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FourSquare for Business


Good template for foursquare Street Teams to start with.

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How Foursquare Works

Foursquare is an App for iPhone and Android phones. Its part game, part social
discovery, part city guide. People “check-in” to a venue and broadcast their
location to friends, along with tips on where they’re at. The person who’s
checked-in to a venue the most within 60 days becomes the Mayor.

It’s the hottest location-based game in the country

Why Businesses Should Care

      Engage with customers: they will be “checking-in” to your store,
       restaurant, or bar whether you know it or not.

      Free marketing: offer a Mayor special to get players competing over who
       visits your business the most (think about that!).

To offer a special (it’s easy & free):


Examples of Specials (be creative!)
- Mayor of your restaurant gets free dinner up to $25 on Fridays
- Anyone who’s checked in to your venue gets 10% off merchandise
- Mayor of your coffee shop gets their picture on the wall

                    Message from the foursquare Street Team
                          “… its free; just try it guys!”


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