down syndrome, David makes the            years as each member of the family tries
   Book Review: The Memory Keeper’s            descriptive, fluid writing style, and a well     choice to spare his family that pain. He       to cope with the loss and pain in their
Daughter                                       developed story line. You can hardly tell        gives his daughter away and tells his          own way. For David, it is through pho-
   Author: Kim Edwards                         that this is her debut novel. Edwards has        wife, Norah, that the daughter was still-      tographs – which he refers to as memory
   Year: June 2005                             a gift for writing characters you can sym-       born.                                          keepers.
   During academic terms, I find myself        pathize with - this comes into play during         The nurse, Caroline, is given the               The Memory Keeper’s Daughter is a
struggling to find time to even glance at      the early climax of the book when Dr.            task of putting the daughter in a home.        vivid book, and a detailed character study.
a newspaper, let alone read a novel (of        Henry makes a fatal decision.                    Caroline finds it incredibly difficult and     It shows the unravelling of family secrets
course, I am not referring to The Iron            The novel begins in 1964, with Dr.            chooses instead to raise the baby herself.     over the years. Kim Edwards creates her
Warrior, whose every article is a must-        David Henry’s wife going into labour             She leaves town and raises Dr. Henry’s         characters intricately, never neglecting to
read). But this book, The Memory Keep-         during a blizzard. With only the aid of his      daughter, named Pheobe, in Pittsburgh.         give them fully realized personalities and
                                                                                                                      Thus, the parallel       complete backgrounds.
                                                                                                                      lives begin. David,         As is done with all the good books to-
                                                                                                                      Norah and their son,     day, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter has
                                                                                                                      Paul, struggle living    been adapted into a movie. The movie fea-
                                                                                                                      in a family where        tures Emily Watson as Caroline and Der-
                                                                                                                      the loss of Pheobe       mot Mulroney as Dr. David Henry. Rotten
                                                                                                                      echoes destructive-      Tomatoes has no ratings on the movie, but
                                                                                                                      ly. While Caroline       seeing that it was made as a TV movie, I
                                                                                                                      copes with being         would say stick to the novel.

                                                                                                                        The Iron Crossword
                                                                                                                                           miChelle CroAl
                                                                                                                                                3B cheMical

                                                                                                                       Across                              Jewish calendar
                                                                                                                                                           38. Hewlett’s counterpart
                                                                                                                       1. Most places in the               40. Session at the end
                                                                                                                       plaza use this                      of a case or mission
                                                                                                                       4. Paper slip, usually              41. Basic, ionic salt
                                                                                                                       for food/drinks                     42. Heartburn relief
                                                                                                                       8. Brew Man Group                   43. Sports mediator
                                                                                                                       reviews these                       44. Put these under a
                                                                                                                       12. Influenza-like                  too hot pot (2 wds.)
                                                                                                                       Illness (abbr)                      46. Before it’s a corpse
                                                                                                                       13. Luminous field                  47. Bordered by the Caspian
                                                                                                                       surrounding a person                Sea and the Persian Gulf
                                                                                                                       14. A large bundle                  50. Laurier Business
                                                                                                                       or package (pl)                     school (abbr)
                                                                                                                       16. Strict or harsh, superlative    51. Campus building
                                                                                                                       18. Two-piece swimsuit              designed like a brain
                                                                                                                       20. Verb on microblogging           52. A sleep phase,
                                                                                                                       website                             usually with dreaming
                                                                                                                       21. Russian monarch                 53. Opera solo
                                                                                                                       23. Usually, “you must              55. Red pigment, from clay
                                                                                                                       reap what you ___”                  58. Classical Japanese drama
                                                                                                                       24. Steven Hawkings suffers         60. September’s birthstone
                                                                                                                       this condition (abbr)               63. A Musical half note
                                                                                                                       25. Steve Jobs is of Apple          64. Hollow hoof sound
                                                                                                                       26. Convex, shield ornament         65. Center, prefix
                                                                                                                       27. Coke, Sprite, Fanta             66. UK Prime
                                                                                                                       29. Relative of the                 Minister, ___ Blair
                                                                                                                       swordfish (pl)                      67. Cosmetics and
                                                                                                                       32. Common English verb             skin care company
                                                                                                                       33. 1/2 of a towel set              68. Association of
                                                                                                                       34. First month of                  Caribbean Students (abbr)
wedNesday, febrUary 3, 2010                                                                                                                                                                      1

