The Sky at Night

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					The Sky at Night
The Sky
    • Have you ever looked
      up at the sky and
      wondered what’s up
    • This presentation
      will tell you what’s up
      there and how to
      spot it.
             First Step
• You need to work out which way North
• Easy, use a compass, or if you stand
  facing the direction of Cheltenham from
  Gloucester, you will be facing East.
• Use your map skills to find North.
        What can you see?
• You can see stars, the moon and some of
  the planets.
• The planets you can see are Venus,
  Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
• You can also see groups of stars, which
  are called Constellations.
             Stars & Planets
• At first glance, they all look the same, bright
  white dots.
• Stars twinkle and planets don’t.
• WHAT???
• If you look at a star it will blink at you, like a
  light being turned on and off very quickly.
• A planet won’t blink.
• Planets often appear earlier than stars and
  are lower in the sky.
• They are also often brighter.
How to know what to look for?
• The best way is to use a star chart.
• Go to
• Then click on sky maps and notes, it will
  give you the most up to date map of the
Looking North
The Plough or Ursa Major
Looking South
Orions Belt
Orions Belt
        Now go to
   Have a look round the site.

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