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					What is an earthquake?
 An earthquake is a series of elastic waves
  in the crust of the earth, caused by abrupt
  easing of strains built up along geologic
  faults and by volcanic action, and
  resulting in movements in the earth’s
Where do many earthquakes
 Many earthquakes occur in a place called
  “the Ring of Fire.” This is a place known for
  the occurrence of earthquakes and volcanoes.
  These catastrophic events usually occur every
  day! Many studies have shown that because
  of this resemblance earthquakes may have a
  relationship with volcanoes.
What are Tectonic Plates?
              Indiana has a high risk for

Scientists have come
to understand that
Indiana has a high
risk for earthquakes!
The reason for this
may be that we have
a high risk fault.
Our fault is the
Wabash valley fault.
  How Likely is it that earthquakes will
        occur in the same place?
 You can never tell for sure when or where an
  earthquake is going to occur but because of
  the patterns made by earthquakes you can
  predict when and where they might occur.
 Dear Mr. President,
      I would like to present to you my completed review on earthquakes. I have plotted
many different earthquakes and volcanoes on a world map for a period of two weeks,
looking for a pattern. I have come to believe that I have finally found this pattern to which
the earthquakes and volcanoes form.
      This pattern shows earthquakes occurring around the “Ring of Fire,” a place prone
to earthquakes and volcanoes (the “Ring of Fire” is located on the Pacific plate.) This is
one reason I think that volcanoes may have a relationship with earthquakes.
       I have also learned that tectonic plate movement could be another cause of
earthquakes because of the boundary movement of the plates. These boundaries have
different names and movements, Convergent Boundaries, plates move together, usually
forming mountains or mountain ranges. Next are the Divergent Boundaries. This is where
the plates pull away from each other forming rift valleys both under and above water. The
last boundary is the Transform Boundary, in which the plates slide against each other not
forming or destroying plates but still causing earthquakes.
        I have very much enjoyed this time of learning and hope you approve of may work. I
hope this will help with the conflict you have. Thank you for your time and I certainly hope
this is as useful to you as it was for me!
      sincerely , Abigail S.
How do earthquakes affect
      peoples lives?
 After an earthquakes occurrence, peoples
  lives are devastated. Their homes are
  destroyed and they are left homeless.
 Sometimes earthquakes can form a pattern
  leaving its victims in different conditions.
  For example: neighbors are both victims of a
  minor earthquake one neighbor may loose
  everything but the other may only have
  minor damage to their house.
How to be prepared for an earthquake!

 To be prepared for an earthquake you must
  have proper supplies and safe information on
  how to protect yourself.
 Proper supplies: plenty of water, dried food,
  blankets, flashlights, batteries, pillows, and
  medication that may be needed for someone
  who is sick.
How to be prepared… continued…

 Safe information to know: in order to
  survive an earthquake you need to know
  that…       an interior area with no windows
  such as a closet or bathroom is the best place
  to be in a dangerous event because, glass
  cannot harm you and there is not an object
  that can fall on you.      Cover the neck,
  back, and head to protect fragile bones of the
  spinal cord.      Practice stop, drop, an hold
  on, to prevent damage to yourself!