                                                      Remember That Time?
                       ChAD                      path was rocky and old, almost like boxer I       up,” he replied. “But you must climb yet          ultimate manliness to move past this final
                     sexington                   had once known. It took me 2 days to climb        further before you will reach the Mountain        test and she knew it to be true. To her dis-
                  4u MaNGeNeeriNG                to the summit of this bunny hill. Once I          Man. I have no especially difficult task for      may, it was the Chad who had climbed up
                                                 had reached the end of the path, it opened        you because it’s my day off, but I must ask       the mountain this day, and knowing her not
                                                 into a frozen ice hockey rink where a single      you if you want to continue on this trek. It      to be of Sicilian descent, he was not afraid
                                                 goalie waited. “You must score to ascend          is not too late to turn back now, and take        of her next statement. “You must defeat me
   Howdy Sexy Readers!                           to the next level” he said. Unawares that I       up a different life.” “Nay,” said I, because      in a battle of wits!” she claimed, and so the
   When we last left each other I was far off    would have to be playing hockey, and won-         today was the day of sounding like an old-        games began. Two nights later she lost to
in the midst of a frozen tundra-esque lake       dering how long the guy had been standing         timey guy, “I shall continue in my quest for      the gentleman who had ascended thus far.
deep in the heart of northern Canada. It was     around in hockey gear waiting for someone         Camelot, I mean, the Mountain Man.”               “Checkmate!” I called and we shook hands
a cold and lonesome road of hewn trees           to come along, I quickly snapped a shot into         Ascending the next portion of the cliff        goodbye. “Come back any day Chad,” she
felled by the mighty axe strokes of the leg-     the net. “Chad Sexington always scores,           was especially difficult. In fact, it was one     said with a sigh (one more for the fan club
endary Mountain Man of the north, whom           just ask the ladies in my fan club,” I replied,   of the most difficult things I have ever done.    today wondered I).
I had set out to find and court his wisdom.      and I set myself to the task of ascending the     There were blizzards, and lizards, and hur-          Behind the next cloud bank, I saw an es-
I have heard tales of his glorious log cabin     icy cliffs behind him.                            ricane gales. There were landslides and log       calator with a sign next to it. “NO RHYM-
atop the highest mountain in the land.              Many hours later, after climbing near-         rides and large humpback whales. At some          ING” and right below it: “This way to the
   I am going on a lumberjack hunt. But I’m      ly all the way to the top of the first cliff.     points I thought that I was going down-           Mountain Man” suggested an arrowed indi-
not scared. I come to a mountain. Can’t go       I stopped for a cup of tea. Indeed, what is       wards and back, then I paused for a moment        cator. Who was I to disagree this far into a
around it, can’t go under it, can’t go through   better than a cup of tea while ascending          and ate a small snack. Back to the wall, I        narrative? I boarded the stairs.
it, have to go up it. And so I climbed the       what appears to be the highest mountain           climbed for some time, and then came the             I have come far to find the legendary
mountain with only my wits and some pine         in the world? How I boiled the water you          end of the rhyming cliff-climb.                   Mountain Man and I shall not turn back un-
trees about me.                                  will have only to guess, as it is a secret           Pulling myself over the final ledge and        til his wisdom is ours. Good things come to
   Looking up the mountain ahead I saw a         of lumberjacks worldwide but it involves          into the mists at the top of the mountain,        those who persevere. Remember kids, there
winding path leading to a tall cliff. Atop the   a penguin. “Where is this place?” I asked         a third person awaited. A fair maiden who         is a metaphor for this story, so hopefully it’s
cliff, was another cliff, and above that was     the man waiting over the lip of the cliff top     would surely be the downfall of any soul          got you thinking.
lost in the mists of the clouds because real-    (as you might have guessed, this is going         that failed to resist her charms. It would take      Until next time,
ly, I don’t have super-vision. The winding       to become a trend). “It is over 9000 feet         many years of experience in the ways of the          Stay Sexy

