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					                STAFF REPORT

               FROM: Debbie Carlisi, Recreation

               TO: Andrea Warren, Parks and
               Recreation Director

                 STAFF REPORT FOR MONTH
                 OF: September 2007

Adult Sports – Basketball and Volleyball leagues
were formed in September, with season scheduled
to begin October 15th at Mercy High School, Red
Bluff High School, the Community Center and Vista
School. We have 10 men’s basketball teams, 12
women’s volleyball teams for the 07/08 season.

Special Events – The Fall Craft Fair was held on
September 22nd. The Community Center Auxiliary
and the RBVFD Auxiliary with the assistance from
Parks and Recreation sponsored this event. We
had 33 vendors attend. Approximately $1,120 was
earned from this event. The proceeds will be split
between the 2 auxiliaries after expenses are paid.

Leisure Interest Classes – Contracts have been
signed by instructors to begin a Dutch Oven Cooking
Class, Scrap booking, Yoga and a beginning
Spanish class. Classes will begin late September
early October.

The fall brochure was mailed out and Daily News
ads will be used to highlight October, November and
December events.

Debbie Carlisi
Recreation Supervisor
               STAFF REPORT

                FROM: Andrea Warren, Parks &
Recreation Director

                TO:   Parks    and   Recreation

OF: October 2007

The Community Center Auxiliary Talent show
will be held October 24th at the R.B.H.S.
Performing Arts Center. Doors will open at 6:30
and tickets are $5.00. One extra day for tryouts
has been added on October 15th at the
Community Center.

We did not have a City Council meeting the first
Tuesday in September and there were not any
Parks and Recreation items on the second
meeting’s agenda. Below is the report sent to
the City Manager regarding the Skate Board
competition at Diamond Park on September
29th. Included in your packets are the full

 We held the skate board competition at Diamond
Park on Saturday. It is the second of a three part
series also being held in Redding and Anderson.
There was a great turn-out for the event. We had
more than 60 participants sign up from 5 years old to
over 30. There were a couple hundred spectators as
well. The event went very smooth and we didn't have
any problems.
 I want to thank Gerry and his crew for their help at
the event especially Michael Brunetta for staying
during the entire event (more than 7 hours) and for
providing the lights and generator. The Recreation
Supervisors from both Redding and Anderson were at
the event and were very impressed by the support the
Red Bluff Fire Department had for the recreation
 So thanks again Gerry!
 Mike and Debbie were also a great help in making
sure the event was a success during both the planning
and the event itself.

Hopefully this will become an annual event.

The final of the three part North State Skate
series will be held in Anderson on October 20th.
The meeting with the pool consultant is still
pending. The Public Works Director will be in
contact with the engineer to get this meeting

California State Parks (CPS) requested
additional information regarding the River Park
Trail Grant. They needed information regarding
the length of time the City of Red Bluff and the
Bureau of Reclamation have been working
together. I was able to find paperwork that we
have had agreements on property going back to
at least 1970. CPS will get back in contact with
us after they review this new information. We
continue to work on making progress on the
remaining grants.

I did not have any items on the TAC agenda this

Red Bluff Trails United held a meeting
September 27th. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to
attend the entire meeting due to another
meeting in Redding. The group will continue to
work on updating the Bike plan. We also
discussed the River Park Trail vandalism. The
Public Work Director stated there is no warranty
for vandalism and the guarantee period is over
anyway. The manufacturer of the blocks is
unknown but these are standard CMU (split
faced blocks) available anywhere. We will
continue to try to find a way to remove graffiti as
it appears. The next meeting is November 14th
at 3:45 in the City Council Chambers. This will
be held prior to the Parks Commission meeting
that same day.

I have included in your packet the email request
from Paige Davison regarding a memorial bench
at River Park. This is listed as an agenda item
to discuss at the meeting.

I also recently met with the Red Bluff Community
Band about the future of the band and the city
working together. They may be present at the
meeting to discuss future plans.
The Community Center will be closed Monday,
October 8th for a Columbus Day Holiday. I will
also be out of the office Tuesday, October 9th on

The basketball court dedication at Diamond Park
has been confirmed for Saturday, October 27th
at 2:00. Lee and Deborah Mercer will be
organizing the dedication and would like to invite
the Parks Commission.

Andrea Warren
Parks and Recreation Director
                                     - """.=-_._---,,'-,---'=--~. ---   ~   ~

                   STAFF REPORT
                   FROM: Mike Skelton,
                   Maintenance Supervisor
                   TO: Andrea Warren, Parks and
                   Recreation Director
                   STAFF REPORT FOR MONTH
                   OF: September 2007

Diamond Park -The staff fixed a leak in the sprinkler mainline;
the bushes along the fence on the north side of the park were
trimmed; the soft fall material was leveled in the playgrounds;
mowed; edged and line trimmed. General park maintenance was
Skateboard Park - The staff used leaf blowers and brooms to clean
the skating surface. The staff also used a diamond wheel to grind
down the raised edges of the concrete surface. The staff patched
cracked concrete.
Doa Island Park - The staff used the flail mower to mow between
the water pump stations; replaced sprinklers in the island area;
mowed, edged, and line trimmed. General park maintenance was
performed. Ben's toilet is going to start charging the City for the
vandalism of the port a potty.
Forward Park - The leaf blowers were used to clean the trails in
the back of the park (between the houses on Jefferson Street) and
by the rock wall next to the ball field. The staff replaced the
sprinklers next to the entrance hillside and float leveled the
baseball infield. The park was mowed, edged and line trimmed.
General park maintenance was performed.
Lots for Tots - The staff leveled the soft fall material in the
playground. We mowed, edged and line trimmed. General park
maintenance was performed.
River Park - The staff started working on the Fife monument
which is located by the BBQ area. They used pumice stones to
clean the smooth granite surfaces (that would be the pillars and
drinking fountains); and pressure washed the entire structure. The
rough granite surfaces need to be sand blasted. We replaced
sprinklers at the Chamber building; used a leaf blower to clean the
trail; the entire park was mowed, edged, and line trimmed.
General park maintenance was performed.
Lincoln - Tennis Courts - The staff blew off the courts with the
leaf blower.
Red Bluff Hiah School Tennis Courts - The timer for the tennis
court lights malfunctioned and had to be replaced.
Trainor Park - The staff repaired a main line;
replaced sprinklers; leveled the Soft Fall material in
the playground; washed down the bleachers at Frey
Field; strip sprayed the walk ways; and the entire
park was mowed, edged and line trimmed. General
park maintenance was performed.
Community Center - The staff pressure washed the
Main and Gardenside entrances and walkways; the
carpets were shampooed in the hallway and foyer. A
ballast in the main bathroom had to be replaced.
*Note: General park maintenance is duties
performed in the parks on a daily basis (cleaning
up and dumping trash, restocking and cleaning


                                  Andrea Warren
Mike Skelton                      Parks and
Parks Maintenance                 Recreation director