                                                                The Fashion Files
                                                 Yousif isn’t the only one rocking the leath-      fashionable students on campus, right?            be paired with jeans to create a refined yet
                                                 er style; as I look around campus, I see so         Chunky Knits – Kim                              warm and comfortable look.
                  AmAnDA leDuC                   many engineering students wearing these             Kim looks awesome in this sophisticated           Argyle – Matt Schokking
                   3a MaNaGeMeNT
                                                 lovely trendy jackets. In fact, I see more        look completed by a chunky knit top. Knits          Matt wears a classic argyle sweater in
                                                 e n g i -                                                                     are the per-          this timeless genteel look. Argyle works
                                                 neering                                                                        fect winter          with dress pants for interviews or more
   I definitely predicted correctly - this       students                                                                       wardrobe             casual bottoms for that ever-so- hot “ner-
winter has turned out to be an incredibly        in these                                                                       staple. As           dy” look. I must admit I have always been
fashionable term. I have seen some well          jackets                                                                        modelled             partial to the look of an argyle sweater or
dressed folks in the hallway these past          than all                                                                       by      Kim,         sweater vest. I really should buy more ar-
couple of weeks.                                 other                                                                          knits can be         gyle…
   This week, we focus on two of the hot-        faculties                                                                      worn with              Whether you follow the fashion trends
test fashion trends for the winter 2010          c o m -                                                                        nice pants           from the runways or create your own style,
season and one timeless piece: leather,          bined;                                                                         to make for          I’d love to see it! Swing by Novelties
chunky knits and argyle. Pop quiz, which         there-                                                                         a more pro-          from 11:30am – 12:20pm on Tuesday or
one is the timeless piece and which ones         f o r e ,                                                                      fessional            Wednesday and show me that engineering
are the trendy ones?                             engi-                                                                          and      pol-        does have style to be featured in the next
   Leather – Yousif                              neering                                                                        ished look;          “Fashion Files” article.
   Yousif pulls off the style of the leather     students                                                                       however,               Stay Classy,
jacket beautifully with this look. This trend    must be                                                                        they     can           Amanda
is wonderful for the chilly winter season.       the most                                                                       also easily            CFO
                                                                                                                          Tim annan

                                                                            1       2        3               4       5         6      7               8        9      10       11

  1. Water suspended in air         target, 1945                            12                               13                                       14                               15

  2. A large number                 36. Grass-like plant
  or amount                         near rivers                             16                      17                                                18                                       19

  3. A small kiss (3 wds.)          37. Sketchy, doubtful
  4. Ala __ (menu listing)          39. Mongol Emperor,
  5. spect of colour,               Genghis __                              20                                                        21      22                               23

  like saturation                   40. “___, where’s
  6. Classes countdown              my car?”                                                24                                 25                                     26

  until this                        42. Most common
  7. Threadbare rags                hot sauce                               27      28                               29                               30      31

  8. Mamma Mia!                     45. Pressure unit
  9. A mad scientist’s              46. Composer
  hideout                           Johann Sebastian                        32                               33                                       34                       35      36      37

  10. Almost as big                 47. Aggravate
  as a moose                        48. A stack, usually                    38                      39                                        40

  11. Earthquake (rare)             of paper
  15. A stuck up person             49. Perimeter or
  17. Unagi or electric (pl)        circumference                           41                                                        42                                       43

  19. The other half of Jima        51. Remembrance flower
  22. Latin Sun                     53. Related or alike                                            44                         45                                     46

  25. The Jack of                   54. Icy, with large
  Spades is one of 52               distinctive crystals                    47      48      49                                 50                             51

  26. Russia, formerly              56. Musician Clapton
  27. A baby’s first word           57. Communists or
  28. Spoken but not written        revolutionaries                         52                               53      54                                       55                       56      57

  29. You might deserve             59. Similar to
  this if you have value            Crazy Eights                            58                      59                                60      61      62

  30. Articles, pieces              61. Every last one
  31. Pen tip (pl)                  62. Power of
  33. X-box first                   attorney (abbr)                                 63                                                64                                       65

  person shooter
  35. “Little Boy”’s                                                                        66                                        67                                       68
wedNesday, febrUary 3, 200                                                                                                                                   1

                                           Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down
           Thumbs down to Rogers for                   Thumbs up to AbeBooks for                   Thumbs up to UW hosting         Thumbs down to camou-
           raising overcharge prices                   cheap international editions                OEC                             flage pants and PJ pants
           from $25 to $50 starting                    of textbooks                                                                (and other fashion crimes in
           March 1st                                                                                                               general)

                                                       Thumbs down to the cold
           Thumbs down to Canada Post                  weather BUT Thumbs up to                    Thumbs down to the new          Thumbs up to CnD being
           for raising stamp prices                    the snow                                    CECS business cards             open during Reading Week

   IRON INQUISITION                                                                          “What is the most outstanding thing

                                                                                                        about UW?”
           Amrita Yasin & Mikayla Micomonaco , 3B Chemical & 3A Electrical

                                          Jacky Lau &
                                         John Zhuang                                                        Roman Dabrowski
                                          University of                                                     Ryerson University,
                                        Torotno, 4th year                                                   2nd year Aerospace
                                           Mechanical                                                       “I like the people.
                                           “It’s more                                                        They are cool.”
                                         colourful than

                                           Petrovic                                                            Junior Team
                                         Ryerson Uni-                                                       McMaster University,
                                        versity, 4th year                                                        2nd year
                                          Mechanical                           Anthony L.                      “The size and
                                        “DC looked like          University of Ottawa, 4th year Software     complexity of the
                                         a jail when I            “I am impressed with the high-tech            buildings”
                                          walked in.”                           campus.”